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Name:   Akiha Vermilion (紅赤朱 秋葉)  —  Nicknames:    Red

Voiced by:   Hokuto Minami (北都 南)  —  Type:   Human, Half-Demon  —  Gender:   Female

Birthday:   Sept. 22  —  Sizes:   73 / 57 / 79  —  Height:   160cm  —  Weight:   45kg

Eye Color:   Blue  —  Hair Color:   Red


Possibly in a plot to destroy the Tohno Household by Kohaku, this version of Akiha has succumbed to her inversion impulse, becoming the Crimson Red Vermillion.

This version of Akiha is one of the most mobile characters in the game. She is much quicker than her normal version, equipped with 2 air dashes and a ground dash that covers half of the screen. Be careful though, with these changes she goes from having the best defense to the worst.

Stage: Classic Home. Invade

Classic Home. Invade.PNG

BGM: Troublesome Visitor

Crescent Moon

C-V Akiha is a very rarely seen character, and for a good reason. She is basically the same V Akiha that was in MBAC, but with the loss of the untechable knockdown she used to get off of her J.C. (Which also now only hits below her.) C-V Akiha possesses some good zoning moves, with air flametongues, charged ground pillars, and air-activation on pits. What makes her unique amongst the V Akiha grooves is her 22A/B/C pits' properties. Her pits will drain HP and Magic circuit while your opponent stands in them, and add it to V Akiha's. You also can manually ignite them with 22x, gaining some nice frame advantage. Unfortunately, with no untechable knockdown to send your opponent into the corner, and full-screen momiji loop being more difficult to execute due to the increased stage size, C-V Akiha has a hard time effectively setting up these pits.

Changes from AC :

-623B has slightly more recovery. This make 623B 2C much harder, if not downright impossible. New (And better) variant of momiji works anyway, but this make oki slightly worse.

-5C move her forward more. You can start a combo with 2A 5B 5C 4C 2C and still be quite close to your opponent.

-4C has slightly less range, but will hit most crouchers at max range.

-2BBB Can be jump canceled on last hit.

-Can now charge 214. More time between the hits of 214, giving you lots of +frames. More risk vs more reward.

-Airthrow nerf. Vakiha barely has any + frame after an airthrow.

-jC : now techable, but special cancelable. Vakiha now lacks a reliable down after an aircombo. There probably are some gimmicks with air 22s, 236a, after a blocked jC.

-jB has slightly more priority (vulnerable area smaller).

-j236B now hit more under the ribbon, making it very slightly safer, and is comboable from CH2(Just airdash jA).

-New move : Air pit activation.

-236C has much less invulnerability.

Vakiha still gets much of her damage in corner, but with her jC being techable, it's a lot harder to do now. Nerfed otg and 623b also make her corner pressure game much weaker. However, she gains a slightly better pressure (new buffer make sjtk 236A posible, 5C move her forward more,charged 214, game now has guard bar...).

Normal Moves

5A- Quick jab, combos into everything. Best used for whiff cancels at the end of your blockstrings.

2A- Fast low jab.

5B- Vertical claw attack. Moves Vakiha forward.

5BB- Launcher. can superjump cancel with 8.

BE5B- 3hit 5B with ok guard damage. You can also only delay 5B slightly by releasing B before complete charge.

2B- Low poke. Stuff high shield with it. slightly slower, slightly more range than 2A.

2BBB- Same as Half. Last hit can be jump cancel, make the move risky, but not trash anymore.

5C- High kick. Move her forward quite a bit.

2C- Long range low sweep. Untechable knockdown. Kinda slow startup and recovery.

4C- Long range 2 hit attack.

6C- Ground overhead. Can be dash/special canceled on hit.

J.A- Fast kick, hit opponent under.

J.B- Fast, good range, average "priority". Cant be dash canceled (6956 will do a "air IAD", for nearly the same results)

J.C- A downward kick. Unlike in MBAC, it gives a techable knockdown. Has decent crossup capabilities. Is now special cancellable.

214D- Same as half, but does not cost 100 meter and does not have full invincibility.

6E/4E- Gives a good knockdown while draining both Red and Yellow vitality.

Special Moves

236A- Grounded flametongue. 3 hits. Good tool to lock enemies in the corner by canceling into 236C.

236B- Another grounded flametongue, but this one is slower on startup. 3 hits, slight advantage on hit. Pretty much unusable.

236C- 24-hit flametongue storm. Gives + on block. Great move to hold enemies down in flame pits.

214A- Flame pilars. 3hits. Neutral on block.

BE214A- 5 hits with more time between those than between normal 214A, giving lots of + frame.

214B- Same as 214A, but flame pilars appear farther.

BE214B- Same as BE214B, but flame pilar appear farther.

214C- Same as Half.

22A- Summons a pit directly below V Akiha. Should only be used in the air. Can be activated for 3 hits with 22A/B/C. (In air too) While enemies stand in pit, it drains their HP and magic circuit, and adds it to her own.

22B- Summons a pit underneath enemy. Should only be used in the air. Can be activated for 3 hits with 22A/B/C. (In air too) While enemies stand in pit, it drains their HP and magic circuit, and adds it to her own.

22C- Summons large pit underneath enemy. Should only be used in air. Can be activated for 7 hits with 22A/B/C. (In air too) While enemies stand in pit, it drains their HP and magic circuit, and adds it to her own.

623A- Dragon punch move, has upper body invulnerability until first hit. Average anti air. Knockdown on last hit.

623B- Vakiha Dash forward a bit, then do a 623A motion. Has lower body invulnerability until first hit. mostly used in momiji combos.

623C- Full body invulnerability Use as a sucky reversal move or for her full-screen momiji loop.

J.236A- A flametongue which retains air momentum. Great for zoning and tech punishing. Gives + frames on block.

J.236B- B flametongue which stops V Akiha mid-air to summon it. Great for zoning.

J.236C- Summons 8 flametongues. Summoned like 236B, so no aerial momentum. There's a bit of lag on its start up, so this is pretty hard to use. Can usualy be combo'ed if it hits grounded opponent.

J.22A- Summons pit underneath V Akiha, retaining aerial momentum. Same as 22A.

J.22B- Summons the same 22B pit, but floats V Akiha in the air to do it.

J.22C- Summons 22C pit, but floats V Akiha in the air to do it. Gives massive + frames on block when ignited.

Combos and Strategies

Misc Combos

2A 5C 4C 2C 623B 4C 2C 623B 4C 2C 623B J.22C (corner only)

2A 5C 4C 2C 5BB J.AB J.ABC

2A 5C 4C 2C 5BB J.668 J.BC (corner crossup)

2A 5C 4C 2C 623B 4C 2C 2A(whiff) 5C 2C J.22C

2A 5C 4C 2C 623C 4C 2C 623B 4C 2C 623B J.22C (anywhere)

She also has a corner meter loop that is difficult, but possible.
2AA 5B 4C 5B 2C 623B 4C 2C 236C 2C 4C 5BB 2A (whiff) 5BB 623B 4C 2C [5BB 2A (whiff)] x 9 5A 5BB 2A (whiff) 5A 5BB 623A
Gains like 150% meter or something, takes 20% to start.

Half Moon

H-V Akiha has many similar normals to that of Crescent style, but a very different set of specials, which effects her game quite a bit. H-V Akiha is all rushdown, and she's pretty good at it. Most of H-V Akiha's game comes from locking your opponent down with a multi-hit special like her auto-ignite pits or charged flame pillars and using her 2 available air dashes to psych your opponent out and sneak in a J.C. What's pretty cool about H-V Akiha is that she can combo into her Momiji Loop (623B loop) from anywhere on screen, and for no meter. This strengthens her game considerably due to the great okizeme opportunities she gets off of the loop. With 2 air dashes, good specials to help reset pressure, and good staggering normals, H-V Akiha is a pretty nasty rushdown character. If you play this character, you're either going to kill your enemy in 2 combos or get killed in 2.

Normal Moves

5A- Standard quick jab. Best used to chain into 6AA or for whiff canceling in a blockstring. Chains into itself.

6A- A forward shin kick forward. Can only be executed after 5A. Moves her forward quite a bit.

6AA- The second hit, only after 5A6A. V Akiha does a forward punch. Causes untechable launch on grounded opponent.

2A- A quick, low jab. Hits low. Chains into everything.

5B- A downward verticle swipe. Good move to stagger with.

5BB- V Akiha follows up the swipe with an upward one, launching the opponent.

BE5B- V Akiha charges the swipe. Scores 3 hits. The charge is very slow; this should not be used.

2B- Quick, low swipe, similar to 2A. Gets 3 hits, and has good priority. This should be your mash attack of choice, but beware of IAD.

2BBB- V Akiha does two quick low swipes which launch the opponent, then does a slow Akiha J.B-type move. The last hit won't connect if the hits from 2BB do.

5C- A forward kick. Causes wallslam against airborne opponents. Air unblockable; it's good for snuffing jump outs.

2C- A low sweep. Untechable knockdown.

4C- A 2-hit smash that has a bit of pushback. Used in her combos frequently. Launches airborne enemies. Air unblockable; it's good for snuffing jump outs.

6C- Overhead kick, has a bit of start up time. Causes wallslam on hit.

J.A- A quick mid-air kick. Pretty versatile normal, and is best used when V Akiha is above her enemy.

J.B- An upward kick. Great for counter-hit fishing, especially enemies above V Akiha.

J.C- V Akiha attacks in a V-shape. Large horizontal hitbox; very good on air-to-ground situations. Has big crossup window as well.

214D- V Akiha slides under her enemy, tripping them. Crosses up. (If you cancel guarding into this, it costs 100 Magic Circut, but gives her full invincibility.)

Standing Shield Counter (Successful 5D)- Looks like the second hit of 5BB, untechable launch.

Crouching Shield Counter (Successful 2D) Same as 214D animation, untechable knockdown.

Jump Shield Counter (Successful J.D)- Same animation as Crescent style's J.C. If enemy is hit, they cannot tech.

Throw (6E or 4E)- Gives untechable knockdown, and also drains life from enemy and adds it to V Akiha's. (Both Red and Yellow vitality.)

Special Moves

236A- Auto-TK flametongue. Very slow on start up, and the flametongue is much smaller than a normal flametongue. Gives good + frames on block, if you can get anyone to respect it. Cancels if V Akiha is hit.

236B- Auto-TK flametongue that moves V Akiha up and back a ways. You can bait reversals with this, but you still might get snagged. Pretty useless. Cancels if V Akiha is hit.

236C- V Akiha jumps up and summons several flametongues, like Cresent style's J.236C. Can be interrupted during slow start up, but gives good + frames on block, or gives you a free combo if it hits. It is decent a getting you out of an opponent's pressure if you see a big enough gap.

214A- V Akiha summons 3 flame pillars in front of her. Neutral on block. Disappears if V Akiha is hit.

BE214A- V Akiha summons 5 flame pillars, starting in front of her. However, they are larger and spaced further apart than normal 214A's. They combo into each other. Verticle hitbox is surprisingly high, making it a great zoning tool. They disappear if V Akiha is hit.

214B- Just like 214A, except the pillars begin where 214A's would end. Disappears if V Akiha is hit.

BE214B- Same as BE214A, except the pillars begin where 214A's would end. They disappear if V Akiha is hit.

214C- Several pillars are summoned and advance like a wave, starting in front of V Akiha. Not a very useful EX move. They will stop advancing if she is hit.

22A- V Akiha sets a pit directly under herself, which automatically activates. Scores 3 hits, and gives + frames on block. Can and should be used in the air. Will not ignite if V Akiha is hit.

22B- V Akiha summons a flame pit a short distance in front of her. Scores 3 hits, and gives + frames on block. Can and should be used in the air. Will not ignite if V Akiha is hit.

22C- V Akiha summons a flame pit in the same place as 22B, but it scores more hits and gives more + frames on block. Can and should be used in the air. Will not ignite if V Akiha is hit.

623A- V Akiha jumps and hits the enemy down. Gives an untechable knockdown, but the recovery time on this special doesn't permit you to do much about it. Has upper body invincibility.

623B- V Akiha dash attacks her enemy, then strikes them downwards. Scores 4 hits. Used in her corner combos. A bit safer than it was in MBAC. Also known as the momiji rush. Has lower body invinicibility.

623C- Same animation as 623B, but gives a large, untechable bounce afterwards. Does less damage than 623B, and should never replace it. It can work as a finnicky reversal. Can be followed up with an air combo. During first 10 frames, V Akiha has full body invulnerability.

J.236A- V Akiha releases a flame web, like F-Akiha's 421 series. The web has long start up,and does not do damage until the very end of the animation. Recovery can be reduced if you input 2369. (TK) Very good for corner pressure/oki. Disappears if V Akiha is hit. Stops V Akiha's aerial momentum when input.

J.236B- Flame web without stopping aerial momentum. This move is impossible to tiger knee, and takes over 60 frames to start. Worthless.

J.236C- Like J.236A, except it's larger and causes more damage.

J.22A- 22A, but done from the air. Good for traping enemies below you. Commonly used in pressure strings by canceling J.C into J.22A. Disappears if V Akiha is hit.

J.22B- Just like 22B, but done from the air. Disappears if V Akiha is hit.

J.22C- 22C, but done from the air. Good choice on oki if you have the meter. Disappears if V Akiha is hit.

Arc Drive (41236C)- New move; is now a beam shot from V Akiha's eyes. Covers about 75% of the screen horizontally. Good for punishing pokes/back dashes.

Combos and Strategies

Mid-Screen Combos

2A 5C 4C 5A 6AA 2C 5BB J.CB J.BC Throw

This combo is extraneous. It should be the first thing you learn, but it always makes more sense to combo into the Momiji loop. Lazy combo.

2A 5C 4C 5A 6AA 6C 66 4C 2C 623B 4C 2C 623B 4C 2C 623B Oki

Your full screen momiji loop; very important. Sets up for good Oki and does most damage. If you tag them with the very tip of 5C, you may have to cancel 4C after 1 hit, otherwise the rest of the combo will not link. If you land the 4C after 6C a little too close to the corner, the 6C wallslam will be counted in the combo, preventing you from doing your third rep of the momiji loop. Note that you must use the 66 dash to get close enough to the corner so you can do the entire loop. Also, this combo will not work in the corner unless you replace 6C with 2C or 4C.

2A 5C 4C 5A 6AA 6C 66 2C 4C 5C 623B 4C 2C 623B

Alternate combo for when you're not sure if you landed the 6C followup too close and the 6C wallslam will prevent the third rep of your momiji loop from connecting. Also you can use this combo to manage your meter if the other combo was going to put you in HEAT when you didn't want it.

2A 5C 4C 5A 6AA 2C 623B Mixup

Seems silly at first, but results in a good 50/50 okizeme situation. If you super jump to where your target is, you will land on the opposite side, creating a pretty obvious crossup. However, if you whiff J.B during the super jump, you will land on the normal side. Another mixup option here is to super jump above the knocked down target, then double jump right above them. The timing of your double jump will decide which side you land on. Note that these mixups only work when this combo has been done mid-screen.

J.22A land 5B 5C 4C J.ABC J.BC Throw

Your standard J.22A pit combo. You may need to use the air follow up: J.AAC J.AC Throw, as the 5C may cause the normal follow up to whiff on some characters.

J.22A land 4C 5C 2C 5A(whiff) 6AA 6C 66 2C 623B 4C 2C 623B 4C 2C 623B

NEW. Random pit into fullscreen momiji combo. Be sure to delay the 6AA AND the 6C if you want this to connect. Against Kouma and Arcueid, 5A cancel the 2C AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, then add more delay to the 6AA for it to connect.

J.22B/C dash J.C land 5C J.ABC J.BC Throw

Your standard J.22B/C pit combo.

5D 2C 4C J.ABC J.BC Throw

Standard shield-counter combo.

Corner Combos

2A 5C 4C 5A 6AA 2C 623B 4C 2C 623B 4C 2C 623B Oki

Momiji loop. It is possible to use other filler instead of 4C 2C before using 623B again. Other fillers include 5B 2C, 4C 2C 2A(whiff)5BB, 5B 2C 2A(whiff)4C, and 4C. No matter which fillers you use, you will get roughly the same amount of damage. 4C 2C works best because it is easy to input and does the same damage as the more complicated whiff combos. Note 2C may whiff Akiha, V Akiha, S Akiha, Warachia, Nero, Miyako, Len, Riesbyfe, or W Len if you do not delay the repped 4C enough. Against all characters, depending on the height of the enemy, you may have to delay between 2C and 623B if you want to get all of 623B's hits in. Sets up for good okizeme.

2A 5C 4C 5A 6AA 6C 66 2A(whiff) 5C 2C 5A(whiff) 6AA 6C 66 2C...
... 5A(whiff) 6AA 6C 66 2C 623B
... 2A(whiff) 623B 4C 623B
... 2A(whiff) 4C 623B 4C 2C 5BB 623B

6C loop; requires high execution. Damage is comparable to that of the momiji loop's.

2A 5C 4C 5A 6AA 2C 623B 4C 2C 2A(whiff) 5C 2C Mixup

Half-momiji 50/50 mixup. After the final 2C, you have an opportunity to jump over to the other side of your knocked down enemy, creating some mean oki.

2A 5C 4C 5A 6AA 6C 2A(whiff) 2C Mixup

Appears to be a dropped 6C loop, but is in fact another 50/50 combo. The 2C hits your enemy pretty high, so you have plenty of time to make them guess which side you'll attack from. Whiffing he 2A correctly will put V Akiha's back to the wall to start with.

J.22A/B land 5B 5C 4C J.ABC J.BC Throw

Same as mid-screen pit combos, but with an added 5C.

J.22A/B land 4C 5C 2C 5A(whiff) 6AA 2C 623B 4C 2C 623B 4C 2C 623B

NEW. Must be done a short distance outside of the corner, otherwise 5C will induce wallslam and you lose the third rep of the momiji loop. Pit into Momiji loop.

5D 2C 623B 4C 623B 4C 623B Oki

Shield counter into momiji loop. 2C tends to drop, but you can add it in depending on the height of the combo. Delaying the first 2C seems to effect it.

Okizeme and Pressure

H-V.Akiha's oki is superior to her other and older reincarnations since you can combo into momiji from anywhere, giving you solid okizeme off any hit you land on grounded enemies. Your two main tools after a momiji loop are 22B/C and J.236A/C. 22B/C will lock them down long enough for an IAD mixup ending in high/low options. J.236A/C can be used a bit differently. You can super jump J.236A/C so that it's meaty, allowing you to dash in and pressure or combo if it hits. Another neat trick is that the flame web makes V.Akiha hard to see so it's easier to sneak an overhead or low. Another option is J.2369A/C. After a momiji knockdown, dash forward so you're close and use a TK flame web. If timed correctly, you should have enough time to throw them right before the web hits which will boost your throw damage to 2K damage or 2.5K if you used meter.

Aside from momiji loop-specific oki games, H-V Akiha's oki games benefit from her 2 air dashes. Thanks to her new j.C, she gets a stronger high/low game. You can have up to 4-5 high/lows everytime she jumps. Below are some simple examples:

  • iad J.C air dash J.C
  • iad J.AB air dash J.C
This option is generally pretty strong since normally after j.AB you need to land. After j.B input 686 or 86A+B to airdash again.
  • iad J.A land 2A/6C/Throw
  • iad J.A air dash J.C
  • iad j.C dj j.A(whiffs) falling j.A airdash j.C or land 2A
This was one of V Akiha's strongest mixups from MBAC. The dj j.A is an option select, if they heat there it'll whiff, if they try to jump out you'll catch them with it. Normally this is the mixup you really want to establish before moving on to other stuff.
Note: J.C can be canceled into J.22A for massive + frames on block. If your enemy successfully blocks your J.C mixups, cancel into J.22A and reset pressure. Also, at the cost of 50 circuit, your air normals can be air dodge-canceled, so it's like there is an additional jump in your string.
Keep in mind that the above strings also all start with IAD's - if you just jump in instead of IAD in at the start, you get even more variations on your mixups.

As for blockstrings, although she lost tk flametounge, she benefits from 5a6a for the amount it advances. This, combined with 5B and 5C being normal cancellable extremely late gives her deceiving staggers. Add this to standard whiff cancel strings and you have a powerful offense. The focus is on getting them to respect your 5B. If you can do this, it will extend her blockstrings quite a bit.

Basic examples:

2A 5B delay 5C or 2A 5B (let it recover) 2A again or 5B again (you can even do dash throw if you want)

5C 2A 5B delay 5A 6A 2A or 2A again or 5B again

5C 5B 2A let it recover (gives you back your normals)

Granted you have more options than these - don't just copy these strings, use them as a framework for your own.

Full Moon

In full moon style, V Akiha gains the ability to summon pillars from the air, making her zoning game very different than her other styles. In addition to that her new J.236 moveset and auto-ignite pits make her pressure some of the best V Akiha has ever seen. Full moon gets both damage and okizeme in exchange for a fairly linear playstyle.

Normal Moves

5A - Strong pressure tool, something like +3 on block. Also is a good anti-air.

2A - Good move, but 5A is better and reaches farther. Standard 2A. Slightly more damage as a combo starter.

5B - V Akiha does a low kick. Strong pressure tool. Hits low. Moves V Akiha forward and does good guard bar damage.

2B - Same as all the other moons. Has 2BBB follow up which is jump cancellable.

5C - Looks the same as all the other moons, but no longer wallslams, making it a good anti-air. It is also chargeable.

5[C] - Good guard damage.

2C - Used primarily in combos. It has a lower hitbox than C and H, so it can't be used as an anti-air as well, but it's slightly faster.

4C - 2 hits, now launches. Can snuff jumps easily and can be used as a limited anti-air.

6C - Her overhead, same as other styles.

3C - C and H's 5BB. Helps with max damage momiji combo. Launches on hit, but is inferior to 4C in just about every way.

j.A - A poke with her hand. Decent range and all right to use in the air.

j.B - A kick that covers in front of her. Good at fetching counter hits.

j.C - H's j.C, but cant be dash canceled. Same uses, great for mixup.

Special Moves

236A/B/C - Ground puffballs. The only one that is really used is 236C for combos.

22A/B/C - Ground pits. A is right in front of you, B is farther, C is the farthest. They ignite when the opponent is on them, in blockstun/hitstun. Unlike C/H pits, they dont launch opponent on hit, and can add quite a bit of damage. Also, faster to create. For unknown reasons, if you get a Half moon character while in auto heat into blockstun with any C normal canceled into pit (so that it auto ignites from the blockstun), the pit forces a circuit spark.

623A/B/C - Momiji. A is now jump cancellable on hit and is usually what you IH. B is used in the loop. C is used in the fullscreen Momiji loop. It has 10 frames of invincibility - up to the first hit, so it can be used as a mediocre reversal.

214A/B/C - Flamepillars. A is right in front of you, B starts a couple of character lengths away. C flamepillars are taller and go farther than the other two. A pillar and B pillar are both chargeable.

j.236A/B/C - Air puffballs. This is probably one of the best projectiles in the game as they open up her mixup and beat pretty much anything that goes under it. Can be used as a pressure reset if tigerkneed. A puffball advances, B puffball retreats. C puffball costs 100 meter and gives untechable knockdown.

j.214A/B/C - Air flamepillars. Same as ground pillars, except in the air, and there are only 4 of them. Core of her air to ground neutral game.

j.22A/B/C - Same as ground flamepits, except in the air.

41236C - Arc drive. Eye beam. Good for punishing projectiles/summons/whiffs at 3/4 of the screen size, but extremely punishable when blocked. A majority of the cast can duck under it. When in blood heat, it hits fullscreen and is not duckable.

Combos and Strategies


2A 5B 5C 4C(2 hit) j(A)BC djBC Airthrow (Basic midscreen combo. jA may or may not be needed, depending on the number of 2A's you're confirming off and the opponent character.)

2A 5B 5C 4C(1 hit) tk8 22A Airdash jC land jBC djC Airthrow (Adding more than one 2A makes links easier due to gravity scaling. Tight links, best midscreen meterless damage.)

2A 5B 5C 4C(2 hit) 236C 4C(2 hit) jBC djBC Airthrow (100% meter required. Basic meter midscreen combo.)

2AAA 5B 5C 4C(2 hit) 236C 5C 3C jBC djBC Airthrow (100% meter required. You need more than one 2A to make the links possible. Best midscreen damage.)

2A 5B 5C 623A tk9 22C Airdash jC land jBC jBC Airthrow (Half-way of stage to corner carry. Adding more than one 2A makes links easier. Pit can be omitted.)

2A 5B 2C 623C jump 9 2C 623B 2C 623B (100% meter required, half-way of stage to corner carry)

6C dash 5C 4C (2 hit) j(A)BC djBC Airthrow

6C dash 2C 623B 2C 623B (Half-way of stage to corner carry.)

6C dash 2C 623A IAD jC land jBC djBC Airthrow (Works fullscreen.)

Momiji Loops

Corner Momiji Loops:

(Starter)...2C 623B 2C 623B - Basic Momiji Loop; weakest variation, but really easy

(Starter)...2C (delay) 4C 623B 2C (delay) 4C 623B - stronger variation, but harder; use for hit count

(Starter)...4C 623B 4C 623B - Another minor variation

(Starter)...5C 623B 5C 623B - hardest variation; looks cool, average damage

(Starter)...2C 3C 623B 2C 3C 623B - strongest variation, pretty easy as well with some minor delays

You can pretty much swap out the variations or mix/match some sets of the strings of the loop (taking character hitbox into account).
For more damage, you can omit the last 623B and go for air combo instead.
For even more damage, after the first 623B, do 2C 236C 2C 3C -> rest. You can end either with air combo or 623B.
For crossup mixup, end with 2C 4C(1hit) tk9 22A j236A/B.


Setup 1: (2AA) 5B 2C 623B... - Easiest starter, low damage, universal setup

Setup 2: (2AA) 5B 2C (delay) 4C 623B... - Hardest starter, best damage, universal as well

Setup 3: (2AA) 5B 2C 3C 623B... - Easy starter, best damage, universal with some minor timing changes on certain characters

Setup 4: (2AA) 5B 5C 4C(1) 623B... - Another easy starter, good damage, character specific

Character List of Momiji Loop starters:

Setup 1: Works on everyone

Setup 2: Works on everyone; timing on the 4C seems to be really tight on Roa and Kouma.

Setup 3: Works on everyone; must delay the 3C after the 2C in the starter on Archetype:Earth, Arcueid, Warc, Kohaku & Mech-Hisui, Ryougi, Nero, Miyako, and Kouma. Must delay the 3C after the 2C in the middle of the loop on Len and Riesbyfe.

Setup 4: Requires a minimum # of hits for 623B to connect after 4C(1) depending on the character, listed as follows:
1: Tohno Shiki, Arcueid, Arc:Earth, Nanaya, Kouma, Roa, Kohaku, HisuKoha (Kohaku lead), V.Akiha, Mech Hisui, MechNeco, Neco Arc, NAC
2: Warc, Hisui, HisuKoha (Hisui lead)
3: Nero
4: Aoko, Miyako, Ciel, Warachia, Satsuki
5: V.Sion, Riesbyfe
7: Akiha, Seifuku Akiha, Len, KohaMech
9: W.Len
12: Sion
Over 16: Ryougi
Basically anything 5 hits or less is perfectly viable, throwing in 2B is a good way to raise the hit count, and it doesn't seem to work at all on Ryougi.

Post Momiji Setups:
Setup 1: Superjump forward 22A - This is the default setup, it gives nice +frames to start pressure, air normal can be whiffed to go into low or bait reversals. Another option is to go into j236A. It sets off pit, and you can tk [j22C j22B] xN until you hit the ground.
Setup 2: tk7 j22B j214B just before landing. - Another safe option. You are far away, so bunkers, reversals or heats will not harm you, and you still have +frames to continue pressure.

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