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RollCaster renaming

RollCaster has built-in renaming of replays from matches played through it, of a customizable naming format. If you're playing online, this is probably what you want to use.

Edit its config_rollcaster.ini and look for the [REPLAY] section. Tweak as needed, all important documentation is already in there!


ReNameRep is a tool for renaming already existing IaMP replay files and displaying information such as characters, spell cards, stage etc. You will need Microsoft Excel 2000 or later to use it. Here’s a quick summary of how it works.

  • 1. Download ReNameRep Ver 1.13:, with source being
  • 2. Unzip the file and place ReNameRep.xls in IaMP replay folder.
  • 3. Run the Excel file, making sure that macro is enabled.
  • 4. Click on Search to list all replay files in the folder. Change the replay file name by editing column C and change the replay name (as it appears in the game) by editing column H.
  • 5. When done, select ReName at the top to apply the change.
You can also get various information about the replay file by checking the boxes at the top, which are self-explanatory. You might, however, get broken characters on some of them depending on your language setting.


There is also another replay renamer by ChronoReverse. You need to have .NET2 installed to use this tool. Interface is self-explanatory. Download at:

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