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Immaterial and Missing Power/Glossary

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  • absolute block: A type of blocking scheme in a fighting game where once you block a string of hits that combo together, letting go of block will not make you stop blocking until the hits no longer combo. IaMP has absolute blocking.
  • airtech: Recovering in midair after a knockdown attack, done by pressing 4/6 and any button.
  • activation: Another term to mean entering spell trance (22D).
  • autoblock: The ability to block any attack by simply holding back or down-back. Not always beneficial.
  • blockstun: The duration in which you are unable to move while blocking an attack.
  • blockswitch: An advanced IaMP technique where you pass through an opponent during blockstun, allowing for a left-right mixup.
  • BNB: "Bread and Butter". This denotes a staple combo for a character which you must be familiarized with as it is considered an essential portion of their offensive tactics.
  • bomb: 22C. This command allows you to regain full spirit in neutral state, counterattack from blockstun, or extend a combo.
  • bullets/dots: A term to refer to a character's projectile attacks (far A/B and any C).
  • cancelling: The act of cancelling a move into another move so that the hits string together and cannot be stopped once initiated.
  • CH: Counterhit. Notable when you see characters spinning around like crazy superbitches while shitting stars everywhere.
  • clean: Refers to moves that when blocked incorrectly do not induce stagger.
  • combo: A series of hits that cannot be blocked once the first connects.
  • d-canceling: Any time you use the D button to cancel a move. This precludes HJC and also can refer to prematurely cutting off bullet attacks to conserve spirit.
  • dotsies: A term to refer to the zoning games a character plays by throwing bullets. Essentially footsies with fireballs.
  • footsies: A term to refer to how two players will vye for territorial control by using moves to limit the space and options the enemy has.
  • frame advantage: The amount of time you have after a move in which you can move but your opponent cannot.
  • frame disadvantage: The amount of time you have after a move in which you cannot move but your opponent can.
  • frame trap: A tactic in which you use a move that seems to be punishable but is actually advantageous on block, baiting the opponent into being punished when they attempt to retaliate.
  • fuzzy guard: A move where you jump attack an opponent that is allowed to crouch block while forced into a standing animation, thus enlarging their hitbox.
  • graze attacks: 66A/B or 3DA/B. Attacks which have a few frames of grazing property added to their animation, used to break through aggressive attack strings with bullets.
  • groundslam: A move, usually a ch, that reels the opponent off the ground with extra time to be hit.
  • groundtech: Rolling in a direction before you get up off the ground, performed by holding D and 4 or 6.
  • guard crush: 22A/B, attacks which instantly spirit drain an enemy if blocked incorrectly.
  • guard break: An attack which is unblockable from the air, done while you are grounded and the enemy is airblocking.
  • hitstun: The duration in which you are unable to block while being hit by an attack.
  • HJC: High jump cancel. The act of cancelling any projectile attack with a high jump (7/8/9D), both to decrease the recovery and to decrease spirit usage from full bursts of bullets.
  • HJC rush: An attack string that involves a combination of melee attacks and HJC'd bullets that is intended to pin a character down in a seamless string of moves.
  • IABD: Instant air backdash. Easiest way to do this in this game is 74D, not 74.
  • IAD: Instant airdash. Easiest way to do this in this game is 96D, not 96.
  • juggle: Keeping the enemy in the air with a series of successive hits.
  • levels: A number at the base of your spirit gauge indicating the number of times you can execute a spell card.
  • meaty: An attack in which any frame other than the first active hit-frame connects on a knocked down opponent getting up off the ground
  • okizeme: Abbreviated "oki", okizeme is comprised of tactics you use after knocking down an enemy. In IaMP, okizeme typically consists of throwing bullets that follow in behind your attacks so that you can pin the enemy down without fear of retaliation.
  • point item: Little blue tabs which you collect when you knock an enemy down or hit them while they have bullets on-screen. These restore a bit of your spirit.
  • proration: The amount that a move is scaled down in terms of damage. Proration occurs during combos where each subsequent hit deals less damage than it would on its own, to prevent combos from dealing too much damage.
  • reel: The state of a character spinning around helplessly, adding time to hitstun.
  • situational: A term denoting a tactic or combo that can only be used under certain circumstances and cannot be done in a neutral state where both characters are on the ground.
  • spell card: One of three supers you can pick for a character during a match. Level 1 and level 2 spell cards have different effects. You can obscure your choice by tapping D during the selection.
  • super gauge: The circular gauge next to the number at the base of your spirit gauge which tells you how far your super is filled up and how many levels you have.
  • spell trance: A state in which you are able to use spell cards/supers. Has a limited duration depending on your levels.
  • spirit: Energy required to throw bullets, perform special moves and supers, autoblock, block bullets, and airblock. Proper meter management is important.
  • spirit damage: Damage you take to your spirit gauge when blocking bullets or airblocking.
  • spirit drained/drained: When you lose all spirit either by blocking too many attacks, being guard crushed, or doing too many attacks; your gauge is in red.
  • spirit gauge: The yellow meter at the bottom which determines how much spirit you have remaining.
  • stagger: The state of a character blocking a move incorrectly while drained, giving huge hitstun. Note that you cannot kill a character by staggering attacks.
  • triangle graze/IABD stalling: Dash forward, superjump from dash, airdash back, repeat. Essentially a seamless graze that yields no ground for the opponent. IABD stalling is the less seamless but still functional version of this.
  • type-3 attack: An attack, usually a spellcard, that deals spirit damage when blocked but cannot be grazed. Examples are Master Spark and Artful Sacrifice.
  • wallslam: A move, usually a CH, that reels the opponent off the wall with extra time to be hit.

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