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Immaterial and Missing Power/BGM Changer

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bgmpak is a program that allows the user to replace any background music in IaMP with a WAV file of choice. Wave file needs to be in 44.100kHz, 16bit, stereo format.


1. Place bgmpak.exe, bgm.txt and the music file you're going to replace with in IaMP directory.

2-1. Open bgm.txt with a text editor and write the name of the music file you want to replace with after =. e.g. 00a=example.wav. Make sure there's no space in the file name.

2-2. To set the loop condition, do as the following: FileName:LoopStart,LoopEnd. Put loop start and end in bytes. e.g. 00a=example.wav:0x0010,0x00FF. Use a number starting with 0 if you're using octal (like 0564) and use a number starting with 0x if using hexadecimal (like 0x564). If the loop condition is not specified, the music will play normally without restarting.

3. Run bgmpak.exe. NOTE: Running bgmpak.exe permanently and irreversibly modifies your th075bgm.dat file. You might want to make a backup of th075bgm.dat just in case.

Immaterial and Missing Power
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