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Idol Showdown is a fighting game featuring personalities from Hololive Production, a VTuber agency created by Cover Corporation. It is being developed by Besto Game Team, and was released worldwide on May 5th, 2023 for PC.

The Battle System

Idol Showdown
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Besto Game Team


PC (Steam)

Official Websites

X (fka Twitter)

Online Play

Rollback Netcode

1v1 Public/Private Lobbies
Community Channels

Discord Server

Official News

May 20, 2024 - Patch Version 4.0.8

Patch v4.0.8

  • Added a new "Frame Lock" option, to allow for more consistent frame rate and smoother online matches (will be on by default) while being more resource heavy. Will only be enabled online if both players have the option set to default
  • Removed option to change GGPO delay, will set delay at the start of matches based on ping.
  • Adjusted searching logic to prevent infinite searches
  • Fixed declining of players to prevent rematch
  • General quickplay stability changes
  • Added new rank borders for bronze (1700), silver (2000), gold (2300), and diamond (2700)
  • Fixed overlapping spectator text on match UI
  • Removed match settings from public lobbies
  • Fixed All category not autoselecting when entering Archive
  • Made vods remember individual player win count
  • Made vods remember selected stage variant
  • Fixed archive replay not using player nicknames in HUD
  • Fixed HUD switch not hiding archive panel
  • Fixed Archive entry's name cutting nicknames if they are too long
  • Added ability to open selected vod in File Explorer
  • Added History window to Archives to show last 150 played matches (pvp or online).
  • Resolved issue where you could Cancel a Meterspending move into a non meter costing move using the Shortcut keys
  • Resolved issue a jump could be buffered for a very long time after a blockstring or hitstun string.
  • Resolved issue where varying input delay would cause advantage on round start
  • Fubuki: Resolved issue where SSR projectils would have worse frame advantage then non SSR projectiles
  • Aki: Resolved issue where the QCB fireball series was not following projectile limit rules

All items...

IS Wiki Roadmap

Click here for character page roadmaps.

41% complete
Page Completed To-do %
  • Explain all controls used in the game.
  • Fill in frequently asked questions related to netplay, offline play, game mechanics, etc.
  • Add in-game terminology and common terms.
  • Polish existing description. Add in missing terms if there are any
  • Create an image with a screenshot of the game UI, overlay labels on the image, and explain the labels on the page's contents.
  • Offense: Explain Throws, Combos, Superchat Cancels, and offensive move properties (armor, invulnerability).
  • Defense: Explain Blocking, Instant Block, Throw Techs.
  • Collab: Explain Off-collab, Collab Assist at a general level.
  • Polish existing descriptions, provide images for tech throws, gauges
  • External Resources linked.
  • Add more Resources that are relevant to current patch.
Game Data
  • List miscellaneous frame data.
  • Polish existing descriptions and add more miscellaneous frame data.
  • Create MoveData box for all Collab and Off-collab assists and explain what each of them do, in headers per character.
  • Polish existing descriptions and add future Collab and Off-collab assists.
Virtual Frontier
  • List items that can be added to the Collection and their effect.
  • List all possible Event types.
  • Polish existing formatting and add future reworks to single player.