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Melty Blood/MBAA/Mech-Hisui

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Name:   Mech-Hisui (メカヒスイ)  —  Nicknames:    -

Voiced by:   Miyu Matsuki (松来未祐)  —  Type:   Robot   —  Gender:   Female

Birthday:   ?  —  Sizes:   ? / ? / ?  —  Height:   ?cm  —  Weight:   ?kg

Eye Color:   Grey  —  Hair Color:   Purple


One of Kohaku's machination in Melty Blood, a berserk robot bent on world domination.

Mech-Hisui is another unique character in Melty Blood. Each moon plays very different from each other, but each has a number of ranged and projectile moves to assist with her zoning and spacing. Generally considered a high execution character, but the results are well worth the work.

Stage: Doctor Kohaku Garage

Doctor Kohaku Garage.PNG

BGM: Tatakae! Bokura no Mech Hisui!

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon Mech Hisui is a very strong, versatile character. She has no particular weaknesses in any field and excels at zoning and controlling space. However, she is a relatively high execution character and not being able to execute will greatly hinder your effectiveness as her damage, defensive options, and zoning all drop if you are not capable of performing the more difficult combos and maneuvers.

Normal Moves

5a - Fast slap attack that hits in front of C-Mech's face, the active hitbox is completely inside the character hitbox, making it a pretty dangerous choice for anything other than a confirmed air guard break. Whiffs on most crouchers which can make it a decent whiff cancel normal or for whiff attack throw gimmicks, but it will hit a few characters such as Nero.

2a - Mech sticks her hand out while crouching. While it is her fastest normal to poke with, it is not particularly amazing in any way, though the active hitbox is quite large. Not a low attack.

5b - Mech sticks her hand out for a long reaching palm strike. This attack has a pretty big disjoint hitbox, making it really difficult to beat with a jump in. However, because this attack does not cover much vertical space, its use as an anti-air is limited and is more for catching jump outs or for air guard breaking an opponent. Like 5a, this attack whiffs on most crouchers but does hit a few people. Great combo fodder with its high prorate value if you manage to hit someone standing (or Nero)

2b - Mech sticks out both hands for a double palm strike. Relatively fast poke that hits twice. Also has a disjoint hitbox making it very difficult for other pokes to beat it when it is active. Thus, this is the main poke used for pretty much everything and can also be used to tech punish many ground tech situations.

4b - Flamethrower hands, doesn't stay out as long as it used to but as a flipside it doesn't take forever to start up and end anymore. It has about the range of 5b but will hit most crouching opponents but... there really isn't much use for a move like that since you can't cancel it and your pressure is pretty much over. While it has some use as a meaty attack its really easy to see coming now so it is better left on the "do not use" list.

5c - Chainsaw attack, hits up to 3 times. This move has a good hitbox, deals decent guard damage, and deals chip damage making it very good for blockstrings. Also used as combo fodder as it does add damage and move her closer.

5[c] - Charged chainsaw attack, hits up to 4 times. This move is basically an upgraded version of 5c in all aspects (hitbox, guard damage, chip damage, damage) but comes out a lot slower. If your opponent respects (or disrespects but makes bad choices), it can be good to throw out 5[c] out and awhile to get a little more out of your blockstring.

2c - Far range low beam sword swipe, quite slow to be used on its own, but in blockstrings it is fairly good at catching jump outs. Untechable AND jump cancelable on hit, making it a good source of knockdown if desired, or can be easily comboed into 421a. Can catch back techs if the opponent did not ground tech early enough. 2c is indispensable as combo fodder as it is C-Mech's only way to trip and a very long range attack.

2[c] - Charged version of 2c. While this is a better move than 2c in all aspects, it comes out incredible slow, making it relatively useless in actual play. It does have use as combo fodder for counterhits when 236[b] is too slow/difficult to land.

6c - Upward hammer strike. While the hitbox and animation look good as a makeshift anti-air, it is relatively slow to come out and is air blockable. It also does not have much range, so it really isn't particularly useful in blockstrings. However, this move is commonly overlook as it is special cancelable on block, so isn't too bad to have your opponent block this: on ground block you can cancel into a projectile attack and on air block you can cancel into 421b for an air unblockable attack

j.a - Downward extended hand poke. Hits up to 5 times. While not an amazing attack it in of itself, it does have some good active frames and is the fastest poke C-Mech has in the air. Because of its hitbox it can very easily also lead into an air guard break when air blocked in certain sitautions. Needed as combo fodder in some situations, such as double j.C fuzzy guard.

j.b - Horizontal fan strike. While it no longer clashes like it did in MBAC, this move is relatively fast and has a good hitbox, making it a great tool for air to air battles. The attack is also not too bad as a jump if spaced properly and will pretty much autoconfirm on hit/block for j.c at some heights.

j.c - Overhead hammerstrike. Because the hammer is mostly not part of her hitbox, this move can be very difficult for some characters to anti air. This move can also be used as a slow air to air when spaced properly, as it will beat out a lot of other air to air normals due to its disjoint hitbox. However, this move is relatively slow and should be used with care against shields or invinicible attacks.

j.[c] - Charger version of j.c. This attack in it of itself has not a whole lot of use, since it can be easy to see coming and doesn't really add much damage. However, charging this attack has some interesting properties. For one, charging j.c will break your air momentum, allowing you to land a meaty j.c easier or use it in drift mixups. Also, j.c has a relatively long startup animation, so it is possible to whiff the attack through an opponent as a high/low fakeout.

j.2c - Flamethrower attack, mostly used as a zoning tool. It carries Mech's air momentum and hits in a large area below Mech. This move is very unsafe on whiff.

Special Moves

236a - Standing eye laser, can't really hit crouchers, but can hit people trying to jump. Can be charged to become untechable on hit.

236b - Crouching eye laser, relatively slow, but is good against people who stay still. Hits low, so it can be used in mixup attempts where the opponent does not expect it. Can also be charged to become untechable on hit.

236c - EX Standing eye laser. Has a similar hitbox to 236a, so it is not effective on crouchers and is relatively slow (due to superflash, though the move itself isn't that slow) so it isn't great as a random move ever. However, it is possible to hitconfirm 236a/236b into 236c for decent damage in many situations, so it does have use there. It has some use as a reversal since it is invincible from 1~14.

623a - Electric shocks. While it looks small the hitbox is relatively big vertically, which can give it some use in Normal Shield situations. The final hit of 623a is untechable and has a long float animation, making it one of the best ways to get okizeme if you can set up the last hit.

623b - More electric shocks, this attack has lots of active frames and range, but is not particularly good at anything since its not that great on block (-6). Can be EX canceled into 623c for additional damage and knockdown.

623c - Even more electric shocks, this attack similar to 623b but with more hits and is even worse on block. It pushes back fairly far though, making it safe in most situations. This attack can grant fairly good knockdown, so it does have some use for setting up okizeme in situations where nothing else will do.

22a - Barrier shield, has some upper body invincibility. This move can be used as an anti air by itself or after a Normal Shield. Fairly unsafe on ground block or whiff, but fairly safe on air block.

22b - Big barrier shield, has clash frames near startup followed by total body invincibility. It is pretty risky to use this move unless you time it to clash your opponent's attack, but if it does clash the invincibility following it will win out in most situations. Opponent can react to the clash to potentially beat it though. It is possible to follow up on the wallslam in some situations on hit. Very unsafe on ground block/whiff, but is fairly safe on air block.

22c - EX reversal, very similar properties to 22b, except that it has complete invincibility from 1~15.

214a - Single rocket shot, shoots rockets that start to veer upwards, good anti jump at the end of blockstrings and random zoning as it is air unblockable.

214b - Double rockets shot, shoots rockets that go straight forward, decent blockstring ender and has uses as a ground zoning tool.

214c - Vagina bomb, completely useless on its own, but can be very scary when used with okizeme off of long knockdowns (throw, 2c, etc)

421a - Low whip swipe. This move launches in a specific way on hit and can hit people that are in the air, but is mostly used as combo fodder. It is fairly safe on block and comes out relatively fast, so it can be used for a strange blockstring ender at some ranges.

421[a] - Charged version of 421. This attack comes out fairly slow, but is her only ground overhead. It wallslams the opponent the other way on hit. Pretty unsafe on block and very unsafe to random disrespect.

421a2 - Directional follow up to 421a, forces knockdown similar to 421b

421b - High whip swipe. Cannot be charged, but it is air unblockable and fairly fast, so it can be used for when an opponent panics and jumps out of certain strings or as air guard break material. The knockdown isn't particularly amazing, but it will at least net you a safe jump attempt.

421c - Electric whip attack, puts opponent in hitstun next to you. Mostly used as combo fodder to increase damage or set up oki.

63214c - EX arm extend, on hit it grabs the opponent and shocks them for an untechable knockdown. Costs 150% meter instead of 100%. Only real use is for grabbing OTG opponents for extra damage and guaranteed knockdown. It does however, have some particular applications as a counterattack against certain moves, such as Mech Hisui's own arc drive.

41236c - Heat//Max only, a Train of Mechs comes out, covers the bottom of the screen, fully invincible from 1~29. Great damage if it connects or free guard break on air block or free throw/airthrow on shield. Also gives you mixup attempts as the move is +71 after all.

41236c - Blood Heat only, similar to as her arc drive, except the move is no longer invincible (if hit out of the startup, the brigade will not appear). However, the move covers much more space as there are also Mechs flying as well.

j.236a - JETPACKS! Cover a lot of space and move relatively slowly but with relatively fast startup. Highly spamable, but the recovery is completely vulnerable. The main use of this is as anti jump zoning when tiger kneed (2369a)

j.236b - JETPACKS! Similar to j.236a, however the jetpacks move backwards and more vertically instead. This move also recovers slightly faster than j.236a. (2369b)

j.236c - EX jetpack travels fullscreen horizontally. Mech returns from the screen she flew toward as is vulnerable during the dash animation of this return. As an aircombo ender it is fully untechable, but it doesn't always guarantee advantage since Mech's distance from the opponent varies. Fully invincible so it can be used to punish fullscreen attacks when tked (j.236c)

j.214a - Crossbow lasers, useful as a zoning tool as it travels fullscreen quite quickly and will give you an advantage over characters who rely on horizontal fireballs to counter jetpacks/missles/lazer, ex cancellable to j.214c or j.236c to make it safe

j.214b - Pretty much the same as j.214a, has more shots, but less safe if whiffed, as it is not ex cancellable

j.214c - EX crossbow lasers, can be used to make j.214a safe and can also be used as a meaty attack or as a pressure starter.

j63214c - EX arm extend, pretty much identical to the ground version. It does have some use as an air combo extender for untechable knockdown.


All damage tested on Sion.

Random Ground Hit Combos : These combos can start from virtually anything as long as your opponent, including j.c, j.b, j.a, 2a, 5b, or 2b as long as you are mindful of the distance from your opponent. Starting with a j.c or 5b adds a good amount of damage to any combo (500~800), so be on the lookout for opportunities where you can start with either of these attacks.

2b 5c 2c...

...6c (JC9) (j.b) j.c dj j.b j.c AT/j63214c/j236c/j236a
Basic combo for when you're close to your opponent. Viable for when you're unsure whether or not you'll be able to land the normal BNB. Note that in order to do this combo, you probably had to be close enough for 2b and 5c to 2 and 3 hit respectively. Otherwise 6c will probably whiff. Damage: 3859 with airthrow ender and without first j.b
...421a sj9 j.b j.c dj j.b j.c AT/j63214c/j236c/j236a
Most stable combo in terms of spacing from opponent. If your 2b 1hits immiedlately skip 5c and go to 2c for the most combo stability. Not character specific and you can always use this to swap sides with your opponent if your back is to the corner (though an airthrow will leave you with your back to the corner again) Damage ~3627 with airthrow ender
...421c 2b 5c 2c 421a sj9 j.b j.c dj j.b j.c AT/j63214c/j236c/j236a
100% Meter combo, adds damage to the standard bnb for the same knockdown options. Damage: 4580 with airthrow ender
...421c 2c 5c 623a
100% Meter combo, adds a little bit of damage but guarentees a good knockdown. Damage: 4065 with 623a ender
...421a 236[a] 2c 421a sj9 j.b j.c dj j.b j.c AT/j63214c/j236c/j236a
Most damaging meterless BNB, fairly difficult to land on some characters due to their hitbox. Once again, if 2b hits only once, skip 5c and go straight to 2c. To compensate for the hitbox, you can move forward before 236[a] and 2c to get closer for 421a to land. Omitting the 2c before 421a or using 421b/c instead can also add stability to the combo. Damage ~4171 with airthrow ender
Very Easy: Nero, Warachia (Possible to do two reps of 2c 421a 236[a] instead of one)
Easy: Tohno, Nanaya, Kouma, Ciel, Akiha, Vakiha, S.Akiha, Arc, Warc (Stand still and second 2c 421a lands)
Normal: Miyako, Sion, V.Sion, Ries, Len, W.Len, Ryougi, Hisui, Mech Hisui (Must dash or walk forward before doing 2c or 421a will not land)
Hard: Aoko, Roa, Kohaku, Satsuki (Similar to normal, but the amount of forward movement is higher than normal difficulty)
Impossible?:Necos (As far as I know, this combo doesn't work on necos at all)
...421a 236[a] 2c/421c/623c/63214c
If you're afraid of not being able to land the whole bnb on certain characters, this variant exists to grant you solid okizeme options. Damage ~3167 with 2c ender

Jetpack SJ Combo

2b 2c 5c (3 or 4 hits) (5b) JC9 j.a (delay) j.c (delay) j.236a (land) sj.8 j.b j.c sdj j.b j.c AT/j63214c/j236c/j236a
Fancy jetpack combo. This combo is actually more difficult in the corner on some characters in terms of landing the 5b. Builds the most meter (2~9% more than the 421a 236[a] combo) for a meterless combo and gains the most vertical height for when the combo ends (for j.236a/b tricks). Damage: ~3902 or 4109(with 5b) with airthrow ender

421[a] Whip Overhead Combo

421[a] dash 2c 421a 236[a] 2c 421a sj9 j.b j.c dj j.b j.c AT/j63214c/j236c/j236a
The 421[a] combo follows the same rules as the above combos, it is possible to make this combo more difficult or easy depending on what you want. It is possible to add a 236[b] before the first 2c, but very situational. If you choose to do the most difficult variant, the rules for hitting an opponent with 2c 421a after 236[a] still apply. Damage ~3867 with airthrow ender

Low Air Counterhit Combo

(CH) 5b/5aaaaaaaaa 6c JC9 (j.b) j.c dj j.b j.c AT/j63214c/j236c/j236a
This combo is for when you're too low to the ground or too close to the ground to get anything else. If the CH is really awkward you can always omit everything and just go for more jump normals into an ender.

High Air Counterhit Combo

(CH) Land (236[b]) 2c or 2[c] 421a 236[a] 2c 421a sj9 j.b j.c dj j.b j.c AT/j63214c/j236c/j236a
Like the whip and the basic combo, there is a lot of freedom in this combo to make it harder or easier. Landing a 236[b] into 2c is the most damaging variant and builds the most meter, so try to gun for this if possible.

5D Anti Air Counterhit Combo

5d 5a(CH) (236[b]) 2c or 2[c] 421a 236[a] 2c 421a sj9 j.b j.c dj j.b j.c AT/j63214c/j236c/j236a
Identical to the High Air CH combo, however the situation is more controlled so landing a 236[b] can be a little bit easier.

Air Guard Break Combo

5b/5aaaaaaaaa 6c JC9 (j.b) j.c dj j.b j.c AT/j63214c/j236c/j236a
Identical to the Low Air CH combo in every way.

Gravity Loop (Hammer/Eyebeam Loop)

(~10++ hits) 421c (5a) 5c (2c 6c 236[a])xN 2c 5c 623a
Very difficult combo and highly character/gravity situation specific but is very rewarding as it is very damaging and builds a lot of meter. The way to begin this combo is to begin with a combo that has around 11 hits on its counter and then attach on a 421c 5c to begin the loop. This combo works by having so much gravity that the 6c launches just right for 236[a] to connect afterward. 236[a] is of course, untechable, so they fall back into your 2c (or straight into 6c, omitting 2c) to restart the loop. There are multiple ways to build up the hit count (2aaaa j.a 421c etc) and of course, the more hits you have before your definitive 421c, the easier and more possible the combo becomes. To successfully land the first rep, make sure to delay the 236[a] until the end of the special-cancelable window of the 6C. As your land more and more reps, the delay on the 236[a] after the 6C shortens and speeds up the overall timing, so make sure you know your visual/audio queues to perform this combo. This loop eventually ends when the hit counter is too high (fall too fast to catch with 2c) or too many 236[a]s have been added to the combo (including ones done before the loop began, because 236[a] decreases untech time of the rest of the combo, similar to how the 421a 236[a] combo stops at one/two reps).
Tentative list for ~10++ hit starter: (This is more or less just a general difficulty guideline, italics denote that I personally have not gotten this number of reps, but have seen it performed/listed aka unconfirmed)
~4 times: Necos, Ryougi, Ciel, W.Len, Satsuki
~3 times: Roa, Len, Nero, Aoko Sion, Ries, Nanaya,
~2 times: V.Sion, Miyako, Kohaku, Tohno
~1 time: M. Hisui, Hisui, Wara, V.Akiha,
Impossible?: Arc, Warc, Kouma, Akiha, S.Akiha

Notes on Combo Enders

2c: Ending a combo with 2c gives Mech Hisui lots of options for okizeme because not only does it give an untechable knockdown, it is also jump cancelable (for j.214c) and special cancelable into her slow special attacks (214c or 41236c in particular).

Air Throw: Mech Hisui's air throw is ground techable, meaning an opponent has an opportunity to escape from Mech Hisui's attack pressure after and airthrow. However, Mech Hisui can tech punish all tech options in midscreen and corner with 2b. One exception is when an opponent back techs midscreen, which is where you must use 236a/2c to tech punish the back tech. One word of caution about this specific punish is that a CPU can block it (due to it teching on the first possible frame), but it is very unlikely that a human will be able to tech on the first frame. However in the event that your 2c is blocked, you can still special cancel or reverse beat it to continue your pressure.

623a: When hit by this attack's last hit, the opponent will float and then fall onto the ground. The opponent cannot ground or air tech this setup. While this attack used to be able to set up corner-crossup okizeme in Arcade settings, this mixup is no longer possible in Original setting. Hence, the main purpose of this ender is the same as 2c, which is to setup safe-jump or projectile okizeme on a untechable knockdown. The main reason you would choose this over 2c is for timing/spacing/damage considerations, so choosing between this and 2c has many advantages/disadvantages depending on the situation.

OTG String - On many knockdowns, such sometimes from unexpected situationals like from a random 2c or unteched air counterhit, it is possible to OTG your opponent with an attack string. While this is situational dependent on the knockdown, you can often gain some form of advantage by doing an otg combo. For one, the otg combo will deal additional damage and build you some additional meter, which is always helpful. Furthermore, at the end of it, your otg combo may be special or jump cancelable, so you may be able to get a form of projectile or jump mixup that your opponent may not see coming due to the different setup/timing. However, an important thing to keep in mind is that your string will become ground and air techable, so keep that in mind when doing your otg combo.

Simple sample strings: 2aa5aaaaaa5b (Special/Jump Cancel) or 2aa2b5a (whiff) (Tech Punish)

j236a/b: Ending an air combo with j236a/b will send your opponent flying up in an airtechable state. This means that your opponent will be able to airtech and may have access to an airdash or another air jump. However, if done correctly, you will land way on the ground very quickly after your j236a/b, so you can actually send jetpacks flying at your opponent to force him to airblock. If you succeed in forcing your opponent to airblock, this can lead to an air guard break attempt using 5a or 5b to hit them while they are airblocking.

421c: After a 421c you can add another 2b 5c 2c to the combo, however a 6c and 421a may not work depending on the gravity of the combo. You can alleviate this by using 2c 5c 623a for a solid knockdown, or stopping at 2c (to cancel into something else). Thus, note that using 421c may actually hurt the maximum damage of the combo, but it at least guarantees a solid knockdown.

623c: At any time where your opponent is airborne during the combo around body height, you can use 623c to get an untechable knockdown. While not too much to speak of, if your opponent is far enough away, you can do a superjump mixup (to land on either side of your fallen opponent ambigiously or hit him with a j.c). If close, a meaty attack (attacking your opponent on the first frame that he is awake) or safe jump (a jump-in attack that is safe from reversals to due the reversal's startup) can be used.

63214c: Same as 623c in use for okizeme, however the knockdown is usually a little worse since they fall from a lower height by comparison. However, you can use this move on OTG opponents (from late 2c hitconfirm or something) to add damage and guarantee a knockdown.

j63214c: This attack is untechable and can be tacked on the end of virtually any air combo. The advantage this move gives isn't spectacular but will guarantee a meaty attack.

j236c This attack is also untechable, but the advantage is more situational due to the recovery. However, the recovery itself can be used as a slight mixup when midscreen, so it does have some practical application.

Half Moon


Special Moves

Combos and Strategies

Full Moon


Special Moves

Combos and Strategies


2A 5B 2B 2C 6C j.AB dj.BC Airthrow (3.5k)

2A 5B 2B 5C 236A 623C (3.7k)

2A 5B 2B 2C 236A 214C (3k+)

2A 5B 2B 2C 6C 214C (3k+)

Any combo ending in 214C is an untechable knockdown, after the 214C, you can add a 236B for extra damage but they will be able to tech. Cancel that 236B into 236C for more damage and an untechable knockdown again.

2A 5B 2B 2C 6C 214C 41236C (3.7k)

Antiair 214C 236B 236C

Antiair 214C 41236C


2A 5B 2B 2C 6C 214C dash 2C 6C j. AB dj. BC Airthrow (4.5k)

If you score a knockdown in the corner (I.E. air combo ender), upon landing set up a 22XX trap for oki; ideally you want to use 22A or 22C.

Win Quotes



No.1 Default

No. 17 May (Hand Maid May)

MELTY BLOOD Actress Again

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