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Anny Hamilton


Anny has plenty of projectiles to keep her distance from her opponents. Anny's overhead is also rather slow but it can be combed off of. She also has a decent DP for anti-airs. Her damage is lacking and her level 2 super isn't worth the damage for it's input. Her level 1 command grab does a moderate amount of damage but can be teched out of like a normal grab.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Good standing A/B normals. Great for poking.
  • Good DP.
  • Two different projectiles for ground and air control.
  • Air grab, great for air to air options.
  • Lacks significant damage, even when using stress meter.
  • Slow Great Attacks.
  • Little combo options.
  • Punishable special moves on block, whiff and some on hit.
  • Slow overhead.
  • Command grab can be broken out of like a normal throw.


Anny lacks a lot of options. She lacks damage and a lot of good special moves. You will have to play solid neutral with Anny since she lacks any fast overheads or safe special moves. Her supers are hard to pull off. But, her command grab can dish out some big damage if landed. Just hope they don't break it.

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Swannie Clash - 236A/C

Anny throws a heavenly swan at the opponent.

  • 236A version moves straight horizontally.
  • 236C version arcs upwards towards the corner.

Rainbow Rise - 6236A/C

Anny rises into the air creating a rainbow trail with her hand.

  • 623A has a shorter vertical distance.
  • 623C has a higher vertical distance.

Anny Dynamic [D]D

Anny does a split kick overhead.

  • Hold D for 4 seconds then release.
  • Stronger when used in combos.

Photon Burst J.236A/C

Anny throws a blue projectile at the opponent.

  • A Version throws a glowing ball below Anny.
  • C version throws a glowing ball at the bottom corner of the screen.
  • Can be used after a jumping normal.

Dashing Rainbow Rise - 6623A/C

Similar to normal Rainbow Rise but goes higher and has more hits.

Super Moves

Stress Shot

Cosmic Throw - 6321463214C

Anny rolls up to the opponent, grabs them and throws them through space.

  • It can be broken like a normal throw.
  • Deals unrecoverable damage.

Ippatsu Ougi

Angel Breath - 46A13C

Anny throws a blue disc at the opponent, crouches down, and fires an angel beam.

  • Full Z motion. Generally needs buffered.
  • Can Hold A and do 4613C as well


Combo Damage Notes
[D] j.C, cl.C, 6B ]D[ Need to cancel cl.C and 6B on the first hit or the combo will drop
j.C, cl.C, f+B, 6236+C
j.C, cl.C, 46A13C
J.D 2CD 6B 6236C Need to cancel 2CD on the first hit or it'll launch.
J.d 66c 6623c > air grab Air grab can only be done in the corner. Tight window to land.
Ippatsu Ougi Combos
J.c 5a5a 3a 46A13C Needs to be buffered.
J.D 2CD 6B 46A13C Needs to be buffered.

(Note:I need more info. I will come back to this page.)

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