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How do I play Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire?

1. Install Fightcade 2 and set up an account if you haven't already done so
2. Configure your ROMs (see Fists of Fire Discord for more information)
3. Search for Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire through the Fightcade 2 interface and select "Join Room"
4. Click "Test Game" to open the emulator, select "Input" > "Map game inputs", and set up your buttons (see Controls)
5. Find an opponent through the Fightcade lobby system or Discord server

What are Boss characters?

By hitting Start + an attack button on the same frame when selecting a character, you will unlock a "boss" version of that character. Boss characters get one extra air juggle during combos and have a different color palette. Many boss characters can easily stun and kill an opponent off a single touch, so they are generally banned or limited to only low/mid tier characters (Kim-Maree, Yeung, Sam, and Spiritual Kung-Fu Jackie).

Why don't my attacks work properly in the corner?

Sam struggles to juggle Admiral Jackie after a deep corner throw.

There is a bug that causes a character's attacks to come out in the wrong direction while deep in the corner. It seems to happen more frequently against certain characters (particularly Drunk and Admiral Jackie), likely due to differences in their collision box.

The only real solution is to practice common corner scenarios to figure out what works consistently, or try to reposition yourself mid-juggle to get out of the corner if possible. In these situations, dashing away from the corner often results in a forward dash, which allows you to quickly reposition for a followup, while a backdash would be too slow to allow a juggle.

Why do my combos not work on some characters?

Each character in Fists of Fire has a unique hurtbox, as well as a varying weight. The hurtbox will make some attacks connect differently (or not at all), while the weight affects how fast a character falls during juggles. Try out your combos on each character to make sure it works across the cast.

How do I escape tick throws?

After being put in blockstun, there are 3 frames after recovery where you cannot be thrown. During this time you can backdash to escape pressure, or try using an invincible special or super if you have one. Inputting your own defensive throw can also work, since your opponent will be throwable before you are. Additionally, since every character has at least one normal attack with 4 frames of startup, you can try using fast light attacks to interrupt a dash up tick throw. This is risky since the opponent will win with a frame trap button or a perfectly timed throw, but if you succeed you can hitconfirm your light normal into a combo.

Why does my opponent keep taunting me?

Taunts have the effect of draining a percentage of the opponent's meter. Because OTG attacks on knocked down opponents do relatively little damage, it is often better to taunt to prevent the opponent from using their super.

Why isn't my invincible reversal coming out?

When recovering from air juggles, reversal special and super moves will not come out on the first frame. If the attacker times their normal to connect on that frame, it will beat any reversal move. Backdashes, which are also invincible, will still come out on frame 1 as expected.

How do I stop my opponent from stomping on me for huge damage after a knockdown?

This is a pursuit attack, which is activated by hitting Up + Punch on a knocked down opponent. From there, the attacker can mash buttons to increase the damage while the defender can mash to reduce damage. The defender can also counter a pursuit attack by hitting any 2 attack buttons right as the pursuit is going to hit. There is a 2 frame window for this counter to work, and it can be applied on any hit of the pursuit attack. A successful counter will knock down the opponent.

How does my opponent keep beating my meaty attacks on their wakeup?

Each character has two getup attacks, performed with either LK or HK. These attacks have invincibility during startup, cause a knockdown, and most hit either as a low or an overhead. If an opponent is overly reliant on these getup attacks, try baiting one out by backdashing right as they get up. If timed correctly their attack may whiff for a full punish opportunity.

After doing a getup attack, why do I keep getting a random special move to come out?

After inputting a getup attack, any special move you perform afterward will be automatically buffered until the getup attack animation has completed. This is especially noticeable with Thorsten, who has several special moves with kicks that have very lenient inputs. When mashing during a knockdown, pay attention and stop when you see your character start to rise.

Why do some characters seem to have multiple names?

The three Jackie Chan characters do not come labeled with specific "official" names, at least in the English release. The commonly used names are either translations or community-given nicknames to make it easier to distinguish between them.

Admiral Jackie = Project A Jackie = Baguazhang Jackie (and more)
Drunk Jackie = Drunken Fist Jackie = Zui Quan Jackie
Spiritual Kung-Fu Jackie = Dragonball Jackie = Five Animal Fist Jackie

How is the stage selected?

Every character in the game has a stage associated with them, along with variations for time of day. If one Jackie Chan character is picked, that stage will always take priority. If two Jackie or two non-Jackie characters are picked, the game will randomly select a stage from one of the chosen characters. The time variant of the stage is also random, and will change between each round.

How do "fatalities" work?

There are various "fatality" effects that can happen at the end of a game. Some are quite brutal while others are more comedic. The attack that knocks the opponent out determines which fatality effect will occur.
None of the Jackie Chan characters can have fatalities performed on them. When defeated, they will give a thumbs up and an encouraging quote instead.

What is the tier list?

Example of a weighted matchup chart for Fists of Fire.

Tier lists are subjective, and the punishing nature of this game means that any character can capitalize heavily off small mistakes. There is no Jackie Pro Tour so you should play whatever you find to be the most fun.
That being said, the following is a general approximation of how the community generally views the tiers:

S:   Drunk Jackie, Admiral Jackie
A+: Lau
A:   Thorsten, M. Lion
B:   Dragonball Jackie
C:   Yeung, Sam
D:   Kim-Maree

The tournament-legal Boss Characters generally occupy the same tier spot, with the possible exception of Yeung who has access to consistent TOD combos. This arguably puts her on par with or slightly above Spiritual Kung-Fu Jackie.

System (Basic)
System (Advanced)
Kung-Fu Master
Drunken Fist Jackie
Spiritual Kung-Fu Jackie
Admiral Jackie
Mysterious Lion