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Immaterial and Missing Power/Color Editor

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Color editor is a mod for IaMP which allows you to modify the palette data of characters' in-game sprites. This can be done by either editing the color yourself or applying pre-made palette data. Here's a quick instruction on how to get it working.

  • 1. Download the English language palette editor (Japanese version)
  • 2. Unzip the file and run th075cpe.exe. You may need to change the language setting to Japanese or use Applocale if you get error message.
  • 3. Select "Open th075 data" from File menu and select the IaMP folder.
  • 4. Select the character to edit from Character menu.
  • 5. Use the palette tool to the right to edit the sprite. You can shift the sprites with left/right, change viewing resolution with up/down, and go to a specific frame with View -> Frame.
  • 6. When done, choose File -> Save palette as... to save your palette as a file. To use these with Rollcaster, replace the relevant .pal file as included with the defaults.
  • 7. To save directly to th075 instead, select File -> Save to th075. WARNING: This action permanently and irreversibly modifies your th075.dat and th075b.dat file; Alice and Meirin are in th075b.dat and everyone else is in th075.dat. You might want to make a backup of th075.dat or th075b.dat just in case, although you can reset colors back to defaults with the included files.

Note that the color change only applies on your side during netplay unless you are using RollCaster. Please read the documentation included with RollCaster to set them up correctly, and do not save your palettes directly to th075.dat. RollCaster also includes a full set of default palettes, here is an image of them.

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