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Buntaro Kuno


Buntaro is a very short-ranged character with his own unique leveling system. This leveling system allows him to level-up two special moves for more damage and change of properties.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Great DP with start-up invulnerability.
  • 50/50 mix-up with his J.236.K.
  • Great Anti-Air Stress Shot Super.
  • Incredibly damaging Ippatsu Ougi that can be canceled from multiple combo routes.
  • Has a unique leveling system that strengthens 63214.K & 63214.P.
  • Can cancel normals into the counter to read Guard Cancels.
  • Great air normals that are extremely active with great hitboxes.
  • Long reaching 6.A overhead that can confirm into both supers.
  • Levels are risky to get unless you cause a hard knockdown.
  • Gaining a level is traded for taunting for meter build.
  • Each level-up requires more time per charge.
  • 63214.P counter doesn't counter low attacks.
  • At Lvl.0 his 63214.K is very minus on block.
  • Cannot combo into his Lvl.3 63214.K.
  • No guaranteed approach options.
  • J.236.K's follow-up can whiff easily.
  • Bad recovery on Special and Super moves.
  • 6.A has terrible recovery and can be punished on block.
  • Short Great Attacks.
  • Guard cancel has obvious start-up frames paired with a mediocre hitbox.


Buntaro is a very short-ranged character that lacks good grounded options. He has very good neutral options but lacks a good approach option for his grounded routes are very limited forcing him to use his jump normals to approach.

Buntaro's neutral play is excellent thanks to his 623.K. It's not air unblockable, but it does have start-up invincibility and beats out most jump-in attacks. If you have Stress Meter opt in to use his Stress Shot, 214-1236.D. It's air unblockable and does a solid chunk of damage. Buntaro's grounded options are seriously limited by how short his normals are. 2.B is going to be your best friend along with 7/9.B, 7/9.D, and 7/9.C. All three of these air normals can cross-up and 7/9.B chains into j.D, allowing for scary and damaging cross-ups. Buntaro also has access to an air 50/50 thanks to his j.236.K and two optional follow-ups. J.236.K > 236.D is a high to low and J.236.K > 236.B is a high to high combo. Use this sparingly for the B follow-up has an identifiable start-up. Buntaro has an easy time applying pressure and comboing. If you're 63214.K gets blocked (excluding level 0, it's minus) you can set-up a grab since it immediately puts you right in grab range. This is a nice option select if your 63214.K ever gets blocked.

Buntaro's leveling system isn't worth it past level 1. I can really only recommend that you charge once since the time it takes to get any more levels is way too difficult thanks to the stomp's long animation. DO NOT BOTHER LEVELING UP TO LEVEL 3!! For one, it takes 3 stomps to fully level. Your opponent can easily walk over and punish you during the stomps' animation. Your 63214.K at max level cannot be comboed into under any circumstances. The 63214.P counter gains extra hits per level, a total of 4 hits at max, and is very situational in use.

Normal Moves

Normal Total Damage Permanent Damage Notes
Far Stand Normals
5.A 4T 2P Self Cancel
5.B 11T 4P
5.C 17T 8P
5.D 21T 11P Lower Body Invincibility
Close Stand Normals
cl.A 4T 2P Self Cancel
cl.B 10T 5P Chains into D
cl.C 15T 7P
cl.D 20T 10P
Crouch Normals
2.A 5T 2P Self Cancel
2.B 9T 4P Hits Low; Chains into D
2.C 15T 7P
2.D 21T 10P Hits Low; Knockdown; Slide
Neutral Jump Normals
8.A 8T 4P
8.B 11T 5P
8.C 13T 6P
8.D 17T 8P
Back/Forward Jump Normals
7/9.A 8T 4P
7/9.B 11T 5P Chains into j.D; Can Cross-up.
7/9.C 13T 6P Can Cross-up.
7/9.D 17T 8P Can Cross-up.
Command Normals
6.A 16T 8P Hits High
3.C 16T 8P
Dash Normals
66.P 18T 9P Links into A and B attacks
66.K 25T 12P Knockdown; Lower Body Invincibility
CD Attacks
5.CD 25T 25P Hard Wall Slam
2.CD 18T 9P Hits Low; Launches
CD Counter 8T 8P Costs 1 Stress Meter; Hard Wall Slam
Cannot Kill.
Natural Chain Combos
cl.B > D 18T 9P 2 Hits
2.B > D 17T 8P 2 Hits
7/9.B > D 19T 9P 2 Hits
Throw 20T 10P
Air Throw 20T 10P Throws opponent behind Buntaro
Rage Explosion
Rage Explosion 6T 3P Launches

Special Moves

Special Total Damage Permanent Damage Notes
Kiai 17's
22.B/D 0T 0P Can be leveled up 3 times. Used to strengthen SuperSpeed Slider & Manly Spirit Burst.
Gekisoku! Slider! (SuperSpeed Slider)
(Level 0)
18T 9P Leaves standing.
(Level 1)
25T 13P Causes a Knockdown on hit.
(Level 2)
30T 15P Causes a Knockdown on hit.
(Level 3)
40T 40P Unblockable; Hard Wall Slam.
Very hard to combo into.
Baku! Otokogi! (Manly Spirit Burst)
(Level 0)
12T 6P High & Mid counter.
(Level 1)
18T 9P High & Mid counter.
(Level 2)
28T 14P High & Mid counter.
(Level 3)
42T 21P High & Mid counter.
Kakatsun Ki~ck!
J.236.B/D 12T 6P High; Air Unblockable.
Has follow-ups listed below.
> 236.B 20T 10P High; Air Unblockable.
> 236.D 20T 10P Hits Low.
Bun-Chan Kick!
623.B 18T 9P 1 Hit; Startup Invincibility.
623.D 23T 12P 2 Hits; Startup Invincibility.
Dash 623.B/D 31T 16P 3 Hits; Startup Invincibility.

Super Moves

Super Total Damage Permanent Damage Notes
Stress Shot - Overwhelming Kick
2141236.D 60T 30P Invincible Start-up; Air Unblockable.
Ippatsu Ougi - Tokumori Bun-Chan Special!
(Bun-Chan's Mortal Special)
4.BDBD 85T 43P


Combo Total Damage Permanent Damage Notes
Basic Combos
2.B > 3.C xx 63214.B 35T 17P Only works up to lvl.2 63214.B
2.B > 3.C xx 623.D 38T 19P
2.C > 6.A xx 63214.B 45T 22P Only works up to lvl.2 63214.B
9.D >> 6[6].A xx 623.D 45T 22P
9.B > D >> 2.B > 3.C xx 63214.B 43T 21P Only works up to lvl.2 63214.B
9.B > D xx J.236.B > 236.B 33T 16P Air Combo.
9.B > D >> 2.B > 3.C xx 2141236.D 62T 32P Requires 1 Stress Meter.
9.B > D >> 2.B > 3.C xx 4.BDBD 75T 37P Requires 2 Stress Meter.
Intermediate Combos
(Juggle) cl.5D > 3.C xx 623.D 49T 24P
9.C >> 2.B > 5.D > 3.B xx 63214.B 44T 22P Only works up to lvl.2 63214.B
9.C >> 2.B > 5.D > 3.B xx 623.D 47T 23P
9.B > D >> 2.B > 5.D xx 63214.B 49T 24P Only works up to lvl.2 63214.B
9.B > D >> 9.B > D xx J.236.B > 236.B 43T 21P Air Combo
9.C >> 6[6].C > 6.A xx 4.BDBD 81T 40P Requires 2 Stress Meter.
9.B > D >> 2.B > 5.D xx 2141236.D 62T 31P Requires 1 Stress Meter.
9.D >> 2.B > 5.D > 3.B xx 4.BDBD 48T 39P Requires 2 Stress Meter.
Advanced Combos
9.B > D >> 5.A >> 2.B > 3.C xx 4.BDBD T P 5.A >> 2.B Is a CPS1 Chain. Requires 2 Stress Meter.
(Cross-up) 9.B > D >> 2.A >> cl.5C > 3.C xx 63214.B T P 2.A >> cl.5C is a CPS1 Chain. Only works up to lvl.2 63214.B
9.B > D >> 6[6].C > 2.B > 3.C xx 4.BDBD 84T 42P Requires 2 Stress Meter.

(Note: Still building Advanced Combos.)

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