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KF2 Staff.png


Staff (Unlocked at Fighters Rank 1)

Staff is a ranged fighter, with a variety of moves to pressure from long distances. Staff Jab (5B) and Long Jab/Super Long Jab (66B/66[B]) are his main grounded tools, and the regular jab starts off a multihit during which Staff can switch directions, or stop after any of the 4 hits. His other grounded moves are L-R Jab (2B), a relatively quick move by staff's standards that hits on both sides, Spinning Staff (28B), one of the best antiairs in the game, and Up Jab (8B), an mediocre move at best but it is faster than 28B and combos out of a successful 28B hit. Staff has only a couple of aerial moves, but they're extremely important. Pole Vault (j2B) is both a solid move for pressure and and Staff's best (and only) movement option. After Pole Vault, Staff gains access to Unrelenting Staff (5B after j2B), a large move with big damage that can be used in either direction at any point in time. While Staff can succeed when he's able to keep his opponents at a long distance, he struggles to keep most fighters from getting close. He has underwhelming damage output on everything except Spinning Staff and Unrelenting Staff, and only has two grounded moves that can hit crouching opponents (66[B] and the final hit of 5BBBB). His long hitboxes cover a large area in their respective directions, most of his hitboxes are very thin, leaving blind spots in the area diagonally above him. While these are a lot of weaknesses, his combination of a strong air camp game and an elite antiair can make him a scary counterpick in the right hands.


5B (Air OK)
KF2 Staff Jab.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
10 16 - Crouch avoidable
  • Kirby thrusts the staff forward for a medium range poke.

  • Followups into:
    • Back Jab
    • Up Jab
    • L-R Jab
    • Raging Staff

Back Jab
5B > 4B (Air OK)
KF2 Staff Back Jab.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
12 16 - Crouch avoidable
  • A followup backwards staff thrust behind Kirby.
  • Followups into Raging Staff (in either direction.)

Up Jab
8B (Air OK)
KF2 Staff Up Jab.png
Version Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
Grounded hit 14 (6, 8) 10 - -
Aerial hit 15 - - -
  • Kirby pokes his staff upwards into the air.
  • Can hit grounded opponents on both sides of Kirby, pulling them into the upwards thrust.
  • Hitting the opponent in air deals increased damage.

L-R Jab
KF2 Staff LR Jab.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
13 18 - Crouch avoidable
  • Kirby extends the staff, attacking both left and right.

Raging Staff
5BB / 5BBB / 5BBBB (Air OK)
KF2 Staff Raging Staff.png
KF2 Staff Raging Staff2.png
Version Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
5BB 2, 2 - - Crouch avoidable
5BBB 2, 2 - - Crouch avoidable
5BBBB 12 - - -
  • Kirby swings the staff in front of him for two multi-hit reps and a slam ender.
  • Each followup attack advances Kirby forward.
  • 5BB and 5BBB has less range in comparison to 5B, which causes the hits to whiff when too far away.
  • Kirby can turn around to perform the slam ender (5BBBB) either in front or behind him.
  • 5BB and 5BBB can be avoided by crouching, the ender cannot though.

Pole Vault
KF2 Staff Pole Vault.png
Version Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
Stomp 3 6 - -
Staff 2 6 - -
  • Kirby jumps on top of the staff and pogosticks forward.
  • During this time, the staff itself is a hitbox.
  • Great mobility tool for getting back to center stage.
  • Kirby can prevent from moving forward by holding back as he's jumping.
  • Holding B causes Kirby to bend the staff, which gives a bigger leap ahead.

Unrelenting Staff
5B during Pole Vault
KF2 Staff Unrelenting Staff.png
Version Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
5B 11 (3, 2x4) 11 - -
5BB 6 (2x3) - - -
5BBB 13 - - -
  • Kirby halts in the air before executing a flurry of jabs from above.
  • An ender can be performed which has further range than the jabs.

Long Jab
KF2 Staff Long Jab.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
16 19 - -
  • Kirby advances forward for a long range staff poke.

Super Long Jab
KF2 Staff Super Long Jab.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
26 46 - -
  • 66B can be charged to increase in range and damage.
  • Kirby can move while charging.

Spinning Staff
KF2 Staff Spinning Staff.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
8, 3x9 10 - -
  • Kirby throws the staff into the air, causing it spin rapidly above and around him.

Staff Counter
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
23 - - Counter
  • Kirby flashes white and goes into a counter stance.
  • On contact with an opponent's move, Kirby becomes invincible and twirls the staff around him.


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