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KF2 Water.png


Water (Unlocked at Fighters Rank 30)
"A positively refreshing ability with many applications!" - Kirby Star Allies

With a unique dash and an extremely versatile kit, Water Kirby is one of the most technical characters in the game. Combos that flow into each other extremely well and fluid movement options allow Water Kirby to get in and drain the opponent's health bar. He can fire a full screen projectile with Water Attack (5B) to help approach or bait out options that he can punish with ease. Thanks to said projectile and other useful moves such as Fountain Hover (j.2B) he can also play defensively, which is especially useful against certain bad matchups such as Bomb or Paint. Despite it's high skill ceiling, Water Kirby is one of the most versatile characters in the roster and is a great choice if you're looking for a well-rounded character with multiple options for almost any situation.

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Amazing damage output and corner carry combos
  • Some of the best antiairs with 2b,8b,28b
  • Great frame data, safety, and hitboxes on all his moves
  • Very fast and mobile character with lots of noncommittal movement options
  • Dash gives him a fast out of shield option capable of punishing lots of moves in the game and leading into some of his strongest combos
  • No burst option faster than running
  • Prone to getting outrange horizontally by characters like whip and parasol


Wave Attack
5B (Air OK)
KF2 Water 5B.JPG
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
12 17 - -
  • Kirby spits out a glob of water that travels across the ground.
  • This projectile will travel full screen.
  • If the glob falls off of a ledge or platform, it will fall to the ground and continue from where it lands.
  • It has a very low priority, virtually every move in the game can destroy it.

KF2 Water 6.JPG
KF2 Water -6-4.JPG
Kf2 Water Dash Hitbox.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
3/12 5 - -
  • Instead of the usual dash, Kirby slides across the ground spraying water all around him.
  • Replaces Kirby's usual dash.
  • This move has a hitbox that can potentially drag opponents across the stage.
  • If Kirby turns while at max speed, he'll spray a large amount of water that deals extra damage and can be used in some combos, although because of this it takes Kirby much longer to turn than other characters while dashing
  • Due to the nature of this move, Water Kirby lacks a dash-grab and thus can only grab while standing or via tick-throws

8B (Air OK)
KF2 Water 8B.JPG
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
18 8 - -
  • Kirby releases a pillar of water out of his hat.
  • The pillar will increase in size when the B button is mashed, potentially reaching the top of the screen on most stages. This move lasts for as long as the B button is being mashed.
  • Each subsequent hit from this move will deal slightly less damage than the one before.
  • If used in the air Kirby is able to drift slightly to the left and right.

Fountain Hover
KF2 Water j.2B.JPG
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
13 18 - -
  • Kirby sprays a thin stream of water straight down to the floor that suspends him in the air.
  • This move will not go through platforms.
  • Kirby can freely move left and right during the move.
  • If up or down is held, Kirby will position himself 50% higher or lower respectfully.
  • This move can potentially be used forever, however after about 4 seconds Kirby will start to descend until his max height is in half.
  • However, if you stop doing the move, then airdodge/float > air puff, the max height is reset.

Wave Surf
KF2 Water 66B.JPG
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
18 (12,3x2) 11 - -
  • A tidal wave appears underneath Kirby as he rides it across the screen.
  • Travels about halfway across the Training Mode stage.
  • Is one of Water Kirby's best combo moves, being able to link into almost everything else in his kit.
  • Since the wave does not have a hurtbox Wave Surf can potentially go over several other moves such as most projectiles and Yoyo's Walk the Dog to name a few.
  • Kirby keeps his momentum after the move, and if the opposite direction is held he will immediately turn at full speed.
  • At the end of the move when Kirby falls off of the wave he has enough time in the air to input an air puff or Fountain Hover.

Rainbow Rain
KF2 Water -2-8B.JPG
KF2 Water 28B Hitbox.gif
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
26 (11,15) 9 - -
  • Kirby sprays water into the air all around him, creating a rainbow
  • The water itself does 11 damage, while the rainbow deals 15. The water will always link into the rainbow if it lands.
  • The rainbow is too high up to hit a standing opponent (Except for Dedede).

Water Crown
KF2 Water 2B.JPG
KF2 Water 2B Hitbox.gif
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
14 8 - -
  • Kirby hops just above the ground and sprays water at the floor, which splashes back all around him.
  • Mostly used as a means to combo into Rainbow Rain.
  • When paired with Rainbow Rain however it can be a very efficient get-off-me tool due to it's low startup.


Water has a very free-flowing combo game, and it's possible to link most moves into each other. The main combo moves are dash (66), dash turnaround (66 > 4), and 66B. There are a lot more combos, but these are some basic ones.

  • 66B > 8B
  • 66 > 4 > 66b
  • 66 > 66B > 2B > [2]8B


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