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A main character next to Reimu of the Touhou series, Marisa is a witch that likes to "borrow" things for a very long time. Her playstyle in IaMP fits her personality well - power, power, and more power. She has a set of very solid normals that control huge amounts of the battlefield, very practical combos that do absurd amounts of damage, and one of the most fearsome projectiles in the game - the puffball. Because of this, Marisa generally has little trouble dictating the flow of battle and how the other person needs to play in order to win.


  • Very high damage, even from random hits.
  • Powerful bullets that dominate the midscreen.
  • Arguably the best mobility in the game.


  • No good graze attack - her only ones are slow on startup or very unsafe on block.
  • Has a difficult time against characters who have an easy answer to puffball zoning.




[ Mid | Damage: 200 | Startup: 6 | Active: 2 | Hit: +2 | Block: +1 ]

A mid-level finger-poke jab attack. At 6F and +1F block advantage this is a useful tick attack for staggers, suki, and sometimes even wave dashing. Can delay chain into itself or 6B to stagger and catch counter-poke and jump-out attempts. Also due to the move's short range it's advisable to use 5B in situations where you are not point blank, as it comes out only slightly slower and has much more benefit. Can be used as a guard break substitute for 5B when there's not enough time to make 5B work, and will lead into a full j.B loop if you jump immediately after landing 5A.


[ Stagger High | Damage: 600 | Startup: 8 | Active: 2 | Hit: +4 | Block: +3 ]

A backwards turned kick that hits high and will stagger during guard crush. A very good general-use move, this move is one of Marisa's key weapons. This move is not air-blockable so it can guard break air-blocking opponents. In addition to being decently fast at 8F, it's advantageous on block (+3F), meaning you can poke with it and be safe from retaliation or even wave dash with it. Mixing this up with 2B is where you will net a good deal of spirit damage or stagger damage during guard crush, and this move readily cancels into 6B which will allow you to start HJC rushdown or chain into her 22s for a bullet/melee-suki/crush mixup. In the corner, if you get an opponent in an airblock situation, you can guardbreak with 5B to go into j.B loop. You can also relaunch with 5B into a second loop of j.B loop assuming you began it high enough. It staggers on wrongblock after crush, and can be used for her pot fuzzy setup.


[ Mid | Damage: 200 | Startup: 6 | Active: 4 | Hit: -2 | Block: -3 ]

A crouching finger poke. Pretty much the same as 5A, except it is disadvantageous on block, and has more reach than the sprite suggests. You would still cancel this move into 6B on hit, but keep in mind that 2A is active slightly longer than 5A (4F vs 2F), so you can use it in situations where you need a counterpoke but are not exactly sure on timing. The 2A also chains into itself or into 5A, so if you are trying to maintain frame advantage you can chain 2A into 5A.


[ Low | Damage: 550 | Startup: 7 | Active: 1 | Hit: 0 | Block: -1 ]

A low kick with decent range, a fairly good poke and Marisa's primary threat during post-crush pressure. This move hits low, clean, and can combo into 6B 5[C] forced loop in the corner. During regular pressure, it takes off a healthy chunk of their life bar, so using 5B and 2B as your high/low mixup will break their spirit bar pretty quickly.


[ Stagger High | Damage: 900 | Startup: 19 | Active: 16 | Hit: D | Block: -24 ]

Butt-tackle. Overall not really useful, though at long distances it can safely cancel for more pressure. It can be used after 5A or 5B and can be canceled into 22's, C's, specials and supers. This move has the bizarre properties of having lower body invulnerability as well as a small hittable box during startup, which allows it to beat very low or very high moves. This move will also wallbounce on counterhit, making it mildly useful for suki traps near the corner, though risky.


[ Mid | Damage: 900 | Startup: 9 | Active: 2 | Hit: -1 | Block: -1 ]

Mid hitting spin kick, a staple of most of Marisa's combos and suki tricks. This move will have Marisa ducking very close to the ground so it will often beat high attacks.


[ High | Damage: 1000 | Startup: 14 | Active: 10 | Hit: | Block: -2 ]

A downward pointing palm blast. This move reaches very far vertically. The startup is a bit slow and the hit area appears deceptive, but this move has a great many uses, such as crossups and fake crossups and baits. This move can also beat quite a few normal anti-airs as the hitbox is actually extremely good vertically. This move will groundbounce on anti-air counterhit which can give Marisa a j.B loop opportunity. When firing slow moving projectiles such as sparks or pots, this move can be used as a crossup or fake crossup just before the bullet hits. In general this move won't be useful air-to-air but you can still create anti-air counterhit opportunities if you hit an opponent on their way up from a highjump.


[ High | Damage: 700 | Startup: 7 | Active: 2 | Hit: | Block: +4 ]

A quick jumping shoe thrust. Only 7F startup makes this a very quick move. The hitbox appears small in comparison to other attacks, but it is deceptively good and can beat quite a few moves in the air. Because this move is +4F on block, this is also extremely good for setting up guard breaks or anti-air crushing the opponent and is Marisa's main artillery for air-to-air battles in general.


[ High | Damage: 1200 | Startup: 23 | Active: 4 | Hit: D | Block: -7 ]

A downward broom swing. Marisa's high hitting guard crush. This move will immediately knock down an opponent on hit. However, this move will groundbounce on counterhit, so if the opponent tries to escape from this move with a high jump, or gets counter-hit by it for some other reason, it will set them up for a j.B loop. In general, this move is extremely useful for Marisa's primary bullet/melee mixups and general purpose suki traps (5B canceled into either 22A or canceled into 5C, for example).


[ Low | Damage: 1200 | Startup: 25 | Active: 3 | Hit: D | Block: -6 ]

A low forward broom sweep. Marisa's low hitting guard crush. This move acts much like Marisa's 22A, except that it will knock an opponent vertically into the air on hit (and hits low, of course). If close enough, this move can be linked on hit into a 5a or 5b, however it can also be hit confirmed into an o-bomb or spellcard on hit as well. On counter-hit this move launches the opponent a little higher into the air, making it possible to follow up with a j.B.


[ High | Damage: 900 | Startup: 16 | Active: 4 | Hit: -5 | Block: -6 ]

A dashing downward broom swing that appears a lot like 22A, except that it slides forward from dash momentum. This move does not contain graze frames and does not fully guard crush an opponent on an incorrect block. However, the startup is much faster than 22A, and it's not air blockable, and it also groundbounces on anti-air counter-hit. Due to the size of the hitbox, especially its vertical reach, this move is extremely useful for hitting people out of the air in general, though especially on their way up into the air. If you catch an opponent attempting to high jump on their way up, you will likely get a counterhit groundbounce which allows for j.B loop. While this move is disadvantageous on block (-6F) it generally can't be punished after it's blocked and can be used for o-bomb traps by canceling the recovery into a bomb. This move is extremely useful when used between gaps in strings or when you feel the opponent will act recklessly.


[ MID | Damage: 900 | Startup: 13 | Active: 2 | Hit: 0 | Block: -1 ]

A dashing spin kick that appears like 6B, except that it slides forward from dash momentum. This move can not be canceled into 22's, C, or special moves because it is a dash attack, however, it does not contain any graze frames either. It has a very low hittable box like 6B so it can duck under high moves. Not a particularly useful move since Marisa's dash cooldown is so quick. Instead of using this, you could dash then 5B, or dash and return to neutral (5) then push 6B after the dash cool is done. This does not hit low or high, it's mid.


[ Low | Damage: 950 | Startup: 18 | Active: 2 | Hit: D | Block: -3 ]

A dashing low forward broom sweep, like Marisa's 22B except it slides forward from dash momentum. This move does some spirit damage which blocked incorrectly, but it is not a instant guard crush when blocked wrong. Also unlike 22B this move does not launch the opponent particularly high into the air on hit or even counterhit. This move also does not contain graze frames. The use of this move is very limited, but it can catch opponents trying to back-walk away from Marisa while guard crushed.


[ High | Damage: 1050 | Startup: 9 | Active: 21 | Hit: D | Block: -29 ]

A dashing Butt-tackle that appears similar to 6A. But unlike 6A, it's the only dash attack Marisa has that contains graze frames. This move also starts up significantly faster than 6A. Though, like 6A, this move comes off the ground so it can avoid/beat low hitting attacks and will also wallbounce on counterhit. This move is extremely disadvantageous on block (-29F at point-blank). Unlike 6A though, the recovery can't be chained into 22's, C, or special moves because it's a dash attack which makes this move extremely risky. It can still be canceled into an o-bomb or spellcard during the ground recovery though. However, the use of this move is dependent on when and where you perform it, and should not be used recklessly.



A green blob danmaku. When tapped it fires one shot horizontally. If held it fires up to six shots which fan upwards. The bullet will also do a little mini-explosion like Marisa's f.5B spark, but the explosion is only roughly the size of the bullet (so very tiny by comparison) which makes each bullet hit twice. These shots are very useful in close combat for Marisa's HJC rushdown and for bullet/melee mixups and such. But they are also useful for neutralizing enemy bullets since they are rather dense and count as two consecutive shots per bullet (due to the explosion). If the opponent is hit by these shots they will be lifted into the air, where they are likely to be hit by the rest of the fan of shots, which can allow Marisa to connect other attacks while the opponent is being hit.


More green blob danmaku. When tapped it fires one shot diagonally upwards. If held it fires up to six shots that fan downwards, which causes the last shot to fire horizontally. It's almost exactly like held 5C except the order of the shots are reversed and the total firing duration is shorter. Somewhat useful for anti-air or overwhelming enemy bullets coming from above, since the first set of bullets begin diagonally upwards.


Another set of green blob danmaku. When tapping it fires one shot diagonally upwards at a slighly lower angle than 2C. However, when held the shots fan upwards towards Marisa. The last shot fires diagonally upwards at a very acute angle (closer to Marisa than even f.2B).


Aerial green blob danmaku. When tapped a single shot fires roughly horizontally. When held it fires up to six shots that fan downwards. Useful for air-to-air battles, and air-to-air block strings and combos. When the opponent blocks a j.B you can cancel it into j.C then air dash cancel the j.C for positioning purposes and additional spirit damage.


More aerial green block danmaku. When tapped a single shot fires diagonally downwards. When held it fires up to six shots that fan upwards, the last shot firing roughly horizontally. It's basically the same as j.C except the shots are fired in reverse order. But because the first shot is angled diagonally downwards it is very useful for air-to-ground and counter-anti-air and Marisa's HJC rush.


A narrow horizontal laser beam. It appears to have somewhat slow startup, but it is still very useful for generally pestering the opponent. This can snipe opponents attempting to perform laggy ground-based moves. It can also snipe opponents attempting to declare, before the declare invulnerability occurs.


A crouching narrow horizontal laser beam. The difference between this move and f.5A is very minor; obviously this one is lower. It also only hits three times instead of five times, and the advantage on block is +4F (which is five frames less than f.5A's advantage). The startup is the same though, only one frame faster, so there's very little point to using this version instead of the standing version, except to go under high bullets fired by the opponent.


Jumping narrow horizontal laser beam. Exactly like f.5A, except Marisa is in the air. This move will maintain some of Marisa's jump momentum during the shot, making Marisa glide slightly in the air while firing. This can be useful for sniping at the opponent that is attempting to fire bullet patterns or setups while in the air.


Marisa's spark; A green puffball. It starts out slow then accelerates forward horizontally. When this move connects with the opponent or the opponent's projectiles it will explode in a very large blast of stars. While the spark itself doesn't cover much area, the blast explosion covers an enormous area of the screen and will wipe away projectiles in the blast radius as well as hitting the opponent. If the opponent grazes through the spark it will prevent the explosion from triggering on them even if they pass through it again, however it can still detonate on an opponent's projectiles even if it was already grazed through. This is part of Marisa's primary artillery as it neutralizes the opponent's max-range and mid-range bullet game, forcing the opponent to battle at close range. Also, because it travels somewhat slow horizontally, Marisa can use it as cover while moving forward. If the opponent attempts to battle Marisa while the puffball is directly in front of her or even behind her, the opponent risks being hit by either the ball or the explosion. Keep in mind that Marisa can block while it floats along the screen, so even if the opponent attempts to neutralize it Marisa can also simply block incoming attacks.


A spark that flies diagonally upwards at a very acute angle. This move is not very useful at all due to it flying almost vertically.


Another spark that flies diagonally upwards at a very slight angle. This move can be used to neutralize incoming bullets that fire just above f.5B's path, while keeping Marisa on the ground. But aside from neutralizing enemy projectiles, the move isn't of much use.


A jumping spark that flies horizontally. Very similar in form and function to Marisa's f.5B. However, this move fires horizontally so it will not normally connect with the ground, only the opponent or enemy bullets. That means Marisa's fj.2B is significantly more useful than fj.5B.


The main beef in Marisa's bullet and bullet neutralization game; a diagonally downward aerial spark. Because this spark floats downwards it will eventually connect with the floor, and when it does it explodes. Like the other sparks in Marisa's repertoire of sparks, the explosion covers an enormous section of the field when it explodes. However, unlike the other sparks, this one is almost guaranteed to explode at some point. While the other sparks can simply not connect with anything and eventually float harmlessly off the screen, this one is bound to explode either in flight or once it reaches the floor. The enemy can neutralize the threat by forcefully popping the spark from a distance as soon as it's fired, but generally this move is extremely useful. Even if the opponent grazes through it, the spark is still likely to explode once it touches the ground. In general, this move is great for neutralizing enemy fire and controlling a huge chunk of the screen. While it is out it will be very risky for the opponent to attempt to hit Marisa within the proximity of the spark's flight path or the explosion once it occurs, so Marisa is free to move around in those areas. It also trades in Marisa's favor damage-wise with quite a number of attacks. A simple maneuver with this move is to fire it and follow it, then attempt to hit the opponent as they try to avoid it. If the opponent tries to hit you in return they are likely to connect with either the spark or the explosion.


Miasma Sweep - 623AB

A shoryuken-type move with a shoryuken-type command and properties. 623A doesn't go up or forward as much while 623B goes way up and forward. The damage on both is the same, however 623B comes out 3F faster and has only graze frames while 623A comes out slower but has melee invincibility. This means that for opponents coming in against you with bullets behind them you would use 623B as opposed to 623A, which will typically be utilized to stop overzealous pokes. 623B also has the property of being able to be super canceled, which you would use as a hit confirm for the Sparks and Level 2 Broom.

Witch Leyline - 214AB (air)

A broom ride move that carries Marisa forward with a hitbox. This move can be done in the air and is the start of many of Marisa's stupid gimmicks that will destroy players unaccustomed to them. On the ground, both versions can be followed up with a move if the broom does not hit the opponent, allowing you to whiff the move in order to get in on the opponent with an instant airdash that has a hitbox during the dash. Obviously this tactic carries the risk of actually hitting the opponent, in which case Marisa will be very vulnerable during recovery. In the air, you can use this move to stop people who airdash or high jump frequently, using fj.B and fj.2B as your coverage so the puffballs explode during your landing recovery, thus making you safe from retaliation. You can also use it as a combo ender to j.B loop, though doing this restricts your options afterwards.

Ground Stardust - 41236AB

A move where Marisa throws a pot full of glittery crap that lasts for an annoyingly long time. A version will throw it close while B version will throw it far. This move has multiple uses and is quite good. First, its primary use is cover fire: while the move will not come out if Marisa is hit by anything during startup animation, once the move comes out the glittery crap lingers until an opponent touches it (blocked or unblocked). It will not disappear even if Marisa gets hit or knocked down, meaning you can use it to trade versus overaggressive opponents. As cover fire, there are multiple permutations of usage as well. After a knockdown, you can throw a pot for okizeme, using it as free spirit damage by pushing an opponent back into it if they tech forward, as cover fire to stop them from sticking a move out, or to force them to high jump to graze so you can counterhit them with j.A. You can use it during corner rushdown by HJCing it and covering the startup with j.A or j.B, forcing them to block until the pot itself hits which will lock them in blockstun until you attack again (this works in the corner only, really). Pot glitter also launches an opponent with limited recovery time; they won't be able to airtech if it hits them on the ground but they will be able to from the air. However, this launch allows you to knockdown with a 6DA for further okizeme or go into a j.B loop if in the corner.

Spell Cards

Spark 1 - Love Sign "Master Spark"

Marisa fires a full-screen beam of Type-3 energy, meaning it's ungrazeable and will deal spirit damage. The beam runs out when Marisa's spirit depletes fully, leaving her in drained state. Despite the self-drain that this spellcard causes, this is arguably her best Level 1 spellcard. The damage it deals rivals many Level 2 spellcards for other characters. In addition, if your opponent blocks Master Spark fully with anything short of a full bar of spirit it will crush them. With proper timing a f.b into Master Spark against opponent's post-declare is a guaranteed guard crush, creating a "double crush" scenario, effectively negating the advantages of more threatening spellcards like Yukari's Ran and Sakuya's Time Stop. Master Spark has a couple of other benefits that may not be apparently obvious by looking at the frame data: one, it pushes the opponent all the way back across the screen so it's essentially unpunishable on full block. Even if they were in range, they would be guard crushed and unable to fully capitalize. Second, Marisa remains in a graze and melee invincible state for the duration of the Spark and roughly a quarter second after it vanishes; if someone attempts to hit Marisa from behind too early, a Spark hitbox will knock them down. Third, its startup looks long on paper but the animation is deceptively subtle, making it a good counter for opponents who like to set up bullet pressure at full screen. It combos handily off of 623B as well as 22B and 3DA, and even a stray f.b, the last three being very easy hit confirms.

With these advantages, there are also disadvantages to this spellcard. The biggest problem is that doing empty Sparks when your opponent is not committed to an action can be easily countered by normal jumping back and blocking; airblocking a Master Spark makes your character bounce off the hitbox, significantly reducing block and spirit damage to trivial amounts. In addition, the self-drain can be very dangerous against characters with high-low games that are difficult to counter without bullets, such as Reimu, Sakuya, and Suika. Smart opponents will also be on the lookout for Master Spark and will be playing specifically to avoid giving you chances to use it, reducing its usefulness greatly.

That being said, Master Spark is still a very powerful spellcard and is the recommended choice for Marisa players.

IAMP SpellCard Marisa 1A.png
Spark 2 - Magicannon "Final Spark"

Final Spark is similar to Master Spark but varies in several key aspects. First, it is a one-use spellcard (with some rare exceptions; see below) whose power is determined by the number of levels you have. Second, it comes out faster than Master Spark by a fair margin and covers a higher area, dealing more block damage than Master Spark and virtually guaranteeing a guard crush for the opponent. However, it still has the same primary weakness Master Spark does: you can jump on reaction to the superflash and surf-block it, cutting its effectiveness down by quite a bit. All of Master Spark's hit confirms still apply, but being that Final Spark is a single-use spellcard, it's nowhere near as good as Master Spark and certainly nowhere as powerful as Orreries. Generally not recommended.

It is possible to cut Final Spark off prematurely and use it again. Final Spark places Marisa in a graze and melee invincible state, which is close to total invincibility but is actually not. Type-3 attacks can hit her out of this state, and if you hit Marisa out of Final Spark before all of her levels deplete, she will be able to use Final Spark again with the levels remaining. This will not be a common occurrence but is worth mentioning since it's particular to this spellcard.

IAMP SpellCard Marisa 1B.png
Broom 1 - Magic Sign "Stardust Reverie"

Marisa charges forward on her broom spinning around like M.Bison doing his Psycho Crusher. This move comes out the fastest of all of Marisa's spellcards, even Final Spark; you can combo it off of 5A. However, it also deals the least amount of damage and is horrifically unsafe on block as it has the same recovery as Master Spark but without the spirit drain or the pushback. This is the "safest" spellcard to pick if you're not certain about handling post-Master Spark shenanigans, as this move can be safely hit confirmed from pretty much any move Marisa has, primarily 5A, 6B, 623B, 214B, 6DA, and 6DB. You can juggle with it but it won't combo fully, and for maximum hits the opponent should be cornered or else Marisa will pass through them and not deal full damage.

This spellcard can also be done midair; however, its uses are limited. Being that it's a very fast melee attack that goes full screen you could try to catch people unawares in midair, but of course this is a risky maneuver prone to severe punishment if you fail, especially since Marisa is midair. As a combo ender it's less than desirable since in midair you would be doing a j.B loop of some sort and damage scaling will have kicked in enough to the point where you would barely get 400 points of damage out from it. Its most practical use is capitalizing off random hj8 j.B random hits in midscreen, where you wouldn't be able to get a j.b loop - this becomes very handy in the Remilia matchup. You can also use LV1 Broom to escape aerial guard crush/guard break pressure by mashing it during an air-to-air blockstring.

IAMP SpellCard Marisa 2A.png
Broom 2 - Comet "Blazing Star"

A full screen super that is the opposite of Level 1 Broom. Level 1 Broom is fast and deals low damage; Level 2 Broom is slow and deals a large amount of damage with a single hit. Marisa leaves the screen off her side of the field and lands in the corner on the opposite side. It is generally only comboable off 623B and random f.B hits, though it's difficult to intentionally coordinate the latter. A blocked Level 2 Broom will deal significant (70%) spirit damage, enough so that blocking another f.B will result in a guard crush. Because of this, one particular strategy is to go for a guaranteed guard crush midscreen with fj.B j.236D and then proceed to use Marisa's high/low gimmicks to deal actual damage. If an opponent is unwise enough to jump too much while guard crushed, they obviously will not be able to block the attack and will eat the 3000 damage it deals. While this spellcard has huge disadvantage on block, it will be safe on guard crush (guard crush animation offsets the disadvantage, but only when they are not standing in the corner you'll land in) and hit. On block, the opponent will usually not be able to cross the screen fast enough to punish Marisa as she comes down, if you are standing away from the opposite corner.

IAMP SpellCard Marisa 2B.png
Skittles 1 - Ritual Sign "Orreries Sun" (Barrier)

The four orbs surrounding Marisa glow blue but continue to orbit around her. They deal around 250 damage each and deal about 1/20 spirit damage on block. Like all forms of Orreries, they can be grazed, but doing so does not nullify them. This spellcard pretty much never sees play in any serious games. It's invincible from the first frame, but it's cumbersome to try and use it as a reversal because of the need to prime the Orreries first.

Skittles 1 - Ritual Sign "Orreries Sun" (Ring) The four orbs surrounding Marisa glow blue and are then launched straight forward at a relatively slow speed. They hit at a rate of about four times a second, and deal about 1/20 spirit damage on block. If the Ring connects unblocked from one side all the way to the other, it deals about 1000 damage total, but since there's barely any setups into it this will probably never happen. Additionally, blocking the ring does not push the opponent back, so the amount of spirit damage that it does is pretty piddling. LV1 Rings is generally not good for anything at all, really. Don't pick this card unless you're just messing around.

IAMP SpellCard Marisa 3A.png
Skittles 2 - Ritual Space "Orreries Solar System" (Barrier)

The "Barrier" form of LV2 Rings has only a few situational uses, including tighter guard pressure and keeping yourself covered even without your normal bullets; but is generally not used as much as the offensive "Ring" form.

Skittles 2 - Ritual Space "Orreries Solar System" (Ring) Also known as Skittles, LV2 Rings is arguably Marisa's best LV2 spellcard. Marisa turns the Orreries into a glowing blue ring and launches it in the direction of the enemy. It travels a certain distance, then pauses for a moment before re-directing itself at the opponent again, if he had moved since then, and continuing onward. It is invulnerable after the super flash. It has many uses, such as setting up guaranteed guard crushes and helping random midscreen hits and j.B loops do even more damage.

Having a very fast startup, it can be hit confirmed off of many standard attacks, including the ones for Spark, like 5b, 6b, and 66a, and keeps the opponent frozen in the air long enough to follow up into a j.b loop ender. Or, you can end the j.b loop with a j.a or 66a to conserve spirit and immediately prime another ring during knockdown.

If the opponent blocks practically any cancelable attack midscreen when the rings are primed, you can immediately throw the ring to push them into the corner, firing a single f.A to crush even a full spirit gauge. Since the cooldown of throwing the ring itself is rather fast, you can end a pressure string with it to bait escape attempts, and successfully punishing any of those will push them into the ring as it comes back. If you're near the corner, though, the ring will briefly exit the screen before returning - time your f.A so they're forced to start blocking it while the rings are still on them, so that the blockstun from f.A will guarantee that they don't graze the rings' return.

IAMP SpellCard Marisa 3B.png



5b 6b 214a (2166 Damage 3 HIT) - Standard BnB from midscreen, easy to hitconfirm.
5b 6b 22a (2249 Damage 3 HIT) - Slightly more damage than 214a, but from midscreen will only work on Marisa, Remilia, and Yukari. In the corner this will work against all characters except Youmu. Works on everybody if 5a is used instead of 5b.
Midscreen Guard Break 5B: 5b hj9 j.b j.b 66a (2455 Damage 4 HIT) - Useful if guardbreak 5B connects too far from the corner to perform a j.b loop.


Full Loop: j.b j.b 5b j.b j.b 6b 6c hjc9 j.b j2[c] (4162 Damage 21 HIT)

Your basic loop. Make sure you take note of your opponent's height before doing 6b, depending on the opponent's height during your 5b, you may need to delay your 6b by a small amount. Also if your opponent seems to be to far up, forego the 5b and go directly again into another j.b.

It is possible to use this loop against Suika and Yukari if you step back a bit before doing 5b.

Half Loop: j.b j.b 6b 6c hjc9 j.b j2[c] (3273 Damage 18 HIT)

Basically the same as the Full Loop except the 5b and 2 j.b's are taken out. When there is not enough height or time for a full loop, use this one.

Double Half Loop: j.b (Connected while the enemy is low to the ground) j.b 6b 6c hjc9 j.b j.b 6b 6c hjc9 j.b j6[c] 4dj.b (4447 Damage 18 Hits With j.b Ender)

This is basically doing two half loops as the name suggests. Most of the time this variation is only possible during low j.b hits. This loop is best to do when you know it will work, otherwise you will get a tech and mostlikely a boot to your face :3. This is one of Marisa's most damaging loop variations.

Counter Hit Loop 1 (66a CH): 66a 5b j.b j.b Ender (6b 6c hjc9 j.b j2[c]) (4120 Damage 20 HIT)

A half loop that can be performed from 66a CH groundbounce.

Counter Hit Loop 2 (j.a CH): j.a j.b j.b j.b j.b Ender (4664 Damage 21 HIT)

A full loop that can be done from a j.a groundbounce.

j.2c Forced Half Loop: (j.b) j.2[c] j.6d j.b Ender (3176 Damage 25 HIT)

This is a loop that is done by forcefully hitting your opponent into the air to force a half j.b loop situation. As long as your opponent is near the corner, you will be able to do this variation. Can be done off any connected j.[c] or j.2[c] close to the ground in the corner.

j.2c Forced Full Loop: (j.b) j.2[c] j.6d j.b 6b 6c hjc9 j.b j.b Ender (4226 Damage 28 HIT)

(Note that you may want to charge the 5[c] very little or completely, depending on your desired ender. Remember also that starting from 2b/5b won't work on Suika and Yukari)

IHYHB Loop (I Hate Your Hit Box): j.b j.b 5b j.b j.b j.b j.2[c] (3672 Damage 18 HIT)

A loop for Suika and Yukari but it can be used on anyone. Because Suika and Yukari have an awkward hit box, the 6b 6c ender will not work on them as your 6c will miss. My only tip for this is to try to hit them with 5b at the earliest moment possible so they are higher as the final j2c can miss when they are too low after the final j.b.

IHYHB Alternate Ender: (j.b j.b 5b j.b j.b) 6b 214a 22c j.a (4235 Damage 13 HIT)

Deals more damage than just ending with j.b j.2[c], and doesn't allow for the possibility of an air-tech, since their smaller hitboxes makes the normal air-tech punish not work.

623a Starter Loop: 623a 5b j.b j.b Ender (6b 214a 22c j.a) (4126 Damage 8 HIT)
Surface to Air Loop (Corner Only, Mid-Air Opponent): 5b 5b 5b j.b j.b 6b 6c hjc9 j.b j2[c] 4d j.b (4386 Damage 20 HIT)

Damage may vary depending on how long you hold the j2[c]. I have gotten around 4449 damage before... If you catch an opponent's high jump or normal jump out in the corner with 5b, you can go into this variation.

Corner Guard Break Loop: j.b j.b 5b 5b (j.b j.b 6b 6c hjc9 j.b j2[c]) (3790 Damage 17 HIT)

If you manage to catch someone blocking your j.b near the corner, you can guard break with 5b as he falls and go into a half loop.

Ender chains

General ender chain: 6b 6c hjc9 j.b j2[c]
Against Suika and Yukari: 6b 2c hj9 j.b j.2[c] OR j.b j.2[c] OR 6b 214a 22c j.a

- Bomb ender chains (which work on everyone, they may be used to either add that extra bit of damage to finish the opponent or to make sure you don't drop the combo, especially against Suika and Yukari)

Easy: 5b 22c j.b j.214a
Maximum damage: 6b 623b 22c j.b j.214a
[c] Ender - The [c] ender gives you a few options. You can j4d after the [c] ends and j6d with a j.b and begin another loop with 5b j.b j.b 6b 6c hjc9 j.b j2[c] which restarts the process. The other option is to back off and get better positioning. Note: 1 full loop and 2 half loops from tech punishing will KO the opponent.
j.b Ender - By ending the [c] ender a bit earlier you can do a D4b. It will give you better positioning for the opponents tech overall and doesn't do much less damage. Overall it is a better ender to use though timing is a bit more strict.
j.4d j.b j.214a Ender - Most damaging ender, for Marisa loops, doesnt give you any advantage after it though. Full thing should be hjc9 j.b j.2c (dont hold it muchm, if juggle bar is too low just tap it) j.4d j.b j.214a.

Spell Card Combos




Marisa's game plan is simple, but powerful. Her midscreen game involves judicious use of puffball pressure in order to get the opponent on their toes and moving around. Puffs will detonate on the floor and on enemy bullets, resulting in a gigantic explosion that'll wipe the effective area clean of any collidable bullets (including Patchouli 236AB!) and hits the enemy - essentially, Marisa will basically win any bullet neutralization fight. Marisa has a very domineering game when one or both characters are up in the air: in the air, her j.B is fast, has a decent hitbox, and leads into massive damage on block or hit. When she's coming down on someone on the ground, she can use j.C and j.2C and dash cancels to alter her trajectory and timing to make her descent very ambiguous, and crossup/stuff anti-air attempts with j.A, which has an absurdly good hitbox. Against opponents trying to jump or approaching from 2/3 - 1/2 of the screen away at low altitude, 66A will swat them out of the air and bounce them off the ground for a big damage followup. Be wary of the space above Marisa, though - she can deal with people coming from the sides, but not from up high. She can evade the situation with her forward dash, which has a very low hitbox, or try to gimmick it out with a 623B/A - B version has a really big hitbox as you get off the ground, and it's very strong at covering the area slightly in front of and directly above Marisa, but it's very punishable on block. 623A is less punishable and melee invulnerable, but the effective range is much smaller.

After you've used your puffballs and domineering midscreen melee to corner the opponent, your main mixup tool is 5B. It's a high stagger, and does a good chunk of red life when wrongblocked, and is still +3 when right blocked. You won't see people rightblock it often, because the alternative is far scarier - 2B is a clean low hit, and combos into 6b 5c (3-4 blobs). This is a launcher for a j.B loop, and it'll net you a good 3.5-3.8k damage just from blocking wrong. You'll find that after one or two rounds no one will block high anymore ever. Which is fine. After a 5B stagger, your options are all still really good. The typical option is to throw a pot (41236A), which adds delayed bullet pressure and a little chip damage. The advantage of throwing a pot, though, is that if you delay your hjc from pot slightly, you can do hj9 j.B, which is a clean high - if they're still blocking low against the 2B option, your hj9 j.B will hit them "fuzzy" the pot will combo, leading to another j.B loop. That is, after a 5B stagger pot, you will have a real 50/50 situation, where if they guessing wrong they're in for 4k damage, and if they guess right, you're still in a position to push the ticket (the blockstun from the pot will make either of the options you choose advantageous, allowing you to continue your pressure).

When you're in a tight spot, you've still got great options. Marisa has fast walk speed, a true reversal, some okay pokes, and, inexplicably, the lowest forward dash in the game. Against jumping pressure she can walk forward slightly, to make the opponent cross over her in the air and corner themselves, or dash forward - almost nothing the opponent does from the air will hit her if she does this. They have to run very specific, dedicated strings to try and catch it. I cannot even begin to think of why someone thought this was a good idea, but it's there, so abuse it. She can try to poke out of stagger pressure with 5A or 5B, both of which (if you're good at hitconfirming) will go into 6B 214A, or she can shoryuken through it with 623A (melee invul) or 623B (bullet invul and really stupid good air hitbox).




Generally Marisa will want to make full use of her f.b "puffballs," as they have good bullet neutralization and allow her to get in effectively. Some opponents will have a tendency to attempt to counter them, often with graze attacks, which you can easily punish by blocking during your advance. Also, cover fire will detonate the puffball, making it rather dangerous when Marisa is approaching alongside one. There is also the oft-used gimmick of protecting the recovery on normally punishable moves, like 623s and 214s, with a j.f2b.

Getting in with the puffball still active will fill in the gaps for your pressure, allowing for more fluid initial corner pressure or push strings. If the opponent is not cautious, getting hit by Marisa early will allow a j.f2b or f5b to detonate during hitstun and launch, leading to a j.b loop.

Besides nullifying most cover fire, puffballs are also good at killing Suika's babies. However, other bullets are very effective at countering the usefulness of puffball by detonating them while they're still close to Marisa (Sakuya f.b, Reimu f.a, Yukari f.a). Watch for these as to not waste your spirit on prematurely broken puffballs.

Tech Punishes

Since the [c] ender of Marisa's j.b loop allows the player to air-tech, there are several ways to punish if he does.

j.4d j.6d (j.b 5b) - The most common punisher, allows you to begin another j.b loop. Even if the opponent blocks the j.b after air-teching, most characters will not have a fast enough aerial to avoid the 5b guardbreak immediately afterward. Keep in mind that there ARE some characters that have fast enough aerials to win out (especially Youmu and Sakuya). Avoiding their tech and zoning is safest but shaking them up can work too.


1. Many situations can lead into a j.b loop. If a j.b connects in the air, go for a 2nd j.b if that connects, see your distance from the corner and height of the opponent, if you are to far or if the opponent is too low for a 5b, just go for a half loop. More situations call for a half loop and it is also the safer option. Any j.b loop where you have a good amount of momentum during the first j.b can lead into a loop from near half screen.

2. Watch for your opponents height throughout the loop. Small differences in height will alter your timing during the loop so make sure to see when your opponent is too high or too low. When your opponent is too low opt for a Half Loop and if they are too high, some times it is better to forgo the 5b and hj9 j.b j.b into ender. Other times when they are too high you may just have to alter your timing with the 5b.

Guard Crush Pressure

Your opponent will mostly want to look out for 2b as it is a clean hit and can lead directly into a j.b loop! However, blocking low all the time allows Marisa to stagger and deal substantial chip damage with 5b. When staggered, Marisa can also tag them with a clean hit j.b fuzzy. You may also throw a pot after staggering with 5b to ensure pressure continues after a blocked j.b.

If the opponent does not have any bombs when in the corner, 6b 5c (hjc9 iad j.b or j.a) is an effective way to keep them pinned while still suffering chip and spirit damage. You can also end the string with a 22a/b for a guard crush reset quickly. Keep in mind that at midscreen and if not done close enough at the corner, pretty much anyone can graze attack after the 6b through your 5c.

If you achieve a guard crush from midscreen, you can either go for a quick BnB with 2b 6b 214a, or try pushing them to the corner with iad j.b j2[c] j.6d j.b.

Baiting Escapes

During pressure your opponents can attempt to escape with hj's, bombs, 623's, and graze attacks.

Bombs - You can pretty much only punish a bomb by cutting your pressure short and baiting it out into a punishment, but successfully doing so leaves them completely vulnerable to just about anything.

623 Reversals - 623s can be similarly baited simply by ending your pressure and blocking. 623s that do not have graze can also be beaten with 5c.

Graze Attacks - One effective way to beat grazes is an early hjc9 j.b, but 22a can also work and a CH can set up into a loop.

hj.7/8/9 Escapes - Another oft-used tactic is to hj out between j.b and j.2c. This loses to a simple 5b. Other poor hj attempts can be beaten with 22a.

Other Gimmicks

Random projectile->Broom: Very stupid, very simple, but also very effective at times. After throwing projectiles some people will want to try to punish you with melee, 214 sticks a hit right in their face for it.

66A/6A/22A/22B O-bomb trap: After using one of these moves, using a bomb will launch the opponent up in the air. After the hit you can go for an easy 2k combo like j.B j.B j.BC or the slightly more difficult j.B j.B 6BC j.BC 44 j.B 214A or 6B 5C j.B j.B j.BC


vs Reimu:


vs Marisa:


vs Sakuya:


vs Alice:


vs Patchouli:


vs Youmu:


vs Remilia:


vs Yuyuko:


vs Yukari:


vs Suika:


vs Meiling:


Frame Data

                                                              Block   Hit     CH
Motion     Damage     Proration   Startup  Active  Duration   Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Guard   Type
 5A         200        98%          6        2       14        +1      +2      X     25      Mid     A
 2A         200        98%          6        4       18        -3      -2      X     15      Mid     A
 6A         900        90%          19       16      65        -24     D       D     55      High    C
 5B         600        93%          8        2       20        +3      +4      +11   35      High    B
 2B         550        92%          7        1       23        -1      0       +7    20      Low     B
 6B         900        92%          9        2       33        -1      -1      +10   35      Mid     C
 6DA        900        85%          16       4       44        -6      -5      +6    120     High    C
 6DB        900        85%          13       2       36        -1      0       +11   40      High    C
 3DA        950        85%          18       2       43        -3      D       D     40      Low     C
 3DB        1050       90%          9        21      60        -29     D       D     60      High    C
 22A        1200       75%          23       4       52        -7      D       D     50      High    C
 22B        1200       75%          25       3       53        -6      D       D     60      Low     C
 j.5A       1000       90%          14       10      35        -2                    40      High    B
 j.5B       700        90%          7        2       22        +4                    40      High    B
 22C (N)    0          80%          12       2       44        -10     D       X     oo      Mid     C
 22C (O)    500        80%          12       2       37        -3      D       D     oo      Mid     C
 22C (D)    0          80%          12       2       61        -27     D       D     oo      Mid     C
 22D        x          x            26       x       95        x       x       x             x       x
6A: 1-?F lower body invincible, 19-35F airborne, 37F+ cancellable
6B: 12F+ uncancellable
33B: 1-30F graze, 9-30F airborne, 31F+ uncancellable
22C (N/D): 1-13F invincible
                                                              Block   Hit     CH
Motion     Damage     Proration   Startup  Active  Duration   Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Cancel  Type
 5C         100+100*1-699%+97%*1-6  18       oo      43        -2      D       D     25+25   18      B
 6C         100+100*1-699%+97%*1-6  18       oo      39        -2      D       D     25+25   18      B
 2C         100+100*1-699%+97%*1-6  19       oo      37        -2      D       D     25+25   19      B
 j.5C       100+100*1-699%+97%*1-6  19       oo      38                D       D     25      19      B
 j.2C       100+100*1-699%+97%*1-6  19       oo      38                        D     25+25   19      B
 f.5A       200*5      98%*5        30               55        +9      +10     +10   30*5    46      C
 f.2A       200*3      98%*3        29               55        +4      +5      +5    30*3    44      C
 fj.5A      200*5      98%*5        30               54                              30*5    47      C
 f.5B       200+850    99%+85%      17       oo      39                D       D     40+40   18      C
 f.2B       200+850    99%+85%      18       oo      39                D       D     40+40   19      C
 f.6B       200+850    99%+85%      17       oo      39                D       D     40+40   18      C
 fj.5B      200+850    99%+85%      18       oo      39                D       D     40+40   33      C
 fj.2B      200+850    99%+85%      18       oo      39                D       D     40+40   33      C
5C: A hit will cause bullet to explode and attack 2F afterwards, 17-32F discharge
6C: A hit will cause bullet to explode and attack 2F afterwards, 17-32F discharge
2C: A hit will cause bullet to explode and attack 2F afterwards, 18-33F discharge
j.C: A hit will cause bullet to explode and attack 2F afterwards, 18-33F discharge
j.2C: A hit will cause bullet to explode and attack 2F afterwards, 18-33F discharge
f.5A: 19F discharge
f.2A: 18F discharge
fj.A: 19F discharge
f.5B: A hit will cause bullet to explode and attack 4F afterwards
f.2B: A hit will cause bullet to explode and attack 4F afterwards
f.6B: A hit will cause bullet to explode and attack 4F afterwards
fj.B: A hit will cause bullet to explode and attack 4F afterwards
fj.2B: A hit will cause bullet to explode and attack 4F afterwards
                                                              Block   Hit     CH
Motion     Damage     Proration   Startup  Active  Duration   Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Cancel  Type
 623A       650        90%          12               61        -27     D       D     50      13-? airC
 623B       650        90%          9                66        -35     D       D     50      9-12/   C
                                                                                             12-? airC
 214A       900        85%          16       18      69        -26     D       D     40      52 air  B
 214B       900        85%          23       36      94        -28     D       D     40      77 air  B
 41236AB    1000       75%          73               36                D       X     40      28      C
623A: 1-14F melee invincible, 1-24F upper body invincible, 12-47F airborne
623B: 1-28F graze, 13-52F airborne
214A: Can be done in air, 1-60F airborne, can do jump moves after move ends, 41F suki if blocked,
214B: Can be done in air, 13-58F graze (or until blocked), 1-85F airborne, can do jump moves after move ends, 43F suki if blocked
41236AB: 14F discharge, explosions divided into 3 phases, when hit/blocked/grazed/bulleted explosions fade quicker
                                                                     Block   Hit     CH
Card         Damage       Proration     Startup     Active  Total    Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Type
 Spark Lv1    150*n        99%*n         19,6(25)    *       *        -33     D       D     oo      C
 Spark Lv2    150*n        99%*n         8,7(15)     *       *        -33     D       D     oo      C
 Broom Lv1    110*20       97%*20        2,4(6)      oo      *        -34     D       D     oo      C
 Broom Lv2    3000         96%           2,23(25)    16      138      ---     D       D     oo      C
 Ring Lv1 (a) X            X             12,X(X)     X       46       X       X       X     X       C
 Ring Lv1 (b) 200*4        90%*4         9,1(10)     *       43       *       *       X     40      C
 Ring Lv1 (s) 150*15       96%*15        15,2(17)    *       43       *       D       X     oo      C
 Ring Lv2 (a) X            X             12,X(X)     X       46       X       X       X     X       C
 Ring Lv2 (b) 200*6        90%*6         9,1(10)     *       43       *       *       X     40      C
 Ring Lv2 (s) 300*20       96%*20        9,2(11)     *       37       *       D       X     oo      C
Note: Startup is Preflash,Postflash(Actual)
Spark Lv1: Attack changes according to spirit consumption, 1-26F invincible, 27F-end melee invincible + graze
Spark Lv2: Attack changes according to spirit consumption, 1F-end melee invincible + graze
Broom Lv1: 2F hitstop, 1F and 7F-end graze, 2-5F invincible, 79F suki when blocked or during rebound
Broom Lv2: Major block disadvantage, 1-89F invincible, airborne till 128F
Ring Lv1 (a): Prep for Ring Lv1 (b)arrier or Ring Lv1 (s)hoot, 17F seeded
Ring Lv1 (b): Only works with Ring prepped, does not consume level, 1-16F invincible, active time, block and hit adv situational
Ring Lv1 (s): Only works with Ring prepped, does not consume level, 15-38F invincible, active time, block adv situational
Ring Lv2 (a): Prep for Ring Lv2 (b)arrier or Ring Lv2 (s)hoot, 17F seeded
Ring Lv2 (b): Only works with Ring prepped, does not consume level, active time, block and hit adv situational
Ring Lv2 (s): Only works with Ring prepped, does not consume level, 9-32F invincible, active time, block adv situational
Motion    Startup   Active   Recovery  Graze      Cancel   Guard   Invulnerable
 7/8/9     5         x        x         x          6+       6+      x
 7D/8D/9D  5         x        x         1-20       6+       21+     x
 6D        4         11~23    12        1-(18~29)  1+       16+     x
 4D        3         21       4         1-24       7-24     x       1-6
 j.6D      6         19       x         1-25       10+      26+     x
 j.4D      3         22       x         1-25       4+       13+     x
4D: 1-6F completely invincible
Immaterial and Missing Power
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