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KF2 Ninja.png


Ninja (Unlocked at Fighters Rank 33)

Ninja as an extremely powerful swordsman with great damage, large disjoints, and block pressure, plus a his Knife Throw (5B) projectile that forces your opponent to approach you by beating or trading with a majority of projectiles in the game, usually only losing to ones that have been charged. In general, you want to be using 5B in neutral, and using Shock (5[B]) to win air-to-air and to start combos into Blossom Storm (28B).


Knife Throw
KF2 Ninja Knife Throw.jpg
KF2 Ninja Kunai Hitbox.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
3 5 - Crouch avoidable
  • Kirby Throws a Kunai.
KF2 Ninja Shock.jpg
KF2 Ninja Shock Hitbox.gif
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
25 3 - -
  • Kirby makes a long slash with a katana.
Quad Shock
KF2 Ninja Quad Shock.gif
KF2 Ninja Quad Shock Hitbox.gif
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
39 (25, 14) 5 - -
  • Kirby does a short 2 hit combo with a katana.
Stealth Slash
KF2 Ninja Stealth Slash.gif
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
24 (6, 18) 17 - -
  • Kirby dashes forward in the blink of an eye, striking quickly with a katana before sheathing it.
Ninja Kick
KF2 Ninja Ninja Kick.jpg
KF2 Ninja Kick Hitbox.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
20 8 - -
  • Kirby does a diving kick.
Smoke Screen
KF2 Ninja Smoke Screen.jpg
KF2 Ninja Smokescreen.gif
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
16 10 - -
  • Kirby creates a smoke screen around him.
Blossom Storm
KF2 Ninja Blossom Storm.jpg
KF2 Ninja Blossom Storm Hitbox.gif
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
30 (10, 20) 10(First)/20(Second) 40 -
  • Kirby leaps into the air, cherry blossoms surrounding him. He then crashes back to the ground with a small explosion.
Air Drop
KF2 Ninja Air Drop.gif
KF2 Ninja Air Drop Hitbox.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
20 1 - -
  • Kirby grabs the opponent, leaps into the air, and comes slamming back down.
Wall Cling
4/6 against a wall
KF2 Ninja Wall Cling.jpg
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
- - - -
  • Kirby clings to the wall.
Wall Strike
B during Wall Cling
KF2 Ninja Wall Strike.jpg
KF2 Ninja Kunai Hitbox.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
- - - -
  • Kirby throws a Kunai while clinging to the wall.
Wall Jump
A during Wall Cling
KF2 Ninja Wall Jump.jpg
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
- - - -
  • Kirby jumps from the wall.
Clone Technique
2L/2R right before getting hit
KF2 Ninja Clone Technique.jpg
KF2 Ninja Counter Hitbox.gif
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
- - - -
  • Kirby substitutes himself with a duplicate.

Neutral Gameplay

Ninja's Knife Throw (5B) is an extremely powerful projectile, not for how much damage it does, but for how it's fast, low-commital, and destroys other projectiles (especially ones that aren't/can't be charged) that are much slower, meaning Ninja wins the interaction from a distance. Notable examples include Bomb, Magolor, and Water.

5B is also a great pressure tool against characters who don't have projectiles of their own, such as Whip, Hammer, or Sword. This forces them to approach, meaning you can 50/50 with Stealth Slash (66B) or Shock (5[B]), or running up to them and using Air Drop (c.6B/c.8B). 5B is a powerful Ninja tool has, akin to Fox's Laser in Melee. Use this whenever there's any space between you and your opponent. Generally, you'll want to do 5B, jump, 5B twice, land, then repeat. This rhythm shoots knives at 3 different heights (Low, High, then Middle). If you mash both A and B over and over again, chances are that the two knives shot in the air will be around the same height, but if you jump higher they'll likely differ in height, covering more vertical range.

With 5B projectiles flying across the screen, your opponent may go for dash attacks to approach. If you think they're going to try it, use Blossom Storm (28B) to dodge their attack from above and strike with your own that sets up for j.5[B] pressure. It's worth noting that even if you use j.5[B] as soon as you leave the ground, the hitbox is always active. Ninja's best trait is how well he can trade with his disjoint and usually outdamage his opponent, or if it doesn't, you will put them into a combo situation.


  • Aerial Shock (j.5[B]) > Smoke Screen (2B) > Stealth Slash (66B)
Extremely close range only, has to be a jump in
  • j.5[B] (slash) > 5[B] (both the slash and the shockwave)
CLOSE RANGE ONLY, deals as much damage as the combo below
  • j.5[B] > Blossom Storm (28B) (Mid-Close range only)
Use this whenever your standing 5[B] won't connect
  • j.5[B] > 66B (Any range)
Use this when 28B won't connect
  • 2B > j.5[B] > 28B

Platform Combos/Unblockables

  • 28B > 66B
Below the platform, your opponent is above or below
  • 28B > aerial Air Drop (jc.6B/jc.8B)
Your opponent blocks 28B on a platform, Unblockable set up
  • 28B > fall for a few frames > jc.6B/jc.8B
Opponent blocks 28B up close, unblockable set up, possibly not true

Corner Combos/Infinites

  • j.5[B] > 2B
Repeat forever

Blockstrings and pressure

Synopsis: Generally you want to continue Ninja's extreme guard pressure with Stealth Slashes (66B) and Blossom Storms (28B), while using aerial Shock ( j.5[B]) to make sure they don't feel safe jumping, and Air Drops (c.6B/c.8B) so they don't get too comfortable blocking. It's worth noting a lot of these chain into themselves, which can be used to apply pressure over and over. Also worth noting is these work anywhere on stage, not just the corner.

66B > j.5[B] > 5[B] > 5[B]

66B > j.5[B] > 28B > c.6B/c.8B(if close) or 66B(if far)

j.5[B] > 6B (Close)

j.5[B] > j.5[B]

j.5[B] > 66B > 28B > Smoke Screen (2B) > 6B (close)


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