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This page is about #iamp, the official channel for one fragment of the American IaMP fanbase.


The channel is located on the Mizuumi IRC network at If you do not have an IRC client but still want to check it out, click here.

A discord channel linked with the Mizuumi IRC network is also available here.


Originally the channel was founded on Pyoko by Kuik, who has since abandoned the Touhou fandom on accounts that it makes him feel uncomfortable due to the lolicon overtones of it. The channel is currently maintained by bellreisa who also hosts this wiki.

Rules and Etiquette

For the most part #iamp is a fairly relaxed channel with a broad range of players of differing skill levels. Here's some general rules when joining the channel.

  • This is not a general chat channel or anything else but a chat dedicated to IaMP. If you want to talk about other things while not playing IaMP, please join #seriousbusiness.
  • Please read the netplay page before coming on and asking people how to play online. The netplay page has all the pertinent information and links, there should be no reason for you to be asking questions that have been already answered.
  • When you want to ask for a game, if nobody responds immediately, do not repeatedly ask. When nobody answers right away people may be doing other things or be away from their computer or just not in a mood to play. You may get better results from asking a specific player if they'd like to play. Or you may get better results by announcing your IP address and hosting a game, then waiting for a player to join you (if you're able to host). Keep in mind that spamming is not the answer.
  • When you host a game, if you want to play someone specifically, make sure you let them know. Also, make sure you have all your ports forwarded properly so you can actually host.
  • If you have a weaker computer that cannot handle IaMP's graphics without lagging, or if you have a slower ISP or you're from out of the U.S.A., don't complain when people don't want to play you. Lag affects IaMP quite a bit and playing slower games is not fun for everyone.
  • It is common courtesy during online play to turn off all things that could adversely affect game speed. This primarily includes downloads such as torrents and file transfers, but also includes programs that use a lot of memory such as other games, Firefox, and so on.
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