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Health Values

Character Health Values
Characters all have a different amount of total health and can be separated into health tiers. The health values can be seen in the table below, and the image to the right is a visual representation showing their remaining amount of health after having the same combo done to each of them.
Health Total Characters
200 Sissy (Boss)
180 White
170 Jones, Olof
165 Buntaro
160 Chinnen, Elias, Jimmy, Poochy, Reiji, Keith
155 Shintaro
150 Anny, Tane, Ume
140 Clara, Hikaru, Kanji, Lynn

Recoverable Health

Matrimelee has a Recoverable Health System where damage from most attacks will reduce both – a portion of health permanently, and another portion of health that is recoverable.
Health that can be recovered is displayed in red, and health that is permanently lost is transparent.
With some exceptions, most attacks that hit or cause chip damage will leave a portion of recoverable health, with about half of the total damage done being recoverable with the rest permanent.
Recovering Recoverable Health
There are two ways to regain recoverable health:
  • Health will naturally recover slowly, but when block stun is entered it will momentarily halt recovery.
  • Have a Rage Explosion which will instantly recover all recoverable health. Read more in the Stress Meter section.
One other way recover health is using Elias's Special and Super Moves that restore his health on hit, but he also regains what would usually be permanently lost health.
Losing Recoverable Health
There are a few ways of losing your potentially recoverable health.
  • The first, is to get hit while you have some recoverable health, at which point all previously recoverable health is immediately erased.
  • The second, is to not do a Recovery Roll when knockdown. If no Recovery Roll is performed then all recoverable health is lost.
  • Teching a throw will also remove both player's recoverable health.
Attacks that Leave no Recoverable Health
Certain attacks that cause wall slams prevent a Recovery Roll from being performed afterward, leaving no health to recover. These include but are not limited to:
It should be noted that not every wall slam from a Special or Super Move prevents Recovery Rolls, it is still possible to do so after some. Look at the character pages to see which.
While Anny's Super Move Cosmic Throw does not wall slam, it deals only permanent damage and leaves no recoverable health.


Guts is a damage scaling mechanic that reduces incoming attacks' damage by the amount of health you have. The less health you have, the less damage you take. All attacks, Special, Super, Great Attacks, etc. are all affected by the Guts mechanic.
Elias's Hell or Heaven & Maximum Delerium life absorbing attacks are also affected by Guts. Total life regen is reduced by the same percentage as damage reduced versus the opponent.
Total Health Damage Reduction
100% - 50% 0%
49% - 25% 10%
24% - 1% 40%
  • Elias's Hell or Heaven & Maximum Delerium life absorbing attacks are also affected by Guts. Total life regen is reduced by the same percentage as damage reduced.

Stress Meter

The Stress Meter is the Super Meter of Matrimelee, it is the two bars located at the bottom of the screen.
A maximum of 3 bars of Stress Meter can be held at a time, and every time a bar of Stress Meter is filled that character will automatically perform a Rage Explosion – the details of which can be seen below.
Broken down numerically, one full bar of Stress Meter equals 80 points, so at 240 points you'll have 3 full bars of Stress Meter.

Uses of Stress Meter

There are two ways of spending Stress Meter:
1. Using a Super Move, which includes:
  • Level 1 - Known as a Stress Shot. Requires 1 bar of Stress Meter.
  • Level 2 - Known as an Ippatsu Ougi. Requires 2 bars of Stress Meter.
  • Level 3 - Known as a Kinjite. Requires 3 bars of Stress Meter. Not every character has a Kinjite.
2. Using a Guard Cancel.

Gaining Meter

There are multiple ways to gain meter:
  • Blocked Normal Attacks, Command Normals, Dash Attacks, Guard Cancels and Special Moves will give the attacker Stress Meter.
  • Getting hit with any of the above attacks, gives the one suffering damage meter. The meter gain is the same as when is blocked.
  • Getting hit with the Kuroko, or using the Kuroko to block. The meter gain is the same as whatever attack was used. Throwing the Kuroko gives 20 points of meter on hit/block.
  • Super Moves give a varied amount of Stress Meter. Many Super Moves will give some meter back if it is blocked, typically less than it would to the opponent if it hits, but this can be inconsistent. Some Supers award no meter to either player.
  • Taunting fills a little over 1/3rd the Stress Meter. (27 points to be exact)
Getting thrown does not give any meter, even when hit with a Command Throw. However a few Super Move Throws give meter.

Rage Explosion

The Rage Explosion is an automatic move that triggers when a bar of Stress Meter is filled. When activated the character will scream while a giant wave of energy surrounds them.
There are several different aspects to the Rage Explosion:
  • The character is completely invincible until the move ends, and the explosion itself absorbs projectiles.
  • It functions as an attack that can hit the opponent inflicting a small amount of damage (3 permanent/6 recoverable) and launches them up into the air in a Juggle State. The damage caused by the Rage Explosion cannot KO.
  • All Recoverable Health is recovered instantly.
  • There is 1 frame after the Explosion as invincibility ends where it is possible to punish with a low attack due to it taking a frame to enter a crouch block state.
Rage Explosion Activation
The Rage Explosion won't activate until the the player that has filled their bar of Stress Meter is in their next completely neutral state. This means it will not activate in the middle of getting combo'd, but will happen as soon as the combo ends. If they are knockdown before the Rage Explosion comes out it will come out they moment they stand up. Even further, if they are K.O.'d before the Rage Explosion can come out, it will happened immediately at the start of the next round.
Offensively, the activation can be delayed by performing consecutive chained or canceled attacks if the bar of Stress Meter is gained while the opponent is in block stun. However, if a Rage Explosion is stored and a Super Move is used before it activates the Rage Explosion will be prevented from occurring.
It is possible to sneak in the Rage Explosion as a counter after a seemingly unsafe block-string by ending on a somewhat disadvantageous move, with the idea that when the opponent goes to punish they get hit with the Rage Explosion. In this situation if they do manage to hit you, the Rage Explosion will occur after whatever they punish you with ends and you're in your next neutral state.
Approaching An Opponent Who has a Rage Explosion Stored
When opponent has been knockdown with a Rage Explosion stored, the easiest way to deal with it is to get close to them and block the start up of the explosion. It only has a single potential hit so you'll have plenty of time to set something up after blocking it, or just simply go for the 1 frame low attack punish.
If you're not in position to block, you'll find yourself only being able to attack the moment the Rage Explosion ends, meaning it's a very small window with a good chance of accidentally getting hit by a still active explosion. The timing is difficult but it is possible to catch them with a long range low attack such as a sweep between the explosion ending and the opponent's invincibility end.
Comboing From the Rage Explosion
Due to the opponent being launched in the air in a jugglable-state when hit by the Rage Explosion it is possible to combo from it. It is easier to get them if they're hit later into the activation since you'll recover faster and have more time to act. The ability to take advantage of this and the strength of combo varies per character.
There are also a few Super Moves that can only be used while in the middle of a Rage Explosion.
Intentionally Delaying the Rage Explosion
There are a couple ways to intentionally delay a Rage Explosion:
  • Taunts allow you to act before the animation finishes but the Rage Explosion does not activate until the animation finishes, meaning have a brief moment to perform an action before exploding.
  • Having the opponent block a projectile from far enough away that you have to to act before it hits.
The simplest action to take after setting up one of the options above is to jump. By holding up to continuously jump the Rage Explosion won't activate until you stop. Keep in mind that this does not work with hops.


Guard Crush

There is a hidden guard mechanic in Matrimelee. Most attacks when blocked will do a a certain amount of Guard Damage to an unseen guard meter, and after enough of this damage is taken a Guard Crush will be inflicted, stunning the player leaving them unable to block and wide open for an attack.
Most attacks do some amount of Guard Damage, however Guard Cancels do none, and it varies depending on the Super Move. Check the individual character pages for more specific information.
Some characters can instantly Guard Crush with certain moves, but this is more for effect and they cannot capitalize on Guard Crush in situations.
Guard Crush Values
Characters have different amounts of total Guard Damage they can take before being Guard Crushed. They can be separated into tiers as seen in the table below.
Guard Total Characters
200 Sissy (Boss)
120 White
100 Buntaro, Chinnen, Poochy, Reiji
90 Elias, Jimmy, Jones, Kanji, Keith, Lynn, Shintaro, Tane, Ume
85 Anny, Hikaru, Olof
80 Clara


Normal Attacks

Also referred to simply as "Normals".

Normal Attacks are preformed by pressing one of 4 main buttons (A, B, C, and D) while standing, crouching, or jumping.
Additionally, under certain conditions the normal which comes out may change:
  • There are Close Standing Normal and Far Standing Normal attacks, meaning based on your distance to the opponent a different normal attack will come out. Not every normal has a different version based on proximity, but most do.
  • Neutral Jump Attacks and Back/Forward Jumps Attacks may have different normal attacks depending on the character and the attack.
Every Normal Attack (including Command Normals, Dash Attacks, and Great Attacks) can be canceled into Special Moves and Super Moves.

Command Normal Attacks

Command Normals are a special type of Normal Attack that is done by holding a specific direction when pressing the button, with the direction held and button used varying between characters. Directions commonly held for Command Normals are Forward and Down-Forward (such as 6.D and 3.B). A few characters have command normals that can be preformed in the air.
Normal Attacks, Dash Attacks, and Great Attacks can be canceled into Command Normals to extend a combo, but a Command Normal cannot be canceled into another Command Normal.
Command Normals may have additional special attributes, such as hitting low or high, putting you into an aerial state, and even functioning as a counter.

Dash Attacks

Dash Attacks are performed with by dashing and pressing A or C for a Punch Dash Attack, or B or C for a Kick Dash Attack. You can only attack out of a Forward Dash.
Both Dash Attacks serve different functions:
  • Punch Dash Attacks will keep the opponent grounded which allows you to combo from it by canceling it into Command Normals, Special Moves, and Super Moves.
  • Kick Dash Attacks will launch the opponent into the air in an non-jugglable state, not allowing for a follow up. It is still possible to cancel them into other moves but it will not combo on hit. To make up for this they generally have better hitboxes, may come out faster, and do more damage than Punch Dash Attacks.
Certain Special Moves are also "powered up" when performed from a Forward Dash and become a Dash Special Move. It is possible to combo into these from a Punch Dash Attack.
Be aware that if you're hit when performing a Dash Attack you will suffer a Double Counter Hit and suffer massive damage. Look at the Double Counter Hit section for more details.

Great Attacks

Also referred to as "Crush Attack".

There are two types of Great Attacks, a Standing Great Attack and a Crouching Great Attack, performed by pressing C and D at the same time.
  • Standing Great Attacks will wall slam the opponent into an untechable knockdown on hit.
  • Crouching Great Attacks must be blocked low and launch the opponent into the air on hit. It's possible to combo from these by canceling them into a suitable Command Normal or Special Move, but the options tend to be limited.
Guard Cancels are also performed by pressing C+D but while blocking. Although they have a different animation they function similarly to Standing Great Attacks by wall slamming the opponent into an untechable knockdown. Refer to the Guard Cancel section for more information.

Chains and Combos

Natural chains

Character specific normals that cancel into each other such as "2c > c" or "5c > d" or "2b > b > D".

Self Chains

When an A or B attack is able to cancel into itself.

  • A few A or B attacks cancel into themselves such as Lynn's 2b, but they're just linking.
  • 5.A can be canceled into rolls, on whiff, block, and hit. (some cannot like Poochy's)

CPS-1 Chains

CPS1 Chains are a bug that lets you Self Chain A and B attacks into any other 5a/b/c/d or 2a/b/c/d attack. CPS1 chains in Matrimelee are very similar to how they're performed in SF2 games.

To perform a CPS1 chain, you must hit at least once with a Self Chaining A or B attack and after hit you must change your stand/crouching stance to the opposite and press A or B once more, plus whatever other attacks you want to chain into.

  • You can CPS1 chain into 5CD or 2CD attacks as well.
  • CPS1 chains are very important to the BnB of a few characters, such as Kanji. In others it may prove to be useful or not at all.


Links are not very common. A few characters have links from a command normal, a bit more have links from a 2b or a 66a/c. Some can even link after a fireball.


Normal versions of A and B attacks put the opponent into an air reset and you lose all juggle options. This does not apply to command normals used from A or B attacks.

  • C and D attacks always put the opponent into a juggle state.
  • Some special moves allow juggling after use.
  • 66A/C moves allow juggling, but 66B/D does not.
  • Stress Scream and winning Bloodline Battles always puts he opponent in a juggle state.

Infinite Protection System (IPS)

IPS activates as soon as you do 10 individual attacks in a combo. If a move does 2 hits, generally it counts as one attack. So you can have a 30 hit combo before the 10 attack limit kicks in and the opponent recovers instantly.

  • IPS activates by launching the opponent with your 10th attack into a non-jugglable knockdown. This knockdown can be tech rolled.


Normal Throws

Normal Throws are input with 4.gifC or 6.gifC. The opponent will be thrown in the direction held.
It is not possible to throw a Recovery Roll, but regular Rolls can be thrown.
Throw Techs
Teching Throws is performed the same way as a Normal Throw, by inputting 4.gifC or 6.gifC when the opponent attempts to throw you.
It is possible to Tech Throws in almost any situation, even when you're in the middle of another move. The only time Throw Teching is not possible is during a Roll.
After a successful Throw Tech both players are left extremely close to one another – going for another throw in situation can be effective. In the corner this situation is amplified as the characters are even closer together. Multiple Throw Techs in a row in a corner situation is common.

Air Throws

Air throws can only be done when both players in the air, and can only be input with 6.gifC.
There are a few quirks when it comes to air throws:
  • It is not possible to tech Air Throws. If two players attempt to Air Throw at the exact same time the one who gets the throw is random.
  • After an Air Throw other aerial actions are possible such as attacking or Double Jumping.
  • Some aerial hitstun states cannot be hit with an attack, but it is possible to air throw from them.
  • Jimmy, Elias, and Sissy do not have an Air Throw.

Command Throws

It is possible to combo into Command Throws.
They have a whiff animation unlike regular throws.

Need to do some additional research:
  • Which characters have them? (Elias, Reiji, Tane, ???)
  • What happens when a command throw and normal throw are done at the same time?



Forward Walk Speed Tiers
S: Ume, Tane, Clara, Hikaru, Lynn
A: Poochy, Saizo
B: Shintaro, Chinnen, Anny, Keith, Reiji, Jimmy
C: Kanji, Olof, Jones, Elias
D: Buntaro
E: White
Crouch Walk
Tane has the unique ability to Crouch Walk forward by holding 3.gif.


Forward Dash (also referred to simply as Dash)
Input with 6.gif6.gif. Hold 6.gif to continue to run.
Run or Dash forward. Some characters have different movement options.
Forward Dash Speed Tiers
S: Poochy, Saizo
A: Ume, Tane, Clara, Hikaru, Lynn
B: Shintaro
C: Kanji, Olof, Buntaro, Chinnen, Anny, Keith, Reiji, Jimmy, Jones, Elias
D: White
Back Dash
Input with 4.gif4.gif.
Dash backward. Back dash has Invincibility Frames.
  • Can be used as an alternative to back rolls.


Forward / Back Roll - 4.gif or 6.gif + AB Input 6 or 4 + AB to roll

  • Has recovery and can be thrown

Recovery Roll - 4.gif or 6.gif + AB Can only be done after being knocked down.

  • Fully invincible.
  • Allows you to retain recoverable health after being knocked down.

Jumps, Hops, and Double Jumps

Normal Jump
press any upward directional input: 7.gif or 8.gif or 9.gif
Input 7, 8 or 9 to jump.
Super Jump
1.gif or 2.gif or 3.gif - then - 7.gif or 8.gif or 9.gif
Input 1,2 or 3 while grounded then quickly 7,8 or 9 to jump higher than a normal jump
Tap 7.gif or 8.gif or 9.gif
Hyper Hop
1.gif or 2.gif or 3.gif - then tap - 7.gif or 8.gif or 9.gif
Input 1,2 or 3 then tap 7, 8 or 9 to perform a hyper hop. Hyper hops are quick horizontal hops that can be used to quickly get in on an opponet
Can also be done during Double Jumps
  • Heavy recovery frames on landing, making it very difficult to combo
  • Heavy landing frames are very punishable to tripguard
  • Can air throw and air-to-air guard from a short hop
Double Jumps 7.gif or 8.gif or 9.gif (Air only)
Input 7,8 or 9 to jump again after another jump.

Jump Start-up & Recovery Frames

(Building this section)

Character Start-up Frames Recovery Frames

Counter Hit Mechanic

Counter Hits are a very dangerous mechanic of Matrimelee. Counter Hits punish overly aggressive plays, rewarding the opponent with extra damage.

  • Counter Hit damage bonuses apply to all attacks, Normals, Stress Screams, Special and Super moves.
  • Counter hits do not change meter gain.

Counter Hit

Counter Hits deal 1.5x normal damage.

  • Counter Hits occur when normals and special moves are hit out of.
  • Punishing dashes also cause counter hits.

Double Counter Hit

Double Counter Hits deal 2.0x damage. Combined with Super moves, it can kill quickly.

  • Double Counter Hits can only be done off of dashing normal punishes.


The Kuroko does not appear on every stage.
Stage Characters Kuroko
Binbo Ningen Kanenaiji Kanji, Saizo Yes
Bokurano Himitsu Hikaru, Poochy No
Chisana Shiawase Anny, Clara Yes
Hyakkan Keith, Olof No
Let's Go Onmyouji Chinnen No
Seishun no Kaku Gei Elias, Jimmy, Jones, Lynn, White No
Shinobi Ai Gouketsuji Kanji, Saizo Yes
Subarashiki Internet Ume, Tane Yes
Tokimeki Overclock Buntaro, Shinataro Yes


Rounds can be set in the Service Menus. Rounds can be set to One, Two, or Three rounds per set.

  • In the first round characters start at a set distance away from each other.
  • In all following rounds you have completely free movement before the round starts
  • 2nd and 3rd rounds have a surprisingly long amount of time after the 'round start' graphic disappears before you can attack.
  • Stress Scream from the end of one round carries over to the next round.


You are given 60 real-time seconds to complete each match. Some feel the default speed is too fast since time-outs can be a regular occurrence.

  • Timer can be set to slow, normal or fast in the Service Menus.


To Taunt, simply press the Start button.

  • Taunting builds 1/3rd of a Stress Meter Bar.
  • Taunt animations cannot be canceled. When the meter is given, you can cancel the Taunt recovery animation.
  • Taunting is a great option to do on Knockdown.

Bloodline Battles

  • Bloodline Battles are initiated when both Player 1 and Player 2 enter a taunting state. During a Bloodline Battle, both players will dash to the center of the screen and a monitor will drop down displaying a button that needs to be pressed. (A,B,C,D) If a button is pressed in time, damage will be dealt to the opponent. Buttons can also be missed, dealing no damage to anyone.
  • Winning a Bloodline Battle can lead to juggle combos.