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Name:   Kouma Kishima (軋間 紅摩)  —  Nicknames:    Red Lion

Voiced by:   Jurota Kosugi (小杉 十郎太)  —  Type:   Crimson Red Vermillion   —  Gender:   Male

Birthday:   -  —  Height:   175cm  —  Weight:   80kg

Eye Color:   Black  —  Hair Color:   Black


Kishima Kouma is the man who eliminated the Nanaya clan under orders of Tohno Makihisa. He is a member of the Kishima clan, a clan which is a sub-family of the Tohnos but with much stronger demon blood running through them.

Kouma is the other "grappler" character in Melty Blood. He is a momentum character that will have your opponents scared of being under your pressure because of big damage from command throws and the subsequent mix ups.

Stage: Forest of King Cruel

Forest of King Cruel.PNG

BGM: Blood heat!

Crescent Moon

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Combos and Strategies

Half Moon

Very similar to his MBAC incarnation. Notable changes are his rekkas, no longer has any charge moves, 623A, has a gimped version of F-Kouma's j.22, has the Half-Moon 5A6AA option for moving forward and pressure...

Normal Moves

5A Standard jab, spammable, combos into itself. Neutral on block. It's range and hitboxes are much better than F-Kouma's and hits downwards as well.

5A>6A Moves him forward.

5A>6A>6A Moves him more forward, launches on hit. Special cancellable only.

5B Palm thrust, moves Kouma forwards. Nice horizontal range but it's on the slow side as it has a startup of 10f. You can't cancel this move late so you can't really stagger anything off it but the amount of forward momentum you get from something like 5B>5A>6A is nice for blockstrings.

5C Forward lunge, moves Kouma forward, slightly less than 5B. Less range than 5B but it's on the faster side as it has a startup of 7f.

6C Launches on hit and is special cancellable. It's usually used after 5C or 2C but due to it's sluggish 15f startup, it'll OTG after 2C if you're too far.

2A Standard crouching jab that combos into itself. At a startup of 6f, it's on the slower side of crouching jabs but unlike F-Kouma's, it actually hits low. Neutral on block.

2B Godlike anti-air, one of the best in the game. 7f startup.

2C Downwards lunge. Excellent range, hits from about three character lengths away as he moves forwards during the startup. +1 on block.

JA Air jab, has some usage air-to-air. Not useful as a jump-in.

JB Very fast palm strike, 6f, excellent for getting counterhits.

JC A little slow, 11f, hits downwards.

Special Moves

214ABC: Kouma's command grab. When you grab them, you can follow up by inputting nothing, holding back, or holding down.

  • (A version) Short range, comes out fairly fast.
  • (B version) Pretty slow but the range is deceptively far since he moves forward right when he's about to grab.
  • (C version) Unlike F-Kouma's and like back in MBAC, there is enough time for your opponent to jump out after the superflash but it has a lot more range than F-Kouma's so it's viability as a reversal is greater.
  • {4} followup Throws them behind you, induces wallslam, can be followed up with a combo for more damage but the followup is distance dependent. Some examples are 5C 2B aerial or 2C 236B 5AA 5C aerial...
  • {2} followup Throws them behind you, knocks down, but has less frame advantage than the normal knockdown.

22ABC: Same as F-Kouma's.

623ABC (236 in the air): Rising flame kick. Only the EX version has invulnerability.

  • (A version) Unlike MBAC, Kouma does not leave the ground. Launches on hit. May be useful as an anti-air.
  • (B version) Rises from the ground with a flamekick. Can be followed up with a downwards kick with any button after inputting a 236 but the knockdown is ground techable.
  • (C version) Invulnerable forever, terrible recovery. The aerial version can be used as a way to dump meter in combos, ground string tk.236C land airthrow.

236ABC: Kouma's flaming rekka. Has superarmor but unlike the other grooves, they are standalone and do not followup into more rekkas. EX cancellable.

  • (A version) Single rekka comes out. -1 on block.
  • (B version) Two rekkas automatically come out, tons of superarmor, second hit knocks down and is jump cancellable. -4 on block.
  • (C version) EX, lots of damage, wallslams on hit and can be followed up into a combo but doesn't knock down by itself.

Arc Drive 41236C Command grab, cannot be jumped out of after superflash.

Combos and Strategies

aerial: air throw or j.B j.236...

2AA 2B 5B (optional 5A 6A) 5C 2C delay 236B 5A 5C 2B aerial

delay 236B... 5A 5C tk.236C land airthrow

... 5A 6AA 2C delay 236B ...

aerial CH... 2C delay 236B.... 5C 2B airthrow 2C (236B) oki

Full Moon

Normal Moves

F-Kouma's normals are mostly exactly how they were back in MBAC.

5A - Bitch slap. Kouma backhands whichever ho is dumb enough to be this close to him and disrespect his burning manliness. This normal sucks, you probably should never use it unless you KNOW you can counter an air opponent with it. And even in those cases, 2B is a far better option. So don't use it if you can help it.

2A - Side chop that looks more like he's reaching his hand out for a team chant. Despite being a jab, this move is on the slower end of jabs and does not hit low.

5B - Forward advancing palm strike. Aside from being good for punishes if you can get a good grip on spacing, 5B is pretty awesome because it has no proration. It's pretty hard to combo into it from 2A, so while you *could* get better damage with it, don't replace 2B with 5B because the higher execution really isn't worth it.

2B - Kouma pushes his disfigured hand into the air, hitting with his palm. This normal is your best bet when trying to counter hit airborne opponents, because if you time it right, you can beat out a lot. It's really the only anti-air option he has, other than MANLINESS - and this is really the better choice, since if you get a counter hit, you can simply wait for them to get in range, then 5C -> manliness. Delicious.

5C - Kouma pulls his arm back and snaps it foward. This is fast and has the greatest reach of all his normals. It's strong and combos into 6C or manliness or rekka with ease, so use it! While it's not good for pokes, its great range and speed allows you to use it for tech-punishes, making it a meaty to fear.

Charged 5C - Same as above, but instead of hitting, it grabs. Seems good, but it's dangerous to use because it has a long charge time. If you meaty with 5C enough, you can scare the opponent into letting you do this, as it's unblockable. If you do connect with it, you'll have two options. The first is to let it do its thing - normally, this move throws the opponent backwards, wallslamming them. If you're at least half screen away from said wall, you can dash towards it and manliness your way to happiness. This is fantastic for setting up his corner OTG if you've got the meter for it, or baiting a ground tech so you can put it to 'em some more. Beware - if you're already against the wall, in order to connect the 623B you'll need to hit with 5A first, then go into manliness; otherwise, you'll push past them, missing embarrassingly. The second is to hold 2 - this is the same as using his 214A/B and holding 2, it plants the opponent behind you. Not enough time for sandoori, but enough for oki. You cannot otg from this, so abuse this fact.

2C - Same motion as MBAC, he does his downward arm sweep. Just like in MBAC, it has lots of startup and is really terrible on whiff. Get used to using this, though - all his combos use it.

Charged 2C - Same as above, except even slower because you're charging it. On top of the higher damage and lower proration, this move is safe on block.

6C - Kouma pulls his arm in, slides forward and pushes his forearm in a backwards C motion (when facing right), creating a fiery gash in the air. This is one of his better normals since, like his 5B, gives him foward momentum. The only drawback is that it adds distance during blockstrings, so if you were planning on rushing in for a 214A/B, don't use this because you'll be pushed too far and you'll get eaten alive if you try to grab.

j.A - Like his 2A, but in the air. Since, much like his MBAC counterpart, F-Kouma cannot air combo, you won't really be using this. It's fast - so fast, in fact, that if you weren't watching carefully it looks like his normal empty jump. It's also really short and that pretty much makes it complete ass. Don't use it for air-to-air, jB is usually better. If you do connect but you don't get a counter hit, you can always 214C for extra damage, but unless you kill with it this generally isn't worth the meter - and that goes for the other three air normals, too.

j.B - Just like his 5B, he pushing his hand out for a palm strike. Doesn't advance him of course, but it has good range so if you need something for air-to-air, this is it. Slower than his jA, but its reach makes up for it. Remember - F-Kouma can't air combo, so j.B air-to-air is only good for getting counter hits.

j.C - Same motion as MBAC, he does his reaching out arm strike. This is great for jump-ins, but for air-to-air not so much. The only time you want it for air-to-air is if your enemy is below you, in which case go for it. Slower and less reach than j.B, and combos into 214B.

j.Charged C - Same as above, but the startup is delayed accordingly. This move can be jump cancelled on hit/block! It's used heavily in his combos, but in order to do so you'll need to get used to pressing C the moment the game allows. Takes time to get used to, but oh so worth it. As all his best moves, this can go into manliness when combo'd correctly. It also does tons of guard damage. But most importantly, if your Charged is still going and you hit the ground, it counts as an empty jump. More fakeout madness? Yes, please! (But be careful not to do this by accident! You'll be in for a world of pain)

Special Moves

Most are from MBAC, some new ones join the fray.

236A/236B - Rekka Attack
The rekka from MBAC comes back with a vengeance. The most important thing to remember is that there is no proration on the rekka, with the exception of the C-ender. That means you're pretty much always going to want to throw in rekka when you can combo it.
While A and B look the same, there is one slight difference - B moves farther. That said, the first two hits act in the same manner - the only thing that changes is the last hit, which is dependant on what button you press. Also, keep in mind that you can stagger each hit, so mix it up. If you don't, it'll be really predictable which will lead to your opponent shielding you - the worst thing that could ever happen while you're doing this.
This move grants you 1-hit super armor during startup - a second hit will kick you out of it and into counter-hitstun.
For the first two hits, Kouma slides forward, stretching out his arms and alternating them in a one-two fashion. The last hit is listed below.

236A ender
Kouma jumps in the air, slightly back, and kicks. If you're at the edge of this move and they're blocking, this will NOT connect. Good for beating escapes.

236B ender
Kouma jumps in the air, moving forward, and kicks. Awesome because of crossup, stagger this and guess right and you'll get oki.

236C ender
Kouma reaches deep into his mind, finding the ultimate truth and decides to stop fighting. Then realizes that it's too late, so he nut punches instead. It has weird timing, but the good news is that it can be charged. Charging only delays when it hits, and if you perform a full charge, you'll get a quicker recovery. Perfecting the full-charged C-ender is the basis of performing his rekka combo.
It's also important to note that this ender can be EX-cancelled. For example, if you're using this in a block-string, end with this and cancel into 22C. Congrats, now you have super armor for 2 seconds. (That example isn't exactly safe, but it's an idea)

236C - EX Rekka
Kouma slides like the first hit in his rekka, but instead just slides a bit more. Does 3 hits, and wallslams. This is a get-away-from-me move, except it's not very useful. You can combo after wallslam if you're already facing the wall, but you need to hit with 5A first and then go into manliness if you're looking for that. You can also charge it, which nets higher damage and is good for bait - especially because it has super armor on startup. It's supremely unsafe on block, though. Try not to use it as you have better uses for meter than this.

623A/B - Anti-air Grab a.k.a. Manliness Grab a.k.a. MANLINESS
Kouma sends his arm into the heavens, grabs his airborne victim and plunges them into a world of madness. It's your basic anti-air grab turned fiery and awesome thanks to the man with one expression. All three versions have a point where they will hit instead of grab, which launches the opponent. Generally, if your opponent is still on the ground or if they're too high in the air, it'll launch instead. If that happens, just position yourself relative to your opponent. Don't try to follow up because you're probably not gonna get anything.

Explodes opponent in Kouma's hand. This plants them in front of you and, like 214A/B, is your set up for sandoori. Lots of things combo into this which makes this move essential.

Kouma grabs the opponent and busts their face on the ground, bouncing them away from him. This is used to distance yourself from your opponent, but you can also use it in the corner for otg combos and tech-punishes. It's slightly stronger than the A version, but it's also harder to combo into because Kouma moves forward when he reaches in the air. As I mentioned before, if you want to combo into this from any wallslam move and you're already against the wall, you'll need to first hit with 5A and then go into 623B.

Same animation as B version, only he slows down a bit after the grab for anticipated pain. Strong, easy to combo into and just plain good. I believe it's safe on block, as well. This is used in his otg combo.

22A/B - Stomps
Kouma puts his foot down, and fire springs forth. The fire itself does damage and Kouma has super armor during this move. Just watch out, because he doesn't have armor during the startup. The A version comes out quickly and has long recovery, and the B version comes out slowly but has quick recovery - quick enough to combo into Manliness.
The stomps also reflect certain projectiles, which is listed in the Strategies section.

22C - EX Stomp
Kouma puts his foot down, and an explosion occurs. You can do damage with this move, the super armor activates instantly and it last for 2 seconds. It makes for a decent reversal, but of course, this comes at a price - 22C has deceptively smaller range than 22A/B. Keep in mind that you can still be thrown out of your armor, so characters like Miyako and Arc - who can combo off of throw - will laugh at you if you 22C at an inopportune time. Like, in a block-string, for example. Thank god for throw breaks.

214A/B - Command Grab a.k.a. OMNOMNOM (just kidding, but man he eats you up)
Kouma reaches with an overhead swipe and picks his enemy up off the ground, then he stares angrily at the screen (GRR KOUMA HUNGRY) as he barbeques his victim. As with all command grabs, your opponent cannot throw break this, so eat to your heart's content. The A version comes out quickly and has short reach, and the B version comes out slowly but has fantastic reach. You can hold 4 to wallthrow your opponent, or 2 to throw them on the ground. If you're not in the corner, you'll want to let the natural explosion occur, since that'll set you up for sandoori. Holding 2 seems like it'd be good, except just like on Charge 5C, the opponent recovers much faster when you hold 2, so it's only good for basic oki, not sandoori. If you're against the corner, you can wallthrow into 5A and 623A/B, like always. You cannot otg from this, so abuse this fact.
Also important, if you manage to grab with this and need just a bit more for damage, you can input 236C to up the damage some, not to mention place the opponent in an untechable state for some oki - no sandoori though, there's too much distance for that.
Oh yeah, this grabs limbs btw. Totally awesome.

214C - EX Command Grab a.k.a. Kouma Dunk (for serious this time)
Same as above, except when he connects Kouma gets some hang time and explodes his foe into the dirt, reminding them that THEY CAN'T BRING THAT SHIT IN HIS HOUSE. Its effectiveness as a reversal has been incredibly nerfed due to how close they have to be now. That said, its startup is invincible, so if your opponent is right next to you and you don't smell a jump, it's time to grab a glass of milk and dunk some cookies. It's more useful as a grab now since unlike Crescent Moon Kouma, you cannot jump out of EX Dunk on reaction.

421A/B/C - Command Dash
Looks like a stomp, dashes like a beast. This move is great because it uses the same animations as the stomp, and it grants you super armor during the dash, AND there are evasion frames during the startup of the dash. Great for escaping, great for fakeouts, great for moving in - this is just great. A version looks like B stomp, then dashes, B version looks the same, but dashes farther than A version. C version looks like A stomp, but fake dashes and Kouma stays in place. Brilliant.

j.22A/B/C - Air Command Dash
A command dash similar to 421A/B/C. Only difference is the unique animation since there is no air stomp, and no super armor. Without super armor, this is a really risky move to use. Take care when pressuring with this, the recovery is not as good as it seems.

j.214A/B - Dive Kick a.k.a. that one move you probably won't use
Kouma leans back in the air, stops his momentum and divekicks to the ground.
This move has two uses.
One) You find yourself in the air, but your foe is on the ground. Not only are they on their way up, but you know they've got some kinda move that'll outprioritize your j.C so you can't use that. 214A/B lags Kouma just enough that he'll hit a lot of enemies who are just below him.
Two) You're about to jump, but realize that it'll put you at a disadvantage. Have no fear, TK that Dive Kick, and no one will be the wiser.
A version hits and goes past the opponent, B version hits and bounces you off the opponent, giving you air action. B version is pretty much better most of the time, because if you have it, you can air-dash afterwards and air-throw your enemy as a tech-punish, or air back-dash/22C if you need to just gtfo. Especially good because it bounces you even on block. Still, you don't want to spend too much time in the air if you can help it.

j.214C - EX Dive Kick a.k.a. Godammit I meant to do something else now I just wasted 100% meter FFFFFFFF
This move is pretty useless. Only use it if you connect with 214B and want that extra damage to win the match. It's unsafe, so throwing it out randomly will get you hurt.

41236C (in HEAT or MAX) Arc Drive: ENJOU
Kouma picks his foe off the ground and burns them in a fiery blaze. Or, if he's not close enough, smacks them with his palm and wallslams them. It's decent as an AD, but it's not nearly as good as his AAD. Always does the hit instead of grab against an airborne opponent. Do not try to combo from wallslam with this, there's not enough time. Either get ready for oki if you grabbed, or be prepared to tech-punish/otg if you hit. Not safe on block.

41236C (in BLOOD HEAT) Advanced Arc Drive: DAIENJOU
Kouma grabs his foe and burns them so hard it hurts HIS BRAIN to try and comprehend it. Or, if he's not close enough, smacks them with his palm and wallslams them. Then the player facepalms because s/he missed a great chance to do some real damage. What makes this AAD so great is that you can combo into it easily - either from rekka, from 5C, from 6C, from 2B - hell, from pretty much anything. It's the strongest move in his repertoire as far as straight damage goes, so use it if you get the opportunity. Not safe on block, but safer than AD for sure. Just like C-Kouma, you can grab airborne opponents with this.

Combos and Strategies

Combos (2A) 5B 2B 2C > 236B 236B > 236[C] (delay) > 2A 6C > j.[C] dj.[C] > at

(2A) 5B 2B 2C 6C > j.[C] dj.[C] > at

22 Reflectors
22A and 22C reflect, j.22s don't. Necos, Akihas, Maids are untested. Unless specified, both 22A and 22C will work. Still need to test 22B fully.

C-Warc: 214A/B/C, j.214A/B/C, 63214C
H-Warc: 214A/B/C, j.214A/B/C - Does not work on 236A/B/C
F-Warc: 214A/B/C, j.214A/B/C - 22A will counterhit in your favor if done in reaction to 63214C (the dash claw ex)

C-Aoko: Nothing
H-Aoko: 214A/B/C - C version will Circuit Break if it hits after it is reflected.
F-Aoko: 236A/B/C - I've only been able to reflect 3 hits of the C ver. with 22A, netting ~1k. 22C will reflect everything for 1.5k.

C-Ciel: 214[A]/B/C, j.214A/B/C
Reflected 214[A] keeps the "stick and explode" property. I've only been able to reflect the first two parts of 214B with 22A. 22C is weird because the first 214B knife will go straight through Kouma, and the last two will be reflected. 22A will reflect the first 3 knives of 214C, with you taking and giving about 500 damage. 22C against Ciel will reflect 4 knives, doing 600, with you taking about 100 damage. Against j.214C, it will only reflect the first two or so knives, you'll eat the rest of it.
H-Ciel: 214[A]/B/C, j.214A/B/C, 236[A]
F-Ciel: 214A/B/C, j.214A/B/C
22A can reflect the knife of j.214C, but not the shadow that comes out. If you reflect the knife, the shadow will still come out and damage and freeze Ciel in place.

C-Sion: Nothing
H-Sion: Nothing
F-Sion: Nothing

C-Wara: 2[C], 63214C
22A will reflect one ring, 22C will reflect both. If the Warc shadow is right on top of you, then both rings will hit you and not be reflected.
H-Wara: 63214C, Same as above.
F-Wara: 236A/B/C, j.236A/B/C

C-Roa: Nothing
H-Roa: Nothing
F-Roa: Nothing

C-Mech: Nothing! wut
H-Mech: 236A/B/C - 236B(golden fist) can only be reflected by 22C.
F-Mech: 236C, 214[A]/{B}/C - Doing 22A/C against 214[A]/{B} is a bad idea.

C-Len: Nothing
H-Len: Nothing
F-Len: 236A/B/C

H-Satsuki: 22A/B/C

As far as I can tell, nothing. I have not been able to reflect the thrown knife, but that could just be timing issues on my part, as it is fairly fast.

C-WLen: Nothing
H-WLen: Nothing
F-WLen: 236A/B/C, j.236A/B/C

C-Chaos: 236A/B
H-Chaos: 236A/B
F-Chaos: 236A/B
Using 22A/C on the 236B bird will cause it to turn around and head towards Chaos. If the bird is fairly close to you when you do the 22A/C, it will just dart towards Chaos instead of hovering to him.

AD/AAD, Last Arc and Super Armor

This section is dedicated to what you can do during your opponent's AD/AAD, and what can be done to prevent Last Arc, if possible. I'll be going through each character (aside from Archetype Earth) and list the advantages of having Super Armor. All below is tested only with F-Kouma.

Aoko - If you have Super Armor on, you will eat unprorated damage, so use with caution.


  • Can't be done on reaction.
  • Super Armor isn't long enough to sustain it.


  • Can be done on reaction.
  • Super Armor lasts long enough to hit Aoko before she recovers, but not before her AD ends - her recovery is still decent, and you can't move during her AD, so only attempt this if you are close enough to actually do something.


  • Can't be done on reaction
  • If you do it early enough, but not too early (regardless of distance) be sure to jump over the second hit, or shield it.
  • You can also perfom this if you block the first hit.
  • You can hit her before her AD ends!


  • Don't do it. The Super Armor is only one hit.


  • Invincible even uncharged. Crosses up if you're close to her. It doesn't hit her out of AD for some reason, though that's okay since you get to combo if you're close enough.
  • If you aren't close enough, it'll hit you.


  • Can't be done on reaction.
  • Super Armor isn't long enough to sustain it.


  • Can be done on reaction.
  • Super Armor survives first 2 blasts, breaks on the third.
  • You can escape the third hit by ducking, dashing past, or 421A/B.
  • Aoko recovers immediately after landing, so be sure to use your action before she lands, or use a meaty.


  • Can't be done on reaction.
  • If you do it early enough, but not too early (regardless of distance) be sure to jump over the second hit, or shield it.
  • You can also perfom this if you block the first hit, but sometimes the third hit will come out so be careful of that.


  • Don't do it. The Super Armor is only one hit.


  • Can be done on reaction.
  • Invincible even uncharged. Crosses up if you're close to her.
  • If you aren't close enough, it'll hit you.

Last Arc

  • If you have Super Armor from 22C - even if she shields 22C's hit - she'll do her startup animation, but nothing will happen. Punish it.

Other things
Aoko is invincible during her AAD, but not her AD. Generally, if her AAD is blocked, the third hit will not appear, but sometimes (for unforseen reasons) it does. EX Guarding it is usually best, especially because it's easy to do so once you've regular blocked it, and you get a slight frame advantage over regular blocking. You can shield the second hit for tons of meter, too, so even if you just need a little more to win and you've got plenty of health, it's not best to eat damage in a risky move to win.
Be wary of trying to use her AD/AAD to Last Arc - Kouma has massive gams, so his leg will get hit by her beams if you aren't careful. AAD has a larger hitbox than AD, as well.

Shiki Tohno

Can be done on reaction, but...

  • If you do it and you're not directly next to him, it'll connect with the Super Armor frames, and you'll still get hit.
  • If you are next to him, you'll avoid the AD entirely and recover before him - proceed to punish.


  • Can be done on reaction.
  • Ignores AD - No damage.
  • Recovers before Tohno, but you'll be too far to do anything.
  • If it connects to any Super Armor frames, you'll still get hit.

Can be done on reaction, but...

  • If you do it and you're not directly next to him, it'll connect with the Super Armor frames, and you'll still get hit.
  • If you are next to him, INPUT IT BACKWARDS AS YOU WALK PAST HIM - you'll avoid the AD entirely and recover before him - proceed to punish.


  • Don't do it. He'll hit you every time.


  • Invincible during, so you're safe. Don't waste time charging it, unless you hit it early and need the invincibility.

Can be done on reaction, but...

  • If you do it and you're not directly next to him, it'll connect with the Super Armor frames, and you'll still get hit.
  • If you are next to him, you'll avoid the AAD entirely but he'll recover first.


  • Don't do it. He'll hit you every time.

Can be done on reaction, but...

  • If timed right, you'll avoid the AAD entirely but he'll recover first, regardless of how close you are. Easiest to do when you're right next to him.
  • If timed wrong, it'll hit your Super Armor frames and you'll eat the damage unprorated. Unlike AD, you can avoid taking damage from any distance with this, as long as it's done correctly.

Can be done on reaction, but...

  • If timed right, you'll avoid the AAD entirely but he'll recover first, regardless of how close you are. Easiest to do when you're right next to him.
  • If timed wrong, it'll hit your Super Armor frames and you'll eat the damage unprorated.

Can be done on reaction, but...

  • If you do it and you're not directly next to him, it'll connect with the Super Armor frames, and you'll still get hit.
  • If you are next to him, you'll avoid the AD entirely and recover before him - proceed to punish. No need to walk past this time.


  • Don't do it. He'll hit you every time.


  • Invincible during, so you're safe. Don't waste time charging it, unless you hit it early and need the invincibility.

Last Arc

  • Unavoidable. Don't let him do it.

Other things
DON'T TRY TO WALK PAST HIM FOR CROSSUP UNLESS you're using 421C, which is bested on AD by 22A/B. Anything else will push you into it, so don't do it.
When next to Tohno, you can always jump instead of the above actions during AD and still hit before he recovers, but the above options look much flashier. However, if he does AAD, jumping doesn't give you enough time to do anything before he recovers.
You can also block his AD/AAD, but only if you aren't right next to him. If you are next to him, it's unblockable.

Win Quotes



No. 1 Default

No. 18 Sol Badguy (Guilty Gear)

MELTY BLOOD Actress Again

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