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Upon selecting your character, you'll be given a prompt to select a Handicap. Your handicap will affect your damage output, health, and the effectiveness of your block. The options include:

Handicap Effects
Handicap Very Easy Easy Normal Hard Very Hard
Health 1.5x 1.2x 1x 0.75x 0.5x
Damage 1.5x 1.2x 1x 0.85x 0.75x
Auto-guard Chance 50% 20% 0% 0% 0%

Normal: This is the 99.9% preferred option, and the one that the wiki is based around. It makes everything consistent in regards to damage and health, while not adding any of the side effects from the other Handicap levels.

Easy & Very Easy: Grants the player additional health and damage as well as the ability to Auto-Guard incoming attacks. The Guard Gauge depletes at a slower rate.

Hard & Very Hard: Decreases the player's health and damage output while also making their Guard Gauge deplete at a faster rate.


Player health is the same throughout the cast, except for King Dedede who has an additional 30 health. (15%) The amount of starting health changes based on two factors: Handicap level and number of players.

Assuming that each player is playing on Normal Handicap, health would look like this:

Kirby Fighters 2 Health
2 Players 240 (120%)
3 Players 220 (110%)
4 Players 200 (100%)


Upon having 25% or less of your total health, your healthbar will start flashing red and your character will look tired. During this time, all damage taken will be decreased by 25%.


Pressing L or R will cause your character to block incoming attacks starting on frame 1. A gauge will appear that decreases the longer you block. The gauge will slowly regenerate over time when you're not blocking.

You cannot block in the air. The only time air blocking happens is if you run off a platform with momentum and block, if you're playing as Bell, or from the Easy and Very Easy Handicap levels(Auto-Guard can also proc while airborne).

If the gauge is fully depleted, your character will rise upwards with invincibility on the way up that ends once you start falling down. When you land, you'll be dizzy and unable to act for a short time. The dizzy duration can be shortened by mashing buttons/direction inputs. Your Guard gauge will go back to being full after the stun wears off.

Perfect Guard

Blocking an attack right as you start guarding is known as a Perfect Guard. You'll know you got one when a yellow circle flashes around your character. A Perfect Guard rewards you with less shieldstun (the amount of time you're stuck in a blocking state), which lets you act faster out of guarding! You also do not receive pushback from the Perfect Guarded attack, making this a great mechanic to close the distance against zoners or characters with long reach.

When you Perfect Guard a multi-hit attack, you will automatically Perfect Guard each individual hit afterwards.

The perfect guard window is the first 6 frames of guard.


Inputting a direction while guarding causes your character to dodge either left or right while having invincibility. You can also dodge in place by pressing up or down instead, typically called a "spotdodge". Although you become invincible on frame 1, there's a small gap of vulnerability at the end of the dodge to where you can get hit. You can also Dodge/Spotdodge in the air.

  • Forward/Backwards Dodge: 34f (Invincible from frame 1-27)
  • Spotdodge: 28f (Invincible from frame 1-21)

This information applies to every character, except Bell. Bell cannot normally Dodge nor Spotdodge.

Hitboxes and Angles

Hitbox data discovered by @firubiii here:

All hitboxes in this game are rectangles. When you get hit you will be sent at an angle defined by that hitbox. That angle will vary by that hitbox’s angle variance. For example Bomb’s command grab has a hitbox called BombExplosionPutOnEnemy, has an angleRandRange (angle variance) of 60, and an angle of 90. So the angle someone can get launched from the move is between 30 and 150. A lot of moves sit around the 5-15 mark for variance.

There are also combo-only hitboxes. Combo-only hitboxes are hitboxes which only activate if the opponent is in hitstun. They are typically very large in order to ensure an opponent does not fall out. For example, Ninja's [8]2B is two hits. The first hitbox is large, while the second is small, but the combo-only hitbox on the second hit is of comparative size.


All the hit boxes have a value "isPursuit" which will now be referred to as priority. Moves with priority destroy projectiles without priority. Moves with priority ignore other moves with priority. Two moves without priority destroy each other. This is why Bandana Dee's basic spear (has priority) thrust will destroy Magolor's lvl1 sphere (no priority). But if Magolor charges, his lvl2 or greater spheres (have priority) will pass through Bandana Dee's spear and hit Bandana Dee.

Directional Influence

When you are in hitstun you can influence your position by holding up down left or right, and not all positions are created equal.

For the first 8 frames you are in hitstun, holding up or down influences your velocity by 0.005 per frame. This may not seem like much, but it’s actually the difference between whether or not Water’s surf combos you or not. By holding straight up before you get hit, you will not get hit multiple times most of the time. The times you do get hit, it’s due to the angle variance of the move. Sometimes the move will send you closer to 55 degrees which means that holding up didn’t save you. After the first 8 frames of hitstun, vertical DI stops working all together.

Holding left or right influences your velocity by 0.01 each frame and doesn’t have the 8 frame cut off mentioned previously. After 10 frames the amount of distance begins to decline by the velocity*0.05 until the velocity reaches 0.15.

You can hold both a vertical and horizontal DI direction.

The last thing worth noting is that if you’re being true combo’d you don’t lose the hitstun state. This means it doesn’t refresh those 8 frame and 10 frame limits mentioned earlier. A good example is how you’ll notice that your DI is less and less effective while in Gooey’s rapid tongue attack.

Look, that’s a lot of numbers and info but what you need to know is this: When you are hit, you can hold up or down for the first 8 frames (.13 seconds) after that it’s worthless. You can hold left or right for the entire time, but it gets less effective after 10 frames. Your goal is to get out of the next attack’s rectangle to get out of true combos. DI away from Gooey’s rapid tongue DI up for 8 frames then away from Water’s surf.


Certain attacks will miss entirely against someone who is crouching. This applies to everyone, except King Dedede. :(

If you are grabbed while crouching, you will then be in a crouching state permanently. This is known as crouch storage, and only activates on standard (non-command) grabs.

Below is a list of moves that can be avoided by crouching:

Crouch Avoidable Moves


Drill Stab, Spin Slash, Twister Slash


Target Throw (Point blank)


Jab, Back Jab, L-R Jab, Raging Staff (Except the ender)


Spin Kick (2nd and 3rd kick)


Spiral Horn


Twin Tinker (Projectile)


Shot, Snipe Shot


Parasol Swing (Point blank)


Rolling Sobat, Flying Dropkick (Followup hits), Meteor Plancha (First hit)


Knife Throw


Whip Tornado

Bandana Waddle Dee

Multispear Thrust (Ender), Waddle Copter

King Dedede

Dedede Hammer Throw (Projectile), Head Slide (First hit)

Meta Knight

Piercing Slash, Meta Spin Slash, Mach Tornado, Shuttle Loop, Hover (Hit)

Corner Differences

For an unknown reason, certain combos only work on the left corner.

Bandana Waddle Dee
King Dedede
Meta Knight