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Idol Showdown

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Idol Showdown is a fighting game featuring personalities from Hololive Production, a VTuber agency created by Cover Corporation. It is being developed by Besto Game Team, and was released worldwide on May 5th, 2023 for PC.

The Battle System

Idol Showdown
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Besto Game Team


PC (Steam)

Official Websites

Idol Showdown Twitter

Online Play

Rollback Netcode

1v1 Public/Private Lobbies
Community Channels

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Official News

May 13, 2023 Update Version 1.1.1

General Features:
- Lobbies - Added ability to assign a tag to a Lobby
- Possible tags are: none, newcomer, casual, veteran, god
- Lobbies - Added ability to filter lobbies based on tags.
- Online - added GGPO Frame Delay option
- Training Room - Frame Advantage - this feature is currently a work in progress and is known to be inaccurate for ground/wallbounces (such as Aki’s Standing Heavy).
Gameplay Features:
- Air Tech and Ground techs are now performed by holding any attack button when a tech is possible.
- You are still able to influence the direction of an air tech by holding the respective direction while teching
- After an Air Tech, you are now invulnerable until hitting the ground OR performing any aerial action
Infinite Prevention System (IPS)
- When IPS invulnerability is triggered in midair, you are now invulnerable until either teching or hitting the ground.
- This contrasts with the old IPS System, where invulnerability would run out as soon as the tech window began.
General Bugfixes
- System Mechanics - STAR Meter - Fixed issue where having exactly 250 meter would not allow you to perform an EX move.
- System Mechanics - Burst - Fixed issue where Burst would not cancel out knockback momentum
- Stage - Fixed bug where certain combos could not be performed on the Idol Showdown Stage. Now all stages should be identical.
- Tutorial - Bugfix where Superchat cancel and Combo into specials tutorials would sometimes not pass the player when the condition was performed.
- Fixed issue where frame data could be inconsistent at the start of a match
- General Online stability updates
- General Localization and text fixes.
Gameplay Bugfixes
For this patch, our focus was on resolving attacks or character gameplay mechanics that were not working as intended and fixing bugs. Balancing adjustments will come in a future patch.
  • Fubuki:
- Lucky 22H - SSR Yukkuri Flip- Now is Air Unblockable, just like the other versions of Pachi
- Lucky 214X - Grounded SSR Blizzard Swirl - Now has projectile invulnerability frames that match the other versions of Blizzard Swirl
- Lucky 214X - Grounded SSR Blizzard Swirl - Fixed bug where attempting to Burst the lucky tail swirl would leave the opponent unable to move.
- 236L/M Oruyanke (all variants) - Fixed issue where Hitstun and Blockstun were incorrectly set far below the intended values
  • Suisei:
- 5M - Resolved bug where Hitstun and Blockstun could be very inconsistent.
  • Sora
- 236M - On Stage! (High) - Fixed issue where the Blockstun was higher than hitstun.
- 22M - A-egis Reflector! - Fixed issue when reflecting Ayame’s Ghost where even after reflect you would still be cursed
  • Botan
- j.H - Fixed issue where normal could deal chip damage.
- j.2H - Lead Curtain - Correct sprite offset to better reflect Hitbox and Hurtbox.
- j.2H - Lead Curtain - reduced visual hitstop
  • Aki
- j.S/ - Going Down - Removed STAR meter gain on execution. This will now match the STAR meter gain of Aki’s other teleport special moves
- 236M - Bad Boy - Fixed bug where the move was not obeying projectile limits. It will now behave similarly to Good Boy
  • Korone
- 6M - Orayo! - Will now connect both hits more consistently
- 5M - Fixed issue where normal could deal chip damage
  • Coco:
- 22H - Essence of Insertion: Tail-Slam - Fixed issue that was causing the opponent to be sent much further than expected.
Virtual Frontier Bugfixes
- Collections Screen - Fixed issue where the Collections screen would sometimes display only the KFP bucket

May 9, 2023 - Hotfix 1.0.7, 1.0.8

Hotfix Version 1.0.8
1. Fixed softlock when going from any mode to Tutorial or Training Mode
2. Fixed Credits scroll
Hotfix Version 1.0.7
Gameplay Adjustments:
1. Botan: Standing Medium followup attack: Reduced blockstun frames
Gameplay Bugfixes:
1. Fixed Issue where after a victory you would be unable to control your character if a victory did not occur on the other player's end
2. General Online Net Stability improvements
Other Bugfixes:
1. Fixed "black screen" issue on startup caused by settings load failure.
2. Removed Houshou Marine's AI exploit with Botan
3. General Localization improvements

May 7, 2023 - Hotfix 1.0.4, 1.0.5, 1.0.6

Hotfix Version 1.0.6
Sora new voice lines added
Gameplay Bugfixes
1. Fixed issue where the winning player would sometimes lose control after a KO, allowing the other player to win
2. Command grabs should now beat normal grabs when both players grab simultaneously
3. Resolved issue that allowed players to gain multiple superchats during superfreeze
4. Resolved issue where Effect from being in an Infinite combo loop would not reflect the actual invincibility period.
5. Resolved issue with performance caused by Star Specials and Super Star specials
6. Resolved issue where certain sequences could cause Grabs could do double or Triple damage
7. Sora: Re:Play - Resolved bug that was causing mines to do less damage then intended
8. Botan: Forward + Medium: Resolved issue causing Botan to cross up with the opponent in the Corner
Other Bugfixes
1. Resolved issue with Error Logs taking up a lot of disk space.
2. General Online stability improvements
3. Tutorial Logic update
Developer Note
1. We are currently investigating the Infinite Prevention System and will be likely putting out an update in a future update.
Hotfix Version 1.0.5
Started Replacing Botan Voice lines with Botan's Requested voicelines. (Thank You So much!)
- Resolved issue where Botan's POIs were not detected as projectiles by AI
- Resolved issue in Training Mode where Instant Block setting would not reduce pushback
- Resolved issue causing launch problems on some systems.
- General Online bugfixes
Hotfix Version 1.0.4
- Added New Song to Collections Screen
- General Online stability bugfixes
- General Localization updates
- Resolved issue where the AI would not be disabled upon going to Tutorial after playing Arcade Mode
- Botan: Resolved issue where you could be grabbed while in knockdown

May 6, 2023 - Hotfix 1.0.3

Hotfix Version 1.0.3
UI Bugfixes:
- Fixed issue where Character Select and Stage Select could sometimes be loaded during match
- Fixed Leave panel displaying behind lobby button
- Arcade Mode now displays correct stage number.
- Various Localization adjustments
- Fixed issue where Match start banner would still display when entering Training Mode
- Fixed issue where stage select will crash for certain systems. Stage previews will be temporarily disabled while we resolve this issue
General Gameplay Bugfixes:
- Burst: Resolved issue with burst destroying your own Projectiles
- Burst: Resolved issue that allowed you to combo out of burst
- Fixed bug that allowed you to preserve jump momentum after certain performing jump S attacks
- Fixed issue where air attacks could sometimes be performed on the ground.
Character Bugfixes:
- Suisei: Fixed Error in Suisei's Command list description for Forward + Heavy
- Botan: Fixed issue where Botan's Super could be cancelled mid animation.
- Korone: Super: Fixed issue where you could be interrupted after the Super Animation confirm animation began.
- Sora: Updated Command list descriptions for 214H
- Sora: 236L: Resolved issue where you could not detonate the mine
- Sora: 22M Fixed issue with Hitstop
- Collab: Kanata: Call-In: Resolved issue when the person summoning Kanata was hit after Kanata grabs the opponent.
- Collab: Ame: Off-Collab: Resolved issue where opponents under the effect of timestop always be counted as being in a combo
- Collab: Kanata: Off-Collab: Resolved issue with waves and scaling
Known Issues in Progress:
- Issue with binding keys to Arrow Keys
- Issue with Collabs displaying in Command List
- Issue with Performance when using repeated Star Specials and Super Star Specials

May 5, 2023 - Release!

Idol Showdown is now available on Steam!

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  • Defense: Explain Blocking, Instant Block, Throw Techs.
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