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Clara Hananokoji


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Extremely long and fast normals.
  • Very long and fast overhead that can be used to confirm into a Stress Shot.
  • Great damage off of both supers.
  • Can loop her Stress Shot for big damage.
  • Unblockable Rage Explosion & Okizeme with Heavy Miracle Attack.
  • Fast cross-up with air Dream Turn Attack.
  • Safe pressure with grounded Dream Turn Attack.
  • Heavy Dreaming Boomerang is very fast and has an equally fast recovery.
  • Can low profile many attacks with her crouching hurtbox and 3D hurtbox.
  • No fast anti-airs.
  • No mobile low Chains. Has to commit.
  • Can only put out reliable damage with Stress Meter.
  • Low health pool (140)


Clara has an answer to nearly every situation. Her big normals, terrific supers, and special moves. Clara can easily play the game's mechanics in her favor. She has access to unblockable Rage Explosion & Okizeme set-ups with Heavy Miracle Attack. Clara can also easily play keep-away with her fast movement speed, quick, safe movement with Dream Turn Attack, and a quick projectile with Heavy Dreaming Boomerang. She can also play a strong rushdown game with her big normals, long overhead, quick dive kick, cross-up Dream Turn Attack, and a Stress Shot super that can easily drain half or more health from a character. Both of Clara's supers are extremely strong. Clara can set-up Stress Shot loops and during a Stress Shot transformation, her Ippatsu Ougi deals massive damage.

Normal Moves

Coming soon.

Special Moves

Special Total Damage Permanant Damage Notes
Dreaming Boomerang
236.A 16T 8P Slower than the C version.
236.C 16T 8P
Dream Turn Attack
214.B 16T 8P Can be controlled by holding 4.gif or 6.gif.
214.D 22T 11P Can be controlled by holding 4.gif or 6.gif. 7 hits.
j.214.K 18T 9P Can cross-up.
Dashing 214.K 34T 17P Cannot be controlled like normal versions. 5 hits.
Miracle Attack
214.A 20T 10P
214.C 20T 10P Has an unblockable ground shake.
214.C Projectile 16T 8P Unblockable if the opponent is standing.
Miracle Death Kiss
641236.B+D 0T 0P Stun locks the opponent into the air for 3 seconds.

Super Moves

Super Total Damage Permanant Damage Notes
Stress Shot - Stardust Revolution
236236.C 0T 0P Transforms the opponent into a pig or duck that cannot block.
Ippatsu Ougi - Violent Pack-In Rabbit (VPR)
41236412.C 88T 44P In order for this move to hit you must press C when near the opponent. Unblockable.


Combo Total Damage Permanant Damage Notes
Grounded Combos
9.D >> 2.B xx 214.D T P
9.D >> 2.C > 6.A xx 236.C T P
9.D >> Cl.5A > 5.C xx 236.C T P
6[6].C > 6.A xx 214.D T P Must hold forward during 214D for it to connect.
9.C > D >> 9.D xx J.214.D T P J.214D only connects on tall characters.
6[6].C > Cl.5A > 5.C xx 236.C T P
9.C > D > 9.D > J.2B T P Corner only combo.
Stress Shot Combos
9.D >> Cl.5A > 5.C > 6.A xx 236236.C T P
9.D > cl.5B > 5.B > 5.C xx 236236.C T P
9D >> 2.C > 6.A xx 236236.C T P
66.C > Cl.5A > 5.C xx 236236.C T P

(NOTE: While the opponent is transformed you can use 3-4 well timed 66K's (Dashing B or C), 214C, or 214D for optimal damage.

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