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These are changes from the Arcade to the PS2 version of MBAA.


  • All shield-counters now airblockable

Character Specific

Sion Eltnam Atlasia


  • 6C proration was changed. First it does 85% relative prorate, then 65% absolute prorate, essentially whatever is lower is used. 6[C] doesn't have the relative prorate point.
  • H-Moon 623C recovery longer.
  • H-Moon 5B proration was 100% now 80%.
  • H-Moon j.B proration was 90% now 80%. Vertical hitbox slightly reduced as well.
  • H-Moon j.2B proration was 70% now 60%.
  • C-Moon 5C now only hits twice and is jump and normal cancellable.
  • H/F-Moon 6[B] lost the anti-air clash frame.

Arcueid Brunestud

Red Arcueid

  • C-Moon/H-Moon j.22A range + damage nerfed. 1000dmg->500dmg. No longer hits fullscreen.
  • C-Moon 236A proration was 50% now 40% on 2nd hit.
  • H-Moon 63214c range increased.

Akiha Tohno

  • F-Moon 421A no longer EX-cancellable.

Akiha Vermilion

Hisui & Kohaku

  • F-Moon Ladle assist active time lowered.


  • H-Moon maximum stools on screen reduced from 3 to 2. On screen time much shorter (about 5 seconds)


  • Shield Bunker no longer EX Cancellable.
  • 2[C] proration was 80% now 90%. Added scaled proration.
  • C-Moon/H-Moon 236 sword feint now prorates. Instantly ups current proration by 4% while comboing. This doesn't seem linked to reverse beat penalty.
  • H-Moon command throw proration was 80% now 50%.


  • C-Moon dodge no longer sidesteps.

Shiki Tohno

Shiki Nanaya


White Len


  • Airthrow is no longer ground techable.

Nero Chaos

  • 2B appears to hit much faster.
  • 5C crocodile appears to hit much faster.


  • Shield bunker no longer cancellable on clash.

Satsuki Yumizuka

  • C-Moon 623A grab is now ground-techable.
  • C/F-Moon j.[C] added scaled proration.

Miyako Arima

  • C-Moon 5[C] now special/EX cancel only.

Aoko Aozaki

  • F-Moon j.623A/B/C no longer airunblockable.

Kouma Kishima


  • C-Moon Roa gains his old 236A/[A]/[B] -> 214x series command cancels again.

Riesbyfe Stridberg

Neco Arc

MELTY BLOOD Actress Again

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