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Princess Sissy


Princess Sissy is the boss character of Matrimelee. Being a boss character, she is naturally strong and cheap. Princess Sissy is also universally tournament banned. She is not playable in the MVS Arcade version.

However, she is playable in the AES Home versions.

  • To unlock Princess Sissy hold down all four attack buttons (ABCD) before the VS screen. This only works on the AES Home Version of Matrimelee.

Normal Moves

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Special Moves

Abubo in a box - 236A/C

A giant Dijin comes out of Sissy's box and attacks the opponent.

Sword - 623A/C

A large vertical blade comes out of Sissy's box.

  • Air Unblockable.

Unleash Frog - 236B/D

A giant frog hops out of Sissy's box and hops towards the opponent.

  • Works similarly to the Kuroko. It can absorb hits, projectiles, and can be used to combo.
  • Guard Breaks Easily.

Bomb Throw - 214B/D

Sissy throws a pink bomb out of her box.

  • 214B throws a pink bomb close to Sissy.
  • 214D throws a pink bomb far from Sissy.

Super Moves

Super Bomb Throw - 2141236A

Five pink bombs explode across the stage.

  • Air Unblockable.

Transform Shot - 2141236C

Transforms the opponent into a frog, similar to Clara's transformation super.

  • Unblockable
  • Opponent is unable to block during transformation.


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