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Hikaru Jomon


Hikaru has moderately strong high/low mix-ups and strives on conditioning. She has simple combos and easy hit confirms. However, Hikaru must commit to her pressure and attacks. Hikaru is a character for a more experienced player that knows how to condition an opponent properly. Even with conditioning, her tools are very lackluster and make match-ups hard for her.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Plenty of low/high mix-ups to keep the opponent guessing.
  • Easy hit confirms and combos.
  • Simple punish options.
  • Invincibility on her command roll.
  • Mediocre range despite using a cane.
  • Must commit to her approaches.
  • Juggles are character-specific.
  • Her DP has large amounts of recovery. Every DP is a commitment with low damage reward.
  • Ippatsu Ougi requires hard reads to work.
  • Her counter can be triggered by a cross-up and whiff.
  • Her 6.B overhead is easy to react to.
  • Divekick is incredibly unsafe on block and not very rewarding on hit.
  • Command roll can easily be grabbed and hit outside of the invincibility frames.
  • Relies heavily on conditioning for pressure.


Normal Damage Guard Meter Notes
Far Stand Normals
5.A 3P/5R 2G 5M Self Cancel
5.B 5P/9R 5G 5M
5.C 7P/14R 8G 9M
5.D 9P/17R 8G 11M
Close Stand Normals
cl.A 3P/5R 3G 5M Self Cancel
cl.B 5P/9R 5G 5M Hits Low
cl.C 6P/12R 4G 7M Chains to C on Hit
cl.D 7P/14R 8G 9M Chains to D on Hit
Crouch Normals
2.A 2P/4R 3G 6M Self Cancel
2.B 3P/6R 4G 7M Hits Low
2.C 7P/14R 7G 9M
2.D 9P/17R 14G 11M Hits Low; Knockdown
Neutral Jump Normals
j8.A 3P/6R 5G 7M Hits Continuously Entire Jump
j8.A x3 11P/21R 15G 21M 3 Hits
j8.B 5P/9R 6G 7M
j8.C 6P/12R 10G 11M
j8.D 7P/14R 10G 11M
Back/Forward Jump Normals
j7/9.A 3P/6R 5G 7M Hits Continuously Entire Jump
j7/9.A x3 11P/21R 15G 21M 3 Hits
j7/9.B 5P/9R 6G 7M
j7/9.C 6P/12R 10G 9M
j7/9.D 7P/14R 10G 9M
Command Normals
6.B 7P/14R 8G 10M Hits High; Cancels into Jump Specials; Air Blockable
Dash Normals
66.P 8P/16R 10G 10M
66.K 12P/23R 16G 10M Knockdown
CD Attacks
5.CD 23P 20G 12M Hard Wall Slam
2.CD 8P/16R 12G 12M Hits Low; Launches
CD Counter 8P 0G 24M Costs 1 Meter; Hard Wall Slam
Natural Chain Combos
2.B > C 8P/15R 8G 17M 2 Hits
cl.C > C 10P/20R 8G 17M 2 Hits
cl.D > D 11P/22R 12G 19M 2 Hits
Throw 16P/32R 0M 2 Hits; Only second hit techs, first is guaranteed damage (*check damage for 1 hit)
j.Throw 10P/20R 0M
Stress Scream 3P/6R 2G 0M Launches

Special Moves

Special Moves

Special Damage Chip Guard Meter Notes
Chronograph A
10P/20R 2P/4R 8G 13M 2 Hits; 1st Hit Air Unblockable
Chronograph C
10P/19R 3P/6R 12G 14M 3 Hits; 1st and 2nd Hit Air Unblockable
Super Chronograph
dash 623.A/C
12P/24R 4P/6R 12G 14M 4 Hits; All Hits Air Unblockable
Address Impulse
Address Impulse A
9P/18R 2P/3R 10G 10M Hits High
Address Impulse C
9P/18R 2P/3R 10G 10M Hits High
Super Address Impulse
dash 623.A/C
9P/18R 2P/3R 10G 10M Hits High
Skill Name Unknown (Powerful Dance??)
Skill Name Unknown B
5P/10R 2P/4R 8G 10M Both Hits Low; Air Unblockable
Skill Name Unknown D
5P/10R 2P/4R 8G 10M Both Hits Low; Air Unblockable
9P/18R 3P/6R 10G 10M 2 Hits; High Counter; Air Unblockable
On a jump in its possible to land and block before counter hits.
Batting Branbas
Batting Branbas B
8P/16R 2P/3R 8G 10M Hits High
Batting Branbas D
8P/16R 2P/3R 8G 10M Hits High

Super Moves

Super Damage Chip Guard Meter Notes
28P/55R 6P/11R 30G 0M 1 Meter; Air Unblockable
(double check meter gain)
30P/60R 3P/6R 0G 10M 1 Meter; Air Unblockable
43P/85R ~ 0G 70M 2 Meter; High Counter
If somehow blocked, Divekick portion may be completely unblockable.


Hiraku's combos are simple, not much of execution requirements. Any of her Air Normals can be canceled into j.2141236AC.

Ground Combos

  • j9.D >> 2.B > C xx 623.C
19P/37R 40M

Hikaru's BnB. Get used to this one because you will use it a lot.

  • Crossup j.9D >> cl.C > C xx 2141236AC

Simple Stress Shot confirm.

  • j9.D >> cl.D > D xx 63214.B >> air throw
24P/47R 38M
  • j9.D >> cl.D > D xx 63214C ~ Combo of your choice

This is an interesting Mixup tool since 63214C is an overhead hit. The follow up won't combo, but stills nice to trick the opponent

  • j9.D >> 2.B > C xx 2141236AC
28P/55R 26M 1 Meter
  • j9.D >> cl.D > D xx 2141236AC
30P/60R 28M 1 Meter


  • (juggle) cl.D > D xx 623.C (3 hit)
18P/36R 33M Does less damage than 623.A, and is very hard to hit all 3 hits
  • (juggle) cl.D > D xx 623.A
19P/37R 32M

Character Specific

  • (corner and point blank) cl.D > D > 6.B xx 2141236AC

If not done from point-blank the 6.B won't combo. Works on: Kanji, Saizo, Poochy, Chinen, Reiji, Keith, and Anny.

It becomes a Mixup against the rest of the characters or outside the Corner

  • (juggle) cl.D > D > 6.B xx 214.D
20P/40R 39M

Woks on Chinnen, Poochy and Saizo.

  • (juggle) cl.D > D > 6.B xx 2141236AC
28P/56R 39M

Works on Chinnen, Poochy and Saizo. 2141236AC auto-corrects for the last 2 hits

  • (corner) 2.CD xx 63214.C >> cl.D > D xx 623.C
28P/55R 55M

Works on Poochy, Saizo and Chinnen. You can use this from midscreen against Poochy.

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