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Name:   Ciel (シエル)  —  Nicknames:    Curry

Voiced by:   Kumi Sakuma (佐久間 紅美)  —  Type:   Human   —  Gender:   Female

Birthday:   May 3  —  Sizes:   85 / 56 / 88  —  Height:   165cm  —  Weight:   52kg

Eye Color:   Blue  —  Hair Color:   Dark Blue


Ciel is a member of the Burial Agency, a secret organization within the Catholic Church made up of skilled assassins, feared even within the Church itself, known for showing no mercy and willing to do whatever it takes to get their task done even to the point of using forbidden magics and creatures.

Ciel is a very offense driven character. She has good movement and full screen projectiles to cover her. Each moon style brings something different to the table, and is a good match for people that want to control a match from many angles.

Stage: Temple the Seventh Heaven

Temple the Seventh Heaven 2.PNG

BGM: Truth from "Melty Blood"

Crescent Moon

C-Ciel is a very well-rounded character. Like many of the characters in MBAA, C-Ciel can be played very offensively. However she also has enough tools to play a strong defensive game. She can move quickly and has a huge arsenal of attacks that are great for pressuring the opponent in addition to some simple yet effective mixups. If you have played MBAC Ciel before, this style is more similar to that incarnation than the other two styles.

Normal Moves

5A: Mid-hitting punch to the opponent's mid-section. Since it hits mid, it hits crouchers reliably. The old 5A4C anti-jump string still connects and it works perfectly after air CHs. Doesn't have the best priority compared to other 5A's but chances are you'll be using it a lot as a whiff cancel attack and a combo filler.

2A: A toe kick that hits low. Range is average. You'll be using this a lot to start either a combo, ground blockstring, or tick throw attempt. You can also use it in whiff cancel strings.

j.A: A jumping elbow attack. Range is pretty short. Not exactly a good air-to-air attack as a result but it can be used to keep a blocking opponent pinned in the air to set up for a possible guard break situation if you land before they do. It can also be used as a filler in air combos if you're not positioned correctly to get a j.B or j.C.

5B: A standing kick to the opponent's shins. Looks similar to Ky's 5K from Guilty Gear but slower. This move isn't actually the best option you have for combos if you want to maximize your damage but it is useful in blockstrings from time to time. If you hit the opponent while they're crouching, it will trip them as if you did a sweep. Most applicable during a chain stagger or after landing an overhead from her 2C2C mixup. In spite of the fact that this attack must be blocked low, it must be shielded HIGH.

2B: A crouching uppercut that looks very much like the ones found in most 2D fighting games with the exception that it moves her forward a little bit. This attack no longer has clash frames but it still hits twice which makes it great for hitconfirming in combos. The downside? If you do this while not very close to the opponent while they're crouching, it will only hit once and you will be left WAY vulnerable if you don't reverse beat the first hit or cancel into another attack.

j.B: A jumping kick with her foot extended in front of her. This move has an ABSURDLY huge hitbox. Think Ken's from ST or sex kicks from Smash Bros. Great as an air-to-air, jump-in, and most importantly a crossup. Use this often when you're in the air but don't get too predictable with it. You'll also be starting a lot of the air combo portions of BnB's with this move.

5C: A quick sword stab that does a fair bit of damage. This may whiff crouching opponents (like Len) so don't overuse this in block strings against those kinds of characters. If it hits a crouching opponent, it will knock them down in place and make her higher damage combos much easier. It can also be delayed and eventually charged. Take special note that this CAN be canceled by a reverse beat now.

2C: A sweep using both her feet and the second hit is handstand kick. 2C will most often be used in the easier BnBs much like the other characters. However it's not a move that should be constantly thrown out by itself since it is fairly slow on both the startup and recovery.

j.C: A downward angled kick. Hits pretty hard and it's great as a jump in. It also works well when the opponent is below you in air-to-air situations. You'll definitely be using this in air combos as well. Mix this up with j.B in your air game.

Command Normals

2B>2B: The second hit is a hopping backwards hit that looks like Terry's C+D attack from KoF but launches the opponent upward. You can cancel the second hit into a j.214B or j.236A and set up a tick throw but it's fairly risky and should not be overused. As stated earlier, since it launches the opponent upward you can follow up with an air combo though you may have to shorten it due to height issues.

3B: New to MBAA. This is a 2-hit handstand kick. Works very much like the old 2B did in combos and blockstrings. It moves further than 2B and can be canceled into pretty much anything. This attack works very well in combos and staggers so use this move often.

4B>236B: The first hit is an axe kick that can be followed up with the 236B command throw if it hits the opponent. If they block the 4B, then the 236B won't work. If the 236B connects, it will knock them down. The 4B is now special cancelable even if it is blocked. You will be using this in her combos to score yourself a reliable knockdown for oki since the air throw has too much recovery.

[4B]>236B: Same as up above except the 4B is charged and gains overhead properties with some lower body invincibility. It actually comes out a little faster than it did in MBAC and it's special cancelable now. Granted it can be quite difficult to reliably combo off this overhead.

5C>5C: The initial 5C followed by a second command that will throw a sword at the opponent. This move can be used to set up her more damaging combos. It's now a more viable option to end blockstrings since the second hit can be special canceld and as a result, you can come up with some rather nifty pressure strings against a cornered opponent with this move. Add to the fact that bara cancels no longer exist and this move is perfectly safe. The first hit may whiff crouching opponents so don't overuse this in block strings. It can also be delayed and eventually charged. Take special note that the first 5C CAN be canceled by a reverse beat now.

5[C]>5C: Same as above except the first hit is charged and has more startup but does more damage.

2C>2C: The initial 2C followed by handstand kick. The second hit will launch the opponent up on hit allowing you to pursue them with an air combo. Do not use this second hit as a combo starter for BnBs because damage output is much lower than what you could get doing a standard BnB. Unfortunately this move no longer works as her old 2CC mixup because on block, you are put into airborne state much earlier making it impossible to reverse beat into 2A for the low option. You can still use j.C or j.236A > throw but the low option is no longer available. This is primarily used as a strike vs throw mixup now.

4C: An upward slash with her knife. Good damage, nice hitbox, 2 hits, great anti-air this move seemingly has it all but it no longer has clash frames. The hitbox and damage make it great for comboing and it's also very useful in blockstrings. The angle it hits at makes it tailor-made for anti-air. However you must time it correctly because if you do it too early or too late, you get hit. Overall, this move is a blessing so use it regularly.

j.2C: A downward lunging stab from the air. It can not be canceled into anything else and it has poor recovery upon landing and not to mention there's a bit of startup to it as well. This move can be used in midscreen okizeme situations when the opponent thinks you're going to land behind them after a knockdown. Use wisely though as wakeup dps might tag you if you use it too much. You would think this move hits as an overhead but unfortunately it doesn't.

j.2[C]: New to MBAA. This is a charged up version of the above j.2C. There is more startup, but on the contrary it hits overhead. It is also cancelable on block or hit so it's much more useful than the above version. Mix this in with air dash pressure strings in the corner to keep the opponent guessing.

Throw: Ciel grabs the opponent and slams them into the ground depending on the direction specified. Works the exact same way as in MBAC.

Air Throw: Ciel grabs the opponent, flips and hurls them into the ground at a 45 degree angle. Unlike MBAC, Ciel's air momentum will completely stop before she throws them. This air throw is no longer techable but it is very difficult, if not impossible, to follow up with reliable okizeme. Use this to end your air combos if you don't intend to spend any meter instead.

Special Moves

Black Keys (214A/B/C): Ciel's knife throwing series. Properties will vary depending on the button pressed.

214A: Ciel throws a Black Key that knocks the opponent down. The opponent can tech upon landing. Can be used to end blockstrings that push the opponent too far away for you to resume pressure. Depending where on the screen the opponent gets hit, you can chase their tech accordingly if you're fast enough.

214[A]: New to MBAA. Ciel throws a charged up version of her 214A. On hit, this version locks the opponent in place momentarily and they proceed to get hit by an explosion that launches them up into the air. Very useful for combos and you'll be using this to set up her combos that end with a knockdown for okizeme. It is possible to loop this attack after [4B] but the timing is pretty strict.

214B: Ciel throws a Black Key that does not knock the opponent down, but it has several followups to it which are listed below. (1) is the initial input.

(1) 214B ----> 4B -> 4B

             |      |
             |  (2)|---> 4A -> 4B
        (3) |---> 4A -> 4B
                  (4) |---> 4A -> 4B

(1) is the basic series which ends in a knockdown.

(2) is the starter followed by a double knife throw, third input throws 4 knives and the last input throws another knife angled downward which will knock the opponent down.

(3) is the starter followed by a second input that throws two knives simultaneously, one which is close to the ground and the other slightly above her head. The third input is the same ender as series (1).

(4) is the starter followed by the 2nd input of series (3) and the last two inputs of series (2).

Those are the 4 different variations. The most useful variation is quite possibly 214B-> 4A because when used at long range, it can snuff improperly spaced jump-ins and air dashes. NEVER finish any one of the series variations if the opponent is high above the ground because you are in counter-hit state and if you get hit, you will NOT like the results. The safest time to finish a series is if your opponent is full screen distance away and they haven't left the ground yet. If the opponent gets hit by a series that has a total of 3 inputs ending with the 4B command at full screen, you can link a 236C after it for additional damage. In general, use these if the opponent is trying to keep you away or camp the other side of the screen. You can also use the shortened versions to force the opponent to rush in so that you can recover in time to punish any incoming aerial assaults. It is possible for each input to come out even if you delay it.

214C: This is the super variation of her Black Keys. Ciel will perform her backdash and throw a volley of knives ala Richter Belmont (from Castlevania: Rondo of Blood for those of you who don't know). This move is now completely safe to use on block due to the absence of bara cancels. You can use it to prolong a combo after the opponent has activated heat, or you can use it to chip away at their lifebar while they are regenerating health.

Aerial Black Keys (j.214A/B/C): Ciel performs her knife throwing series in the air. These travel downward at a 45 degree angle and have fewer variations.

j.214A: Ciel throws a Black Key that sets the opponent aflame and knocks them down. Useful for zoning and can be used to help you get in on the opponent depending on the followup you choose. New in MBAA, Ciel will continue her air momentum. So if you perform this move while jumping forward, backward, or straight up, she will continue to travel in that direction on the way down. As a result, there is a minimum height requirement for this attack in order for it to come out. If you do this too close to the ground, the knife won't even come out at all.

j.214B: Ciel throws a Black Key that doesn't knock the opponent down but can be followed up with two additional inputs. The full series is j.214B -> 4B -> 4B. This series doesn't have as many variations as the ground version and it's not nearly as useful since it's pretty easy to avoid in general and there is no way to cancel her descent. If you're really high in the air, you can use it to hit a Nero who's trying to chase you with j.C or a Wara using j.B. Other than that, use with caution.

j.214C: Ciel throws a volley of Black Keys downwards at a 45 degree angle. This super is primarily used for ending combos when you need that extra bit of damage when the opponent is low on health. You gain roughly 60% circuit back when the last wave of knives hit the opponent and you can continue to use your air dash if you haven't used it already.

Blade Sinker (623A/B/C): Ciel dashes towards her opponent while holding out several Black Keys in her hand. These attacks can also be performed in the air.

(j.)623A: In MBAA, this version only hits once and doesn't travel very far but it can be super canceled. Not particularly useful on its own because it is linear and has a fair amount of recovery. It can be used at the end of a 5CC blockstring to tag people who let their guard down a little too soon.

(j.)623B: This version covers more distance than the one above, hits up to 3 times, and launches the opponent straight up. Can also be super cancelled and used in the same manner as well. This move is unairblockable and can tag people who try to jump out after a 5CC blockstring. It can also be used to extend combos ending with a 5CC but the followups are more difficult and do the same damage more or less. Not to be used on its own.

(j.)623C: This is a powered up version of Blade Sinker and received quite possibly the most significant change since MBAC. This move comes out RIDICULOUSLY fast and it's safe on block. It will switch sides with the opponent when used midscreen making it near impossible to punish. This super has no startup invincibility but once she starts moving she is completely invincible. You can use this super to get out of the corner so long as the opponent isn't doing a really meaty attack. The air version of this super causes wall bounce and is very useful when tk'ed in combos when approaching the corner.

Halo (236A/B/C): Ciel leaps into the air and can perform several different moves depending on the button pressed. This attack has more startup than it did in MBAC.

236A: Ciel clings to the nearest wall. Not pressing any other button will cause her to fall to the ground. You can do several moves from this position:

-236A/B/C: Ciel clings to the opposite wall. Not really used even in matchplay so it's not recommended.

-214A/B/C -> 4A/B/C: Ciel throws a knife nearest to the ground below her and then throws another one further away from her position. Not particularly useful since it takes a while before she starts throwing the knives and they don't cover a lot of space.

-A/B/C -> A: Ciel dives downward at a 30 degree angle. This move does no damage but it recovers fairly quickly and can be used to return to the ground or set up a throw.

-A/B/C -> B: Ciel dives downward at a 45 degree angle and hits up to three times. This move carries some very interesting properties in that it can chain into her ground normals and specials if it connects. If it's blocked, she can only cancel it into her ground specials. Has more landing recovery than the one above.

-A/B/C -> C: Ciel performs an air throw. If it does not reach the opponent, then she will perform a whiffed throw animation. Not really useful outside of rare occasions and it's very easy to avoid.

-A/B/C -> 214A/B: Ciel throws 3 Black Keys at a downward angle in a spread formation. If it hits the opponent they will be set aflame and knocked down. Pretty useful as it covers quite a bit of space and can keep the opponent from advancing towards you on the ground.

236B: Ciel curls into a ball and leaps into the air. This move can be controlled by holding 4 or 6. Doing so will cause her to move either towards or away from the opponent. This move has almost the same followups as the one above, the main difference is that she does not cling to a wall. It grants more control than it did in MBAC. She can do the following after leaving the ground:

-A: Ciel dives downward at a 30 degree angle. Those move does no damage but it recovers fairly quickly and can be used to return to the ground or set up a throw.

-B: Ciel dives downward at a 30 degree angle and hits up to three times. This move carries some very interesting properties in that it can chain into her ground normals and specials if it connects. If it's blocked, she can only cancel it into her ground specials. Has more landing recovery than the one above.

-C: Ciel performs an air throw. If it does not reach the opponent, then she will perform a whiffed throw animation. Not really useful outside of rare occasions and it's very easy to avoid.

-214A/B: Ciel throws 3 Black Keys at a downward angle in a spread formation. If it hits the opponent they will be set aflame and knocked down. Pretty useful as it covers quite a bit of space and can keep the opponent from advancing towards you on the ground.

Performing none of the above followups will cause Ciel to enter a lengthy state of CH landing recovery.

236C: Ok, this is quite possibly one of the best moves in the game hands down. It comes out reasonably fast and it hits the ENTIRE screen. This almost feels like an attack that is only given to SNK bosses. You can literally use this to punish A LOT of moves in this game because of this. If they even do so much as any kind of special that doesn't recover instantly, they WILL get hit. This attack is also great for punishing heat activations and ground techs. Hell, if you land a stray air CH and the opponent has barely any visible life left, throw this move out. It will kill them regardless of whether they tech or not. So what exactly keeps this move from being completely overpowered? Well, if the opponent is close to the ground and this attack gets blocked, you are in counter hit 2 state and you WILL probably be eating the opponent's most damaging combo. On top of that, unlike MBAC, there is increased recovery which means you no longer get a free combo into mixup. This attack is untechable so long as it doesn't hit the opponent in otg state. Also, do not rely on this move as a wakeup unless it's clear as day that the opponent is doing something with a lot of recovery. But overall this is an EXTREMELY good move and it is meant to be used as a reactionary punisher or a round finisher.

Aerial Halo(j.236A/B/C): Ciel performs her Halo followups while in the air.

j.236A: Ciel dives downward at a 30 degree angle. Those move does no damage but it recovers fairly quickly and can be used to return to the ground or set up a throw. Same as the above version.

j.236B: Ciel dives downward at a 30 degree angle and hits up to three times. This move carries some very interesting properties in that it can chain into her ground normals and specials if it connects. If it's blocked, she can only cancel it into her ground specials. Has more landing recovery than the one above. Same as the above version.

j.236C: Ciel performs a powered up version of her dive that hits several times. When this connects, you can jump cancel the last hit and go into an air combo. This attack is not meant to be used on its own but rather for her fuzzy guard.

Ciel Somer 22A/B/C: Ciel performs a somersault. Button pressed determines the height and number of hits.

22A: Hits once, super cancellable, and cannot be air blocked. Will often times trade with attacks if used as a reversal

22B: Hits twice, does more damage, cannot be air blocked, super cancellable, and goes higher. Take note that it will NOT hit crouching opponents so be careful when using this version on wakeup.

22C: Ciel performs the A version followed by the B version for a total of 6 hits. This attack is a better reversal than 236C since it comes out faster and it will hit crouchers unlike 22B. The downside, is that it can no longer be EX cancelled into 214C, therefore making it very unsafe if it doesn't connect. This is a good reversal attack but you must use it wisely.

Aerial Ciel Somer j.22A/B/C: j.22A: This version only hits once and is air unblockable. Doesn't have much invincibility as it will trade with a lot of attacks when used as a reversal. You can perform supers during the recovery however.

j.22B: This version hits twice and is also air blockable. So why is this useful then? Well, in MBAA you can use this to end your air strings because it's now possible to link an air throw afterward. Also, if you haven't used your double jump yet, you can double jump then perform an air dash or another attack to make this relatively safe.

j.22C: A powered up version of her aerial somersaults. This version hits 9 times and does more damage than the other two. Since this super doesn't cause knockdown or allow you to air throw afterwards, this is best used as an air combo ender when the opponent is low on health.

Hidden Black Keys (during backdash - 63214A/B/C): This is Ciel's new set of Black Keys in MBAA and these can only be performed during her backdash which makes them fairly useful since you have a ranged attack while backdashing.

During backdash - 63214A: Ciel throws 2 sets of 3 knives horizontally. Not a bad attack and can be used to zone characters that are very far away. Her 214 knife series is better though.

During backdash - 63214B: Ciel throws 3 knives upwards at a 45 degree angle and then another 3 knives downward at a 45 degree angle. This looks pretty much identical to her 214B > 214C series in Full Moon. The first part is very useful against opponents who are super jumping at you to catch your backdash. The 2nd wave of knives can be used if they block the first and try to dash in at you immediately. It is possible for the knives to hit your opponent after they have bounced off the floor.

During backdash - 63214B: Ciel throws 8 knives in spread formation ala Sakuya from IaMP. This version has quite possibly the most startup of the 3 but it covers a lot of space. Pretty good move to use once in a while to temporarily keep your opponent from advancing.

Arc Drive - The Seventh Scripture (during Max/Heat) 41236C: Ciel quickly changes into her executioner uniform, dashes forward with the 7th Scripture and then fires the spike outwards for the finish. This attack sends the opponent flying across the stage. The last hit must be blocked high and won't come out unless the previous ones connect. Ciel has hyper armor for a good duration of this move. Not particularly a useful arc drive considering that it doesn't come out very fast and can get stuffed randomly depending on what it's going up against. You can use it to finish a combo if it will kill the opponent since it does more damage than her other supers when used at the end of combos.

Arc Drive - The Seventh Scripture : Forgiving the Original Sin (during Blood Heat) 41236C: Ciel will impale the opponent on the 7th Scripture and fire blasts upwards toward the sky. This version works more like a throw in that if you can get the first hit to connect, the rest of the hits will always connect. It can even catch an opponent in otg state! Does significantly more damage than the regular version and useful for ending combos.

Last Arc - Cremation Ritual (during Blood Heat, EX shield an attack while in the air): After the EX shield connects, the background will black out and Ciel will throw a series of flaming Black Keys that engulf the opponent in flames. Not one of the greatest last arcs in the game but it can do a significant amount of chip damage. If you land this against a cornered opponent, it can deal upwards of 8000+ damage.

Combos and Strategies

There's far more variations of her BnB's than what is listed, mix and match, figure out what works for you, this is just a baseline to get you going.

Midscreen BnB's


2a 2b 3b 5c 2c 4c j.bc dj.bc 22b airthrow

2a 2b 3b 5cc 214[a] dash j.cb dj.bc 22b airthrow (air combo depends on opponent hitbox, experiment)

2a 2b 3b 5cc 214[a] 2c 5c j.bc dj.bc 22b airthrow (not possible on all hitboxes)

2a 2b 3b 5cc 214[a] 2c 5{c} 4c j.bc dj.bc 22b airthrow (omit first j.c on some hitboxes or if 4c launches too high)

2a 2b 3b 5c tkj623b j623c land j.bc dj.bc airthrow (for pushing people to the corner from 3/4ths of the screen or closer)

2a 2b 3b 5c tkj623b j623c land 4b 236b (Same as above but 236b knockdown ender)

2a 2b 3b 5cc 214[a] 2c 5{c} 4b 236b

2a 2b 3b 5cc 214[a] 2c 2a(whiff)


2a 2b 3b 5cc 2c 5c j.bc dj.bc 22b airthrow

2a 2b 3b(1) 4c 5cc 214[a] 2c 5{c} 4c j.bc dj.bc 22b airthrow

2a 2b 3b(1) 4c 5cc 214[a] 2c 5{c} 4b 236b

2a 2b 3b(1) 4c 5cc 214[a] 2c 2a(whiff)

Corner BnB's


2a 2b 3b 5c TKj623c land j.bc dj.bc 22b airthrow

2a 2b 3b 5cc 2c 5{c} 4c j.bc dj.bc 22b airthrow (same as her midscreen without 214[a] works because of less pushback due to corner)

2a 2b 3b 5cc 214[a] 2c 2a(whiff)


2a 2b 3b 4c TKj236c land j.bc dj.bc 22b airthrow

2a 2b 3b 4c 5cc 2c 5c j.bc dj.bc 22b airthrow

2a 2b 3b 4c 5cc 214[a] 2c 2a(whiff)


Experiment with the 4 way she gets off of corner 214[a] 2c knockdown, gives you plenty of options to fake your opponent out, make sure to use all of your options and to not get predictable.

2a 2b 3b 5cc 214[a] 2c 2a(whiff) -> #

1. Super jump, corner crossup 2a -> combo

2. Super jump, air dash, j.b -> combo

3. Super jump, air backdash, j.c 236b -> combo

4. Super jump, air backdash, j.c(whiff) land 2a -> combo

C-ciel also has a fuzzy guard similar to her MBAC one, except better owing to gaining a lot more damage out of it, it now being meterless, just as Hard as hell to block, and netting you a 5k+ combo. (does not work on Len//WLen//Miyako//Necos)

IAD j.bc (deep j.c works too, this is easier to get the j.c deep though) land j8.c 236b -> combo

Half Moon

Normal Moves

5A [Mid]

This 5A is a bit low than the others, so that it can hit other characters and not just characters with huge crouch animations.

5A>6A [Mid]

You can use this move even if 5A does not hit, and you can even use the next 6A as well on whiff.

5A>6A>A [Mid]

This move is special and normal cancellable on hit and special cancellable on block. Usually for combos.

2A [Low]

A low kick that is much like C-Moon's. Range is average. You'll be using this a lot to start either a combo, ground blockstring, or tick throw attempt. You can also use it in whiff cancel strings.

5B [Low]

A standing low kick. If you hit a crouching opponent with this, they will be swept.

2B [Mid]

A crouching uppercut. The hit box is pretty shallow so if you are not close enough to the opponent, you may not land both hits. The second hit has a pretty large clash box on it though.

2B>B [Mid]

A spin jump kick follow up for 2B.

3B [Mid]

A two hit "caporia" move. This is great for continuing blockstings. Even though it looks like you can, don't try to use it for anti air, or you will see hell.

4B [Mid]

An axe kick that seems to be a bit faster than before. This is special cancellable. It also has clash frame when her foot starts coming down.

4[B] [Overhead]

This is H-Ciel's standing overhead. This move will cancel into 236B for guaranteed knock down. This is special cancellable.

5C [Mid]

This is much like C-Moon's 5C, but you cannot use the follow up to it anymore (the key throw). In exchange, the move can be reverse beat now. Floats crouching opponent on hit.

5[C] [Mid]

This move has a ton on blockstun on it now and adds quite a bit to damage. The charge time is also lower. Floats crouching opponent on hit.

2C [Low]

The old overhead mixup does not work quite as well as it did in MBAC due to the lack of pushback from the move and other character's hitboxes. If you do a dash in 2C then the follow up, you may confirm into j.B dj.BC22B airthrow.

2C>C [Mid]

You are completely airborne after using this move this move now, so you can no longer do high low mixups off this on block. However, you can normal cancel it into a ground move on block if you are still on the ground.

4C [Mid]

An upward slash with her knife. Even though it is smaller than before, it still has a nice nice hitbox; 2 hits. The end of the move still has clash frames on it.

JA [Mid]

This move is like C-moon's JA... plus a knife. The reach is decently long (a bit longer than C-Moon's) but be careful, the knife part doesn't actually have a hitbox...

JB [Overhead]

Ciel thrusts the knife out diagonally, the hit box is like C-Moon's but at a lower angle. It has a pretty strong horizontal hit box so this is what you want for air-to-air.

JC [Overhead]

A downward angled kick. Hits pretty hard and it's great as a jump in. It also works well when the opponent is below you in air-to-air situations. The knock back seems to be a bit reduced.

J2C [Mid]

A downward lunging stab from the air. If you hit with this very low to the ground, you can combo into 2A for the combo.

J2[C] [Overhead]

This is like the normal version, but slower and an overhead. The hit box will last all the way to the ground, but there is not much of a hitbox on the Black Key so it is not fit for air to air at all.

Special Moves


  • (A version) Jumps forward and throws a single key. May whiff depending on distance and if the opponent is crouching. Has an EX cancel right when she starts the throw. Charging this makes her jump up and throw 3 keys spread out to cover a 90 degree area. Loses the cancel but it is worth using to set things to neutral or to bait out most things.
  • (B version) Jumps forward then does a dive down like j236B. This move can cancel to anything on hit and specials on block. Quite slow but does well in blockstrings if respected.
  • (C version) Known as EX hiero/halo. She does a jump to the back wall on superflash and slashes fill the whole screen, she will appear right behind the opponent on hit or block. Due to its fast startup, it can be used to punish slow moves or whiffed moves. This gets a knockdown if it hits but due to adding so many hits it is recommended to not be used in long combos as it will give the opponent a ridiculous amount of meter.

j236ABC: Ciel dives at a 45 degree angle.

  • (A version) This move does not do damage at all. It is a fastfall.
  • (B version) It does 3 hits and can cancel any hit to anything on hit.
  • (C version) Looks exactly the same as the B version but will launch on the 3rd hit. It can be EX canceled on hit.

623ABC: Commonly known as Blade Sinker. Ciel does a dashing key thrust.

  • (A version) Hits 2 times but doesn't knockdown or launch opponent. However this move can be special canceled.
  • (B version) Hits 3 times but this version is delayed so it can not be comboed into. As a trade off, it is safe on block and launches on hit.
  • (C version) Unlike Crescent and Full, this is her old MBAC EX version. Not as fast as her other moons make this move not worth using. If charged until after the 3rd flash, it becomes unblockable.

214ABC: Ciel throws black keys horizontally across the screen.

  • (A version) On hit, the opponent will be launched but can not be capitalized in damage unless you used it at a relatively far range where you can do 236C right after. On block at close ranges you will be safe if you block.
  • (B version) After the initial throw she can go into a flow chart of different variations of key throwing. In part 2, 4A or 4B may be used. 4A will make her throw a key forward with another key a lot higher at the same time. 4B will throw 2 keys just straight forward. In part 3, 4A or 4B may be used again. This time 4A will be a lot slower but does the same thing as part with 2 more keys in between the gap. 4B will mke her throw 3 keys straight forward really fast instead. And if you used 4A in part 3, there is a 4B followup after it where she does a jump spin kick key throw.
214B ---> 4B ---> 4B
      |       |
      |       \---> 4A ---> 4B
      \---> 4A ---> 4B
                \---> 4A ---> 4B
  • (C version) Does a backdash before throwing keys which will leave her safe if the opponent is on the ground. Decent if used sometimes since it just puts both players in neutral game if blocked. Becareful when using this as if it is whiffed then the opponent is allowed to do their most damaging combos on you free.

j214ABC: Ciel throws black keys down at a 45 degree angle. All versions stop momentum.

  • (A version) Can jump cancel the recovery. Very useful for certain blockstrings to stay on the opponent.
  • (B version) Has a 4B follow-up to throw a 2nd key. Also has a 4BB follow-up part that throws 3 extra keys. You may delay any part of it. No movement until landing after this move.
  • (C version) She throws 6 keys seperately in succession then 12 keys altogether for the last throw. Any movement can be used after this move.

22ABC: Ciel does a somersault. These are all air unblockable.

  • (A version) Doesn't go very high but is fast and has an EX cancel at the end. Has upper body invincibility.
  • (B version) Does 2 hits and goes higher than A version but whiffs crouchers point blank. Has some invincibility startup.
  • (C version) Does 2 somersaults in succession. Her best reversal for being fast, having invincibility startup, input can not be crossed up, and hits crouchers.

j22ABC: Ciel does a somersault in the air.

  • (A version) Has a jump cancel on the recovery. Not used often unless you want to stay in the air longer.
  • (B version) 2 hits and also has the jump cancel on recovery. Often used in combos.
  • (C version) 3 somersaults are done. Not used for anything except killing the opponent if they are left with some health that airthrow will not kill them.

63214ABC: Ciel does a flip forward or back depending on which version then does a move.

  • (A version) Flips low forward and does jC. This move is an overhead. When using this move during blockstrings and it hits, make sure you keep track of what moves you have used since this move cancels into anything on hit making it count as part of the string instead of resetting it causing her not to be able to use the ones before going into this. (ie. 2A 2B 3B 63214A hit, can not use 2A/2B/3B after)
  • (B version) Flips back and does j236B. Unlike (j.)236B, it can not cancel into anything on hit. Though it does not cancel, if the 3rd hit hits then you can link 2C after it.
  • (C version) Flips high forward and does j2C. Advantageous on block, hits overhead, and on hit can link into 5A or 2A.

41236C [In Heat]

Ciel's Arc Drive. She does pilebunker but the last hit is overhead. Opponent will be knockdown on hit.

Combos and Strategies

Note: All combos with 5A 6AA will not work on Necos due to small character box making 5A whiff if done before they are swept off the ground.

BnB Combos:

2A 2A 2B 3B(2) 2C delay 5C 4C j.BC airdash j.B dj.BC22B airthrow

2A 2A 2B 3B(1) 5A 6AA 5[C] j.BC dj.BC22B airthrow

2A 2A 2B 3B(1) 5A 6AA 2C delay 5C 4C j.BC dj.BC airdash j.B22B airthrow

5A 6A 2B 2A 5A 6AA 4[B] 2C TK j.236B 5B 4B~236B

Crouching Combos:

5B 2C delay 5C 4C j.BC dj.BC22B airthrow

2A 2A 2B 3B(2) 4C 5C 2C 5A whiff 6AA 4[B]...

  • ...2C delay 5C 4C j.BC dj.BC22B airthrow
  • ...2C TK j.236B 5B 4B~236B - Better knockdown ender.

2A 2A 2B 3B(2) 4C 5C 2C 21[4]B~A~B 2C...

  • ...2A whiff - Can use 63214A/C for flip crossup shenanigans.
  • ...5A whiff 6AA 4[B] 2C 5C 4C j.BC dj.BC22B airthrow
  • ...5A whiff 6AA 4[B] 2C 4C 4B~236B - Better knockdown ender.

Shield Counter Combos:


  • ...4C j.BC dj.BC22B airthrow - Generic shield counter combo.
  • ...2C 4C j.BC dj.BC airdash j.B22B airthrow
  • ...2C delay 5C 2B j.BC dj.BC22B airthrow - Highest damage you will get off shield counter.
  • ...2C 4C 4B~236B - Knockdown ender.
  • ...2C TK j.236B 5B 4B~236B - Knockdown variation with 200 more damage.


  • ...623B j.AB dj.BC22B airthrow - Amazing damage off shield counter. Only works when you shield a move with multiple hits, causing a counterhit to make them float more.
  • ...236C - Meter for 3k knockdown.
  • ...41236C - Oddly does more damage than it would alone.

Situational Combos

5[C] 2C delay 4C j.BC airdash j.B dj.BC22B airthrow

4[B] 21[4]B~B~B - 4[B] overhead combo that gets a knockdown or tech punish(in the corner).

4[B] 623A 236C - 4[B] overhead combo if untechable knockdown is wanted and have meter.

623B j.AB dj.BC22B - 623B to j.A has a strict window to connect.

2C(hit/whiff)C j.B dj.BC22B airthrow - 2CC follow up hit confirm.

214A 236C Far range key hit confirm to knockdown.

21[4]B~A/B~B 236C Far range key hit confirm to knockdown.

63214B(3) 2C delay 5C 4C j.BC dj.BC22B airthrow

2BB j.BC j.BC22B airthrow - 2BB hit confirm, actually does decent damage.

2BB(Blocked) j.214A(Normal hit) j.BC dj.BC22B airthrow - Hitconfirm from blockstring.

2BB(Blocked) j.214A(Counterhit) land 2C delay 5C 4C j.B delay dj.BC airdash j.B22B airthrow - Counterhit hitconfirm combo.

2BB(Blocked) j.214A(Counterhit) 96A+B(IAD) j.C land j.BC dj.BC22B airthrow - Variation of the one above.

Unlike Crescent, Half moon has more uses for 2BB because of how you can special cancel it on block or hit to j.214A. j.214A will stop her momentum(like Full moon's) instead of just whiffing like Crescent does and will be able to confirm on any part of 2BB j.214A to a combo. If the j.214A part is blocked then it can also be jump canceled to continue pressure with an IAD or you can use j.236A to fastfall back to the ground for a low or throw instead. You could also just special cancel 2BB to j.236A instead if the opponent respects enough.

Full Moon

Normal Moves

5A: Quick, mid-level side chop. Yields advantage on hit/guard. Staggers into itself well and can discourage poke out attempts. The range is limited and is best used in close proximities or from dashing momentum.

5B: A sharp kick to shins. Despite its appearance, this standing attack strikes low and must be guarded in this manner. However, because it is a standing non-A attack, it can only be high shielded. Does not down or launch on hit against crouching targets (as opposed to Crescent/Half styles). Yields +1 advantage and little push back on guard making it effective in guard strings, namely staggers and guard string/chain rests. 5B as a defensive poke can be useful when spaced properly. If the opponent pushes themselves out too far after strings, 5B will stuff (and sometimes armor) attempts to close back in with A attacks. However, Ciel must remain in neutral to avoid accidental 4B’s and using 2B (or 1B) as a defensive poke is far too slow in extreme cases.

5C: A turning, back-hand fist at head level. Common in block strings and some juggle combos. Has cancelable frames up until returning to neutral state making it effective for staggers into such attacks as Flipper Low, Calvary Toss, or a late 4c to nail opponents trying to move when pressured.

5[C]: A charged turning back-hand with a dagger. Very similar to 5c in appearance but differences include:

-More startup

-Slightly increased range (due to dagger extension)

-Advantage on guard (+1)

-Launches target on hit

-More guard damage

-Triggers upper-body clash

The advantage on guard and the guard damage dealt are significant enough for it to be used (moderately) in strings. By utilizing the advantage, Ciel is able to sort of emulate rebeat strings that are common to Crescent and Half styles when in close. E.g. 5[c]>5a – this will ultimately stuff any attempts to poke out (5[c]>5b will stuff slower 2a’s such as C-Warachia’s). Because of its slow startup, 5[c] is prone to being shielded and semi-charging (half charge) occasionally to throw off the opponent’s timing is encouraged. Probably 5[c]’s most valued asset is its ability to consistently force a clash against high attacks and attacks that strike roughly by the head level. When 5[c] is partially charged, its clash frames become active and will remain so up until about the point the “spark” animation occurs (**Actual numerical data would be appreciated here**). Once the clash has been spotted, release 5[c] to absorb then blow through the opponent’s attack. Releasing at the correct moment will even allow Ciel to quickly blow through some multiple hitting attacks such as C-Nanaya JB or Nero JB. 5[c] (until clash)>236A can result in a (proper) launcher that can lead to Flipper Loops for optimal damage or result in a down if the target has fallen too low to follow up correctly (okizeme/wake up game can be incorporated here instead). Lastly, 5[c] can clash against many (but not all) types of DP moves which can really mitigate some characters wakeup options. (C-WLen 214A and Shiki 623A are primary examples).

2A: A (very) short-ranged elbow strike. Although this is F-Ciel’s fastest low attack it has extremely poor range and should be used with caution. Attempts to string more than two 2a’s (not from a dash) will usually result in a whiff on the third if not spaced precisely. This does not make it entirely useless, as it is her fastest low poke, but when in doubt stick to strings like 2a>5b or 2b or 2c for safe measures. 5B, which is but 1f slower, is another alternative to starting a low offense.

2B: Ciel strikes low with a blade. This mid-ranged low strike is slower than 2c but has more range and better recovery. 2B is effective in staggered strings (usu. late from 5b) and when engaging in footsie at about just outside of two character spaces. Against opponents who tend to dash in to cover ground, fish with a max range 2B>236A (even on whiff) to stop them in their tracks. As mentioned earlier, 2B’s recovery on whiff is solid and will often go unpunished by IADs. If the opponent happens to guard, 236A (Flipper Low) is safe even in this instance.

2C: Ciel performs a two-legged, low sweep. Common in strings, BnBs, and juggle follow-ups. The recovery on whiff is atrocious and it is advised to avoid using this as a stand-alone poke.




Command Normals

4B: Generic axe kick. Can be canceled on hit/guard into any of her ground specials. Cannot be jump canceled on hit. Ciel gains lower-body invincibility after her striking leg has ascended fully (against extremely low attacks e.g. F-Aoko 2A, VSion 2A, C-Ciel 2A).

4[B]: Charged (not-so-generic-anymore) axe kick. Same properties as 4B (cancel points, invincibility, etc.) but is a high strike overhead that must be guarded standing. Landing one of these opens the opponent up for huge damage potential with the most common starter (possibly the most practical) being 4[b]>214a then whatever follow up is desired. Charging 4[b] past a certain point will also trigger its clash frames. This is one of the few attacks in MBAA that will consistently result in clash but because the clash is active at about head level, it can only used versus high attacks in that strike that area (*See 5[c]). Because of this, it is highly recommended against jump ins.

4B or 4[B]>236b: After successfully landing the axe kick, Ciel holds the target in place with the initial kicking leg then kicks off with the free leg setting her and the target apart a wide distance. This is a two-part command move that can only be executed when the 4B/4[B] connects with the target. Attempting the command on guard will result in Flipper High (236B) which isn’t necessarily bad as it yields +1. For F-Ciel, the finisher is used often in the following situations:

Corner OTG

The finisher part of the command operates as an untechable throw. Because of this, Ciel is able to end corner OTG strings without having to guess whether or not the opponent will try to recover and escape to a favorable position (which would likely be away from the corner). The distance set after landing the finisher is quite far but will down the opponent long enough to set up a deep jump in attack from a high jump forward (or alternatively high jump forward then early /late airdash to whiff/meaty a jump in attack).

Anti-Air (After forcing clash)

4[B]’s clash frames trigger sooner than 5[c]’s making it more effective against fast and low aerial approaches (e.g. Aoko’s IAD) or in situations where the player may be too slow to react with 5[c] (e.g. opponent air guards air-to-air string then attempts to fall with attack before landing). The results from landing a 4[b] anti-air from clash are usually inconsistent:

1) the active frames in an opponent’s jumping attack may have already ended resulting in no anti-air counter hit (CH) or

2a) using (A-A 4[B](Clash)>236A) will fail because the target was too high up for the Flipper Low to connect correctly or

2b) using the same sequence, the target was hit too low in the jump and a down is forced (you may as well go for 5[c]>236A in this case) or

3) the 4[B] clashes but is released too late and the opponent is able to guard on landing.

In all instances, following with the 236B finisher will produce a consistent or favorable result:

1, 2a, 2b) Even though the CH does not occur, the 236B finisher will auto-correct and grab regardless of state and position (assuming 4B/[B] has hit).

3) by default Flipper High (236B) will be executed if 4[B] is released to late and is guarded. This is “favorable” as High yields +1 (Low is -1) on guard.







Special Moves

  • Flipper - 236 A or B

A (Flipper Low)

B (Flipper High)

  • (air) 22a/b/c: Same Ciel flipkicks. Air 22b can still be used before an AT in air combos
  • Calvary Toss - 63214 A or B


Ciel performs an auto-dash then grabs the opponent, throwing them to the opposite direction. The direction which Ciel throws cannot be controlled under any circumstance. This version will automatically clash with any attack (that’s not a throw) once Ciel has gone into the “full lean” forward (**Clash active point[s] data needed**). However, it is only able to clash with a single hit and will lose to multi-hit attacks, mashing or strings that are tied together fast enough. Also, the “clash” does not operate as seen in a normal clash situation; Ciel is unable to jump, attack or even EX cancel once the clash is triggered. Lastly, Ciel remains in a CH state until full recovery. This technique isn’t entirely useless as it may seem from the above list of disadvantages. Although Ciel performs her “normal” ground throw for the attack they are not exactly the same. The advantage gained from the A ver. of Calvary Toss produces enough down time/frame advantage to allow for more elaborate setups that would be impossible from the normal throw (**See F-Ciel Strategy for details). Calvary Toss can also be canceled into from normals (e.g. 2A>5B>63214A) making it useful versus overly defensive players or against players who backstep mid-attack string and although not recommended, it can be used spontaneously in defensive situations when spaced properly (e.g. in immediate corner and opponent trying to close in).


B version dashes forward and does wallslamming air throw.

  • 214a/b/c: Keys. A version throws a single key with the same effects as her 2nd hit in her 5CC (crescent style) , B version throws 3 keys at and upwards angle and is special cancellable to 214C, C version throws 3 keys downwards in front of her and gives you an untechable knockdown on hit.
  • 623a/b/c: Forward lunges with Keys. Mostly for canceling into for blockstrings. C version is an EX that dashes through the opponent.
  • air 214a/b/c: Air Keys. A version throws a single key downwards, B version can be followed up by 4b4b for multiple keys downwards. C version throws a single EX key to the ground that creates a black wave behind it. The black wave is a low. Against an airborne opponent, the EX key will knockdown the down. Against a ground opponent who gets hit by both the key and wave, they will be frozen for a second or so
  • air 236a/b/c: Air dives. A version is a feint that dives but doesn't hit. B version hits and can be comboed afterwards and is also jump cancelable on block. C version does an EX dive that launches.

EX Moves

Don Quixote (something) : 63214C C version does EX ground slamming air throw, despite when the super flash happens, you use the meter when the dash happens not the throw.

Combos and Strategies

  • 5/2A>5B>2B>2C>4C j.bc dj.bc (j.22b > AT or j.22b xx 214c)

Basic air combo

  • 5B>2B>2C>4C>236A > 5A>(B)>C j.bc dj.bc (j.22b > AT or j.22b xx 214c)

Better but harder air combo. Extremely distance dependent. Being upclose before hitting the 2b seems to put you at the best distance. The link after 236a can also change depending on the distance. You can do 5a5c or 5a5b5c off the link but pick whichever one is easier to do.

  • 2C>4C>236A xx 5A>5B>236A xx 5B>5C j.bc j.bc (j.22b > AT or j.22b xx 214c)

Even better air combo. Has 2 links instead of one.

  • 2b>5c>4c>236a dash OTG
  • 2A>5B>2C>4C>236A> xx 5A>5B>236A xx 5B>236A
  • j236B>5C>214A>2C>236B air combo

The options for OTGs are:

  • 2a5ab236c
  • 2a5ab IAD
  • 2a5aa4b236b
  • 63214A/C (For this combo you have to cancel the 3rd 236A)

Initiative Heat combo.

  • 2A>5B>2C>4C>236A xx 5A>5B>236A xx 5B>236A xx (IH) dash xx 5A>5B>236A xx 5A>5B>236A xx 5B>236A (can follow 236C, 41236C, 63214A/C)

  • Flash Kick Initiative Heat mixup/fuzzygaurd (Credit goes to Zar from Melty Bread)


IH Exploit

  • J22A/B are both IHC'able

Command 1: 282>ABC

This will cause ciel to jump but a pixel from the floor and land instantly w/o recovery.

Ciel can fall early and "land" with 2A or throw.

Command 2: 282>E~E

Note: after 282 you must wait slightly for ciel to leave the ground unlike with command 1. ALSO after the 282 command you MUST be neutral when strumming E~E (282>wait>neutral>E>tap E again).

Command 2 allows ciel to jump about 1/2 of a character sprite vertically to perform an INSTANT jC. In appearance, this is reminiscent of GG's Faust when he uses j2k>faultless cancel>jHP

New Command: 282>5E~C

Above command will still give you sj8>22A>instant jC cancel. The difference now is that you don't have to strum anything. I personally had a lot of trouble with the 5E~E command because I would strum too fast (w/o releasing then pressing the button again) and only one input would be registered. Using 5E~C lets you get around this as you can hold E then hit C and still get C attack. Only problem with this is that if you were holding 2 at any point when hitting E you WILL get a 22C. This does not happen with the 5E~E method and will give you just j22A if you mess up. This is why it's very important to release the lever to 5 briefly then E~C.

    • New-NEW Command**


Just figured out how I was doing this without getting the sj dust animation. This method is a bit more difficult as it requires more accuracy (I could only get it on p1 side Sad ). The input will let Ciel back jump into j22A. This is significant because normal jumps have faster startup than super/high jumps. In other words, the instant jC will be able to execute a few frames faster by jumping back (you barely see a back jump though).

More notes to gloss over:

Yet ANOTHER improvement on IH>JC exploit

Ok, this is IT. The improvement to end all improvements. This command tweak is so buff that you'll have to wire your jaw shut. Here it is:


It's simply (or not) a super jump forward variation of the others I've mentioned. Why is this so awesome?

282 Super jump neutral as I've learned recently is actually a bit slower than sj forward. Therefore you'd have to wait longer to ascend to the favorable height for a jC to extend fully. It's still fast but relatively easy to react to.

272 A jumping back variation as I've mentioned in earlier posts. Normal jump startup allows you to take action a few frames earlier than with super jumping. **In MBAC, normal jumping was universally 4f start up while super jumping varied among the cast. Super jumping overall was considered slower on start up in comparison. For MBAA I think it's safe to say that the same logic applies although the super jump start up numbers may have changed.** The 272 will essentially let you attack sooner with a low jC at the cost of having to put a bit more work in to execution. Another "problem" with the 272 variation is the Ciel will move slightly backward in the air due to the back jump. A combo followup after landing the jC with this variation is still rather easy but positioning will have to be considered when landing as the player may be set a bit further back (depends on how fast the player executes the command before jumping too far back). This method is also wtf fast.

292 This is the ultimate; the command to shenanigans that ends all shenanigans. 292 is obviously the super jumping forward command but is far superior to aforementioned yucky commands for a few reasons (with the last being most significant):

1) Apparently sj startup for 29 and 28 are not the same as I had expected. After multiple tests (and fuck-ups), I noticed that I was able to cancel and attack much sooner with a forward super jump than with a neutral.

2) Super jumping forward also helped me stay right on top of the target and continue a full combo or longer blockstring after executing the jC. Although this was a bit more difficult to execute than the 282 command, getting such a nice trajectory from the sj9 made me consider training up on it more intensely.

3) So after some more drilling I decided to see how effective it was on wake up (now here's the fun part). I decide to set it up off Acommand throw then dash>292>E~C. Just the look of it alone made me burst into laughter (cus it looks that fucked up). I dummy record it then play it back and I was quite pleased with the results. Crossups in MB can be guarded in either direction and are not "true" crossups as opposed to the ever-popular SF series and the way to get around this was by using double jumps to force the opponent to correct their guard. If F-Ciel were to jump behind you and jC you would would be able to effectively guard in either direction and only have to deal with the followup upon her landing. The 292>5E~C command as a "crossup" IS indeed a genuine crossup as in you MUST correct your guard (opposite to attacker) in order to defend against this. When Ciel super jumps past the target then performs the command she is automatically repositioned in mid-air and turned to the back of the opponent (now facing them). For whatever reason, the game now thinks that Ciel started originally on the opposite side of the opponent and therefore you must guard away from them without being able to rely on an all-purpose guard against crossups. On top of dealing with a real crossup, the defender must also deal with the fact that this command pretty much produces an overhead hit at extremely fast speed (safe to say fastest jumping overhead with exception of fuzzies).

The best ways to set up are by dashing in after either a normal throw (vs characters with slow rising rate), end a combo with A flicker, or 63214A. Dashing in won't necessarily telegraph a crossup either. The option to use the 282 command is still viable and will destroy players that will try to guard the crossup (by walking forward) out of anticipation. Also, if at point blank range and the opponent is crouching, you have to option to slip in a 292 overhead by delaying the 5E~C input just slightly after the sj starts. Even if the opponent manages to stand at the last second, Ciel would have slipped past and the proper guard would have to be made immediately. Lastly, the option to 292 or 282+ABC still remains. As mentioned in an earlier post, this will let you land much sooner for a chance to throw or 2a.

Corner Throw IAD Mixups + Options (Credit goes to Zar for testing with all characters and Brandino for giving him the idea on IRC :V)

  • Corner Throw IAD Crossup + Options

Against some characters Ciel can IAD after a throw and cross over into the corner.

  1. Hisui
  2. Nero
  3. Satsuki
  4. S.Akiha
  5. Mecha Hisui
  6. Warc
  7. Arc
  8. Akiha
  9. Kouma
  10. Nanaya
  11. T.Shiki
  12. V.Akiha (**must j9 then air dash to force crossup otherwise Ciel will land in front**)
  13. Aoko (**IAD then early jC will force crossup. Not attacking at the earliest possible moment from IAD will result in Ciel landing in front** <thanks to Brandino for this info> )
  • Options after IAD Crossup

IAD>jC Simple kick to the back of the head. Expect it to be guarded/evaded often.

IAD>jC>dj2[C] This is a pretty zany crossup. Opponent must continue to stand guard after the jC crossup. The dj2[C] will crossup again placing Ciel out of the corner (lol).

IAD>jA or jB>Throw The jA/jB will whiff completely, leaving open the option to land and throw again. This WILL lose to wake up shield due to the expanding hitbox on the shield animation. Remedy this by attacking with jA, jB or jC at the last possible moment so that the landing recovery is mitigated and land>throw becomes available again.

IAD>jC>j2C or j236A Jump C into either dive. Throw option is available here too or you can land and 2a to counter (there are actually a number of counters to throw-break attempt here but I'll just keep it simple)

(*experimental*) IAD>dj236B Haven't tested this yet but the intention is to tag wake up forward dash in attempts to evade the crossup jC (This works with another setup I have with 63214A). As of now, a simple Throw>j2C seems to be the best answer to an opponent waking up with forward dash to leave the corner.

  • Crossup>Fuzzy vs Wara/Nero
    • Dash>j8C>dj>airdash>jAB or jAC
    • (Dash>j8C>676>jAB or jAC)
    • Assuming you are facing right (P1) when performing this: dash, press up (crossing behind target), jC then right>up-left>right to execute. When you cross behind you do not correct and reverse the directions. This is the best way I could explain it.**

Ciel turns and airdashes toward the back of target with a sort of inverted momentum after crossup jC. The forward airdash in this case ends up replicating dash>jump>airbackdash in appearance Psyduck. jA will strike high should the opponent try to crouch after crossup jC. Ways to set up are from 236A or 63214A. (This looks really crazy btw)

Win Quotes



No. 1 Default

No. 8 Karen (Fate/Hollow Ataraxia)

No. 11 Bazzet (Fate/Hollow Ataraxia)

MELTY BLOOD Actress Again

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