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Patchouli Knowledge is a 100 year or so old witch and a friend of Remilia Scarlet that lives in the library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She's rather weak physically due to anemia, asthma, and a lack of vitamin A. She compensates for this by having ridiculously powerful magic. Patch plays like she sounds. Her movement and dashes are quite slow. Her melee moves are also quite slow; almost any other character's melee will beat them out if done at the same time. However she has the best projectiles in the game. Against beginners Patch can get away with almost pure keepaway. However, against competent players Patch needs to cover herself with projectiles so she can go in close (but not too close) to either land a spirit crush or her bread and butter combo.




[ High | Damage: 550 | Startup: 8 | Active: 4 | Hit: 0 | Block: -1 ]

Book slap. Hits high. Only chainable into 2A. Not a bad move, actually stuffs quite a lot of things but usually surprises both players when it does. -1 on block, but all of Patch's melee is negative on block. Also what you want to do (instead of 5B) when landing from a guarded air sequence if they land well ahead of you or have some really fast air move (Youmu jA).


[ Mid | Damage: 1000 | Startup: 14 | Active: 2 | Hit: -1 | Block: -2 ]

Patch swings her weak little arm and a purple boomerang mirrors the movement in front of her. Hits mid. Slow move, wonky hitbox. However this is the beginning of her BnB, so if you have projectile cover or if they are landing a character's width away you want to do this move. Has deceptive range, however I believe Patch's own hitbox extends beyond the move's range. I say this because at maximum 5B distance this move can be completely stuffed by a lot of shorter range moves. Ex: Sakuya 6A. In fact 5B will be stuffed many many times, however you still want to use it often.


[ Low | Damage: 220 | Startup: 7 | Active: 2 | Hit: -1 | Block: -2 ]

Low book swipe. Hits low. Chainable into itself. Patch's fastest melee move, at 7f. However it takes 1f to crouch. Not a bad counter to people getting too greedy with melee, like a blocked Sakuya 66B, however all you can do is chain it three or four times unless you want to bomb cancel it. If you catch someone in the air (off a counter hit) with it, then the pushback that happens when you chain it disappears, and you can do some very long situational combos off it.


[ Low | Damage: 950 | Startup: 11 | Active: 4 | Hit: D | Block: -1 ]

Low Patch sweep. Hits low. Knocks down. Surprisingly good, some people stick it after air crush sequences (I have no idea how they know when it's safe to do that) because it does a healthy amount of spirit damage if blocked incorrectly. Can be used after a low hitting blocked jB, and it will either be tight or counterhit attempts to mash. Can substitute for 5b in the normal bnb in many situations.


[ Mid | Damage: 850 | Startup: 20 | Active: | Hit: +10 | Block: -2 ]

Upward tornado. Counts as a projectile. Reels. Now we're getting to the abusable moves. This is a pretty good anti-air, it's a projectile, it's free (you can do it when spirit crushed), it's cancelable into 2C, and it nullifies other projectiles that hit it. Keep in mind that it IS a projectile, and can be grazed.


[ Mid | Damage: 850 | Startup: 19 | Active: X | Hit: +11 | Block: -1 ]

Forward tornado. Counts as a projectile. Reels. I actually usually only stick this in combos, though it is a decent move on its own. It has the same properties as 6A, just it hits in front and thus nullifies projectiles from the front. Can be used to punish backdashes into bnb but you need a good read since it leaves you totally open if they don't. Do this at your own risk.


[ High | Damage: 450, 300 | Startup: 9 | Active: X | Hit: | Block: +1 ]

Little snowflake spark. Counts as a projectile, so it is grazeable. Useful for continuing air blockstrings giving you time to land and guardbreak with 5a or continue crush string with 5b Can be used to continue a guard crush sequence in the corner by instant air dashing back and doing it. Note that it has a small blind spot and will whiff point blank. At certain heights/distances, it can be used to prevent a guardbreak after airblocking, as well as stuffing people that stick out aerials early (much smaller blind spot and less recovery than aerial tornadoes).


[ Mid | Damage: 850 | Startup: 20 | Active: | Hit: +10 | Block: -2 ]

Jumping downward tornado. Counts as a projectile. Reels. Abuse like crazy in iad sequences. You can do some very funny things on wake up with this if the opponent doesn't roll, as the move stays on the screen for a while and basically let's you start with a safe 5B. iabd j.2A is very very good at catching people on the ground off guard.


[ Mid | Damage: 850 | Startup: 20 | Active: | Hit: +10 | Block: -2 ]

Jumping forward tornado. Counts as a projectile. Reels. Abuse like crazy in iad sequences. Hits higher, so is more useful against jumping opponents. iabd j.6A 6A is a very nice anti-air sequence that combos into further things.


OSHI BOOK. Can be delayed up to 10 frames in exchange for a bigger hitbox. Knocks down on normal hit. Groundslams on counter hit. Patch staple, it covers a good area and does decent crush in the air. You always want to end the recovery though, whether it be by doing j.C right after or landing and doing a 5B/5A/2B. Also the ender of many combos in the corner from a hjced 236B. Beware that many moves can and will beat this, even if they don't look like they can. You always want to this sooner in your jump rather than later, as the huge hitbox will at least guarantee a guard or trade or CH.


[ High | Damage: 1000 | Startup: 28 | Active: 2 | Hit: -4 | Block: -5 ]

Patch raises her book above her head and slams it down. Hits high. Patch's special high low crushes suck. Period. Use her other moves to crush, don't bother with these.


[ Low | Damage: 1000 | Startup: 29 | Active: 4 | Hit: +9 | Block: -3 ]

Patch clutches her book to her chest then smacks the enemy's ankles. Hits low. You're not going to see this move used either.


[ Mid | Damage: 550 | Startup: 10 | Active: 4 | Hit: 0 | Block: -1 ]

A dash version of her 5A, but not really. Hits MID, isn't cancelable into 2A or 2C, only into specials. You're better off just dashing and doing a 5A.


[ Mid | Damage: 1000 | Startup: 14 | Active: 2 | Hit: D | Block: -2 ]

Dash version of her 5B with knockdown. Decent, just realize that people can go over this move. Can cut short a blockstring early and stick out 6DB to punish opponents that like to try and graze attack through gaps in your blockstrings. On block or hit you can follow this up with Droplets super, so its not bad for forcing crushes if they are low, or confirming into decent damage.


[ Low | Damage: 900 | Startup: 18 | Active: 4 | Hit: +9 | Block: -3 ]

Looks like a dash version of 22B. You'll never use this move either.


[ Mid | Damage: 300*3 | Startup: 15 | Active: X | Hit: D | Block: -1 ]

Patch dashes forward and does a stationary upwards tornado. The tornado does 3 hits and is NOT A PROJECTILE. Repeat, this move is NOT GRAZEABLE. Pretty good range, technically hits mid but if the enemy is crouching it will just whiff above their heads. Will also whiff if the enemy is point blank. Very good move for anti air if you're good at reading. Do not overuse as people can dash just beyond its range and over it fairly well and the recovery is pretty bad if you miss. Useful against people who overuse IAD rushdown (noob Sakuyas.) On block not so bad, just don't try anything fancy and you'll be safe.



Patchouli points her finger and throws 4 comet-like projectiles in an elliptical curve (2 up and 2 down). This projectile travels quite fast and is quite powerful as each shot eats a total of 3 small projectiles before dying, and will also tighten or widen its trajectory in order to home in on the enemy. You will be using this attack a lot, because it has a fairly good start up and will be essential on many combos and projectile battles. This move uses 10% of the spirit gauge.


Patchouli kneels, points her finger and casts 4 comet-like projectiles, each following a trajectory similar to the upper side of an ellipse. This is essentially an anti-air move, as it can stuff incoming air attacks, but don't use too often because if they graze correctly you are in danger of a counter hit on your escape attempt. Always prepare to use 623A or 623B afterwards if you really want to use this attack, but you normally have safer alternatives. This move uses 10% of the spirit gauge.


Patchouli points her finger and throws 4 comet-like projectiles, much like 5C. However, the difference is that the curve on them is wider, especially on the outer ones. As usual, the projectiles will change their trajectory slightly in order to home in on the enemy. This attack is usually less powerful than 5C because normally only 2 of the projectiles will make contact. 5C homes tighter which nullifies most of 6C's use outside of specific blockstrings. This move uses 10% of the spirit gauge.


Jumping version of f.C, identical in properties.


Jumping version of f.6C, identical in properties. This move has a few uses over j.5C. After HJ8 it's a better option since it will hit nearby grounded enemies when j.C would whiff. Also use it after j.B if the book hits or is blocked while Patchouli is still too high in the air. Can also be used to hover, which has its uses. Avoiding some supers (Spark), or making it ambiguous where/when you are going to land after taking to the air (often following and hj8 attempt out of the corner.)


Patchouli does a little spin, points her finger and throws 7 fireballs, 6 of which will form an ellipse, while the center fireball will just follow a straight line. These fireballs will tighten or widen their trajectory in order to home in on the enemy, and even the center one will make a slight curve for this purpose. Each fireball counts as a small projectile. This attack is essential on many far sequences, and you will be using it very very often. This attack can be canceled into f.2B and all grounded f.Cs. This move uses 10% of the spirit gauge.


Air version of f.A, identical in properties. If they are ever silly enough to airtech near the top of the screen, or go high in the air with less than two airdashes, spam as many of these are you can with airdash cancels. They are looking at guaranteed damage or crush.


Patchouli kneels, points her finger and creates a small explosion. Another identical explosion will follow the first one just a little bit in front of the first one, and so on until 5 little useless explosions make their appearance. This attack isn't too hot since it travels quite slow, doesn't cover much of the screen, its hitbox is smaller than what the sprite makes it seem to be, and it will only eat VERY low projectiles (and it doesn't even do that too well). Avoid using it, though it may surprise the enemy if done once every 3 years, much like Patch's 22 series of moves. This attack can be canceled into f.2B and all grounded f.Cs. This move uses 10% of the spirit gauge.


Patchouli points her finger and throw a total of 10 droplets one after another in rapid succession. These droplets travel quickly across the screen, but they each take a slightly different angle. Nonetheless, the angles they take don't open too wide so an average of 6 droplets hit if done from fullscreen. Because of its speed, it is useful for preventing far declarations and stuffing enemy far attacks on their initial frames. Each droplet counts as a small projectile. You can limit the number of droplets thrown by canceling into another attack or into hj. This attack can be canceled into f.2B and all grounded f.Cs. This move uses 10% of the spirit gauge unless canceled earlier.


Air version of f.B, identical in properties, use it to stuff air projectiles on their initial frames and to add the little extra damage or pressure after a 236B connects. Very useful because of how well it pushes the opponent on hit or block (on hit, they are generally going to fly to the opposite corner. Useful for forcing additional airdashes, after getting them to HJ up out of one of you're zoning sequences.


Patchouli kneels, points her finger and casts a giant magic bubble that slowly zigzags up and down while moving forward . This is a defensive move and will stay on screen for about 4 seconds. It is a good bullet shield and can withstand 10 small bullets (such as Reimu needles) before popping. Most far attacks are cancelable into bubble so it is essential on a lot of far sequences. It's also often used against wakeup roll. You can have 6 or maybe even 7 bubbles onscreen at once if you combine them with j.2B, but it's not recommended to have more than 1 though. This move uses 15% of the spirit gauge.


Jumping version of 2B. Unlike the grounded version, this one isn't too hot because you normally don't need to stop air-borne projectiles.


A far version of her 6A. This move consumes no spirit at far distance and has the same properties as her 6A.


Patchouli throws a tornado forward that then goes up like 6A going about half a screen's distance. This consumes a little bit of spirit but is HJ cancelable. It is a defensive move to eat projectiles, but you won't be using this often as Patchouli normally has more projectiles on screen than the opponent. This move uses 10% of the spirit gauge.


Summer Red - 236AB (air)

Patchouli holds her book in front of her hand and casts a fireball which will go on a linear trajectory, horizontal for ground 236A and 236B, and diagonal down-forward for j.236A and j.236B eating any projectile that may be on its way. This fireball is almost indestructible, and the only moves that make it stop its way are Marisa's f.B, Suika's f.A, and certain spellcards. The main difference between the grounded 236A and 236B is the speed the fireball travels across the screen. 236B is twice as fast as 236A. The difference between the air versions are the angle the projectile is thrown. j.236B is thrown closer to Patchouli's feet. 236A is often used on far sequences, as it makes for a better zoning game, while 236B is used in combos as it will connect faster, and the aerial versions of this attack are mostly used as the ending of a close guard crush sequence. j.236A or j.236B are almost identical on use at such close range. This move uses 10% of the spirit gauge. NOTE: While almost completely indestructible there are certain moves that can nullify its effects, Youmu's 236C, Yukari's 214A and 214B, and Meiling's f.C all make the fireball lose its hitbox.

Winter Element - 236C

Patchouli turns around while closing her eyes and extending her arm, causing her to summon a spout of water that appears just below the enemy's position. This move is indispensable, and you will often use it in far sequences, combos, and wake up games. If the opponent blocks the attack from fullscreen or corner, it will pin them for 2 full seconds and drain about 40% of their spirit. It pins them for so long that you can follow up with a guaranteed guardcrush sequence before they recover, even if you are on the other side of the screen. You can't cast more than 1 water spout at once, if you cast another before the first one finishes it will disappear and make way for the second water spout. This move uses 10% of the spirit gauge.

Spring Wind - 623AB

Patchouli spins, jumps, and creates a strong gust of wind that will either slow down an advancing enemy or throw the enemy back. 623A is invincible to melee attacks on its start up frames. 623A is the weaker of the two but it will save yourself from blockstring sequences. 623B makes Patchouli jump higher so she is more vulnerable as she falls down. She grazes on the way up, so be sure to use this against incoming air opponents. The gust is also often used on far sequences to throw the enemy's grazing timing off, especially if they are airborne. This is the only move that defends Patchouli from being outprioritized all day long by melee attacks, so use it wisely. 623A uses 20% of the spirit gauge while 623B uses 25%.

Autumn Edge - 214AB

Patchouli casts a series of rhombus-like objects that spin a bit before aiming themselves at the enemy. The A version of this move has 6 of these objects and is a little bit faster on start up, while the B version has 8 of these objects. The hjc delay is slightly better on the A version of this attack as well. These objects don't have a hitbox until they stop spinning. Of special note is the fact that even though this is a projectile attack and thus can be grazed, it doesn't trade with other projectiles. It also can't be stopped by the likes of Reimu's barriers, Youmu's reflector or Yukari's portals, thus making it an essentially unstoppable attack. Use it mainly for wake up game and time it so they aim to where the opponent rolled. 214A uses 10% of the spirit gauge while 214B uses 15% of it.

Dew Spear - 421ABC

Patchouli casts 5 long diamond-shape crystals that go rotating upwards, then fall down quickly. They don't hit on the way up. The A version positions the crystals almost directly in front of Patchouli's, the B version throws them at 3 bodies in front of her, and the C version throws them about a half screen away. This move has its use against rushdown (A and B version depending on their range and sequences), especially if you are cornered. Its other main use is for zoning and for far sequences (B and C version). Crystal usage is one of the hardest parts of Patchouli's game to master, but it is certainly useful. Dew Spear uses 10% of Patchouli's spirit gauge.

Spell Cards

Fire - Fire Metal Sign "St. Elmo's Pillar"

Patchouli extends her arms upwards generating a fireball above her head, then throws the fireball directly onto the enemy's feet. When the fireball touches the ground it explodes into a huge pillar of fire. This attack is grazeable and isn't swift enough to surprise the enemy. It does graze on the initial frames but that isn't terribly useful. On the bright side it does decent chip damage and drains 50% of the enemy's spirit bar on block, so use it on a blocked BnB to crush the enemy spirit faster. It also adds damage to the Alternate BnB (5B 6B 5C 236B 236D for 3.5K damage) and it's the only follow up that will combo after midscreen 33B. This move drains 25% of Patchouli's spirit bar.

IAMP SpellCard Patchouli 1A.png
Flare - Sun Sign "Royal Flare"

Patchouli extends her arms upwards creating a little fireball which expands rapidly into a gigantic ball of fire covering every inch of the screen. She will keep this attack until her spirit is about to get fully drained, which means the more spirit you have when casting it, the more effective the attack is. Royal Flare isn't grazeable, and it is fully invulnerable after the superflash. If done with full spirit bar it will crush the enemy no matter how much spirit they have themselves. Even better is if the opponent blocks the attack while in the air. In this case it will crush their spirit completely and they they will get hit after for 1517 damage guaranteed. If not blocked it will hit the enemy for 3884 damage. This super is very hard to use effectively against anyone that knows what they are doing. Patchouli does not go invincible until the super flash and the startup is quite long, so it is pretty hard to even fire it. Startup also means you are not likely to catch an attentive opponent in the air, which is what you want. The recovery time is even longer, so you are very easily punished if they blocked (and they will have blocked) and you are not fullscreen. It can combo from a midscreen bnb variant: 5B 6B 236C 236D. The spout must be canceled as soon as possible for the flare to connect.

IAMP SpellCard Patchouli 1B.png
Droplets - Earth Water Sign "Noachian Deluge"

Patchouli extends her finger and throws 25 out big droplets in similar fashion to that of f.B. Mainly used as a replacement finisher for her midscreen BnB, or to add more damage after a completed BnB in the corner (5B 6B 5C 236B 236D for 3.5K damage). It also drains 55% of enemy's spirit bar if all droplets are blocked, translating into a complete guardcrush if done after a regular blocked BnB in the corner. This move uses 25% of Patchouli's spirit bar.

IAMP SpellCard Patchouli 2A.png
Selena - Moon Sign "Silent Selena"

Patchouli holds her precious book on her lap, closes her eyes and casts 2 sets of thin white energy pillars that circle around her. The circle is about 5 bodies wide. You want this special to hit when the opponent is on the perimeter of the pillars, which is roughly 2 bodies away. If they are too close the pillars will only hit when near Patchouli, resulting in less damage. This move is fast enough to use it in combos where all other moves fail, for example, 5A 2A 2A 236D does around 3.7K damage. Selena also can be tacked on the end of Patchouli's counterhit and o-bomb combos (eg: jB (CH) 5A 6A 236D). If spaced correctly you can combo 2 or more of these in a row for some ridiculous damage. Near the corner after jB counterhit, walk back and max range 5B 6B 236D 236D for a nice double Selena combo. Despite its appearance, it isn't really a good reversal. The main reason is that it takes several extra frames for the pillars to rotate enough to hit an enemy that is close to Patchouli. The other player can nearly always block, or HJC and graze, even if Selena comes out in the middle of their attack animation. It can be used as a reversal if you read a laggy move such as a 22A/B, however the risks for a wrong guess are high. This move uses 25% of Patchouli's spirit bar.

IAMP SpellCard Patchouli 2B.png
Gears - Metal Wood Sign "Elemental Harvester"

Patchouli jumps forward, floating low and slowly. An spiky metal circle rotates behind her, with other 3 smaller circles circling around the bigger circle giving the attack a wider hitbox. These things resemble a gears mechanism, hence the nickname. The gears will disappear when Patchouli touches the ground. This attack has fast start up and is completely invincible to melee attacks (Alice dollsword and other ranged melee can't touch Patchouli until she touches the ground). It is used mainly as a counter and as a pattern breaker, but it can also pin down a cornered enemy that can't really move without widening their hit box. You can combo into it in the corner (5A 5C 236D) but that's just an added extra. On very rare situations you can combo 5A 2C after it. This attack uses 25% of Patchouli's spirit bar.

IAMP SpellCard Patchouli 3A.png
Crystals - Fire Water Wood Metal Earth Sign "Philosopher's Stone"

Patchouli casts 5 colored crystals that circle around her head and each crystal can break into 8 little comet-like projectiles that home in on the enemy. In order to make this happen you have to use a certain attack to activate each crystal:

Orange crystal: 5C or Summer Red
Blue crystal: 6C or Winter Element
Purple crystal: 2C or Dew Spear
Yellow crystal: j.5C or Autumn Edge
Green crystal: j.6C or Spring Wind

Generally you want to activate the crystal that is closer to the enemy so they don't have time to recover for the next attack, if used correctly you can keep your opponent in blockstun or hitstun for a long time. This move uses 25% of Patchouli's spirit bar.

IAMP SpellCard Patchouli 3B.png


Note: parentheses indicate optional.


5B 6B 5C 236B hjc - This is Patch's bread and butter combo. In the corner tack on hjc jB. If you are somewhat near to corner but too far for jB to connect, use hjc j2A instead. Keep in mind that this combo will not connect if you are point blank range in the corner, the reel will be shortened because of how close you are with the 5C and the 236B will not connect. Leave out the 5C then. NOTE: This combo is much harder to land on Youmu because her hitbox while in reel is wider than that of the other characters in the same state so 5c hits sooner and makes her recovery just in time to block the fireball, you might want to skip 5C against her.

Alternate BnB

5B 6B 5C 236C hjc - Can not be done anywhere NEAR the corner, timing is much stricter than the combo into 236B. Leave out the 5C if you're near the corner.

A note, both these sequences are safe if they block the 5B, which leads to the second use of these chains, guard crushing. Patch's BnB does roughly 2/3s spirit crush (637/1000) for 200 spirit. Add in the fact you can hjc after the 236B and you're looking at very scary corner tactics (hjc jB iabd 2A? straight into iabd 2A? hjc jB jC iabd jA 5B repeat?) or if they block the 236C sequence you can just throw another 6B 5C 236B at them and it's guaranteed guard crush.

5B 6B 236C hjc8 j6D j6A land j9 jB - Slightly harder variant of the previous BnB. the j6A has to be timed a little late to hit after the last hit of spout. Does more damage than either of the two previous combos. Works either midscreen, or in the corner.

Ground to air combos
Use these against falling opponents. Following jB (CH) groundslam or as guardbreak after a guarded jB jC air sequence.

5A 6A (or 6B) 236B hjc - Easy midscreen guardbreak combo.
5B 6A (or 6B) 236B hjc - Use after counterhit jB since it does more damage.
5A 6A f.2B hjc9 jB - Midscreen. Guarantees knockdown and point items which is useful in some matchups if you need more bombs (ie: Marisa). 5A must hit somewhat far for f.2B to come out.

Counterhit combos

falling jB (CH) - Land and do one of the ground to air combos above. Depending on spacing you may need to walk or dash forward.
rising jB (CH) j6A land 6A 236B hjc

In the corner, tack on hjc jB for damage and knockdown.

jB (CH) land, 5A 5A 2A x3 bomb step back 5B 6A 236A hjc9 jB - Corner only counterhit combo.

Post-Crush combos (corner assumed)

dash 5A 2C bomb 5B 6A 236A hjc jB - if opponent is blocking low.
dash 2B bomb 5B 6A 236A hjc jB - if opponent is blocking high.

note: 236B also works, but 236A gives you a tiny bit more time to tack on the jB.

Other useful combos
On cornered opponent: 33B 5A 5A 2A x3 bomb step back 5B 6A 236B hjc9 jB, if you are too far for 5A to connect, go for 5B 6A 236B hjc9 jB timing is a little bit harder though.
On cornered opponent AND point blank: 5B little wait 6A 22A bomb 6A 236B


Autumn Edge Loops (Cornered Taller Characters)
Autumn edge's 214A version can combo off a hitconfirmed 6A/6B, allowing for a variety of loops. This only works on taller characters because if their hitbox is too short during their reeling animation, the Autumn edge won't combo after the tornado. The spacing for these loops are fairly strict, and some are not terribly practical due to situational set-up or the damage scaling into similar damage as a standard BnB. The most practical combo starters are hitconfirms from a deep j.2A or deep 5B.

6B 214A xN - An easy example of the Autumn edge loop. Gradually drains spirit, so not a true infinite.
6B 214A hjc delayed j.2A falling j.A xN - An example of a very fancy yet impractical version of the true infinite. Max damage is roughly the same as a BnB due to damage scaling, so not terribly great for the amount of work you have to put into it. A true infinite, since each iteration does not drain spirit. Used only to slowroll.
5B 6B 214A Walkup 5B 6B 214A hjc7 j.6D j.2A Walkback xN - One of the more practical versions, capping at around 4.5k damage. Requires very strict spacing (the first 5B must connect at almost point blank), so the infinite usually can start with the second 5B to reset your spacing after the j.2A. Another true infinite.

Spell Card Combos

With Droplets

5A 2C 236D - Easy simply confirm into droplets anywhere on screen. Does good spirit damage on block.
5B 6B (5C) 236B 236D - Corner combo just tacking on droplets after the normal BnB, as well as 100% crush string on block.

With Selena

33B [236D]xN - Selena adds a lot of potential damage to 33B. The number of Selena's you can chain depends on their height and distance when you hit. Note that 33B can only be cancelled after the third hit.
33B (5A or 66A) 5A 6A 236A 236D - Replaces 236A jB in the 33B corner combo. Use 66A when you are far away when 33B ends.
2AAA 236D - Point blank, combo low jab into super. Gives patch a more threatening hi-lo option when Selena is active. Depending on starting range, may need to omit one 2A. 5A 2AA 236D is another useful variant of this.

With Stones

5B 6B 5C/6C/2C (hjc9 j.6C j.6D j.2A Walkback) (214A 236D) Walkup xN - Practically an infinite combo (gradually drains spirit), although it's probably best to cut short to save meter and spellcard timer, due to diminishing damage returns. You get to pick which order of 5C variants you want to use and can add in hj7 j.2A after a grounded 5c variant as well, so have fun.






Corner Sequences

Congrats, you've got the opponent in the corner. Now what? Your basic goal is to score a guard-crush, and dash up while they are in stagger stun and run your 50/50 5a or 2b mixup combos.

Crush Strings
First up are your basic crush strings. The simplest is just your basic bnb: 5B 6B 5C 236B. As mentioned, this does about 70% spirit damage. You should be able to tell just by looking at the opponents spirit bar whether or not this will crush. If they already have low spirit, you may want to cut the string short, so that you don't cancel the stagger stun. Also note that due to its multiple hits, 5c is very likely to cancel stagger stun if it is the crushing move, so its a good idea to drop 5c if you can crush without it.

At certain distances, you can do 5B 6B 5C 236B hjc9 j2A for a nearly full crush. The 5B must hit around the middle of its range if you do this as fast as possible. Too close and the j2A will whiff high. The timing airtight j2A is fairly strict. You only want to do this if you need that extra little bit of spirit damage to crush since, if the opponent is not in stagger stun after j2A, you are at quite heavy frame disadvantage and at point blank.

Escape Punishes
5B 6B 5C hjc9 j[B]. Standard punish for overeager HJ escapes. If they do jump, this is highly likely to ch, which gives you a free corner anti-air combo.

5B 6B 236C hjc9 jB. This is the basic corner spout string. The jB will catch HJ attempts and hit them back into the spout. Not as high of a reward on a successful catch, but much better if they decide to sit still and block, since they're eating spout and you can simply land for a guaranteed guardcrush (barring bombs etc) with the bnb. The hjc and jB have to come out very fast to catch hj8. try to hjc right as the blue circle for the spout forms on the ground. The main issue here is 6D, which will generally pass under the jB. It is possible to catch 6D by delaying the hjc9 before jB, but this makes it to slow to catch an HJ escape. Use your own discretion here.

5B 6B 5C iad jB. Catches the opponent dashing out with 6D. You'll need to iad with hjc7 or 8 instead of hjc9 otherwise you will pass over the heads of most dashing characters.

Pressure Strings

5A 2C ...
... block. Especially in the corner, a lot of players have a high tendency to bomb after 5A or 2C. Simply block and smack them in the face with a bnb
... hjc instant jA. The jA is airtight, and you can use this to extend the blockstring. You will fly just over the opponents head. Not a great option since they recover fairly quickly. You can j4D for a crossup jB opportunity, but this is easily anti-air'd. You can also simply land and punish/get positioning off of an attempted anti-air.
... hjc instant jB. Aside from jA, Patch doesn't really have anything airtight after 2C. As such, many people will try to graze after 2C. instant jB will catch and counterhit hj9 and hj8.
... iabd jB. This will catch 6D graze attempts (instant jB will not, it will whiff). iabd with hjc9 j4D. Midscreen, delay the iabd by a few frames else you'll probably whiff jB.
... hjc jC j6D (jB jC j6D) jA/B land reset. Okay, you finally got them to stop flinching. Now you can start running jC to capitalize. These strings are not airtight, but reset into themselves indefinitely and you can very easily push them to corner and threaten crush strings.

If you have Droplets or Selena out, this becomes even more powerful since both combo easily after 5A 2C (only 1 rep of Selena is possible). You have plenty of time to hitconfirm as well.

Have fun getting these next few airtight unless you are tadu or sand.

5B 6B 5C (236B) hjc jC j6D (jB jC j6D) jB ... . Getting the jC airtight or suki after 5C or 236B is very difficult, especially in netplay. Almost certainly have to manual cancel it.

Follow ups after low jB:
... land 5A / 2B.
... j6C j4D ja land 5B reset. jA is airtight. the jB must hit very low for you to be in range for 5b after landing.
... j6C j4D j2A land 6B 5C 236B. j2A is not airtight. If they're scared though, this is an easy crush.

Ground Zoning Sequences

f2B 236C hjc. (Bubble spout, fullscreen, graze happy backdashers that also throw fast projectiles that can hit you like Sakuya)
f2B 236A hjc. (Bubble slow book fireball, safe offensive sequence for moving forward)
f2B 421x hjc. (Bubble crystals, defensive sequence)
f5B 236C hjc. (Droplets spout, fullscreen, graze happy backdashers)
f5B 421x hjc. (Droplets crystals, defensive/offensive sequence to prevent enemy advancement if droplets is grazed while allowing your own)
f5A 421x hjc. (Ring of fire crystals, offensive sequence to move forward against people high in the air)
f5A 236A hjc. (Ring of fire slow book fireball, offensive sequence regardless of opponents position)
f5A 623A hjc. (Ring of fire weak gust, defensive sequence against people coming in EX: Alice jA)
2C 236A hjc. (Upwards C slow book fireball, very fast anti-air sequence when bubble is too slow, not fully tested yet)

Air sequences

iabd 6A land 6A 2C... (A good anti-air starting sequence if you know your opponent like to start with jump-ins)
iabd 6A land 6B. (Wall of tornado blocks all projectiles)
iabd/iad 2A land dash(if required) 5B 6B 5C 236B hjc... (Your opponent has to be pretty close for the iabd version to work, the iad version is all about knowing your spacing)
jB jC airdash -> (jB jC) OR (jB land 5B 6B 5C 236B hjc) OR (jB land 2B 6B 5C 236B hjc) OR (jB land 5A 2C hjc). (This one really just depends on how high you are, how high they are, and whether they have fast air/ground moves that could stuff your followup)


214A or 214B: Useful anywhere, although mostly midscreen as you have stronger corner options. A's faster, uses less spirit, can be hjced earlier, but its speed means you'll have to pull it out pretty late into their wake up roll if they do roll. B's slower, uses more spirit, but can be done earlier. Either way, time the spears to hit meaty and hjc and iad/iabd for a crossup jB opportunity. You want the jB to hit as low as possible. You can make low jB's safe against invincible reversals (bomb, DP) by holding block as you land. If they reversal, jB will whiff and you will land during the reversal startup, canceling the animation and allowing you to block the reversal and punish (A "safe jump" ala street fighter etc). Note it is much easier to get countered out of 214B than 214A (Yuyuko wake up 66B).

f.2B 236C: Do this when you have a distance that if the opponent rolls forward on wake up the end up on bubbles hitbox, if they don't roll they will wake up on spout, especially good if the opponent is cornered as roll backwards wont save them from spout either.

f.2B 421A: Unlike the previous, this only covers one spot. However, if you correctly read their tech direction(almost always a forward tech) and are in a position to plant a bubble, this is and extremely strong oki option. This is more likely an option when they are knocked down in the corner, since they have no possibility of rolling back. Correctly placed, they will tech forward and wakeup in the middle of the bubble. If you believe they will reversal graze, you can easily meaty 2B or 5B to stuff it. If they block you have a guaranteed crush. The bubble will knock them into the crystals. Hit them with 2B as the crystals fall (crystals hit high, 2B hits low, this is an extremely evil setup) and follow up with 6B 236B to complete the crush if needed. You can skip the 2B if you fear a bomb, and just do 6B 5C 236B in many cases without fear of reversal. If you read a reversal or wakeup bomb (highly likely in this situation, especially when facing less experienced players or those that can't reversal graze), simply block. If they bombed, the bubbles and crystals will hit them and often times you can 5B 6B 236B while they are being juggled by the crystals for massive punish damage (this is a bit random since crystals come out slightly differently each time). For DP's, just let them land and smack them with a bnb.
To have time to set this up, this must be done almost immediately after knockdown. However, many times the opponent character's roll length will actually take them past the bubble. In this case, hjc the 421A and iabd (or j4D j4D depending on spacing/timing) j2A, planting the air tornado as the meaty. If the tornado is blocked, it will push them into the bubble, which will in turn push them into the falling crystals and you have plenty of time to dash up and finish the guard crush. Its pretty hard to get a meaty melee in place with this setup so beware of reversal grazes.

Fullscreen: 236C on wake up, follow up with f.5B spout xN for a guaranteed guard crush if they block the first spout. The infamous spout string. Note that they can bomb to eat damage in exchange for avoiding the crush. They are also allowed to drop guard on guardcrush. Most opponents will do this, although it is usually better for them not to (shhh, don't tell anyone) since with the amount of spirit you have remaining, the damage from the spout is likely to exceed the remaining chip damage you can deal before you drain yourself (this depends on your relative spirit bars)

Corner: 236C on wakeup up, follow up with 6B spout xN. The lesser known spout string. This requires very specific spacing to be airtight, and precise inputs to not slide out of place. 6B uses no spirit, and in fact allows some spirit to regenerate between spouts so this string can go on nearly forever if correctly executed. Extremely situational and unlikely, but hey, it could happen. Can be escaped with a bomb or upon guardcrush as above. Unlike the fullscreen string, they very much want to stop blocking on guardcrush otherwise they are looking at insane chip damage. See F-13 of Bullet Action the 3rd for an example of sand running this string for nearly 40% chip damage on a guardcrushed opponent with no bombs.

Other Gimmicks

Delay 236B just a little bit on a blocked Patchouli's regular BnB, this will cause the opponent to believe they can escape/counter the fireball but instead enter an state where they cant do anything else but block or get hit. Unfortunately, the delay time is exactly 1 frame. So if you have that sort of timing, props to you. More than likely you will get this accidentally when trying to do a blockstring.

Point Blank: 5A 2A 2C hjc9 instant jB (small book version), How this works: No matter if they block the melee attacks or not, 2C will most likely be blocked, this series of attacks will put patchouli at a distance where she can hit the enemy with jB on the way up, even if they are blocking low! if you wait a little and the opponent tries to retaliate you will get a counterhit, if you do it fast and the opponent is blocking low that's around 70-90% of their spirit is gone (varies depending on how/if they blocked 5A), if they block high, you are up for an air mixup game or you can play safe. NOTE: This doesn't work against Remi at all, it works against Suika though, on some characters it wont work on corner.

Middle Screen: If you manage to connect 33B on middle screen and the opponent likes to air-tech you can follow up with an air guard crush sequence if you jump immediately, its easier to do against characters with slow air attacks for you can use j[B](big book) without fear of retaliation, but its possible on anyone if you use a well timed jB (small book).


vs Reimu:

You have better projectiles than her but worse melee. But what is Reimu without her projectiles? You should be able to keep her pinned down, more or less, because of the superiority of your projectiles and how dependent she is on them. Do NOT get knocked down, as it will let her start up her projectile machine. Her slidekick easily goes under 33B, you will want to use it sparingly.
Recommended SCs: Droplets, Crystals

vs Marisa:

Marisa really likes B. Keep throwing stuff to make sure they go off near her, not near you. You want to pretty much keep Marisa away and watch out for her jumping melee attacks. Marisa's 623 is decent against your oki. Special note about spark, this super is DANGEROUS. It basically gives Marisa a fullscreen projectile attack that completely nullifies Patch's main advantage. Going Royal Flare for the sole purpose of breaking Spark is not a bad idea. You also might actually want to be defensive and try waiting her out of spellcard mode here. Either that or be so far ahead in life that the damage won't matter.
Recommended SCs: Gears, Flare

vs Sakuya:

Evil. Fast penetrating projectiles, and a whole array of moves up close that stuff everything you have at that range. Learn to block 22A versus 22B. 66B goes OVER 5B/66B and tags you out of iads/iabds and slams on CH. jA beats jB easily if you have no projectile cover and leads to long painful loops. fA/f2A/jfA/jf2A all hit FAST, f2A will go under bubble sometimes. Bubble is CRUCIAL in this fight to nullify the projectile barrage Sak can throw up before getting in your face. 623 really doesn't work that great as Sak usually has a wall of knives to hit you even if she's blown backwards. Sakuya really has no options against your oki, her 623 is more for her crossunder along with 214B on knockdown. Her standard hjc iad rush you'll want to hjc straight up and out at the right moment. Patch 33B is good here, just don't overuse it. Slashy doesn't exactly require that much adjustment, just remember sequences that were safe before from the air to ground 5B are no longer safe. Timestop requires a change in game mentality akin to planning around spark, do not let her get one off if you're in the air, you might want to just go with royal flare and break her every time she has meter.
Recommended SCs: Gears, Flare/Serena

vs Alice:

623A is your friend. Alice absolutely absolutely needs to get in on you to win this, and she will keep trying with jAs/jBs and whatever else she can use. 623 really really messes with her distance judgment, which is what Alice depends on. 5A is great here. 33B is decent at a specific range and will frequently trade with jA. Bubble nullifies a LOT of doll bullets. All in all, you should play it safe at long range and 623 her away every time she keeps coming in close. If Alice gets you in the corner you have a problem, as 214 sequences iad/iabd jA/jB 66B spinners whatever can really rack up damage before you know it. It might be worth it to try superjumping out of it and getting knocked down to roll away from the wall instead of just blocking all of it. If you do 623, most likely you will blow her backwards then the 214s will come down on your head and knockdown, not exactly too horrible but just be aware of that.
Recommended SCs: Droplets, Crystals

vs Patchouli:

Fun fun match. All your useless melee comes into effect now, as your opponent has the same useless melee. Random standing 5Bs will connect. 33B is very good for killing someone's iad projectile sequence. Basically rush to see who can crush/corner the other one first. Bubble is invaluable in this matchup, along with spout.
Recommended SCs: Droplets, Flare

vs Youmu:

No distance game whatsoever. Keep her out and make sure she stays out (unless you land a 5B). 5B6B214B can NOT be hjced out of, no matter how laggy it looks, learn to just block the 214B low. jA comes out ridiculously fast, all your air sequences on landing really should be starting with 5A as Youmu can pull jAs before 5B even if she's just guarded jBjC. Beware 623A on wakeup when doing 214 oki. Reflector is a shitty move but it's actually worth doing on Patch, so be aware of that also (spout to counter that.) Also be aware that Youmu can do a LOT of damage rather quickly with her air to air combos involving jB. Her second sword super is very hazardous to your health, if it catches you in the air even blocking it's probably going to spirit crush you as it does 840/1000 guard damage. Another super where choosing flare to break it is worthwhile.
Recommended SCs: Gears, Flare

vs Remilia:

Horrible matchup. Her ground bounce dash jA is nigh impossible to stop with Patch melee, you can actually see it coming a mile away and not really be able to do anything about it. Her 66B isn't much better as it comes out ridiculously fast and can be comboed into itself almost to the edge of the stage. C's come out pretty quick, if she corners you 22A 22B 66A 66B whatever she feels like comes out quick. 214 series can catch you out of the air if you're not careful. 623 anti-air works like Youmua 623. You must keep her far far away from you. 623 is a good choice, as she can't really have a wall of projectiles like Sakuya ready to hit you after it. 33B is also good here as Remi really likes to abuse her 3 air dashes.
Recommended SCs: Gears, Serena

vs Yuyuko:

Yuyuko's slow movement and lazy graze means pure keep away Patch will frequently expend an entire spirit bar trying to hit her. Patch must must go in eventually, and it's better to go in sooner rather than later when you've nearly used up all your spirit. Yuyuko's projectiles are good, but they have startup, and they're only coming out against you if you get knocked down. Flip really shouldn't give you that much trouble as it'll usually make both of you whiff (you have no melee for that range anyway). iabd tornadoes do wonders here against jA/jB. Yuyuko's pretty easy to attack on wake up, just make sure you don't cancel a 214B too late. You have to keep Yuyuko pinned down with crush sequences and tornadoes, she has a hard time escaping a good zone sequence. Her crushes are very fast, her damage is obscene and it is very hard to escape once she gets within range. Her 22A makes it risky to hyper jump out on her, her 5A has stupid stupid priority, her 33B also hits deceptively far, her 66B hits behind her. 412s go FAR and graze everything, make sure you always leave yourself an option to block and retaliate while in the air. If Yuyuko has the momentum you've pretty much lost, do NOT let her get momentum.
Recommended SCs: Gears, Crystals

vs Yukari:

The surprising range on her stop sign is really her only gimmick. Like a worse Reimu, with inferior projectiles but higher damage. You should be able to out projectile her pretty badly. Her melee, while sucky, is still better than yours, don't take unneeded risks. Her two wave SC is actually sort of troublesome to play around, you can break it if you feel like it with flare or just take the hits and play normally.
Recommended SCs: Droplets, Crystals/Flare

vs Suika:

Weird air graze makes certain projectile sequences work on her that will work on no one else. fA is your friend in this match, it is ok to overuse it quite a bit here. Suika ground graze is very very long and easily flies through everything you have, try to predict with 66B. Suika 66B (loliball) works very much like Sakuya 66B, though it doesn't go above 5B. It will tag you out of iads and iabds and its recovery can be shortened by her dive. If she doesn't dive do 6B 5C 236B hjc sequence, it will most likely be blocked (sometimes it'll hit) but it at least gives you initiative. Remember that Suika's gourd moves ALL HIT HIGH and her little stomp HITS LOW. Suika's jB isn't as scary to Patch as a lot of other air moves because a naked Patch jB still has a good chance of beating it out. Good Suikas will use vortex to bring you closer, combined with mini Suikas this is an absolutely evil sequence, be aware of this when you are full screen.
Recommended SCs: Gears, Crystals/Flare if Suika user is stupid enough to go giant Suika

vs Meiling:

Horrible damage with very good priority melee. Don't get into her ground combo block sequences, just zone her and you'll do fine, even if she hits you twenty times you'll probably win.
Recommended SCs: Gears, Crystals

Frame Data

                                                              Block   Hit     CH
Motion     Damage     Proration   Startup  Active  Duration   Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Guard   Type
 5A         550        95%          8        4       24        -1      0       X     35      High    B
 2A         220        98%          7        2       18        -2      -1      X     25      Low     A
 6A         850        75%          20       35      44        -2      +10     X     60      Mid     C
 5B         1000       92%          14       2       38        -2      -1      X     35      Mid     C
 2B         950        85%          11       4       34        -1      D       D     40      Low     C
 6B         850        75%          19       33      42        -1      +11     X     60      Mid     C
 6DA        550        95%          10       4       26        -1      0       X     35      Mid     B
 6DB        1000       92%          14       2       38        -2      D       X     35      Mid     C
 3DA        900        85%          18       4       43        -3      +9      +9    40      Low     C
 3DB        300*3      96%*3        15       X       54        -1      D       D     55*3    Mid     C
 22A        1000       85%          28       2       55        -5      -4      X     40      High    C
 22B        1000       85%          29       4       54        -3      +9      +9    40      Low     C
 j.5A       450, 300   90%, 93%     9        X       36        +1              X     25      High    B
 j.2A       850        75%          20       34      44        -2      +10     X     60      Mid     C
 j.6A       850        75%          20       34      44        -2      +10     X     60      Mid     C
 j.5B       900        90%          12       3       39        -8                    40      High    B
 j.[B]      900        90%          22               49        -8                    40      High    B
 22C (N)    0          80%          12       3       44        -10     D       X     oo      Mid     C
 22C (O)    500        80%          12       3       37        -3      D       D     oo      Mid     C
 22C (D)    0          80%          12       3       60        -26     D       D     oo      Mid     C
 22D        x          x            26       x       115       x       x       x             x       x

6A 11F discharge, 15F+ cancellable, 20-54F active
6B 10F discharge, 13F+ cancellable, 19-51F active
66B: 1-15F graze
33A: 1-21F graze
33B: 2F hitstop, 1-38F graze, 40F+ cancellable
j.A: 9F hitstop, damage depends on timing, 6F discharge, uncancellable
j.2A: 10F discharge, 20-53F active, uncancellable
j.6A: 10F discharge, 20-53F active, uncancellable
j.B: 8F+ becomes j.[B]
22C (N/D): 1-14F invincible
                                                              Block   Hit     CH
Motion     Damage     Proration   Startup  Active  Duration   Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Cancel  Type
 5C         200*4      96%*4        16       oo      42        -7      -6      X     25      19      B
 6C         200*4      96%*4        16       oo      42        -7      -6      X     25      19      B
 2C         200*4      96%*4        14       oo      48        -15     -14     X     25      18      B
 j.5C       200*4      96%*4        15       oo      40                        X     25      17      B
 j.6C       200*4      96%*4        15       oo      40                        X     25      17      B
 f.5A       300*8      90%*8        10       oo      39                        X     30      13      C
 f.2A       300*6      90%*6        16               41                D       X     60      18      C
 fj.5A      300*8      90%*8        15       oo      34                        X     30      17      C
 f.5B       100*10     99%*10       13       oo      39                        X     25      16      B
 f.2B       100        90%          27               41                D       X     40      18      B
 f.6B       700        75%          21               44                        X     60      15      C
 fj.5B      100*10     99%*10       14       oo      54                        X     25      15      B
 fj.2B      100        90%          28               34                        X     40      17      B
5C: 4F hitstop
6C: 4F hitstop
2C: 4F hitstop
j.C: 4F hitstop
j.6C: 4F hitstop
f.2A: 18F discharge
f.5B: 12-30F discharge
fj.B: 13-31F discharge
f.2B: 14F discharge
fj.2B: 15F discharge
f.6B: 11F discharge
Note: f.6A is not a bullet.
                                                              Block   Hit     CH
Motion     Damage     Proration   Startup  Active  Duration   Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Cancel  Type
 236AB      900        25           20       oo      50        -8      D       X     40      22      C
 j.236AB    900        25           16       land    45                        X     40      32      C
 236C       300*5      94%*5        34               52        +44     D       D     20      23      C
 623A       X          X            X        X       42        X       X       X     X       X       X
 623B       X          X            X        X       62        X       X       X     X       X       X
 214A       180*6      95%*6        40       oo      42        +       +       X     40      24      B
 214B       180*8      95%*8        42       oo      48        +       +       X     40      26      B
 421AB      350*5      93.5%*5      57       land    42        ++      D       X     40      18      C
236C: 19F discharge, homes on position at discharge time, reinputting will make original disappear
623A: 1-30F melee invincible, 17F spirit consumption and pushback, 18F+ pushback, 17-36F airborne
623B: 1-16F melee invincible and graze, 17-30F graze, 17F spirit consumption and pushback, 18F+ pushback, 17-56F airborne
214A: 20F discharge, block and hit adv positive
214B: 22F discharge, block and hit adv positive
421AB: Partner 9F hitstop, 10F discharge, block adv very positive, attacks high
                                                                     Block   Hit     CH
Card         Damage       Proration     Startup     Active  Total    Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Type
 Pillar       2000       65%             9,19(28)    2       55       -5      D       D     oo      C
 Flare        80*n       99%*n           26,19(45)   *       *        -74     D       D 	   oo      C
 Droplets     180*25     99%*25          6,6(12)     oo      119      -4      D       X     40      C
 Selena       120*n      98%*n           1,6-19(7-20)oo      144      -18~    D       X     oo      C
 Gears        130*n      98.5%*n         8,7(15)     133     162      *       D       D     40      B
 Crystals (a) X          X               5,X(X)      X       46       X       X       X     X       X
 Crystals (s) 50*8       98%*8                       oo              *       *       X     40      B
Pillar: 1-19F graze, 1-24F attack attack decision
Flare: Partner 9F hitstop, attack changes according to spirit consumption, 26F-end invincible
Droplets: Partner 9F hitstop, 12-48F dischage, can be done in air
Selena: 1F-end invincible
Gears: Partner 5F hitstop, can be hit 8F after move ends, 1-7F invincible, 8-147F melee invincible and airborne
Crystals (a): 8F seeded
Crystals (s): Partner 9F hitstop, crystals only fire when corresponding colored move is used
Motion    Startup   Active   Recovery  Graze      Cancel   Guard   Invulnerable
 7/8/9     5         x        x         x          6+       6+      x
 7D/8D/9D  5         x        x         1-20       6+       21+     x
 6D        6         8~48     12        1-(13~53)  1+       19+     x
 4D        2         22       6         1-24       8-15     x       1-7
 j.6D      12        16       x         1-27       13+      29+     x
 j.4D      4         32       x         1-36       5+       37+     x
6D: 4f interval during recovery where cannot block, cannot cancel into declare
Immaterial and Missing Power
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