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Immaterial and Missing Power/Hong Meirin

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Hong Meirin. Works as doorguard for Scarlet Devil Mansion and uses a form of Chinese martial arts. Often has friendly matches with people passing by the mansion and tends to fall asleep on job. No particular weak point dealing with humans.



5A / 5AA

[ Mid | Damage: 125 | Startup: 5 | Active: 3 | Hit: +1 | Block: 0 ]

A quick mid hitting jab. Probably her most useful move, as it can chain into itself, 2a, 5b.


[ Mid | Damage: 350 | Startup: 10 | Active: | Hit: +3 | Block: +2 ]


[ High | Damage: 270 | Startup: 8 | Active: | Hit: +3 | Block: +2 ]


[ High | Damage: 350 | Startup: 12 | Active: | Hit: +1 | Block: 0 ]


[ High | Damage: 600 | Startup: 16 | Active: | Hit: D | Block: +3 ]


[ Mid | Damage: 400 | Startup: 11 | Active: | Hit: D | Block: -5 ]


[ Low | Damage: 450 | Startup: 16 | Active: | Hit: D | Block: -2 ]


[ High | Damage: 450 | Startup: 10 | Active: 5 | Hit: +3 | Block: +2 ]

High hitting kick. Chains into 6b, 6a, 236a, 623a.


[ Low | Damage: 125 | Startup: 7 | Active: 4 | Hit: +3 | Block: +2 ]

Low hitting jab. Same use as 5a, and will make an opponent stop blocking if they are blocking high while guard broken. 1/17 (6.2% exactly) spirit damage if blocked incorrectly.


[ Low | Damage: 450 | Startup: 13 | Active: 2 | Hit: D | Block: -1 ]

Low hitting kick, knocks over when hits. You can do follow-ups, but they will all miss unless you chained into it from an air juggle and sometimes only if you hit them early enough at that. The only confirmed moves it can chain into at the moment are 6A, O. bomb, and the Cyclone spell card series. (While fascinating, this trivia is pretty much completely useless -- consider removing) 22.5% spirit damage if blocked incorrectly.


[ High | Damage: 600 | Startup: 14 | Active: 7 | Hit: D | Block: +1 ]

High hitting palm. Both hands are hitbox. Does not make enemy stop blocking when blocked incorrectly while crushed. 30% spirit damage if blocked incorrectly. Her hitbox becomes thinner (about 1/4th of her character width) when she steps back and re-extends when she sticks her hands out. Her reach is just a bit further than her hands go.


[ Mid | Damage: 350 | Startup: 12 | Active: 3 | Hit: 0 | Block: -1 ]

Mid hitting roundhouse kick. Chains into 22a or 22b.


[ High | Damage: 350+350 | Startup: 12, 23 | Active: 3, 4 | Hit: | Block: -18 ]

Chi ball. Counts as physical. Can be used for crossups, and both downward and upward swings can hit. Cancellable with j.c if blocked. It has a hitbox directly behind here, and can be use as a meaty wakeup attack on a roll. As in, knock them down in the corner, and if they're to roll out, jump towards the corner, and backdash out in order to be facing away from them and still hit them with the large hitbox. The animation is a bit deceptive of where it actually hits, however. For the first hit it seems to cover the lower half of her body and reaching out about to where her arms are when they're in front and to about the center of the chi ball when it is behind her. For the second hit, it hits about where her head is and has a bit more forward range than her jB.


[ High | Damage: 500 | Startup: 8 | Active: 3 | Hit: | Block: -3 ]

Flying kick. Chains into j.c. Also has a hitbox behind her.


[ High | Damage: 800 | Startup: 21 | Active: 5 | Hit: D | Block: -4 ]

High back slam. Wallbounces.


[ Low | Damage: 800 | Startup: 22 | Active: 3 | Hit: D | Block: -2 ]

Low sweep. Knocks down.


[ Mid | Damage: 350 | Startup: 10 | Active: 4 | Hit: +1 | Block: 0 ]

Mid hitting elbow. Useful to prevent jumping. Unchainable.


[ High | Damage: 600 | Startup: 12 | Active: 7 | Hit: D | Block: -1 ]

High hitting kick. 30% spirit damage if blocked incorrectly. Knocks down. Really good for midscreen guard breaks after e.g. a blocked falling j.B.


[ Mid | Damage: 350 | Startup: 10 | Active: 4 | Hit: 0 | Block: -1 ]

Mid hitting double palm. Special cancelable. Extremely useful as the hitbox actually reaches low enough to hit some attacks that dodge most attacks in Meirin's arsenal, e.g. Suika 2B, Youmu 2B.


[ Low | Damage: 550 | Startup: 15 | Active: 3 | Hit: D | Block: 0 ]

Low sweep. 27.5% spirit damage if incorrectly blocked. Knocks down. Can connect an O. bomb after it on all characters EXCEPT Marisa, Youmu, Suika, and Meiling. It is possible to connect an O. Bomb on counter hit on Meiling, but it is unconfirmed against the other three. You can also chain it into the Cyclone spell card.



Fires a short range bright blue laser from her palm which moves instantaneously. Range is effectively 2 character lengths. Knocks down. Note that this projectile has the property of cancelling out any other projectile(barring Youmu f.b/f.a, Yuyuko f.b, Patchouli 214 and 421 and Yukari lasers), so it can be used to stop Marisa's f.b. Also, this bullet reaches farther than bombs. It can be worth to try and space yourself to bait bombs. Be wary against Yuyuko when you have her cornered, however, as her Flip range increases.


Aerial version of 5c, useful for fending off most aerial attacks. It completely stops your movement and makes you float you slightly backwards, which can be used for crossup mixup (by using it while directly on top of your opponent) or to dodge attacks. Has about 1/4 character length more range than the ground version.


Slams the ground with a glowing green fist which creates a small damaging aura. Misses at a range of one character space away and misses at point blank range. Knocks down. Slightly useful as anti-air, especially right after a suika's blocked 66B.


Ball of chi, goes roughly 3/4 screen distance and halts. Somewhat useful for wakeup games and her only long range harassment. Very sturdy, will cancel out many things thrown at it. Again, this can be used as a frametrap if you know where your opponent will land.


Fires 7 small medium-speed arrowhead projectiles that spread as they travel away in equal ratios. Projectiles dissapear after travelling 55% of a completely zoomed out screen. Deceptively useful for fending off attacks.


More forward concentrated version of 5a


Aerial version of 5a. Has about 1/4 character length more range than the ground version.


Aerial version of 6a. Has about 1/4 character length more range than the ground version.


Fires one rainbow ring, goes roughly 1/4 screen distance and slows down. Possibly her most useful mid range projectile as it acts as somesort of frametrap if you know where you're opponent's airdash will end.


Aerial version of 5b. Has about 1/4 character length more range than the ground version.


Upward version of 5b. Can be used for anti-air at times, but caution is advised, as it's grazable and quite slow. Meiling becomes airborne after using.


Cyclone Light Step - 236AB

A grazing rainbow lunge punch attack, like the kind you see in Chinese martial art films. Useful for breaking through cover fire. B version is the same as 236A, but with longer startup and range. Note that the startup does not graze.

Crimson Cannon - 623AB
  • (A Version) Fairly quick DP. Use sparingly, lower body is still vulnerable, and most low attacks will make it miss. Be mindful that Meiling's 623 uses 1/5 spirit. A particularly obscure use of this move is to dodge Remilia's spear SC, as Meirin's hitbox becomes low enough to dodge it.
  • (B Version) Same as 623A, with more startup, but also longer invincibility and more damage. Can be followed up. It has a bit more range both in front and in back.
Yellow Tremor Step - 214AB
  • (A Version) Low hitting ground stomp, staggers on hit. Usually gives enough time for another attack to poke through. 1/8 spirit damage on block, 1/4 if blocked incorrectly. Type 3. Landing this at point blank range allows you to connect with either of your guardcrush moves at midscreen.
  • (B Version) Low hitting ground stomp, knocks enemy into the air. 1/8 spirit damage on block 1/4 if blocked incorrectly. Type 3. Since both 214 moves are +1 on block and cause considerable spirit damage, combining them with 2B allows guard crushing players who think Meirin's corner pressure is no threat as long as they block high and don't get tagged by 22B.
Flying Flower Kick - 421AB
  • (A Version) A short flying axe kick. Can be used to counter low attacks, thus fills the gap of the 623 series. Ground slams on counter hit. Also useful as a combo ender because it places the opponent on the floor. High guard crush, and an be o-bombed.
  • (B Version) A longer, more delayed version of 421A. Has a short graze time. Somewhat useful as anti-jump and ground slams on counter hit. High guard crush. Can be comboed from her launcher combo on all characters, although different timing is needed. For Yuyuko, Sakuya, Patch, Youmu, Remilia, Yukari, and Suika: if you time the move, you can hit them and result in them landing behind you.

Spell Cards

Spin 1 - Colorful Sign "Rainbow Wind Chime"

The main purpose of this card is to punish predictable attacks with its invincibility. It can also be combo'd into, but the damage isn't very good. If blocked or whiffed, it's very easy to punish.

IAMP SpellCard Hong 1A.png
Spin 2 - Supreme Color "Rainbow Whirlwind"

Level 2 is pretty much identical to level 1, except it does more damage, lasts longer, travels higher, has a bit more range (about 1/2 char length, about a char height up), and is even easier to punish on block or whiff.

IAMP SpellCard Hong 1B.png
Fireball 1 - Light Sign "Brilliant Jade"

Fireball spellcards are very likely her most useful. The amount of spirit damage they deal is very good for guard crushing, and they can also be used after blocked 22 attacks.

IAMP SpellCard Hong 2A.png
Fireball 2 - Bright Light "Glorious Morning Star"

Level 2 can be held as an ungrazable static orb by holding down D, for chip damage, to juggle opponents in corner combos, or to punish grazing attack attempts after superflash. A meaty held orb is an easy way to do lots of free chip damage, especially during an opponent's recovery from declaration (as they can't roll away).

IAMP SpellCard Hong 2B.png
Youhou 1 - Flowery Sign "Mountain Breaker"

Youhou spellcards are similar to Spin in that they both have invincibility from the first frame, making them potential reversals. Unfortunately, Youhou has a lot of startup, enough for an opponent to block if they had thrown out a relatively quick attack. Hence its reversal properties are only useful against predictable, slow attacks, e.g. an opponent that always does 22a/b mixup at the same point in a string. Although up to 3 level 1 Youhou can be used in the same combo, the damage is still not that good, and it's extremely punishable on block or whiff. Using that many in a row will also result in a GC, so it may not be worth the risk.

IAMP SpellCard Hong 3A.png
Youhou 2 - Three Steps "Colorful Mountain Crusher"

Level 2 Youhou is a great improvement from level 1. It is much less punishable on block (-9 frame advantage instead of -47) and does a lot more damage (double Youhou being Meirin's highest damage combo overall). Using it as a reversal is still risky, and generally recommended only to discourage the opponent from using certain chains or attacks.

IAMP SpellCard Hong 3B.png



Combos are very important to Meiling, otherwise she would do almost no damage. These are the more effective and commonly used ones.


5AAAB 236A 5B 421A/22A - 421A ensures knockdown.
5AAAB 5B 6A 421A/22A - 421A ensures knockdown.
j.A/B/f.B 5AAAB 421B - When the starter wasn't a plain 5A, there will not be enough juggle bar left to do the previously mentioned combos. In that case, use this variation to guarantee a knockdown.
214B 5B 6A 5B 6A 22A/421A Use after guard breaking opponent.
22A dash (wait to turn around) 5AB 421A This tricky combo allows a corner knockdown after a 22A hit in corner. 5AB juggle requires precise spacing against some characters.
5AB (5AB) (5AB) 421A If someone tries to jump out of your corner pin thinking they can avoid damage if they get juggled by 5A, show them wrong with this 5AB loop. Again, hard on some characters.
~5AB 421A This ender allows to get some extra damage after some otherwise unfollowable juggles in corner, e.g. 66B guard break, very late 236A juggle after a f.B antiair hit, 5C hit, etc.
5AAAB 3DA (3DA) 5AB 421A For use just outside corners. At the right distance, guarantees knockdown.
66A 66A 5B 6A 421A - Situational combo after a connected 66A near a corner. The second 66A can be skipped.
j.B j.B 5B 6A 421A - Situational combo after a connected j.B near a corner.


5AAAB 3DA 236A - Ensures knockdown unless you are too close to corner. Consider using the 3DA (3DA) 5AB 421A ender in that case.
5AAAB j.BC - Simpler variant, but does not guarantee knockdown.
5AAAC - If you hit a 5A too far for 5AAAB to connect, or you start the combo from something other than 5A but want a guaranteed knockdown, use this instead.
214B j.BC
214B 66A 66B - Knocks down.
Air counterhit, j.A/B land j.BC - For this combo to work you need to do j.A very early (so the second part of it, which juggles, hits the opponent). To be able to use j.B instead, you must hit the opponent close to the ground. This combo may also work off a connected f.B, depending on distancing.
~j.BC j.4D j.BC - Corner only ender. If you connect a j.BC in the corner when the opponent still has plenty of juggle bar left (e.g. after a counterhit, see the previous combo) it is possible to airdash cancel the j.C in time to connect a second j.BC for extra damage.

Spell Card Combos

Level 1 orb:

5B 6B 236D 236D 421B - Midscreen double orb combo, 3000 damage.
5AAAB 236D 236D 421B - Just another version of the above. You may need to dash forward slightly before the 421B.

Level 2 orb:

5AAAB 236[D] 5B 6A 236[D] - Corner only combo. Hold D as long as possible.

Level 1 Youhou:

236D 236D 236D: Triple level 1 Youhou. To prevent self-GC, add a 5B after the first 236D, but only if you are in the corner.
5AAAB 236A 5B 236D 236D: Does a bit more damage than just three youhous and does not self-GC. Corner only.

Level 2 Youhou:

5AAAB 236A 5B 236D j.A: This is a bombless, single stock variation, in case you cannot afford a full double youhou. It does about 4k damage and guarantees knockdown. Be sure to hit the opponent as late as possible with the 5B as it will allow the j.A to land later.
5AAAB (5B) 236D 5B/6A 22C 236D - Corner double youhou combo, one of the most damaging combos in Meiling's arsenal. Deals a bit less than 5000 damage. The extra 5B reduces damage slightly but makes timing it much easier.
236D 66A 22C 236D - Midscreen double youhou off of a youhou counter. Just about as painful. Depending on the character sometimes the second youhou will miss entirely if you don't walk forward a bit, so wait an instant before pressing D.
5AAAB 66A 22C 236D - Midscreen youhou combo off of a connected 5A.
22A 236D 66A 22C 236D - Corner double youhou combo when opponent is guard crushed. Use this to show your opponent that simply blocking low won't allow them to avoid receiving high damage. Note that which way you need to input the first 236D depends on how early you do it.


Tranquil as a forest
But on fire within
Once you find your center
You are sure to win
You're a spineless, pale pathetic lot
And you haven't got a clue
Somehow I'll make a China of you

Hong Meirin
You must be swift as the coursing river
Hong Meirin
With all the force of a great typhoon
Hong Meirin
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon.





Corner pin

Meirin has several corner pin variations that keep opponents locked in and lead into a guard crush attack. The main idea behind them is that she has the fastest normal melee attack in the game (her 5A, at 5 frames) and that her 5C has +5 frame advantage on block, which allows her 10f 66A to hit 5 frames after opponent is out of blockstun.

Note, however, that it can be countered by attacks with invincibility (Marisa, Youmu and Remilia's 623A, Remilia's 623B and Yuyuko's 6B, as well as several SCs) or by her own 5A in mirror matches (which will trade if execution is perfect on both players' sides). All other characters should not be able to get out of a correctly executed corner pin without bombing, although they may be able to crouch under your 5A depending on spacing, e.g. Suika's 2B.

Examples are: 66A 5A 6B 5C 66A, 66A 5AAAC 66A, 5AAA 5A 6B 5C 66A.

The usual guard crush ender is 5A 6B 22A/B

Orb corner pin: The level 1 orb super allows you to throw guard crush moves one after the other. Ex 5A 6B 22A/B 236D 66A 5A 6B 22A/B 236D whatever. Level 2 orb can be used similarly for good chip damage (holding D down), but the frame advantage is much less significant, which, combined with greater pushback, means the opponent can usually escape or even turn momentum around.


22A bomb trap: After blocked 22A you can use an O-bomb to hit opponents trying to attack afterwards. Can either go into the corner bnb ender or 2C j.BC

236A trap: A blocked 236A (e.g. from the string 5A 5B 236A) often gives the opponent enough frame advantage to turn momentum around (depending on distancing), but a carefully timed 623A will catch counterattack attempts that hit high due to its very low hitbox. An O-bomb can also be used instead, to punish opponents trying to use low pokes to hit you out of the 623A.

Meaty 214B: By predicting where an opponent will tech and doing 214B in roughly that spot, you will force them to guess on which side of you they will wake up. Check the combos section for follow-ups. Especially useful if you just knocked down the opponent in the corner and you combine it with a f.B to somewhat cover both wakeup spots.

Other Gimmicks



vs Reimu:


vs Marisa:


vs Sakuya:


vs Alice:


vs Patchouli:


vs Youmu:


vs Remilia:


vs Yuyuko:


vs Yukari:


vs Suika:


vs Meiling:


Frame Data

                                                              Block   Hit     CH
Motion     Damage     Proration   Startup  Active  Duration   Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Guard   Type
 5A         125        95%          5        3       14        0       +1      X     20      Mid     A
 2A         125        95%          7        4       14        +2      +3      X     20      Low     A
 6A         600        85%          14       7       35        +1      D       D     40      High    C
 5B         450        90%          10       5       30        +2      +3      +14   40      High    C
 2B         450        90%          13       2       36        -1      D       D     40      Low     C
 6B         350        90%          12       3       35        -1      0       +11   35      Mid     C
 6DA        350        92%          10       4       25        0       +1      +8    35      Mid     B
 6DB        600        90%          12       7       35        -1      D       D     40      High    C
 3DA        350        90%          10       4       26        -1      0       +7    40      Mid     B
 3DB        550        90%          15       3       37        0       D       D     60      Low     C
 22A        800        75%          21       5       47        -4      D       D     60      High    C
 22B        800        75%          22       3       46        -2      D       D     60      Low     C
 j.5A       350+350    90%+90%      12, 23   3, 4    60        -18                   40+40   High    B
 j.5B       500        90%          8        3       30        -3                    35      High    B
 22C (N)    0          80%          12       2       45        -11     D       X     oo      Mid     C
 22C (O)    500        80%          12       2       37        -3      D       D     oo      Mid     C
 22C (D)    0          80%          12       2       61        -27     D       D     oo      Mid     C
 22D        x          x            25       x       98        x       x       x             x       x

5B: 1-6F hitbox on foot determined
6B: 4-26F airborne
66A: 1-13F graze
66B: 1-8F hitbox on foot determined
33A: 1-13F graze
22C (N/D): 1-13F invincible
                                                              Block   Hit     CH
Motion     Damage     Proration   Startup  Active  Duration   Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Guard   Type
 5AB        350        90%          10               30        +2      +3      +13   40      Mid     C
 5AA        150        95%          5                14        0       +1      X     20      Mid     B
 5AAB       350        90%          12               27        0       +1      +8    35      High    B
 5AAA       270        92%          8                21        +2      +3      +10   35      High    B
 5AAAA      600        85%          16               35        +3      D       D     40      High    C
 5AAAB      400        90%          11               38        -5      D       D     60      Mid     C
 5AAA2B     450        85%          16               40        -2      D       D     60      Low     C
All data here is for the last move only
5AAB: 4-23F airborne
                                                              Block   Hit     CH
Motion     Damage     Proration   Startup  Active  Duration   Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Cancel  Type
 5C         500        86%          14               31        +5      D       X     30      23      C
 2C         500        81%          19               49        -8      D       X     40      33      C
 j.5C       500        86%          14               31                D       X     30      23      C
 f.5A       100*7      98%*7        8                26                        X     20      15      B
 f.2A       200*3      98%*3        12               44                        X     40      28      C
 f.6A       100*7      98%*7        8                26                        X     20      15      B
 fj.5A      100*7      98%*7        8                34                        X     20      15      B
 fj.6A      100*7      98%*7        8                34                        X     20      15      B
 f.5B       550        80%          9                36                        X     40      18      C
 f.2B       550        80%          10               53                        X     40      34      C
 fj.5B      550        80%          15               39                        X     40      21      C
5C: 10F discharge
2C: 15F discharge, 33F+ uncancellable
j.C: 10F discharge
f.6A: 13, 18, 23, 28, 33, 38F bullet discharge
f.2B: Uncancellable
f.2B: 21F+ uncancellable
                                                              Block   Hit     CH
Motion     Damage     Proration   Startup  Active  Duration   Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Cancel  Type
 236A       750        90%          22       18      49        -5      D       D     40      41      C
 236B       850        90%          30       27      66        -14     D       D     40      58      C
 421A       700        75%          24       7       52        -6      D       D     60      38      C
 421B       700        75%          38       12      62        -2      D       D     60      52      C
 623A       750        75%          14       4       43        -7      D       D     35              C
 623B       850        75%          24       4       61        -15     D       D     60              C
 214A       500        90%          22       12      43        +1      +19     X     40              C
 214B       500        90%          28       12      49        +1      D       X     60              C
236A: 0F hitstop, 17-39F graze, 19-39F airborne
236B: 0F hitstop, 25-55F graze, 27-56F airborne
421A: 8-36F airborne, attacks high
421B: 15-16F graze, 19-50F airborne, attacks high
623A: 12F spirit consumption, 1-17F attack decision
623B: 22F spirit consumption, 1-27F attack decision
214A: Attacks low, when it connects can be blocked
214B: Attacks low
                                                                     Block   Hit     CH
Card         Damage       Proration     Startup     Active  Total    Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Type
 Spin Lv1     150*24      92%*24         4,8(12)             106      ---     D       -     oo      C
 Spin Lv2     200*60      (93.5%+92%     4,8(12)             187      ---     D       -     oo      C
                          +92%+92%)*15   4,8(12)             187      ---     D       -     oo      C
 Ball Lv1     200*n       96%*n          9,12(21)    oo      48       +++     D       D     80      C
 Ball Lv2 (h) 100*20      99%*20         9,12~(21~)          X                        -     80      C
 Ball Lv2 (s) 250*20      96%*20         X,13~(22~)  oo      67~      ???     D       D     80      C
 Youhou Lv1   1500        65%            1,20(21)            90       -47     D       -     150     C
 Youhou Lv2   600+500     99%+99%        1,21(22)            53       -9      D       D     150     C
              +2500       +65%           1,21(22)            53       -9      D       D     150     C
Spin Lv1: 0F hitstop, 1-59F invincible, 60-70F graze, 91F+ airborne
Spin Lv2: 0F hitstop, 1-131F invincible, 132-142F graze, 172F+ airborne
Ball Lv1: Partner 10F hitstop
Ball Lv2 (h): 0F hitstop, holding D charges ball, when uncharged only 1 attack decision, when charged you get Ball Lv2 (s)
Ball Lv2 (s): Partner 10F hitstop, 22F discharge when uncharged, if charged 12F discharge after charging
Youhou Lv1: 0F hitstop on hit, 1-24F invincible
Youhou Lv2: 1-26F invincible, invincible till end on hit

 7/8/9     5         x        x         x          7+       7+      x
 7D/8D/9D  5         x        x         1-20       6+       21+     x
 6D        5         9~32     10        1-(14~37)  1+       15+     x
 4D        5         21       5         1-26       x                1-6
 j.6D      9         6        x         1-23       10+      18+     x
 j.4D      3         12       x         1-15       4+       16+     x
4D: Despite appearances, does not have any lower body invulnerability.
Immaterial and Missing Power
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