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Hinokakera Chaotic Eclipse/HUD

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Hud explanation

1. Health bar

2. Round Count

3. Guard Guage

4. Combo counter

5. Damage

6. Scaling

7. Counter

8. Offensive brake indicator

9. Brake guage

10. Technical/Assault groove indicator

11. Power guage



. A standard green health meter at the top. When it empties, the character is 
  "downed" and his or her opponent scores one win point, taking the round.


. Small blue bar below the health meter.
. Depletes whenever the player blocks attacks using Normal guard. Once empty, 
  the character is Guard Crushed, stunned and is unable to act for a brief 
  period of time.
. Guard meter receives twice as much damage if the character is suffering 
  from a Negative Penalty.
. Its regeneration is not affected by character's health or state, but it
  will slow down to a crawl as part of the Negative Penalty. It also pauses 
  briefly on hit stop frames. 
. The meter instantly resets after the Guard Crush and at the start of a new 


. The big bar at the bottom, used for offensive moves like EXs and supers.
. Full meter is worth 100 points. If the character is low on health, this 
  limit automatically increases, all the way up to 150 (149 with 1% health,
  to be precise). If both characters are low on health, their Power meters 
  may and will clash - when both have full bars, hitting an opponent will 
  chip away at his or her Power meter, at the expense of getting less Power 
  from attacks. This is also known as "Power Raid".
. Hitting the opponent fills the bar, whiffing an attack does not. 
. No Power is given for getting hit by anything except an Interruptive Brake, 
  which does give a small amount of Power.
. Accumulated Power is carried between the rounds. Any excess is dismissed as
  per regenerated heatlh bar - 100 is the most Power character can carry
  into the 2nd or 3rd round.


. A small bar above the Power meter, spent on groove Forces, Overdrives and 
  all sorts of Brake cancels. 
. Characters start every match with 50 Brake. Default maximum is 100, but, as
  character's health goes down, it increases, up to 120 points. 
. Brake recovery is automatic. Much like Brake limit, recovery speed is also 
  tied to health points. Less health means faster recovery.
. In certain situation the bar turns grey any accumulation halts - Brake 
  cannot be used in any way while in this state. Accumulation also pauses on 
  hit stop frames and when the character is unconscious.
. After using the Reactive or Interruptive brake, accumulation is delayed for 
  approximately 3 and 7 seconds respectively.
. Brake meter is carried between the rounds.

Silvis Laws
Camille Enfield
Kasumi Seiga Freslight
Celes Alfort
Hardy Alfort
Clestis Farrell
Aronia Excel
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