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Mr. Jones


Jones is a rushdown style character with big normals, special attacks, and great attacks. Although he does lack a projectile, he can still get in with ease with his long 2b and 3b normals. Jones has a very easy time dealing big damage with unrecoverable health.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Very long and big normals.
  • High health. (170)
  • Big, easy damage with his Stress Shot super.
  • Very good Great Attacks.
  • Big hitboxes on almost all of his special moves.
  • Can safely end block strings with Gaudi Punch.
  • Can end almost every combo with a wall slam, removing recoverable health.
  • His Ippatsu Ouigi can be comboed off of for extra damage.
  • His Ippatsu Ougi can damage himself if he gets in the way.
  • Lacks Cross-ups.


He can easily out poke most characters, confirm into big damage with his Stress Shot super and set-up unblockable setups with his Ippatsu Ougi super. Jones's 2b and 3b are his main tools for poking, combos, and pressure for they're extremely long. He can also end his block strings with Gaudi Punch to make them safe.

Normal Moves

Coming soon.

Special Moves

Special Total Damage Permanent Damage Recoverable Damage Guard Notes
Gaudi Punch
A or C repeatedly 9T 5P 4R 3G Can be extended by tapping punch more.
Retro Punch
214A 20T 10P 10R 1G
214c 23T 11P 12R 2G Hits twice.
Funky Impact
236A 20T 20P 0R 1G Hard Wallslam.
236C 20T 20P 0R 2G Hard Wallslam. Breaks guard.
Arc Fliegen
214B 24T 12P 12R 2G 2 hits.
214D 18T 9P 9R 2G 2 hits.
Dashing Specials
66236A/C 25T 25P 0R 3G Hard Wallslam. 3 hits. Breaks Guard.

Super Moves

Super Total Damage Permanent Damage Recoverable Damage Guard Notes
Stress Shot - Groove Master
214214B 52PT 26P 26R 6G Air Unblockable.
Ippatsu Ougi - I am Number One!
236BD 20T Per hit 10P Per hit 10R Per hit 0G Unblockable. Jones can also be hit.


Combo Total Damage Permanent Damage Recoverable Damage Notes
BnB Combos
9d 2b 2b 3b 236a 52T 52P 0R Hard Wallslam.
9d 2b 2b 3b 214a 46T 23P 23R
9d 2b 2b 3b 214b 54T 27P 27R
9d 2b 2b 3b 5a(Press repeatedly) 55T 27P 27R Only 2-3 hits of Gaudi Punch will connect.
9d 2c 5c 214c 50T 25P 25P
9d 66a 6236a 51T 51P 0R Hard Wallslam.
Juggle Combos
9d 2cd 2c 5c 236a 60T 60P 0R Corner Only. Hard Wallslam.
2cd C (Repeatedly) 30T~ 15P~ 15R~ Corner only. More damage if more punches connect.
9d 2cd 214D 56T 23P 23R
9d 2cd 236a 47T 23P 23R Hard Wallslam.
9d 2cd 214214b 69T 34P 34R 1 Stress Meter.
(Juggle) 2c 5c 214d 39T 19P 20R
(Juggle) 2c 5c 236a 41T 41P 0R Hard Wallslam.
(Juggle) 2c 5c 214214b 63T 31P 32R 1 Stress Meter.
Stress Shot Combos
9d 2b 2b 3b 214214b 78T 39P 39R
9d 2c 5c 214214b 63T 31P 32R
9d 2cd 214214b 69T 33P 34R
Ippatsu Ougi Combos
236BD 9d 2c 5c 214214b 80T~ 40P~ 40R~ Extremely situational. See demonstration Video.
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