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Name:   Neco Arc (ネコ アルク)  —  Nicknames:   -

Voiced by:   Ryoka Yuzuki (柚木 涼香)  —  Type:    Neco   —  Gender:   Female

Birthday:   ...  —  Height:   ...  —  Weight:   ...

Eye Color:   ...  —  Hair Color:   Blonde


Neco Arc is a running TYPE-MOON joke that has been going since Tsukihime, and is a lolcat version of Arcueid Brunestud. It's hinted that she may have been created by Kishua Zelretch Schweinorg, which proves that the man at least has a sense of humor.

Neco Arc is commonly viewed as a joke character by the Melty Blood Community. Her movement, size, range and aesthetic are vastly different to other characters, which makes her irritating to fight against and for this reason she is generally disliked. Some players do attempt to take her seriously and she has placed highly in a few stray tournaments, but these players are a somewhat rare breed. Neco Arc does have some interesting tools that she can use to win, but in the end it all seems to come down to just how much you can try the opponent's patience.


  • fast pokes
  • decent full screen harassment with her eye lasers
  • can cancel any normal into a backdash on block or hit
  • has one of the best, if not the best backdashes in the game
  • she's small. Opponents have to change their combos to hurt her
  • has a pretty good fuzzy guard
  • has a continuous ground dash


  • many attacks are useless and/or purposefully flawed
  • horrible 'air dash' limits her aerial mobility. (It can be alright for stalling though in some situations.)
  • ground dash mobility is slow
  • severely lacks range on her normals
  • limited ability to deal damage
  • can sabotage herself with a few of her attacks
  • low defense
  • lacks the ability to apply pressure the same way other characters can, forcing her to take a passive-aggressive playstyle
  • opponents will rage at you for even bringing her up on the character select screen for more than a fleeting moment.

Stage: Great Cats Village

Great Cats Village.PNG

BGM: GCV2005

Crescent Moon

  • Neco Arc has a second airdash

Normal Moves


  • A quick poke with her finger. Tiny range, fast.
  • Great for setting up tick throws and faking 623A/B


  • A crouching poke with her first.
  • Three frame (!!!) startup, extremely good whiff cancel. Hits mid.


  • A tiny poke around her head level.
  • It's rather hard to hit with this in neutral, and it is useful in comboing.


  • A chargable uppercut punch. It is a launcher, and she moves forwards during the startup.
  • This is one way to combo with Neco Arc, though not the most effective way.

5B (charged)

  • Neco Arc's arm extends and if it hits, the opponent is launched away from you in an n arc untechably.
  • Hard to really use since nothing can combo into it, and you're not likely to hit it plain.


  • A sliding attack. Useful combo filler, and has decent range. Chargable.
  • Damage in combos, and has a bit more range than you expect from Neco Arc. Hits mid.

2B (half charged)

  • Neco Arc slides slightly further in this version.
  • Charging it for a little bit makes it a low hit.

2B (fully charged)

  • Neco Arc slides very far, wallslamming airborne opponents.
  • You won't use this very often.


  • A kick under Neco Arc's body.
  • This is a crossup and can be used in her fuzzy guard. It has decent range and works as an instant overhead on Nero


  • A short ranged kick. Chargable.
  • This really serves as your main launcher in a combo. Can whiff sometimes though.

5C (charged)

  • A long range giant paw kick.
  • This wallslams, will connect off of a 2C on an airborne opponent, and is cancellable late into the attack. Pretty useful.


  • A claw swip that knocks down.
  • Use this with 5C to launch in combos, it's used as a way to continue her fuzzy guard after j.236C, and is her other low attack.


  • Another kick around waist level.
  • Combo filler, and is used in her fuzzy guard.


  • A downwards smash with her hands. This groundbounces.
  • Instant overhead to win a match, useful in her corner tech punishes, which are also difficult to do.


  • A chargable punch like Ciel's 6A. Usable in a 1-2-3 series with 6ABC like Aoko's 6ABC.
  • Use the uncharged version to fake the charged version.

6A (charged)

  • This is your ground overhead. Still works in the 6ABC autocombo. 6C launches like 5B.
  • Use this to break a turtle's guard. Beware counterthrows.


  • Neco Arc grabs the opponent and explodes them with a giant first.
  • Gives you a good deal of frames on hit.

Air Throw

  • Neco Arc grabs the opponent and smashes them to the ground.
  • Untechable, but really resets to neutral. Your least desires combo ender.

Special Moves


  • A has significant delay and shoots horizontally and has little recovery.
  • B has little delay, and shoots vertically but has more recovery.
  • EX shoots between where A and B would be.


  • Pretty bad range
  • Does a silly amount of hits for weak damage. Builds a HUGE amount of circuit for your opponent on hit or block
  • Huge stun on the opponent on counterhit at max range and hits only once. Neco gets a free combo afterwards.
  • EX causes a circuit break if it hits.
  • If you haven't guessed already, you'll only ever use this defensively and hope your opponent doesn't get hit by the whole thing.


  • Does a lot of knockback if blocked.

22B: Throws up a Neco Arc, which does something useless, including:

  • Dancing
  • Crawling really, really slowly backwards
  • Dashing forward
  • Walking backwards

22C (EX): Throws up some Neco Arc rockets. Covers a large area.

214: Teleport.

  • Teleports to the back(A), middle(C), or end(C) of stage.
  • Leaves some useless Neco Arc illusions. Not a bad way to get around, but too slow to be used for pressure.

421A: Calls some Neco Arcs, to do even more useless things, such as:

  • Flying carpet
  • cheering
  • ARCHETYPE: NECO. The only non-useless thing out of this. Shoots Arc's Last Arc beam that does about 3.2k damage. It's still blockable though.


  • calls two Necos to run from either side of the screen. Useless. Doesn't even hurt the opponent.
  • EX calls 3 Neco Arcs.

j.236: Throws up Red Arcf's blood rings. Works just like Red Arc's j.214.


  • A version moves slowly and travels a short distance, but keeps the opponent grounded if it hits.
  • B version goes quite far quite fast, but knocks the opponent into the air if it hits (techable)
  • can be tiger knee'd quite close to the ground, so it's pretty good for pressure.
  • can work as a substitute air dash in a pinch, but sparingly.
  • EX splits Neco Arc into pieced, doing a Rocket Punch/Kick/Chest simulateously.

63214 (Heat): Spinspinspin

  • Dizzys opponent if it hits. Dizzys Neco Arc at the end regardless.

Arc Drive: Same as Arc's, only the chain is made of cats.

Last Arc: Breaks the fourth wall by summoning Kinoko Nasu.

Combos and Strategies

Crescent Moon Neco Arcs bnbs are in general
2ABC 5C j.BC dj.BC airthrow
2ABC 5C j.BC dj.BC j.236C
2ABC 5C j.BC dj.BC2C
6ABC j.C dj.BC2C

This will be enough to take care of almost every single hit you get that can be hitconfirmed into a combo.

Her fuzzy guard is something along the lines of
j.C (deep) dj.C 236A xx 236C land 2C 5C j.BC dj.BC2C.

It's not trivial, but it's one of the easier fuzzy guards to nail consistently. It also works on many of the mid height characters.

You can tack a mutual Dizzy onto an aircombo in the corner for 200% meter by ending it with
j.236C *land* 63214C

If you can still do combos and basic pressure and mixups while in the Dizzy state (which reverses your inputs) you can usually get a free combo after this as your opponent will have poor reactions as they need to compensate for the switched inputs.

Half Moon

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Combos and Strategies

Hard mode bnb:

2B 5A 6AA 5[B] 2A whiff 2C 5B (half charge) j.B sdj.BC2C
That's for midscreen.

In the corner, for actually decent damage,
5A 6AA 5[B] 2[B] 2C 5C j.BC dj.bC 2C

Don't ever do this, don't ever play this character.

Full Moon

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Combos and Strategies

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