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General Terms

  • Stress Meter: Term for super meter.
  • Rage Explosion: The burst that happens when you gain a Stress Meter.
  • Counter Hit: Deals 1.5x times the normal damage. Can only be done when a special/super/CD move is hit out of.
  • Double Counter hit: Deals 2x times the normal damage. Can only be done when a dashing normal/special is hit out of.
  • Kuroko: The "Referee" found on some stages.
  • Stress Shot: The name for a Level 1 Super move.
  • Ippatsu Ougi: The name for a Level 2 Super move. Means "One Shot Attack".
  • Kinjite: The name for a level 3 Super move. Means "Forbidden Hand".
  • Great Attack: Term for a CD attack. Also called a "Blowback".
  • Guard Cancel: Term for when you do a CD attack on block. Guard cancels require 1 Stress Meter.
  • Bloodline Battle: When both player 1 and player 2 taunt at the same time, this occurs. An on-screen prompt will appear with A,B,C,D, and the players must press them to deal damage.

Notation Terms

  • >: is a link
  • >>: is a chain
  • ~>: is a CPS1 chain.
  • xx: is a cancel
  • j.: is a jump
  • h.: is a hop
  • hh.: is a hyper hop
  • 66.P: is a dashing punch attack. A or C.
  • 66.K: is a dashing kick attack. B or D.
  • +: is to press two buttons together. B+D is an example.
  • []: is to hold a direction or a button.
  • ][: is to release a direction or button.

Other Notation Terms

  • P-Link: Also known as priority link. It is done by quickly pressing two buttons one frame apart. The priority order is: A,B,C,D.