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Immaterial and Missing Power/Attack levels

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IaMP has a system where each attack is classified as a certain strength, with certain characteristics to each one. These attack levels allow you to break down a character's strengths and weaknesses in hard data, as well as show you what moves are capable of doing what.

A-type attacks: Light type attacks which cannot induce counterhit, wallslam, or groundslam. They are usually capable of being rapidly done in succession and cause 9 frames of blockstun and 10 frames of hitstun. (Examples: Sakuya 5A, Reimu 2A)

B-type attacks: Medium type attacks which can induce counterhit but will not always wallslam or groundslam. They usually cannot be done rapidly but may be able to be linked in certain situations. Mediums cause 15 frames of blockstun, 16 frames of hitstun and 23 frames of hitstun on counterhit. (Examples: Suika 5A, Yuyuko 5A)

C-type attacks: Heavy type attacks which can counterhit and when they do, usually cause reel, wallslam, or groundslam. These are fairly slow attacks with significant startup and need to be used cautiously. Heavies cause 22 frames of blockstun and 23 frames of hitstun. (Examples: Yukari 33A, Youmu 66A)

Jump attacks mostly do 19 frames of blockstun despite its attack level, except for special cases where its different (Examples: Patch's air tornadoes count as C-type attacks and cause 22 frames of blockstun, while her j.A causes 28 frames, and Reimu's j.B with 17 frames)

Reel is a special hitstun state caused by most heavies on grounded counterhit. Patch's tornado normals are unique in that they also reel on normal hit.

Specific attack types for each character will be listed under the frame data section of their respective pages.

Immaterial and Missing Power
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