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Immaterial and Missing Power/th075tool

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Th075tool is an all-purpose replay watching and offline enhancement utility. It is a replacement for the old replay watcher.


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  • Supports FPUCW corrected netplay replays.
  • Drag and drop a replay onto the IaMP window to play it.
  • You can also launch from the command line, so associating .rep files with th075tool.exe will work.
  • While watching a replay...
    • Hold A and press left or right to rewind or go forward.
    • Hold C to fast-forward.
    • Press D to step single frames, any other button to return to normal.

On-Screen Display (OSD)

  • Press the backspace key to activate, then use the d-pad to control it.
  • Press B or hit backspace again to close.
  • Two input display modes are available, one for a list of recent inputs and their frame durations, and one for currently held buttons.
  • Hitbox display is pretty snazzy.


Replay saving tool.

  • You can set the game to automatically save replays after a match. Edit the ini file for details.
  • Metadata is stored that contains the date and time when played, any palettes used, and an optional comment. This can be disabled.



  • Fixed rewind crash.
  • Hitboxes are now recolored and bordered.
  • Timing updated to RollCaster 120209's loop.
  • Fixed texture rendering bug.
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