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Modified Numpad Notation

On this wiki, moves are notated with a combination of button letters and numbers, known as Numpad Notation. First of all, the game has 5 buttons: A, B, C, T, and G.

Here are the directional inputs possible in MKD:

And here are how those same directions are laid out in modified numpad notation. In this game, 5 represents the lever down position, and 6 always faces the same direction the character is facing for consistency.


In most other games, 5 is the stick neutral position. 5 is mapped to down in MKD, because "down" is the input for "neutral" in this game.

By representing lever directions with numerals as shown above, any set of lever and button inputs can be represented with a combination of button letters and numbers.


Mega Knockdown uses four directional buttons (or a joystick) for movement, and five action buttons to select your combat action. Because the game is turn based, players have to lock in both a movement action and a combat action every turn.


Walk - Press 4 or 6. You will attempt to walk forward or back one square on your turn. If you chose to attack, it will be delayed by 10f.

Neutral/Stand Still - Press 5 (lever down). You will not move, so your attack will happen as fast as possible.

Jump - Press 8 (Not 7 or 9). You will do a jumping action. Most of these will move you up to 2 spaces forward. Jumping attacks tend to be ~20f slower than ground attacks. Jumping back is possible with 8G.

Combat Actions

Normal Attack - A, B or C will perform a normal attack on the ground or in the air. The attack happens after movement.

Special Attack - Certain character specific combinations of movement + attack button will trigger a unique special attack. No walk animation happens for ground specials, though some specials cause some movement to happen.

Throw - The T button will throw the opponent. This is a short range unblockable attack. Throws behave differently depending on your choice of movement action.

Block - Press G. Your character will block incoming attacks, if they would connect. If the opponent whiffs, you gain frame advantage. It's possible to walk and block, but this locks out blocking Low attacks.

Game Modes