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Immaterial and Missing Power/Command interpreter

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This section breaks down the amount of frames you have for the command interpreter in the game. All motions in this segment are done utilizing doubletap, not the D methods; the D methods may or may not have the same time as the doubletaps.

Ground or Air Dash: From first to second input, 13F
Vertical or Super Jump: From first to second input, 8F
Guard Crush: From first to second input and button, 13F
Specials: Assuming 236A motion, from input 3 to 6A, 18F

Further random details:

IaMP's command interpreter is fairly unforgiving. To add to this, there is no negative edge in the game, making input requirements fairly precise.
You can't usually substitute a vertical or horizontal input with a neighboring diagonal. However, left and right super jump motions can be input as 38 or 18, instead of 29 or 27. Additionally 33A or B can be input as 63A or B.
Immaterial and Missing Power
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