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Crescent Moon

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Combos and Strategies

Half Moon

Normal Moves

Kohaku Lead

5A [Mid]

Fast straight punch, Good for guard breaking.

5B [Mid]

Overhead broom swipe that has decent range, great anti-air box, but some character can crouch it.


Same as 5b but will ground slam on hit for otg setups. Also wont hit as high as 5b but has farther reach.

5C [Mid]

Kohaku pokes with her broom then spins it for a 5 hit launcher. Move is fast but if it whiffs you will die for it. Cancelable of the first hit.

2A [Low]

Crouching fast punch. One of the fastest 2as in the game.

2B [Mid]

Double swinging broom attack. First hit has less range that it looks like it really does, though it hits pretty high so can be used sort of as an anti air. 2nd hit is rarely uses, and if it comes out it usually leads to your pain.

2C [Low]

Very long range sweep with her broom where she literally puts her whole body into the move. Relatively fast but has terrible recovery.

2[C] [Low]

same as 2c but more damage and good for staggering.


Short broom poke. fast but low range..

j.B [Overhead]

Long poke that hits far ahead of her and above her.

j.C [Overhead]

All purpose broom air broom swipe. hits slightly below and behind her.

j.[C] [Overhead]

Same as same as j.c, just does more damage.

Hisui Lead

5a [MID]

Very short ranges poke. Its literally a poke.

5b [MID]

Short Palm hit.

6b [MID]

Hisui uses a ladle to launch her opponent.

4b [Low]

Hisui uses a watering can to trip her opponent and drain their meter.

5c [Mid]

2 hit chair atack

5[c] [Mid]

Dashing 3 hit chair attack.

6c [Mid]

Hisui swings a frying pan in an uppercut motion.

>6c [Mid]

Hisui brings the pan back down with an overhead strike.

>6[c] [High]

Same as 6c, but now high hitting.

>>236c [Mid]

Hisui does a sweeping strike with her frying pan to wallslam on hit.

2a [Mid} :<

Medium ranged poke

2b [Low]

Short double palm strike

2c [Low]

Fast water bucket attack. Hisui attacks with a splash of water???

j.a [Mid]

Short downward angled poke

j.b [High]

Another water bucket attack with some water splashing. Doesn't hit far below her but can cross up.

j.c [High]

Hisui smacks you in the face with a WHOLE table. Good attack as the table doesn't count as Hisui's hit box.

j.[c] [High]

same as j.c but now ground slams.

Special Moves

22d: Changes Lead

Kohaku Lead

236a: Low battou slash. Chargeable to make it overhead.

>A followup: Kohaku will swing her broom for a follow up attack.

>B followup: Kohaku will do a command roll after the slash.

>C Feint: Pressing the C button before the attack comes out will cause Kohaku to do a feint with fast recovery.

236b: High battou slash. Chargeable to make it wall slam.

>A followup: Kohaku will swing her broom for a follow up attack.

>B followup: Kohaku will do a command roll after the slash.

>C Feint: Pressing the C button before the attack comes out will cause Kohaku to do a feint with fast recovery.

236c: Low battou slash. When it hits it causes an forced knockdown giving you plenty of time to set up any type of oki you want.

j.236a: Kohaku rides her broom straight forward like her air dash, except in magical amber form and with a laugh. Able to use the rest of her air options after it recovers.

j.236b: Same as a version, moves farther.

j.236c: Magical Amber comet. While doing the dash Kohaku now also does damage to the opponent. Able to follow up afterwards.

214a: Hisui assist, Hisui does a palm strike that wall slams.

214b: Hisui assist, Hisui will use her chair attack.

214c: Hisui assist, Hisui will do her 5a6aa string.

j.214a: Same as ground version.

j.214b: Same as ground version.

j.214c: Same as ground version.

623a: Kohaku swings her broom like a golf club to launch her opponent. Chargeable for more damage. Reflect projectiles.

623b: Same as 623a but with high invulnerable. Reflects projectiles.

623c: Arguably the best reversal in the game. Starts up insanely fast, fully invulnerable, reflects projectile, air unblockable, and recovers insanely fast as well.

22a: Kohaku lets out a small bomb with a "kyaaaa~" which explodes upon hitting the ground.

22b: Kohaku lets out a small bomb which she can hit after it hits the ground. She can continue to hit the bomb while its midair, and it'll explode on contact with the ground.

22c: Huge unblockable bomb. Both players can knock it around and it'll explodes once its timer reaches 0. Explosion will also hit Kohaku

Arc Drive

41236c: Dubbed Mr. Chin. Kohaku dons a Chinese dress and charges the opponent. If it hits it'll do a short 3 hit combo and circuit break.

63214c: Hisui assist. Hisui will use her arc drive (a huge fire ball)

214214c: After Kohaku hits the opponent, the sisters will continuously combo the opponent before ending with an air throw.

Hisui Lead

236a: Multi hitting ladle stabbing attack. Ends with a knockdown

236b: Multi hitting ladle stabbing attack. Hits a few more times and ends with a launcher.

236c: EX Multi hitting ladle stabbing attack. Hits even more times and ends with an untechable launcher.

j.236a: Downward angled multi hitting ladle stabbing attack.

j.236b: Same as j.236a but a bit of a pause during startup and hits more.

j.236c: Ex yayaya. Will put a grounded opponent into the air.

214a: Kohaku assist, Drops a spinny tree.

214b: Kohaku assist, Kohaku drops a Molotov.

214c: Kohaku assist, Kohaku does her half moon 6aaa.

j.214a: Same as ground version.

j.214b: Same as ground version.

j.214c: Same as ground version.

623a: Duster attack that causes untechable knockdown.

623b: Upwards duster attack. Need mad yomi to land this and you dont get anything off of it, not a reversal. not recommended to use this move.

623c: EX dust that hits 5 times and moves forward slowly. If you want the opponent to block use this. Free "Sit there and let me run shit on you" move.

22a: Hisui makes you a picnic. She sets down a bento in front of her that'll explode upon the opponent when they are not blocking. Very useful after a throw or 623a

22b: Same as 22a but she sets it farther forward, not as useful but can make some interesting block strings mid screen.

22c: Hisui sets down a stool for about 9 seconds that clashes when hit by the opponent.

Arc Drive

41236c: Saturday Night Fever: Hisui fires out a huge fireball, good reversal, chargeable for more damage and mind games (since its massive + on block and air unblockable.)

63214c: Kohaku Assist, Dubbed Mr. Chin. Kohaku dons a Chinese dress and charges the opponent. If it hits it'll do a short 3 hit combo and DOES NOT circuit break.

214214c: After Hisui hits the opponent, the sisters will continuously combo the opponent before ending with an air throw.

Combos and Strategies

Pretty much copy pasted from H-Koha section since this will all work with her as well (when leading.)

Kohaku Lead

(2A x n) 2B(1 hit) 5C(1 hit) 5A6AA 2C 623A j.[C]B sdj.BC airthrow 4600 damage

If the opponent is against the corner after 623A, remember to use neutral jump. (jumping forward when the opponent is against the corner makes j.B whiff after j.[C].)

(2A x n) 2B(1 hit) 5C(1 hit) 5A6AA 2C 236A 236BC 2A 2C 623A j.[C]B sdj.BC airthrow

(2A x n) 2B(1 hit) 5C(1 hit) 5A6AA 2[C] 236A 236B+C 2A 2C 5A(whiff)6AA 623[A] j.[C]B sdj.BC airthrow

(2A x n) 2B(1 hit) 5C(1 hit) 5A6AA 2[C] 236A 236B+C 2A 2C 5A(whiff)6AA 5[B] 2B 5C 623A j.BC dj j.BC airthrow

Corner only. Works on very few characters (Kouma, Sion, V Sion.) Must start off 2A, it's really hard to get the 2A after 2[C] if you start from j.[C].

...5C(1 hit) 236A 236B*delay*A 5C(1 hit) 2C 5A(whiff)*delay*6AA 236BC 2C 623A j.BC sdj.BC airthrow 4500 damage

Follow-up after a successful counter hit to an opponent in mid air. Requires Kohaku to be very close to the opponent when she begins the follow-up. Adjust timing so the 2nd hit of 236BA hits the opponent at the tip of the broom's hitbox. Slightly delaying the 5A whiff lets Kohaku move forward more off her 2C animation, allowing to 6AA connect (with more characters, at least).

5D *delay* 2C *delay* 5C(1 hit) 236B*delay*A 5C(1 hit) 2C 5A(whiff)*delay*6AA IAD j.C *rejump* j.BC sdj.BC airthrow

Follow-up after shield counter. Walking back during the first delay (before 2C) prevents crossing up (and therefore screwing up the combo) against some characters. IAD j.C timing is strict; remember not to hold C longer than two frames (or else combo becomes invalid). Against Nero, omit the 2C.

Loses Magnum Uppercut (command grab)

Hisui Lead

(2a) 2b 5c(1) 5a6aa delay 2c 5a(whiff)6aa delay 5c(1) jbc jbc airthrow.

standard combo that will work anywhere. does decent damage.

(2a) 2b 5c(1) 5a6aa delay 2c 6b j.[c] delay jb j214a land jabc jbc airthrow

cooler looking combo that works in corner only.

(2a) 2b 5c(1) 5a6aa delay 2c 5a(whiff)6aa 623a/6cc

forced knockdown for bento oki. (6cc cant be canceled but its another option.)

Full Moon

Normal Moves


2a: Fast, chains into itself, hits pretty high, terrible horizontal range. Low attack.

5a: Hits higher, even worse horizontal range, doesn't chain into itself as well. Mid attack.

5b: Good hitbox, good speed, moves you forward which is useful. Mid attack.

2b: Less horizontal range than 5b, but still moves you forward, highest hitting normal along with 3c. This is your designated anti air, it has clash and gives plenty of time to hitconfirm on a counterhit. Mid attack.

5c: Good hitbox, decent speed for a C type attack, used with 22c a lot because of the damage/guard damage on this move. Mid attack.

5[c]: Longer hitbox, does more damage. Use it for starting combos on guard crushes and air counterhits when possible because it goes into a lot of damage with a regular combo.

5[c](full): Throws a sword like a ninja. You can actually follow it up with f.Kohaku's 236s series since you can't cancel it into other specials (your assist moves).

2c: Very long horizontal range, much longer recovery compared to all her other normals. Chargeable. Low attack.

3c: Launcher, appears to hit about as high as 2b, but slow. Mid attack.

j.a Fast air jab.

j.b Probably your best aerial, pretty fast with a ton of range, though it seems to extend your hittable box a good bit as well. Can also do a very good job air to ground, especially on taller characters.

j.c Slow, hits down, crosses up. Chargeable.

-All off Kohaku's ground based normals have the guard break property.


Special Moves

22d: Swap maids. The body contact from the clap recharges their love to full. Can't cancel into this.

236d: Your current maid cheers on your assistant maid, recharging their love to full. Can't cancel into this.

If you try to do an assist and you do not have enough love, your assistant maid will fall flat on her face for ~5 seconds, but come back up with full love.



22a: Holdable. Need to juggle the held button if you want to throw with it out.

22b: Really only commonly used in setups, but gives lots of block stun which is good.

22c: Faster than 22b and easier to setup, not to mention even more blockstun, amazing.

2222c: Johnny, not really good in setups because you're playing f.maids and your block strings are godlike. But you can use it for burning meter at full screen or to throw people off I guess.

22222c: Some sort of poison plant thing.

Hisui assists:

A (1 <3's): Same as f.Hisui's 5b. You can charge it in the same way. Wallslams if you charge it on hit.

B (2 <3's): Same as f.Hisui's 5[c]. You can charge it in the same way. This move is amazing for block strings and gimmicks.

C (3 <3's): Same as one of Hisui's specials, tons of blockstun, but primarily useful in the corner or if you can get Hisui behind your opponent.

j.A (1 <3's): Hisui does a j.b.

j.B (2 <3's): Hisui does a j.c, chargeable.

j.C (3 <3's): Hisui does an air dive

236a: Hisui runs forward and listens to your command until she stops.

236b: Hisui runs backwards and listens to your command like an obedient slave.

236c: Hisui super jumps in the air and prepares for an aerial assault

214a: Hisui does her A assist.

214b: Hisui does her B assist.

214c: Hisui does her C assist.

426c: Kohaku's arc drive. Circuit break, ground throw, full invulnerability.

624c: Hisui's arc drive. No circuit break, frame advantage, full invulnerability.

214214c: Combo arc drive. Does pretty good damage, it seems to be what causes the Kohaku arc drive finish air throw bug lol. Puts your assist a good distance behind your opponent even in the corner which can be useful.

Air Throw: There is a bug introduced in the console version where Kohaku's air throw counts as an arc drive. Has no effect on game play.

Combos and Strategies

Kohaku Combos:

2a 5b 2b 2c 3c j.bc sdj AT -- Omit 2b if you are far, since it can wiff sometimes.

2a 5b 2b 2c 22b -- Lets you recharge your love meter.

2a 5b 2b 2c 426c -- Arc drive~

5d 236d 5b 5c j.bc sdj AT -- ~3k off a counter which isn't bad, but doesn't give oki.

5d 236d 2c 22b -- Alternatively, gives oki but no damage really. Wiffs at point blank mid screen.

air counterhit/guard break anything -> (5b 5c) j.bc sdj AT -- Lots of options, just don't be dumb about it.

Assisted combos:

2a 5b 2b 5c 214a 2c 22b -- Damage+setup. Dependent on Hisui and spacing, normally works in corner.

2a 5b 2b 5c 214a 5c 214a 2c 22b -- Super rare. normally only works when in corner & Hisui is behind opponent, but does pretty massive damage for no effort.

2a 5b 2b 5c 214a 2c 3c j.bc sdj AT -- Last combo with extra damage instead of setup. Gotta be close, maybe sorta character dependant, but ultimately not normally worth it.

2a 5b 2b 2c 624c 5b j.bc sdj AT -- That 5b link can be hard, extremely dependent on spacing. More damage than Kohaku arc drive combo, but no circuit break.

2a 5b 2b 5c 214a 2c 426c 5b j.bc sdj AT -- Bet you didn't see that one coming.

214[a] 5b j.bc dj j.bc AT -- Fancy.

214[b]/214c -> whatever -- Duh.

214c -> 22c -> xx -- Actually works when you do it fast enough and is spaced right.

xx -> 22c 5c 5c 5c (5c/236d) 2[c] 22b -- Damage with setup, doesn't really matter much if you charge the 2c or not.

xx -> 22c 5c 5c 5c (5c/236d) 2[c] 3c j.bc sdj AT -- Woah there.

22b(hit) 5c 214[b] dash 2a -> xx -- Get lots of damage for when people are retarded.


j.c pushes you too far away for 2a unless you cross up with it. However if you do 2a fast enough it seems to cancel this push back effect, though it links into 5b anyways. j.b does not so use 2a for that.

Guard Breaking:

For those faggots you try to chicken block your setups, make them pay.

2a is probably your best normal for if you get them to chicken block some sort of falling air normal, since you can use it to confirm in the air or on the ground.

5a is your fastest move that hits pretty high, 2b hits the highest. Everything goes into aircombo so just use whatever works.

Meter Management and Misc

Keep your love meter charged up, because it's hard to win without love. Here's some basic stuff though.

-End combos with a 22b setup to give yourself time to recharge love.

-If you get a 22b setup and still have plenty of love, you're probably better off going for a mixup (which is always an option anyways).

-There's plenty of time to recharge meter after an air throw but you're giving up your godlike okizeme for it.

-You can't cancel into 236d like you can your other assist moves, so sometimes it's not a bad idea to let hisui die.

-5c 214c 22c is vital, you trade off 100% meter for mixup and love.

-All this stuff and more is just up to your best judgment.

Win Quotes


MELTY BLOOD Actress Again

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