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Main Menu

(If you're on an emulator, this is your Test Menu)

MM MainMenu.PNG

Hardware Test

Used to test the hardware.

(will build more later)

Setting the Hard Dip


Hardware dipswitches. Used to control Free Play, Setting Mode, etc.
1 Setting Mode
2 Not used
3 Coin Set-Up
4 LinkPlay Communication Set-up
5 LinkPlay Communication Set-up
6 LinkPlay Communication Set-up
7 Free play
8 Stop Mode (Pause the CPU)

Setting the Soft Dip


Setting up the Cabinet

MM SoftDip SettingUpCabinet.PNG

Coin1: Player 1 Coin to given Credit. The default is 1 coin to 1 credit. Can be adjusted with A or B
Coin2: Player 2 Coin to given Credit. The default is 1 coin to 1 credit. Can be adjusted with A or B
Game Select: I have not been able to find out what this does.
Game Start Compulsion: The time you have after entering a credit before it takes you to the character select screen.
Demo Sound: Disables or enables the Attract Mode's audio.

Game Specific Setup

MM SoftDip GameSpecific.PNG

  • Difficulty: Sets the difficulty for the CPU. It can be set 1-8, 1 being the easiest, and 8 being the hardest.
  • Play Manual: Disables or Enables the "How to Play" video before playing.
  • Demo Sound: Disables or Enables the sound for the gameplay demo that plays after attracting mode.
  • Credit/Level: Displays the credit amount and CPU level on the screen. This can be enabled or disabled.
  • Play Time: Matrimelee's timer will always be 60 seconds. The timer can be set to run at normal, little fast, fast, little slow or slow.
  • Round: Allows you to set the number of rounds to win.
  • Country: Allows you to set the region. OTHERS and USA have 4 BGM tracks. I recommend that you play on the JAPAN option for the full experience.

Book Keeping

MM Bookkeeping.PNG

Book Keeping allows you to track how many credits, plays, or continues the cabinet has had.

Setting up the Calendar

MM Calendar.PNG

Calander allows you to set the current time and date.