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Melty Blood/MBAA/Arcueid Brunestud

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Name:   Arcueid Brunestud (アルクェイド・ブリュ ンスタッド)  —  Nicknames:    White Princess of the Shinso, Arcade Bumstead

Voiced by:   Ryoka Yuzuki (柚木 涼香)  —  Type:   True Ancestor   —  Gender:   Female

Birthday:   Dec 25  —  Sizes:   88 / 55 / 85  —  Height:   167cm  —  Weight:   52kg

Eye Color:   Red  —  Hair Color:   Blonde


Arcueid is described as the main heroine of Tsukihime. She is the White Princess of the Shinso, the True Ancestors; the title of Brunestud was given to those Shinso capable of manifesting the Millennium Castle Brunestud.

Arc is a very powerful being in most source material but not so much here. Collectively, she's close to being one of the hardest characters to play, for a beginner atleast. However, she is rewarding for people who stick it in. Depending on which moon you play with her, she is versatile to your liking of gameplay. She has not lost much going from AC to AA, but she has gained some things from her time off. Her AC form has split off into all 3 of her moons, making it a little more comfortable to play her if you did in AC. She does come with some high damage stuff if you play her cards right, and her mixups are pretty decent as well.

You can't autopilot Arc. She autopilots you.

Best moon she likes to see: Full

Stage: Midnight Park (Arc Stage) / red moon scherzo (Alternate Arc Stage)



BGM: Midnight Raider (Arc Stage) / Maze Walker (Alternate Arc Stage)

Crescent Moon

And so, you decided you wanna play Crescent.

You decided on reliving long combos of AC, only 25% longer for median damage and large amounts of meter.
You wanted top notch gimmicks and tech punishes of 63214A/B (aerial pinky ring).
You like having some thought of a mixup. 5[B] is usually your fix.
You decided to stay neutral on some of your moves, keeping the opponent at bay for you next surprising attack.

If you still wanna play Crescent, please proceed reading this section. If you don't, go to H or F. Er, I mean F.

Crescent is basically what Act Cadenza Arc was with a few new twists to her moveset, specifically her special moves. She has a new move that forms a ring around her that can do well as an all purpose move. She also has followups to her B elbow which in some cases, can be helpful in evading and ending pressure. Her combos are very long winded, so be prepared to go for them consistently. They are however easy, and expects alot of delay on them. People who played her in AC would have no problem with this.

Strengths - Good damage/Good meter gain/Damaging tech punishes/Easy ground mixup/3rd best defense (for all her moons)/Good normal move set

Weaknesses - Long combos, many ways to be dropped/Ground normal move reach is short/Requires close range battle at all times (but once she gets in...)

Normal Moves

5A - [Mid]

- Fast swipe, spammable.

5B - [Mid]

5[B] - [High]

- Somewhat fast punch coming from above. Will move you slightly forward. Opponents in mid-air will be smacked to the ground when hit. When charged, it takes longer to prepare than the regular 5B and will move you forward more than the regular 5B. This move is where most of your beginning mixups come from, as you can half charge 5[B] to make it seem it was charged fully.

5C - [Mid]

5[C] - [Unblockable]

- Punch with an outstretched arm, about as fast as her 5B. Will move you forward a bit. Opponents in mid-air will be slammed to the wall when hit. Doing a 5CC (followup) on an opponent in mid-air will make you jump after them allowing for an air-combo. When charged, it has several clash-frames on startup. Also, takes longer to prepare than her charged 5B and her regular 5C (obviously). Will move you forward.

4C - [Launching Mid]

4[C] - [Launching High]

- One of C-Arc's 2 launchers. It used to be her 4B in MBAC in which she jumps forward with one knee outstretched. 4C will do 2 hits and leave you and the opponent in mid-air allowing for an air-combo or a relaunch-combo. Takes longer to prepare than the regular 4C. Will move you forward slightly more than the regular 4C. Charged 4C will do 1 hit and leave you and the opponent in mid-air. Blocked charged 4C can be jump cancelled and/or cancel into another air move. Remember, this move only launches from the ground. A staple in midscreen combos.

2A - [First Swipe Mid; Second Swipe Low]

- Fast swipe, spammable. Her swipes are pretty deadly when blocked mid. She has one that she does with her left hand first then her right in rapid succession. The first is always mid, and the second is always low. It will go back and forth as long as you press 2A. If you tap it a little slower, she will keep using the mid swipe, which is very useful in blockstrings.

2B - [Low]

- Relatively fast kick that moves you slightly forward. Also a universal poking tool for all 3 moons.

2C - [Low]

- Sweeeeeep. A claw-swing from below. Reaches further than 2B but not as fast. Primary tool to get people off the ground for wallslam and midscreen combos.

3C - [Launcher Mid]

- Used to be her 3B in MBAC: Uppercut, launching the opponent into mid-air. This move is usually for the players who are just starting Arc. Use this move to access a free air combo.

jA - [Aerial]

- Fast swipe in mid-air. Good aerial poke for Arc.

jB - [Aerial High]

- Does 2 swipes mid-air when ascending and only do the second swipe when descending in mid-air. The first swipe covers the area above her which makes it good for hitting opponents above you. Air to air, its not as all reliable as say, Warc's is, even though they do look similar.

jC - [Aerial High]

- Kick with an outstretched leg doing a split (wait, she's wearing a skirt!) that is easily the best starter for a combo if landed. Does nicely air to air, but does get beaten out from properly spaced ones.

j2B - [Aerial Special]

- Stops your momentum in mid-air and launches you downward in about a 30° angle. A surprising move for one thing. Even though it seems like has no use, it has some. For one, it can track for ground techs, making your opponent think twice about doing so. Most of the time it can hit, but your combo abilities from it are limited. It can also be used as a whiff for gimmicks or tick throws.

j2C - [Aerial Special]

- Hits mid (on both hits). A circular motion with outstretched arms and gives you a slight upward momentum which makes it handy for extending your jumping distance. The first hit will float an opponent to the air when not blocked from the ground, the second will smack them to the ground when being hit in mid-air. This move is mainly used as a great air combo ender for a little extra damage and the possibility of ground tech punishing someone from the air.

Special Moves

Rekka Series (236/QCF) - I will break the rekkas down like this. Arc has a 3-hit rekka and depending on which button you use, whether you charge it or not, or if you use a whole different notion altogether, she can execute a whole new move.

The way this will be broken down is with the button you use and the part of the rekka you're currently in. A-1 means you use 236A for the first rekka and so on. If you want to do A-1/2/3, the notion is 236A, 236A, 236A. The only exception is with 214A/B-3, which is an alternate 3rd hit for the rekka.

A-1 - [Mid]

- Arc swings her hand and moves forward to the opponent. Standard poking tool, mostly used for starting blockstrings. Also can be punished if done too close or not using other parts of her rekka.

B-1 - [Mid]

- Arc does the same thing as A-1 but goes farther. Once again, nice for poking, but useless for safety if not zoned correctly.

[A/B]-1 - [Mid]

- Seems like she'd do the same thing, but when charged, she swings her hand to release force at a single line around her. Around her? Yes, it does crossovers if used properly. You'll use this for keep people pinned down most of the time as its advantage is at a whopping +13. Mindless ground teching can get punished by this move as well, no matter where they tech since it CROSSES OVER. The 2 drawbacks are how slow the charge is to get shielded and how narrow the hitbox is. A nice move, but has its flaws. Does not matter if you use A or B, you'll get the same move.

A-2 - [Mid]

- Arc swings her hand upward and moves toward the opponent. Alot better for blockstrings and safety. It does not have advatntage but it is safe to an extent.

B-2 - [Mid]

- Same thing but goes farther. No change from properties. I believe its a tad bit safer on block.

[A/B]-2 - [Mid]

- When charged, she swings her hand upward, but the force is at a curved line around 45 degrees. By the description, it sounds like a good anti air right? In actuality, it is, but you have to charge it first which the time to do so is atrocious. However, it is good for catching jump outs from the corner when people think you are going for [A/B]-1 instead. It is also air unblockable and untechable so you can always followup with a damaging combo if someone gets hit by it. Does not matter if you use A or B, you'll get the same move.

A/B-3 - [Low]

- Arc finally ends the rekka (one way) with swinging her hand downward going toward. This low is pretty damn fast, but the rekka is a very common move used by most Arcs so its kinda unnecessary unless you have the meter to back it up. This move is EX cancellable if you confirm that someone got hit by or blocked it. The recovery is pretty bad, so don't use it unless you're positive on it either hitting, or having the meter to keep yourself safe.

214A/B-3 - [Mid]

- Here's another way Arc can end her rekka. She can swing her hand overhead towards the opponent. This move possibly has the best advantage of all the rekka points since she recovers from it so fast. But if she swings her hand overhead...then...

214[A/B]-3 - [High]

- There is an overhead option! Must be charged however. This overhead is just like her Act Cadenza one, only a little more sneaky with the regular 214A/B version that is new in AA. Instantly knocks down the opponent if hit.

C-1 - [EX Mid/Mid/Low]

- EX version. Arc does the same thing with her rekkas but with more force applied to them. Its 12 hits overall, with the last few being low, just like her A/B-3 rekka. The startup is crazy good, making it useable to counter most common blockstrings and sometimes as a reversal. Beware though, if the low is blocked, Arc is immobile for a moment which makes her wide open for attack.

Elbow Series (214/QCB)

A version - [Mid]

- Arc jolts forward with a moving elbow. You can easily whiff this version since she doesn't move that far, but its good for closing in gaps between you and the opponent. The elbow itself is pretty good on block as it pushes Arc back a little from any harm.

B version - [Mid]

- Same thing as A but she moves forward as far as half a stage length. That's pretty damn far so use this one for closing in on opponents from mad distances. If your opponent is in the air, elbow usually gets rid of any weak jump ins and early jumps. This elbow doesn't move Arc back so if you are in the opponent's face, have a backup plan...and you actually have 3:

214B followup #1 - A-Teleport - [Special Movement]

- Arc teleports a short distance from where she stopped her elbow. If you are that close to the opponent, then you will teleport over them to the other side. The teleport itself is on Warc type levels of speed, which is good. Quick delivery, quick recovery. Use this sparingly when you're close to the opponent, you are going to be in range to get punished by most 2a's if the opponent sees it coming.

214B followup #2 - B-Knee Missile - [Mid/High]

- B followup is exactly like 4C. Exactly.

214B followup #3 - C-Force Palm - [Mid]

- The old Act Cadenza followup, which is just like her 5C. When used with 214B, it can help you stay neutral with your opponent. This followup also pushes Arc back like 214A does. This is EX Cancellable just like in AC.

C version - [Mid]

- EX Elbow, that when hit, can shoot the opponent into 4 positions with Arc hitting them along the way. Last hit downs to the ground with smoke all around. This is usually called the DBZ Elbow, with good reason. This move is mostly used as a hit confirm from 214B-C followup. If blocked, it has the same properties as the A version does (also in distance). There used to be a mixup involved with the debris smoke coming up from the move's completion, but its been toned down a little in AA.

Claw Series (623/DP)

A version - [Low]

- Arc swipes the ground with her hands in the form of claws. Knocks down. A very decent low move, but slow on startup and bad on recovery if not spaced properly. Also, there is a 6A followup to this move which can float the opponent to the air for an air combo.

B version - [Mid]

- Arc swipes the air with her hands this time, in the form of claws. This move is quite possibly the only decent anti air (outside of her dps) in her arsenal. Not only does it have proper angles and space, it is also air unblockable and jump cancellable. You can also use the 6A followup to this version too.

C version - [Low/Mid]

- EX version. Looks like 623A-6A followup but with more hits on 623A and 6A wall bounces. This is a good EX move to use when the rekkas hit. It allows for an extra followup combo afterwards.

DP Series (22/down down) - All versions of this move have a 66 (forward forward) followup that is corresponding to the button you pressed for the dp. Example: 22a then 66a and etc. You cannot EX followup the EX version, but you can EX followup the A or B versions. Also, they can be done either on the ground or in the air.

A version/followup - [Mid/Aerial]

- Arc jumps up, using her hands as claws. A very short dp with no invincibility. Pretty quick on the startup, but the rewards are lackluster. It is air untechable, but ground techable. The followup is Arc striking the opponent with those claws to the right. The followup is air techable and is pretty meh on the damage.

B version/followup - [Mid/Aerial]

- Same as A, but Arc jumps a little more upwards. This version has SOME invincibility but should not be used that much as it can be teched anywhere. There is no difference in followups from A.

C version/followup - [Mid/Aerial]

- EX version. Arc leaps into the sky, with 2 flurries of claws. Now THIS is a dp. Full invincibility on startup and some on active. Amazing damage if done from the ground. This version can get severely punished but if used as a reversal to stop a move from coming out, its unbeatable. Followup is the same as the previous ones, but does more damage and wall bounces.

Force Ring Series (63214/HCB) - Arc's new moves in Actress Again. They can be done on the ground or in the air.

Ground A - [Low]

- Arc hops back, releasing a forceful ring of energy below her. This is a low and it is air untechable. She hops back enough for landing a 5A into combos only in the corner. Startup is ok, but too much of a push if you are too close to the opponent. You could lose your momentum.

Ground B - [Low]

- Arc hops back even more, releasing a ring of energy. Same properties, but with B version, she can keep her air movements so you won't lose sight of the opponent. You cannot combo after this one as she hops back way too far for any type of combo.

Ground C - [Low]

- EX version. Arc hops back, throwing out a huge ring of energy. The startup is a tad bit more than the regular rings, but this one is multiple hits and keeps Arc in a safe position. Use this mostly as a fallback if the end of your rekka is blocked.

Air A - [Aerial Mid]

- She shoots out a force ring around her, protecting her from enemies. If tiger knee'd, the ring will catapult Arc away from the opponent. What makes this move so good is the fact that it virtually has no recovery at all coming down. You can keep people in blockstun if you do a quick low such as 2a or 2b, as soon as you land from this move. This is the version used for all tech punishes.

Air B - [Aerial Mid]

- This does the exact same thing, but with a few key differences. If tiger knee'd, the ring will shoot Arc downwards, sort of like a fast fall. This is the version used in some advanced corner combos. Also, she keeps her air movements unlike A version.

Air C - [Aerial Mid]

- EX version. Arc does the exact same thing but with a bigger ring and more hits. This one automatically shoots Arc back, keeping her safe from any attacks. Like B, she can keep her air movements, granted you did not use them already.

Combos and Strategies

To be filled.

Half Moon

And so, you decided you wanna play Half.

You like the fact that you can instantly rush down from literally any move you throw out.
You want to take full advantage of the half system by gaining meter fast from your combos.
You wanted to have faster moves, faster than any version of Arc in this game.
You will lack in mixups and gimmicks but a gain in frame traps and counter poking/mashing, allowing a strict mind of pressure and rushdown.

If what was just said entices you, keep reading. If it did not, keep reading to F or go back up to C (and I mean keep reading to F.)

H-Arc is the epitome of a straight forward character, as some H-moon characters are. She is also powerful in this moon, able to take down 4k-4.5k from a simple 5a-6aa combo. H-Arc has insane lockdown and blockstrings, most of which comes from her being able to reverse her 5C at will and in some cases, this will be very helpful if your opponent is scared to see what comes next from her.

Strengths - Great damage from anywhere/Guard breaking ability is the best of all 3 moons/Fierce rushdown game/3rd best defense/Easiest combos of all 3 moons/Excellent frame traps

Weaknesses - Little to no mixup potential/Requires very sharp thinking and hit confirmations/Hardest moon to master and win with/Shortest range of all 3 moons

Normal Moves

Most of her moves are the same as Crescent's, with the exception that most of her pokes (5B/5C) have lost their charging properties, but come out faster. She does have a few more changes however, which I will now go over:

j.B - [Aerial High]

– Only normal move with a new animation in Half. Arm swipe that hits on both sides of Arc that is used for crossup purposes and a good one at that.

j.2C - [Aerial Special]

- Double arm hammer swing downwards with force. It has the same uses as C/F-Arc's j.2C as the opponent can tech this move upon landing. It is one hit and shoots Arc downwards with the opponent for more of a ambiguous punishment.

5B - [Mid]

- Same as C-Arc's except for 2 things. The fact that it cannot be charged (BE) and that it floats on air hit (think of Warc's 5B). Comes out at about the same speed as C-Arc's 5B. A general blockstring move used mostly for frame traps along with 5C.

5C - [Mid]

- Same as C-Arc's. Just like 5B, it cannot be charged and it does not wallslam on air hit (think of Warc's 5C). 5CC is not available in H. Also, 5C can be reverse beated by any move.

5A-6AA - [Mid Special]

- The standard H-moon string. All H-moon characters have it and Arc does too. Arc hits like a normal 5A then a 1-2 swipe for 6AA. Can be delayed and one of the most important moves in your blockstrings and combos.

Special Moves

Most of Arc's specials are the same as C-Arc's but she does have a few differences:

1) All 236a/236b chains cannot be charged.

2) 6a followups after 623a wallbounce like in Act Cadenza.

3) 214B is the same as it was in Act Cadenza: an elbow then a forceful punch. All 214b followups in C- (A - teleport; B - 4C; C - 5C [what the punch is in this moon]) are gone. Can still be canceled into a super.

4) New move: Teleport Series (421/RDP)

A ground - [Movement Special]

- Teleports forward, stopping at a point. Less recovery.

B ground - [Movement Special]

- Teleports forward, stopping at a point (half screen almost). More startup.

C ground - [Mid]

- EX Teleport that takes 100% meter. Teleports forward, stopping at a point if the opponent is in reach of it. If opponent is caught, Arc will either throw to the other side of the screen or slam down depending on whether you're holding down or not. Works the same way as Arc's normal throw if the opponent is caught.

A/B air - [Aerial Movement Special]

- Teleports forward in air, stopping at a point. Can be canceled into and from. You can also jump cancel the teleport if you have yet to use your double jump.

C air - [Aerial Movement Special]

-Teleports backward in air, stopping at a point. Very short distance (about 2 character lengths) and can also be canceled into and from.

Combos and Strategies


Midscreen and/or corner BnBs. All combos end in air throw or 22b - 66c. Air Combo = j.B - j.C - jump cancel - j.B - j.C - air throw

1) 2A - 2B - 2C - 4C - Air Combo

2) 2A - 2B - 2C - 5C - 623B - Air Combo

3) 5A 6AA - 5C - 623B - Air Combo

4) 2A - 2B - 2C - 4C - air dash - j.B or C (delay) - 5B - 5C - 623B - Air Combo

5) 2A - 2B - 2C - 4C - air dash - j.B or C (delay) - 2C - 4C (delay) - j.B or C - 5A - 5B - 623B (optional) - Air Combo

6) 2A - 5B - 5C - 5A 6AA - 5C - 2C - 4C - Air Combo

7) 5A 6AA - 5C - 2C - 4C - air dash - j.B or C (delay) - 2C - 5C - 623B - Air Combo

The next few are 2a whiff combos, some of the most damaging combos Arc has. Here is a video of one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w98_nUc-EG0

8) 2A - 2B - 5C - 5A 6AA - 5C - 2C - 2A (whiff) - 2A x 2 (hits) - 2C - 4C (delay) - Air Combo

9) 2A - 2B - 5C - 5A 6AA - 5C - 2C - 2A (whiff) - 2A (hits) - 2C - 5C (delay) - 623B - Air Combo (this is the one on the video)

10) 2A - 2B - 5C - 5A 6AA - 5C - 2C - 2A (whiff) - 2A (hits) - 2C - 4C (delay) - air dash - j.B or C (delay) - 2C - 4C (delay) - Air Combo

11) 2A - 2B - 5C - 5A 6AA - 5C - 2C - 2A (whiff) - 2A (hits) - 2C - 421C - [2] for knockdown

12) 2A - 2B - 2C - 4C - air dash - j.B or C (delay) - 2C - 2A (whiff) - 2A (hits) - 2C - 5C (delay) - 623B - Air Combo

13) 2A - 5B - 5C - 5A 6AA - 5C - 2C - 2A (whiff) - 5A x 2 - 2C - 2A (whiff) - 2A (hits) - 2C - 5C - 623B - Air Combo



1) H-Arc's blockstrings can be done in many ways and is the only way she can be unique from her other 2 moons. The main reason for this is because she can cancel and reverse beat all of her normals (omit 4C, only when charged does it cancel into other moves, and 3C). In this fashion, there are unlimited amounts of pressure/blockstrings you can achieve while playing Half.

2) Overall, you should be focused on never leaving the opponent's range of attack, as you can most likely counter it with your faster normals. There are some exceptions, but the main focus is keeping the opponent restrained from doing such attacks. This is your only means of offense, and it is a very rewarding one.

3) As mentioned before, this Arc has the shortest range, so getting in can be a hassle. That's why you are suited for ensuring that once you are into range to begin attacking, you'll stay there and punish anything that moves. Moves like 5C and 2C are her best bets for her range 2 characters away. If you really need to close big gaps, use B elbow. If they are too scared of it, they will jump. Also, elbow closes in on opponents very fast so people can get tricked on speed alone. Use that to your advantage.

4) Once you are in, start a blockstring.

Starters - 5A 6A/2A/5B/5C (since you can reverse beat)
Enders - 2C/214B
Resets - 214A/236A 236A

Using 214A to restart your blockstring is very good since it is neutral and keeps you very close to the opponent. Restarting with a move such as 5A or 5B will ensure that the opponent stays in blockstun or baits any unnatural poke after elbow respectively. Abuse 5C whenever you get a chance to. It has an 8f startup and can be reverse beated by anything you haven't pulled out yet. Her blockstrings are pretty much an adventure since there is no way you can abruptly stop it, unless you use 4C (no charge) or 3C.

5) 5C is straight raw damage combo starter. It is an all purpose to stop backdashing from pressure and bad poking. It is also very fast on the come out, so it is very useful in blockstrings.

6) H-Arc has no legitimate anti air normals, so if people jump out of your pressure, you must expect it and meet it with 623B or early j.A.


1) H-Arc is very limited in this category, so you have to keep watch of what you can do in situations as such. One of the main mixup opportunities with H-Arc is that she can whiff her j.2C with the animation still coming out of it, if you are close enough to the ground to whiff it. Also, with this, you are instantly on the ground with no recovery. Use this to sneak in a free throw or 2A if the opponent expects a free throw.

2) H-Arc has a fuzzy guard! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPJSbHYQN5s

But it is not very reliable. It also takes decent meter (100%) to make a full followup after it whereas Full's is easier and nets decent damage for absolutely no meter. Also only works on a handful of people like Ries and Wara.

3) Ending ground 5A 6AA combos with 2C 236A 236A 214A gains opportunity for a jump mixup on a downed opponent. You can also use j.2C whiff to your advantage here. Also remember that j.B is a guaranteed crossup and that you can air dash cancel from it.

4) All Arcs have the hopover tech, which is simply hopping over the opponent whilst running. It stops your movement when you hop over, meaing you can attack on the other side easy. However, in Actress Again, the hop itself has gotten slower (by 2f) so abusing it can get you hurt. Once every few matches would be good enough to keep the opponent guessing when you run in.

Full Moon

And so, you decided to play Full.

You like easy damage from counter hits.
You desire the longest range moves that Arc has to offer.
You appreciate a Street Fighter mentality, Full is right up your alley.
You like blockstrings that are easy to do, yet scary for others to get out of.
You want to master links for maximum damage.

If you want to play Full, I suggest you read on. If not, go to C or H (...you don't wanna do that if you wanna win.)

First things first, this bitch's damage potential is astronomically big. But to gain it outright without counter hits, you gotta suffer some pain first. At first sight, her combos look easy but are infested with links. You know, the Links for combos on capcom games. Yeah, those links. Not as scary when you start trying out her midscreen ones, but heading to the corner, its a nightmare for the people starting out with her. She has range, not the type of range that's GREAT, but its there. 236A/B are good zoning tools and 2C is her longest poke of all 3 modes. Also, she has faster special moves such as her down claw (623A) and dp (22A) with the addition of 22B's knockdown followup.

Strengths - Best damage AND range of all 3 moons/Air to air game is top tier/Best normal move set/Faster specials/Fuzzy Guard leads to bad things/3rd best defense/Hardest single hitter

Weaknesses - Relies HEAVILY on fishing for air counter hits/Non-counter hit combos are challenging/Limited on blockstrings and mixups

Normal Moves

A brand new moveset with the exceptions of 2B, 5C, j.A, and j.2C.

5A - [Mid]

- Standard elbow blow. Spammable but useful at +3.

5B - [Mid]

- Extended hand with some force into it. This is her general poking tool in F. Stringing this back to back in blockstrings is one of the best traps she has. Also start combos with this for maximum punishment.

5C - [Mid]

5[C] - [Unblockable]

- Same as C-Arc.

2A - [Low]

- Poking foot out towards the opponent. Looks exactly like the Shoto's c.LK in CvS2. Good move for starting blockstrings and combos.

2B - [Low]

- Same as C-Arc.

2C - [Low]

- Sweeeep. As mentioned before, this is the longest range available to a normal moveset from Arc. Even with its deceptive range, its pretty fast for a sweep. 2C on hit to combo can add up to some vicious damage.

j.A - [Aerial High]

- Same as C-Arc but must be blocked high.

j.B - [Aerial High]

- Looks somewhat like C-Arc's but isn't. This one has more horizontal range to it and is only one hit. Not very reliable to take people out of the air, but is good for most air to ground situations.

j.C - [Aerial High]

- She swings dat arm forward with force applied. This move hurts and this move owns. Easily top 10 in air normals due to how fast it comes out and how much deceiving space is on it. The easiest damage coming from her in the air is because of this move. Also, the counter on hit makes the oppoenent fall shallow and slow, making it possible to followup from anywhere you may land j.C.

3C - [Launcher Mid]

- She raises her arm and shits out a pink geyser next to her. Looks like an anti air, but is not. Only used after 2C for easy mode combos.

6C - [Special High]

- Arc hops and comes down with an overhead claw. Startup looks just like her super jump animation. You can link 623A/C afterwards to make the overhead worth landing. On block, its -6 iirc, but decently safe if spaced right.

j.2B - [Special High]

- Same as C-Arc. Also the primary followup to a successful fuzzy guard.

j.2C - [Special Mid]

- Same as C-Arc.

Special Moves

Force Faiya Series (236/QCF) - Oh yeah, she spit hot faiya.

A version - [Mid]

- Arc releases a mass of energy in front of her, vertically. This move is very universal, it can be used as a zoning tool, for combos, and in blockstrings. The advantage is neutral, but keeps you in safety when you can space this right.

B version - [Low]

- Arc releases a mass of energy in front of her, horizontally. Same as A, it is universal, but has a more damaging outcome to it. It is also +1 and takes up around half the screen. Can destroy early jumps from half screen, most normals, chicken blocking (air unblockable), and the normal everyday flu. Yeah, it's that good. Abuse when you can.

C version - [Mid]

- EX. Releases the energy away from her, going higher and farther than the other 2. A good move to use on confirmations from landing 236A/B for easy damage. Also jump cancellable on hit.

Claw Series (623/DP) - These have 6A followups just like the other moons.

A version - [Low]

- Same motions as C/H-Arc's claw but with one major difference: startup. The startup on this move is about 6-7f, which is pretty damn fast comparing it to other special moves that are low. This can be abused and unbeatable at the right positions and angles. Also, you can link 5A from it in blockstrings. Hard to do and risky, but ensures the opponent is still in blockstun.

B version - [Mid]

- Same as C/H-Arc.

C version - [Mid]

- EX. Same as C/H-Arc.

DP Series (22/down down) - These are the same moves, but different properties. Also, there are no air dps in this moon.

A version - [Mid]

- Only difference between this one and the other 2 moons is the same as 623A. Startup makes this dp way more legitimate as a wakeup and reversal option. However, the opponent can air tech it.

B version - [Mid]

- Unlike the other 2 moons, this DP has a untechable knockdown.

C version - [Mid]

- Nothing's changed, just as good as the other 2.

Elbow Series (214/QCB) - Nothing to say about these except they are exactly the same as C-Arc's elbow system with the followups, not H.

Teleport Series (421/RDP) - These are exactly like H-Arc's teleport system. Only difference is that EX version has more air untechable time than H's do.

Combos and Strategies

(Thanks to Tare for letting me cop these ^_^) Combos

AT = Air Throw
JC = Jump Cancel
DC = Dash Cancel
xx = Link
x = delay

Easy Meterless BnBs

1) 2A/j.C 5B 2B 2C 3C j.BC JC j.ABC AT

2) 2A/j.C 5B 2B 2C 3C 623B j.BC JC j.ABC AT

Meterless Link BnBs

3) 2A/j.C 5B 2B 2C 3C 236A x 623B j.C JC j.ABC AT

4) 2A/j.C 5B 2B 2C 236A x 5B j.BC JC j.ABC AT

5) 2A/j.C 5B 2B 2C 236A x 5B 623B j.C JC j.ABC AT

6) 2A/j.C 5B 2B 5C 214B~B DC j.C 5CC j.BC JC j.ABC AT

Corner Combo

7) 2A 5B 2B 2C 236A xx 623A-x6A 2c x 236b x 2C x 236B xx 623A-x6A x 5B 623B j.C x sjc j.A j.B j.C Air Throw

^ Want to keep them low in the air as you're looping them.

Combo Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv4-Fhq6iIA

8) 2A 5B 2B 2C 236A xx 623A-x6A 2C x 236B x 2C x 236B x 5B j.B j.C jc j.B j.C Air Throw

^ Combo Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFDcI0buNd4&feature=channel_page

9) 2A 2B 2C 421C 2C 623A-x6A x 2C x 236B x 2C x 236B x 5A 623B j.B j.C jc j.B j.C Air Throw

^Note that 421C reverses the opponents position, so your opponent has to be facing the wall.

10) 6C 623A-x6A 2C 623A-x6A x [ 2C x 236B ] x 3 5A j.B j.2B land 22B

Special EX Teleport OTG Combo - Must be done AWAY from the corner as the teleport will throw them back into it.

11) 2A 5B 2B 2C 236A xx 623A 236B 421C OTG 2C 623A-x6A x 2C x 236B x 2C x 236B xx 623A-x6A x 5A 623B j.B j.C jc j.B j.C Air Throw

Midscreen Combo

12) 2A 5B 2B 2C 236A x 5B 623B j.B j.C jc j.B j.C Air Throw

13) 2A 5B 2B 5C 623B-6A x 236A x 623B j.C xx j.A j.B j.C Air Throw

^ The pause between 623B-6A x 236A is just so you make sure you don't hit 236 really fast that it will register as 623A instead.

14) 2A 5B 2B 2C j.2B 623A xx 5A 2C 236B xx 5C Air Dash Follow j.B j.C land j.B j.C jc j.B j.C

15) 2C 236B xx 623B jBC jc jAABC AT

must be done off a bare 2C otherwise the 236B won't juggle in time. Very easy link.

16) 2C 236B xx 623A xx 5A 2C 236B xx 623B air combo

^ *Character Specific*

Notes: -Choosing to end with j.2C will allow you to fall and punish tech with j.C, but if they don't tech, j.C will still OTG. -6C links into 623A for possible corner loop followup.

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