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Parasol (Unlocked at Fighters Rank 31)

While Parasol has a relatively small amount of moves, his moves almost all have multiple uses and effects. He has a projectile shield by holding Parasol Swing (5B) that has a hitbox behind him when he lets go of B, a high-damage long range move with Parasol Drill (66B) which can be comboed into and out of, a fast and high-damaging divekick with Parasol Dive (j.2B) that has big combo potential on hit and leads to grab mixups on block, and Parasol Twirl (2B) which isn't much of a neutral tool but does a lot of damage as a combo finisher. Beyond that, Parasol also has a command grab in Circus Throw (c.6B/c.8B) that does a bit more damage than a regular throw and lets you to choose where you throw your opponent (to either side or straight up) by holding that direction. One of Parasol's strongest attributes is being able to hover in the air after dash jumping with Parasol Drift, giving you a lot of control of your sideways movement in the air while having access to 66jB or j.2B at any time. This allows Parasol to move in a way that no other character can while airborne (with an active hitbox above him!), while threatening with one of the strongest horizontal whiff punish tools in the game or a fast safe downward combo starter.

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
  • High damage combos
  • Quick burst options that all have combo potential
  • Great corner pressure
  • Almost everything is safe on shield and his shield pressure game includes tick throws
  • no dedicated antiair, relies heavily on air to airs with j5b, j66b, and j2b if you can get high enough
  • Slow frame data


Parasol Swing
5B (Air OK)
KF2 Parasol Parasol Swing.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
10 or 12 11 - Crouch avoidable
  • Kirby strikes forward with the parasol.
  • Deals 10 damage at the hilt, or 12 damage at the tip.
  • If B is held, Kirby can turn the attack around at will.
  • When Kirby retracts the parasol by letting go of B, he can hit opponents behind him for 12 damage. Can be combined with the above statement.
  • Whiffs against crouchers point blank.

Parasol Shield
5[B] (Air OK)
KF2 Parasol Parasol Shield.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
11 (8, 3) 1 - -
  • As Kirby spins the parasol in front of himself, he blocks all weak projectiles. Strong projectiles such as Archer's charged arrow and Cutter's charged boomerang will go through the parasol and hit Kirby.
  • Kirby can change directions at any point in time while holding Parasol Shield.

Parasol Drill
66B (Air OK)
KF2 Parasol Parasol Drill.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
28 (8, 4x5) 12 - -
  • Kirby dashes forward, spinning his parasol and hitting opponents up to 6 times.
  • The grounded and aerial versions are similar but not identical in how they behave, because Kirby will move down slightly over time during the aerial version.
  • In general, this means more hits will connect with the grounded version, making it deal a bit more damage, but the aerial version done low to the ground is more consistent for combos.
  • 66B will beat out weak projectiles, allowing Kirby to move through them with a hitbox to punish badly spaced projectiles.

Parasol Twirl
KF2 Parasol Parasol Twirl.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
28 (8, 5x2, 10) 8 - -
  • Kirby jumps onto his parasol and spins it around, hitting opponents 4 times total.
  • Tied with 66B for Parasol's most damaging move, Parasol Twirl is the character's standard combo finisher as it can combo from his two best neutral tools.
  • If the opponent is too high up, they will sometimes fall out before the final hit of this move connects. While this loses a lot of damage for Parasol, it is rarely if ever punishable on hit as it sends the opponent quite far away.

Parasol Dive
KF2 Parasol Parasol Dive.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
20 8 - -
  • A standard dive kick, Kirby quickly falls to the ground with his parasol as an active hitbox below and slightly in front of him.
  • Probably Parasol's most important move - j.2B is fast, safe, does a lot of damage, and can combo into any of his other moves (including itself, but not including the command throw).
  • By holding guard while landing with j.2B, Parasol can keep his forwards momentum and slide forward while guarding when he lands. This is useful for slowly working your way in against projectiles while out of 66B's range, going for mixups that are safe on block but still give you followups on hit, and generally for keeping your movement unpredictable and relatively safe at close or medium range.

Circus Throw
c.6B/c.8B (Air OK)
KF2 Parasol Parasol Circus Throw.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
20 1 - Unblockable
  • Parasol's command grab - does more damage than a regular throw. It can grab both grounded and aerial opponents when used while grounded or airborne, so long as you're close enough to them.
  • Allows Parasol to choose between launching his opponent to the left, right, or straight up.
  • Like some other command throws in this game, it cannot whiff. If you are out of range for the grab, rather than whiffing the grab, you'll do 5B if you're not dashing and 66B if you are.

Parasol Drift
Activates while falling
KF2 Parasol Parasol Drift.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
8 (Each hit) - - -
  • Parasol Drift is a unique mechanic that allows Parasol to float back and forth while falling. You can drift far to either side for a few frames, then you'll fall in place for a little bit before being able to drift again a few frames later.
  • There is a hitbox on the parasol during this, but it does not protect Parasol from projectiles hitting him from above.
  • While in Drift, you can press down at any point in time to fall at normal speed. You can press up after this to put the parasol back up and go into Drift mode again.


  • Parasol Dive (j.2B) > aerial Parasol Drill (66 > j.B) > Parasol Twirl (2B)
  • j.2B > dash forward > j.2B > 66 > j.5B
  • j.2B > 66B
The grounded version of 66B usually has more hits connect and therefore does more damage than the aerial version, but it usually does not let you combo after it
  • j.2B > j.2B > j.2B > 2B
Corner only
  • j.2B > 66jB > dash forward > j.2B > 66jB > 2B
Most damaging combo so far at roughly 85 damage, does not work if you get to a corner before the very end, may not work vs SDI away unless you're fighting Dedede
  • j.2B > Parasol Swing (5B) > turnaround back hit 5B by letting go of B
Most effective in the corner, as you cannot true combo out of the reverse hit of the jab. However, if they block you can immediately turn back around and command throw or quickly jump and j2B.
  • Circus Throw (c.8B or c.6B) > 2B
Corner only - must throw them towards the wall. Does not work if you're touching the wall or if you're too far away. They should make contact with the wall around the highest point in the throw.
  • c.8B > microdash > j2B > 66jB
Corner only - works when closer to the wall than the range for the previous combo. You can sometimes combo into a 2B at the end, but it's inconsistent and probably better to go for a mixup. You can generally tell visually when the 2B at the end will or won't work.


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