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Maiden and Spell

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Maiden & Spell




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Maiden & Spell is a one-on-one "magical girl aerial projectile battler," featuring a colorful cast of ladies fighting with fantastic spells. The game is inspired heavily by bullet hell shmups, and there are no healthbars; getting hit is getting hit, and if you run out of lives, you lose the round.

Each maiden is color-coded and has a set of abilities unique to them, activated at a press of a button. In a sense, you play as both a shmup boss and a player character at once; by combining your attacks in intricate ways alongside your movement, you can create bullet patterns that are extremely difficult to dodge and pressure your opponent into hopeless positions, but dodging is almost never truly impossible, as your hitbox is just 3 pixels wide. But you can't escape forever; if no one has taken a hit in the last ten seconds, the walls will begin closing in, forcing the players closer and closer until the inevitable happens.

Wiki Roadmap

90% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • Templates, navbox, general pages written.
  • All character pages written to include full move data and pictures, with at the very least a little bit of strategy blurb.
  • All move icons and move pictures uploaded.
  • Most pages have significant depth to move descriptions and their applications.
  • All characters outside maybe Hero of Frost could use more detailed strategy breakdowns.
  • Stretch goal: Pages for single-player content, potentially including a Dark Dreadwyrm Heir character page

Patch Notes
Hero of Frost
Hero of Frost      
Royal Arcanist
Royal Arcanist      
Silent Redhood
Silent Redhood      
Sun Priestess
Sun Priestess      
Dreadwyrm Heir
Dreadwyrm Heir      
Lich of Flowers
Lich of Flowers      
Depth's Secret
Depth's Secret