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KF2 Bandana Waddle Dee.png


Bandana Waddle Dee (Unlocked at the beginning)

Bandana Dee is the friend of Kirby and King Dedede who wields his spear with pride. He has great range on most of his moves thanks to his disjoint and active frames, giving him great neutral. He also has decent damage on combos, and one of the best rushdown moves in the game with Ground Thrust (2B). He has some of the best disadvantage in the game, thanks to his great jump and Moon Drop (j.2B), which is also long, disjointed, and active. His only real weaknesses are air to airs, as while he can juggle the opponent with Skyward Thrust (8B), he has few good horizontal options in the air.


Bandana Dee has some very strong neutral tools. Spear Thrust (5B) is very long ranged and active, allowing him to safely poke and beat out other moves. It also can't be crouched under like Staff's moves, making it very dangerous. Additionally, Multispear Thrust (5B > B) is one of the most active moves in the game, meaning it has hitboxes that will beat most other moves in the game for a majority of the animation, and it's strong on block. Ground Thrust (2B) can be used to break neutral and force offense, as its many utilities (such as being able to jump out of it) allow for crazy stuff. 2B will beat weak projectiles and trade with or beat most other moves in the game, only getting beaten by other moves with longer range, and on hit it will lead to combos. It can also be used as a mixup tool, by jump canceling it into fast fall grab, a mixup that will catch many off guard. Waddle Spear Throw (66B) can be used in neutral fairly well, as it covers a nice angle for catching jumps, and on hit, can combo into 5B or 2B. Waddle Spear Barrage (66[B]) covers even more angles, making it extra useful, and is a strong tool to use. However, 66B can be beaten by physical attacks, so it isn't great against attacks with long active frames, and it will get stuck on platforms, making it annoying to use in stages with large amounts of platforms or platforms low to the ground.

Bandana Dee's pressure, while not the greatest, is still strong. 5B sets up for stagger pressure and tick throws. The first 5B can be done into grab for a tick throw, or a staggered 5B > B to bait the opponent dodging since it's super active. The same can be done with 5B > B > B, by staggering the final hit of the autocombo or going for a grab after 5B > B. This is a very simple but strong mixup Bandana Dee has access to. He can also do mixups with 2B. After the second hit of 2B on block, it can be jump canceled then fast falled by pressing down(2) twice while in the air. From here, you can go for a grab with Y to catch a blocking opponent. However, if the opponent expects the grab, you can do 5B to hit them, or if they block that, you can do 5B stagger pressure and tick throws. Either way, 2B puts Bandana Dee in advantage even on block. 8B can be used to keep juggling an opponent and keeping them in the air when the opponent tries to go above. However, the hitbox is thin so you need to have good positioning and movement to use it to it's greatest degree.

Bandana Dee has some of the better disadvantage options in the game. Because his jump is very fast and maneuverable, Bandana Dee can get away from combos and setups better than other characters while still being able to attack back if the opponent tries to attack them. j.2B is a great option to get out of the air, because it's very long, disjointed, active the whole way through, and safe on block while putting him in advantage on hit. j.2B is also faster than it looks, so it's very safe to use. It also can be used immediately out of a jump for his fastest attack option, making it have its uses.


Spear Thrust
5B (Air OK)
KF2 BandanaDee Spear Thrust.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
11 14 - -
  • Bandana Dee stabs his spear forward with good range and a disjoint. Will beat and outrange most moves in the game.

Multispear Thrust
5B > B (Air OK)
KF2 BandanaDee Multispear Thrust.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
2 * 5 - - -
  • Bandana Dee stabs his spear forward several times with good range and a disjoint. Very active. Can be staggered for mixups.

Spear Thrust
5B > 4B/B > 4B (Air OK)
KF2 BandanaDee Back Thrust.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
15 17 - -
  • Bandana Dee stabs his spear behind himself. Deals good damage, also long and disjointed. Mainly used to catch a second opponent during doubles...which is a dead format

Multispear Thrust Ender
5B > B > B (Air OK)
KF2 BandanaDee Multispear Thrust Ender.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
13 - - Crouch avoidable
  • Bandana Dee stabs his spear forward after the multispear, launching the opponent. Causes a wallbounce in corner. Can be staggered for mixups.

Skyward Thrust
8B (Air OK)
KF2 BandanaDee Skyward Thrust.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
7 + 14 11 - -
  • Bandana Dee stabs his spear into the air with good range and a disjoint. Much more active than it looks, has a hitbox on the side that pulls the opponent into the second hit. Good for juggling and ending some combos.

Ground Thrust
KF2 BandanaDee Ground Thrust.png
KF2 BandanaDee Ground Thrust2.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
10 + 4 * 3 21 - -
  • Bandana Dee slides across the stage with his spear forward, covering about half the stage. Super active, leads to his strongest combos, and has big range (also disjointed). Can be jump canceled at any point before the final hit, allowing it to be used for stronger combos, mixups, and other uses. Bandana Dee's only move that can combo into [B].

Moon Drop
KF2 BandanaDee Moon Drop.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
Variable, 10 minimum, 22(?) maximum 5 on Body, 18 on Spear - -
  • Bandana Dee spins in the air before sticking his spear out and plunging to the ground. The left and right direction can be slightly altered. Active practically immediately, although the first hitboxes are right next to him from the spinning. Good as a tool to get out of disadvantage. Very long and disjointed, and active for the entirety of the move.

Waddle Spear Throw
66B (Air OK)
KF2 BandanaDee Waddle Spear Throw.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
13 14 - -
  • Bandana Dee throws his spear forward. Covers an arc good for catching jumping opponents. On hit knocks opponents towards Bandana Dee, allowing him to combo off of it. Considered a weak physical projectile, so it will get caught on platforms and will be destroyed by any physical attack.

Waddle Triple Throw
66[B] (Air OK)
KF2 BandanaDee Waddle Spear Barrage.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
17 (each individual spear) 32 - -
  • Bandana Dee throws 3 spears forward. Covers multiple different arcs for a fairly long period of time. Works just like regular 66B besides doing more damage and there being more of them.

Waddle Spear Barrage
Repeated j.66B
KF2 BandanaDee Waddle Triple Throw.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
13 10 - -
  • Bandana Dee throws his spear forward multiple times. Throws spears as many times as you hit the attack button. The spears can combo into each other. Besides that the exact same as regular Spear Throw.

Waddle Copter
[B] (Air OK)
KF2 BandanaDee Waddle Copter.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
First hit does 8, subsequent hits do 2 38 - Crouch avoidable
  • Bandana Dee charges his spear above himself before spinning it super fast and flying for a little while. Can be attack or jump canceled into anything at any point. Leads to very high damage combos if it hits, and is very good at catching air dodges, although it's hard to combo into. Effectively safe on block since it flies up out of the range of the opponent and can be canceled into an attack or jump. Can also just be used to run away from the opponent although it's hard to use it like this.
  • Though usually performed by holding B after another move, the input is just holding B down. Doing so after sliding(2A), airdodging, or getting hit will have the move charge without having to do another attack first.

General Moves

Y (or L/R + B)
KF2 BandanaDee Grab.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
0 8 52 Unblockable
  • Bandana Dee grabs forward to hold the opponent.
  • If two players attempt to grab each other, the grabs will clash and both players will be pushed back.

Y (or B) after Gobble/Grab
KF2 BandanaDee Throw.png
Version Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
Spit 14 10 37 -
Spit + Wall/Player hit 22 (14, 8) 10 37 -
  • Bandana throws the opponent in the direction he's facing; sending them flying ahead.
  • If the opponent hits the wall or another player, they will take an additional 8 damage.
    • The player that got hit by the flying opponent takes 10 damage.
  • Bandana Dee is one of the few characters who can combo off a throw if he's near but not too close to corner, thanks to his 5B being so long.

KF2 BandanaDee Slide.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
4 5 35 -
  • Bandana Dee slides forward, low to the ground.
  • Works like a crouch, goes under moves that can be crouched.
  • On hit or block, Bandana Dee bounces backwards.
  • This attack does not stun the opponent.
  • Average Slide, nothing to write home about.



(On grounded opponent))

  • Spear Thrust (5B) > B > B
Main bnb combo, just the autocombo. Wall bounces in corner, putting you at an advantage unless the opponent has longer range than you.
  • Ground Thrust (2B) > Jump Cancel 2nd Hit > 5B > B > B
Easy 2B starter combo. Can be hard to time the jump cancel.
  • 2B > Jump Cancel 2nd Hit > Skyward Thrust (8B)
Similar to the last combo, but you use 8B. Does less damage but puts the opponent above you in a juggle situation, which 8B excels at.
  • 2B > Waddle Copter ([B]) > Hold Up > 8B/Moon Drop (j.2B)
Very difficult to land but very high damage combo. Also leaves you in advantage regardless of what ender you use, and you can even catch the opponent sleeping with more follow-ups.


(On grounded opponent)

  • 5B > B > 8B
Does more damage than doing the regular finisher, and leads to a juggle situation where 8B is good.
  • 2B > Jump Cancel 2nd Hit > 5B > B/8B > 8B
2B starter corner only combo. Deals more damage than the regular 2B starter into jump cancel but less than the [B] combo.


Bandana Dee has no hats, he only needs his bandana.

Bandana Waddle Dee
King Dedede
Meta Knight