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Name:    Red Arcueid (ワルク)  —  Nicknames:    Warc 

Voiced by:   Ryoka Yuzuki (柚木 涼香)  —  Type:   True Ancestor   —  Gender:   Female

Birthday:   Dec 25  —  Sizes:   88 / 55 / 85  —  Height:   167cm  —  Weight:   52kg

Eye Color:   Gold  —  Hair Color:   Blonde


This is version of Arcueid that has given into her blood lust and completely lost it. She is intensely sadistic and bloodthirsty. Presumably, she possesses several times more power than Arcueid due to no longer suppressing herself.

This Arcueid plays almost completely differently. Having zoning tools and a slightly different set of normals, she is fully equipped for disrupting the opponents balance and all-out rushdown. A highly technical character that takes someone willing to learn all of her angles to master.

Stage: Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden.PNG

BGM: The End of 1000 Years

Crescent Moon

Normal Moves

5A [Mid]

A swipe like motion with the hand at about shoulder height

Startup is 5 frames, along with 8 frame recovery. Generally used for reverse beats to continue pressure or guard break. The hitbox's size has been lessened so all characters can duck under it.

5B [Mid]

Warc swipes downward while stepping forward. A very strong move, lots of hit stun and block stun, but slow recovery. Also her strongest combo starter.

5(B) [Mid]

Larger hitbox and moves even farther forward while hitting twice. Little pushback, good for blockstrings as long as you reverse beat or chain out of it.

5[B] [High]

Quick overhead, moves Warc VERY far forward, has little recovery and one hit of super armor. Lifts opponent off the ground on hit, so adjust your combo accordingly. Has quite a few uses.

5C [Mid]

Warc steps in and thrusts her arm forward. Starts up in 6 frames, making it a great counter-poke. The animation is deceiving as the move only reaches to her hand, however it reaches down to her knees so it will hit crouchers. Has little pushback but not much stun.

5[C] [Unblockable]

Looks the same as 5C, but has VERY slow charge time (43 frames!) and probably won't hit anyone who is awake. Better to use this as a stagger in blockstrings by half-charging.

6C [Mid]

Warc does a side kick while moving forward. Due to the forward movement, it is extremely useful for combos and pressure. Decent for jumpouts but not useful as an anti-air. Long recovery on whiff so try not to whiff it. Whiff cancel this to continue pressure.

6[C] [Mid]

Adds damage/guard damage/and a blowback effect on hit. Great for staggers and whiff canceling.

2A [Mid]

A swipe to the opponents knees that starts up in 5 frames. Cannot be used for mixup as it is no longer a low hit.

2AA [Low]

Warc swipes with her other arm. Has good stun for an A, hit confirming from here is very basic. If 2A whiffs this move will not come out.

2B [Low]

A low sweep that starts up quickly. Can be used as a poke from medium ranges and whiff canceled for pressure, and also as an anti-air for characters without a low reaching air move. Lifts opponent on hit and is used in her B&Bs.

2C [Low]

Warc gets low to the ground and does a very quick (6 frames), large swipe with her hand. Has good blockstun and can be used as an anti-air thanks to it's large vertical hitbox. It also works as a long rang poke since it will tag crouchers unlike 5C. Really terrible on whiff, so don't whiff it!

3C [Low]

Looks just like 2C but it has longer startup (20 frames) and super armor. Knocks down ground opponents and pops air opponents upwards. Completely untechable for ground opponents and ground techable for aerial opponents.

JA [Mid]

A scratch-like move that starts up fast. The hitbox is somewhat small, can be used to set up a high/low when IADing with j.B

JB [High]


Warc does two long forward swipes with her arms. The startup is extremely fast (5 frames!), the hitbox is very large so using this as an aerial poke and an anti-air are common. However, there is a hitbox on the swipes so don't be TOO liberal with it. Don't whiff this, as you will be stuck in recovery until landing.

JC [Mid]

In a hook shape, Warc does a large upwards swipe. On hit, the opponent is launched vertically in to the air. Has short horizontal reach but starts up fast, so using it as an anti-air for opponents above you is a decent use. Don't whiff this like j.B. Jumping in with this and reverse beating to j.B creates a strong high/low.

J2C [Mid, High on last hit]

Warc spins while clawing the opponent with both arms. Used to end air combos for knockdown (last hit needs to connect). Has one hit of super armor so you can use this to beat out shield counters.

j.2C8 [Mid]

Same as j.2C but holding up after doing the move will remove knockdown properties and cause the attack to do less damage. Absolutely useless.

Ground throw

Warc grabs the opponent and tosses them the direction you held when throwing. Ground techable, but this sets up a strong OTG/tech punish mixup for Warc in the corner.

Air throw

A grab that catches the opponent and slams them to the ground. The recovery has been nerfed, so your oki will be limited to basic things such as 5B or 2A on opponents who have a fast wakeup time.

Special Moves

Alt Nagel

236 + Button - Warc swipes upwards and creates a wall of blood. Air unblockable. The A, B and EX versions each have their own varying uses.

  • (A Version) - A small blood wall that hits 2 times. Mainly used as anti-air since it has an excellent hitbox and startup but you can only follow up if the last hit is the only one that connects. If you are spaced correctly you can also use this to potentially catch mashers but don't try too often.

[Start up: 11] [Active: 1] [Recovery: 31]

  • (B Version) - 8 hit, large bloodwall. The startup as you can see is long but once the wall appears it will not disappear even if you are hit. This move is EX-cancellable after release so you can use this to cover a 63214C. The wall travels far forward and reaches high so it can also be used as an anti-jump out/mash. If you are going to use this, take advantage of its excellent coverage for 63214C and the air-unblockable property.

[Start up: 30] [Active: 18] [Recovery: 68]

(C Version) - 8 hit EX blood wall with Warc rising along the wall. Very invincible and has some clash frames while rising. Charge -> Uppercut -> Jump -> Shock wave (x 5) is how each hit can be organized. Only the "jump" portion of the move is air unblockable. This move has terrible recovery and does not reach behind her or reach directly above her, so only use this sparingly as it may spell the end of the round for you. Opponents can time a circuit spark and punish you for using this too (Don't EVER use this against H-Moon in heat). If you manage to get only the 5 hits of the wave to hit, you can follow up with a combo.

[Start up: 2+4] [Active: 2(2)2(1)2] [Recovery: 36 to land + 23]

Alt Schule

214 + A/B/C - Called the "Ika Ring" by some, all of the rings will disappear after traveling a certain distance aside from j.214C. j.214A/B combined with j.B are excellent air moves, giving Warc a strong aerial arsenal. It is very important as a Warc player to use these moves properly.

  • (A Version) - Basic pressure finisher. Can be used as an anti air against characters with larger air moves like Riesbyfe or Kohaku. Has little proration so a follow-up counter hit combo will be strong. The large amount of active frames on this attack makes it an excellent meaty after j.214C.

[Start up: 18] [Active: 26] [Recovery: 48]

  • (B Version) - Startup is slower than A, but in exchange it is EX cancelable. Can also be used to finish pressure. If air guarded 623C or 63214C will ensure a guardbreak into a followup. Keep mind of where you are on the screen if attempting this though, as 623C will give you no followup if your back is not close to the corner. This can also be used when driving the opponent into the corner to catch chicken blocks. Be wary of the startup though.

[Start up: 24] [Active: 45] [Recovery: 74]

  • (C Version) - Not invincible so it isn't guaranteed to come out. Releases 2 large, multi-hitting rings. Shield-bunker bait but if they guard you have the advantage (+12). Using this at the end of 214B to continue pressure was used a lot, however, with the introduction of 63214C, seeing this move is rare. Using this for Guard Crush strings is possible though as it does a good amount of GB damage.

[Start up: 4+12] [Active: 46] [Recovery: 83]

  • (j.A Version) - A blood ring that travels at a 50-55 degree angle and maintains the trajectory until it hits/disappears. Can be EX-canceled until landing.

If Warc does not EX cancel, she is in recovery until she lands and can be counter hit at anytime if the opponent passes under it, jumps over it or reads it and shields you. Keeping track of the opponents position when zoning with this is imperative to it's use.

[Start up: 12] [Recovery: 30]

  • (j.B Version) - Same as A version but Warc stops in mid-air to throw it. You retain all remaining air-options after throwing this out, so make use of it to cover your aerial approach. You are defenseless while throwing this out though, so be wary. You may EX-cancel for a short period of time after using this move.

[Start up: 23] [Recovery: 43]

(j.C Version) - High speed EX ring that has a large amount of inertial push back. On ground hit it causes pop-up and knockdown on air hit, so ending an air combo with this is your best choice. It opens up lots of oki options due to the quick recovery and long knockdown. Can be used to fend off anti air efforts when your air movements have been exhausted, since it is one of the handful of moves that have mid air invincibility.

[Start up: 2 + 17] [Recovery: 6]

Weiss Katze

623 + Button - A new teleportation move. Warc teleports forward a certain distance depending on which button you pressed. Not terribly useful on the ground, but the aerial versions give you some extra movement.

  • (A Version) - Teleports a short distance forward. It is EX-Cancelable but the window is short.

[Duration: 34]

  • (B Version) - Same as A version but lacks the EX-Cancel and moves farther forward.

[Duration: 34]

  • (C Version) - Ground EX teleport. Warc teleports forward after startup, "grabbing" the opponent and holding them above her head. She will then throw them the opposite direction into the wall, allowing a follow-up combo should you be in range as the opponent cannot tech until they hit the ground. This is an important part to your corner tech-punish game, as you can catch forward techs into this move for large damage and to keep them in the corner. Can also be used to get out of sloppy pressure as it is invincible after startup and safe on block. If spaced correctly to where Warc appears in front of the opponent, you have advantage. Unsparkable, as it counts as a grab despite being an actual hit.

[Startup: 3+7] [Active: 8] [Recovery: 11]

  • (j.A Version) - Warc teleports forward in the air. Once completed, you retain all your aerial options (cannot air backdash or do a special).

[Duration: 33]

  • (j.B Version) - Exact same as A Version but travels farther.

[Duration: 33]

  • (j.C Version) - An aerial backwards teleport. This is incredibly useful for retreating as it moves you far back and you can fall with a j.B.

[Duration: 33]

Reverse Weiss Katze

421 + Button - After a short startup, Warc teleports backwards. Startup and distance vary with button.

  • (A Version) - A fakeout. Warc teleports and appears in the same spot. The move has some invincibility so it can go through some things (although unreliably).

[Duration: 32]

  • (B Version) - Same distance as 623A, but backwards. Start up is a little longer than A version.

[Duration: 33]

  • (C Version) - Same distance as 623B, but backwards. Starts up a little longer than 623B, but much longer than 421A.

[Duration: 35]

Vor Mond

j.22 + Button - Referred to as "Shinso Beam", this move is an eye beam of sorts.

  • (A Version) - Very narrow, only striking opponents around Warc's head level. Not useful.

[Startup: 25] [Active: 2] [Recovery: 56]

  • (B Version) - Slow startup, but will hit the opponent if they are anywhere in the air AND doing a move. Not really all that useful.

[Startup: 25] [Active: 2] [Recovery: 56]

  • (C Version) - Fast startup but the hitbox is narrow, so you can't use this to zone. If you are further than midscreen when you 623C, you can TK this to tack on some damage. You also retain your aerial options.

[Startup: 2+12) [Active: 2] [Recovery: 21]

Vorsicht Echt Schule

63214 + C - THE BIG RED. Spiciness in your mouth. Warc raises her arm and throws out a huge, fast, 7-hit ring that costs 150% meter. Does not travel full-screen but damn near. The opponent will be flung into the wall and depending on how far from the corner you are they can tech at different intervals. It is air blockable but Warc recovers fast enough to get an easy guardbreak. This move has a crazy amount of uses: Guaranteeing a guard break, extending pressure, establishing pressure and a couple flashy combos. However, there is no invincibility, it can be dodged without proper cover and is shield-bunker bait. The pros for this move are great though and absolutely overcome the negatives with correct use.

[Startup: 9+8] [Active: 25] [Recovery: 61]

Blut die Schwester

41236 + C - Moon Drop! What accidentally comes out if you have terrible execution. During the Super flash you cannot move, but you are completely invincible. When you can move, if you are not hit, grabbed or break a grab during the time that the moon is falling, the whole screen will be hit with an unblockable attack. Using this will give up your initiative as the recovery is ridiculously slow. Furthermore, if you do get past that and do not pressure the opponent, the opponent could dodge or back step it. You can use this every blue moon (no pun intended) though since the stages are very large.

AD: [Startup: 29+224] [Active: 1] [Recovery: 88] AAD: [Startup: 29+171] [Active: 1] [Recovery: 64]

Last Arc

EX standing/crouching shield [in Blood Heat] - Warc throws her arms back and begins to laugh maniacally while a multitude of chains come out of the ground to trap the enemy. She then releases a stream of energy through the opponent sending them across the screen.

[Startup: 1+4] [Active: 1] [Recovery: 65]

Combos and Strategies

Regular BnBs

(2A) 5B 2B 2C 5C Aerial

Basic BnB.

(2A) 2B 5B 2C 5C Aerial

Easy confirm off of 2B.

(2A) 5B 2B 2C 5A 5C Aerial

Use this one on the Neko's.

(2A) 5B 5C 6C 2B 2C Aerial

Optimal, max damage starter. 5B must hit point blank for this to connect. Delay your chains out of 5B and 6C to make this easier.

5B 6C 2B 2C 5C Aerial

Used when you are too far for 5B 2B to connect. Use this for catching forward techs in the corner if you don't have 100% for 623C.

(2A) 5B 2B 6C 2C 5C Aerial

Not really useful, but a decent hitconfirm nonetheless.

(2A) 5B 2B pause 2C BE6C 5C Aerial

Optimal hitconfirm. Use if your 5B didn't hit point blank.


j.B(2) j.C sdj. j.B(2) j.C Ender

Basic aerial.

j.C j.B(2) ad. j.B(1) sdj. j.B(2) j.C Ender

Nin combo from MBAC. You'll rarely have to use this ender.

j.B(2) ad. j.B(1) sdj. j.B(2) j.C Ender

Alternate version of the Nin combo. Used when you are too far for j.B(2) j.C to hit.

j.ABC sdj. j.ABC

Used if they are very low or have a small hitbox.

j.B(1) ad. j.B(1) j.C land sj8. j.C j.B(1) sdj. j.B(2) j.C Ender

Shin nin combo. The new aerial that you want to try to hit as much as possible. This version is possible off her optimal bnb, as well as her 6[C] hit confirm. However in order to hit this with the {5B 5C 6C 2B 2C} starter, 2C must not be delayed after 2B (generally a problem for people who have been playing Warc for a while. If you do 2B delay 2C, instead do. . .

j.A ad. j.B(1) j.C land sj8. j.C j.B(1) sdj. j.B(2) j.C Ender

The j.A Shin nin combo. Helps stablize hitconfirming into the combo.

j.C j.B(2) sdj. j.Ax2 j.C ad.214C

Midscreen crossover j214C combo. Not very useful with the advent of Shin Nin combos, which gives you knockdown that doesn't crossover, but still gives good mixup. If you feel like it, the rest of these are listed below:

Crossover J214C combos:

Crossover J214C on both Akihas, Aoko, Roa, Warakia:

j.C j.B(2)sdj. j.A j.B(1) j.C ad.214C

Crossover J214C on Miyako, Kouma, both Lens, Ciel, both Sions:

j.C j.B(2) sdj. j.Ax2 j.C ad.214C

Crossover J214C on Ries, Shiki, Nero:

j.C j.B(2) sdj. j.B(1) j.C ad.214C

Crossover J214C on Satsuki:

j.C j.B(2) sdj. j.B(2) j.C ad.214C

Aerial Combo Enders


Standard ender. Be aware that in MBAA airthrows have generally been nerfed.


Another standard ender. Gives decent oki and does the most damage.

Airdash j.214C

Use this after j.B j.C sdj.B j.C. Also possible after Shin nin, but it's pretty tough.

jB(1) j214A j214C

Easier way to end Shin Nin with j214C. A good trick to inputting this is inputting it as j214A~5~C.

Combos off 623C wallslam:

2A 2C 5C Aerial

Use this when your back is touching the wall.

5B 2C 5C

Works from one to three characters away.

2B 6[C] 5C Aerial

Works about one to two character lengths away. If you're greedy you can do 2B 6[C] 2C 5C Aerial but you're likely to whiff the 5C.

2C BE6C 5C Aerial

Works about two character spaces away. Do the 2C as late as possible.

Dash 5C 2C/6C Aerial

Works from about three character lengths away to right outside of midscreen. Input 5C as 4C so you don't do 6C by accident.

63214C dash (ground normal) Aerial

Midscreen when you aren't confident in dash 5C.

TK 22B 22C

Full screen.

EX Shield Hitconfirms:

Opponent on ground:

2A into any BnB

Opponent in air:

CH 5A dash 5A 5B Aerial

Very easy confirm, low damage.

CH 5A 623C followup

Use this when your back is near the corner. Good damage and sideswap.

Aerial CH Hitconfirms

2A/5B 2C 5C Aerial

Very easy confirm, decent damage.

2B 6[C] 5C Aerial

Somewhat difficult but very rewarding. Practice this to get the feel of when to do 2B, you want to hit it as low as possible.

2C 6[C] 5C Aerial

Difficult hitconfirm and doesn't work on the whole cast, you want to hit 2C as low as possible. This is your highest damage confirm outside of 6[C] confirms.

Off of j.C or j.214A/B counterhits:

3C into any previous confirm

Tacks on extra damage and meter. Pretty easy to do.

6[C] 5B 2C 5C Aerial

Very difficult to confirm in to this, but gives you the highest damage.

3C 5B 63214C 3C 2C 6C 5C Aerial

Corner only, this is just for flash. You want to hit the 5B as low as possible and immediately cancel into 63214C, followed by 3C. 6[C] is not possible in this combo due to the system's wallbounce limit.

Corner 236A combos

These combos are very flashy and give you very high meter gain (usually at least 150%). Some of the variations can prove to be rather difficult due to some character's hitboxes and the fact that you want the first hit of 236A to whiff. Delay the followups after 236 for as long as possible, this will keep the opponent lower to the ground and is the only way to make some of these even possible.

If you land a 2AA, j.AB or j.B(2) starter into 5B etc. you can tack on an extra 236A on most characters with 5B/5C 5A 236A.

On Miyako, Satsuki, Ries, Arc, Len, Aoko, both Sions

(2A) 5B 5C 6C 2B 2C 236A 5B 236A Aerial

On Warakia, Ciel, both Shikis, Roa, Nero, both Akihas, both Hisuis, Kohaku, Kouma

(2A) 5B 5C 6C 2B 2C 236A 5B 5A 236A Aerial

On both Sions, Nero, Warakia, Akiha, Arc, Shiki

(2A) 5B 5C 6C 2B 2C 236A 5B 236A 5A 236A Aerial

On Ries, Miyako, both Lens, Ciel, V.Akiha

(2A) 5B 5C 6C 2B 2C 236A 5B 236A 5C 5A 236A Aerial

Corner OTG w/ Throw

When you finally land a throw with C-Warc in the corner, you set-up what is essentially a 3-way mixup game for the opponent. You have 3 starter options here.

Option 1: Wait

This option is for when you predict the opponent will tech. Since Warc's throw is ground techable, you can react to all teching with 2B (ideally you want to use 5B, although 2B is much easier due to its active frames). This scores you high damage + high meter gain and will certainly make your opponent reconsider next time you throw them.

Option 2: OTG the opponent

This relies on your opponent not teching but will give you extra meter and tack on a bit of extra damage to your throw. It also sets up another tech punish opportunity, however you cannot OTG the opponent a second time.

Use 2B 5B 2C 5C 5AA. On some characters you can OTG with 5B (making it easier to tech punish with 5B, since you don't have to switch stick position). For these characters use 5B 2B 2C 5C 5AA instead.

Characters that can be struck with 5B OTG:

Nanaya Kouma Arcueid Red Arcueid Nero Kohaku Maids (w/Kohaku leading) Roa

Option 3: Airdash over the opponent

When you throw the opponent, they are actually turned around (their back will be facing you). When this situation occurs, a universal mechanic takes place where the opponent will actually be vulnerable to being crossed over in the corner while waking up.

This relies on the opponent not teching, however using this will strongly encourage teching to avoid the mixup giving you more chances to tech punish for high damage.

If your opponent begins to block this, you can set up all of Warc's mixups with ease. Some strong options here include:

IAD backwards j.CB/j.C land 2B/j.C land throw

Superjump forward, airdash back j.CB/j.C land 2B/j.C land throw

Half Moon

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Combos and Strategies


Ground starters

   * (2A)(5B)2B 2C 5C

Her basic combo into launcher from C-Moon. You don't really need the moves in the parentheses and there are times were you need to omit them, but you should use them as much as possible.

   * (2A) 2B 5B 2C 5C

This is what max damage off a random 2B confirm would look like. You could also you this to mixup combos in order to throw off the opponents damage reduction. This is hard on Aoko and Shiki, but you can just leave out 5C for them.

   * 2A 5B 2C 5C 5A(whiff)6AA {2A 5B 5C} or {2A 2C 5C}

You need to be close to do this 6A combo. 6AA gatlings to 2A so be careful when you are starting the combo without 2A. Gravity kicks in quite a bit off the second 6A so be careful there too.

   * (2A) 5B 2C 5C 5A(whiff)6AA (2B) 5C 623A

You need to be close to do this 6A combo. The 2B in the parentheses is a character and needs to be eyed out every time, making this combo unreasonably hard. There is no real reason to do this combo besides looking cool but, it does add 200 more damage than the last combo. Also, the more hits you have in the less of a chance it will work at all (probably because you need less than 10 hits by JB), so watch your 2As

   * 2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA(delay)2C 623A

Another 6AA combo, but unlike the above one, this one does not sideswap too often so use it when you want to maintain your position.

   * (2A) 5B 2C 5C 623B(delay j8c) 22B(jc)22B {JA(whiff)(land) -> AirC} or {(dc) JC (land) HJ〜}

Max damage. After the vertical jump cancel, you will be behind the opponent but this is where the mystic eyes kick in and allow you to continue the combo. It needs to be a vertical jump because a forward or back jump would case you to turn. If you are too close to the corner, the opponent ends up too high for the second 22B and the combo become very hard or impossible. Not sure what the conditions are but if they hit the wall as soon as they wallslam, the will not be pulled back. Being near the center of the stage is important but you usually end up around there after 623B.

   * (2A )5B 2C 5C 623B(delay j8C)22B(jc)22B {JA(whiff)(land) J(7)C(delay 22B)(dc) JB(1)(hjc) JA JB JC (ender)

Ikemen version of the above combo... only 200 more damage though. Not really worth the effort but might be good to mindfuck them. Known to work on VSion

Air Followups

   * (JA) JB JC(hjc)(JA) JB JC {grab} or {J2C}

Basic air portion.

   * JC JB(J66)JB1(hjc) JA JB JC {grab} or {J2C}

Use this when you want to move the opponent across the stage. Avoid this if you've put too many hits in or you want to avoid reverse beats.

   * {JA} or {JB1}(J66)JB(delay)JC(land)(HJ)JC JB1(hjc)JB JC(ender)

This is the current normal max damage, you can go into it off a basic launch or from an air counter hit. The 6A combos does more than this or the one above so you should use that as much as possible

   * JB1 JC (delay)22X {(dc) JB1(hjc)JB JC (ender)} or {(hjc) JB JC (ender)}

Thus is of a 6AA. The two different versions are for when you take your distance from the wall in consideration.

   * JB JC(jc)214C

Meter burn combo, good oki but you get less damage.

   * JC JB(dc) JB1(hjc) JA JB1 214A 214C

This is the meter ender to the airdash combo.

   * JB JC(hjc)JB1 JC(delay)214C

Meter burn for a 6A combo.


   * 〜5A 6AA 22B 22C 5A JC JB(jc)JA JC 22X 22C 

Mystic eyes combo

Air Counter Hit Combos

   * (2A) 5B 2C 5C {air}

Basic pick up, use the 2A when you think 5B will not make it in time.

   * 5B 5C 623A {max air combo}

Best meterless, regular CH pick up combo.

   * 3C (2A) 5B 2C 5C {Air}

3C pick up, these usually require a counter hit off an air ring and that you relatively high off the ground as well. Use 2A when you think they are too low for raw 5B.

   * 3C 5B 5C 623A {rejump combo}

Max damage ender off a high counter hit. Character specific.

Full Moon

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Combos and Strategies


(2A) 5B 2B 2C 236A j.BC dj.BC AT/j.214C/j.2C

Basic 236A BnB, easy to do.

(2A) 5B 2B 5{C} 236a 236a j.bc sdj.bc AT/j.214C/j.2C

Easier version of double 236A combo. Higher damage and meter gain than previous combo.

(2A) 5B 2B delay 2C 236A 236A j.C sdj.BC AT/j.214C/j.2C

Harder version of double 236A combo. Highest damage and slightly lower meter gain.

5[B] 2B 5{C} 236A 236A j.C sdj.BC AT/j.214C/j.2C

Double 236A combo off of over-head. Best damage and meter gain, basic BnB works here too.

Win Quotes



No. 1 Default

No. 25 Minase Akiko

No. 32 Casual-Clothes Saber

MELTY BLOOD Actress Again

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