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Name:   Sion Eltnam Atlasia (シオン・エルトナム・アトラシア)  —  Nicknames:    -

Voiced by:   Natsuki Rio (夏樹 リオ)  —  Type:   Vampire, Magus  —  Gender:   Female

Birthday:   June 1  —  Sizes:   86 / 55 / 83  —  Height:   161cm  —  Weight:   48kg

Eye Color:   Purple  —  Hair Color:   Purple


Sion is the main character of Melty Blood. She originally came to Shiki's town in order to find the cure for vampire-ism and defeat the Night of Wallachia once and for all. In Actress Again, she is responsible for the reenactment of Wallachia.

Stage: Artificial Eden

Artificial Eden.PNG

BGM: Encount

Crescent Moon

C-Sion is very similar to her MBAC counterpart in move set. Mainly having an “in your face” style of play, she is a solid rushdown character having plenty of offensive and defensive options plus a few zoning tools. Her strong offense lies in her pressure game, easy circuit breaks, and whip combos that cannot be circuit sparked. However, her high damage combos are easy to drop, her attacks lack range, and her mix-ups are weak.

Normal Moves

5A [Mid]

A downward angle jab. Has good range, combos into itself, hits crouchers. Your main whiff-cancel move. also frame advantage on block.

2A [Low]

A low kick. Has medium range, combos into itself, a great poke. Primarily used for hit-confirms, tick-throws, and staggers. Your fundamental BnB start-up.

5B [Mid]

A knee that moves her forward slightly.

2B [Low]

A lunging low punch that moves her forward and reaches far. Good for poking and hit-confirms.

6B [High]

An over head knee attack, cancels into anything on hit, unsafe on block. An essential component of her mix-up game.

6[B] or BE6B [High]

Charged version of her 6B. Cancellable on block and comes out pretty fast. Untechable bounce on hit. Terrible in combos now.

5C [Mid]

Sion kicks low and high for a two-hit attack. First hit can be cancelled into anything. At maximum range, first kick hits and second kick whiffs on crouchers. Has no hittable box from her knee out making it sorta useful for anti-airing. Can be used as an anti air, but very risky, and not worth it on some characters. Example, Ryougi is very easy to anti air with 5c, Nanaya is next to impossible to anti air with 5c.

2C [Low]

Sion sweeps her opponent with her etherlite whip. Similar to her 2C from MBAC but comes out much faster and can be combo'ed into. Reaches about 1/3rd of the screen. Cancellable to specials on hit/block.

3C [Mid]

Sion does a double fist volleyball uppercut which launches. Cancels into anything on hit but unsafe on block. Your main combo starter. Inputting 8 on hit will allow Sion to do an extra high follow up jump.

6C [Mid]

Sion throws out her whip to hit the opponent about 1/3rd of the screen away. Really slow startup. Special cancellable on hit/block.

>4C [Mid]

Sion retracts the etherlite whip she sent out with 6C. Pulls the opponent towards you on block and grants a small frame advantage. Knockdown on hit.

J.A [Mid]

A downward angled kick with a rather high hitbox. This is your go-to move to keep people on the ground if you're above them.

J.B [High]

An fast arm swing attack. Great range and hitbox. This is your go to move with Sion in the air to air and ground. After extended play this move beats out j.c is most situations when the opponent is not above you.

J.C [High]

Jumping somersault kick with a nice big hitbox. Your general air-to-anything move. If your opponent is above you, this move is 80% going to beat anything they do, most moves that can beat it while you're under them come out really slow. Unfortunately if you're ABOVE your opponent it loses to a lot of things if you're bad at timing.

J.[C] or BEJ.C [High]

Same as J.C but charged. Generally only used for fuzzy guard, fakeout high, or combos. On whiff, after you pop up, you retain your air options. Meaning you can double jump/air dash and or use an attack or special.

J.2C [High]

A downward double fist attack that will beat out a few anti-airs and generally a better move to jump in with than J.C. Slow but has lots of active frames and a great hit box.

Special Moves

Warning Shot 「威嚇射撃」

236 + Button - Sion uses bullets to shoot the ground near her opponent. A component of your pressure game. Used in combos for more damage and meter.

  • (A version) - Shoots a bullet at the ground. Hold to shoot two bullets.
  • (B version) - Shoots 3 bullets at the ground. Hold to shoot up to 5 bullets. Can be delayed very slightly.
  • (C version) - Uses the remaining amount of bullets to shoot the opponent. Pushes the opponent to the end of the screen for an untechable circuit breaking knockdown, regardless of how many bullets are left. Circuit Break occurs on the last hit. Great for punishing midscreen Heat Activation.

Etherlite Ground 「エーテライト・グランド」

214 + Button - Sion uses her etherlite whip to catch her opponent.

  • (A version) - A fast whip used for knockdown. Hits low, comes out fast, sets up her okizeme. Comboable from 2C or 6C.
  • (B version) - A slow whip that brings the enemy closer to you. Hits mid. Dash forward 5a into combo.
  • (C version) - An EX Special that brings the enemy closer to you and hits 4 times. Hits mid, comes out fast (not as fast as 214A), sets up opponent for combos from 2C or 3C.

Slide Air 「スライド・エア」

214 + Button [Air only] - Sion stops her momentum and 'slides' down for a throw at the opponent's neck, flips them over, and drives their head into the ground. A and B versions cannot grab opponents in midair.

  • (A version) - A fast air slide attack. Safe on block with very fast recovery, even on whiff.
  • (B version) - A slow air slide attack, but is unblockable. Unsafe on whiff.
  • (C version) - EX air slide. Flips the opponents 5 times. Hold 6 or 4 to control the direction of her throw. Safe on block and whiff.

Etherlite Air 「エーテライト・エア」

623 + Button [also in air] - Sion jumps and uses her etherlite whip, spinning in the air.

  • (A version) - A 2 hit DP that can be EX-cancelled, mainly into 214C and 421C. Has 1f of invincibility and low invulnerability.
  • (B version) - A 7 hit DP that is air unblockable and comes with full start-up invincibility.
  • (C version) - A 7 hit EX DP that is air unblockable and comes with a lot of invincibility. Generally a waste of meter, more testing is needed to see if there's a use for it over 623B.

Note: Sion's air versions of her DP are useless except used as combo enders to squeeze out more damage.

Cutting Sync 「カッティング・シンク」

421 + Button - Sion slides towards the opponent. Depending on the version, Sion launches the opponent or does a fakeout.

  • (A version) - A slide with a kick that launches your opponent. Hold A to fakeout. Fakeout has upper invincibility, can cross up certain characters midscreen if close enough.
  • (B version) - A slide with a kick that launches your opponent. Has lower half invincibility. Air unblockable, jump cancellable, can be continued into air combo.
  • (C version) - EX slide with a jumping kick that hits the opponent 4 times. Launches, air unblockable, can be cancelled into anything on hit, unsafe on block. A component of Sion's corner combos.

Reload 「リロード」

22 + D - Sion reloads the bullets in her magazine. Much slower in MBAA than MBAC.

Arc Drive

41236 + C [In HEAT]

Barrel Replica 「バレルレプリカ」 - Sion tosses up a bullet into the air and shoots her gun straight up. Untechable knockdown on hit, tossed bullet is air unblockable, mash C during move to get more hits.

Another Arc Drive

41236 + C [In BLOOD HEAT]

Barrel Replica 「バレルレプリカ」 - Sion charges towards her opponent and uses her 3C to launch her opponent. On hit, she flips a bullet into the air and shoots her gun straight up. Mash C for more hits. Fully invincible during charge, untechable knockdown if hit, and unsafe on block. Sion stops after a period of time if the opponent is too far (or in the air).

Last Arc

Standing or crouching EX-Shield [In BLOOD HEAT]

Barrel Replica・Obelisk 「バレルレプリカ・オベリスク」 - Sion spins into a crouch with etherlite circling her, then shoots her Barrel Replica straight ahead. Circuit Breaks the opponent.

Combos and Strategies


{5a/2a} 5b2b5c3c j.[c] delayed air dash j.[c] jump delayed j.[c] j214a j.bc j.bc AT/j.623b/j.214c {omit 5c on crouching characters as it launches them}

This is your general meterless high damage combo. If the combo ends mid screen, it's better to end with 623b (if you don't want to use meter) as an ender and CH fish with j.c because air throw wont really give you any initiative anyways. You want to use j.214c (if you're willing to use meter) mid screen to give you a decent enough knockdown if you decide to go for air combo. In the corner its better to airthrow because its puts you in a favorable position. If your opponent likes to tech, you can j.b on the way down and hit 2a to punish (some) forward techs, most characters will be able to block, or j214a to punish back techs and meaty neutral techs. j214c will punish both back and neutral techs on reaction if you're paying attention.

{5a/2a} 5b2b5c j.{ab}c dj straight up j.[c] airdash j.[c] j.214a jbc jbc at

High damage crouch confirm into the Yuu j.[c] combo. add in a j.a and/or j.b depending on number of hit and character. Takes a little while to get used to.

{5a/2a} 5b2b5c2c 214c 5a5b2b5c2c 214a {for crouching characters you will need to do 2b3c 214c as 5c launches them}

This is the ideal combo midscreen for turning initiative to your favor. 214a is great knock down and leads to her best oki.

{5a/2a} 5b2b5c3c 421c j214a 5[c] 214b 5a5b2b5c2c 214a. {for crouching characters you will need to do 2b3c 421c as 5c launches them}

Corner only oki option. This will get you decent damage and a good knockdown in the corner compared to the j.[c] combo. You can also end with 236c for circuit break.

{5a/2a} 5b2b5c2c 236c

Use this to piss your opponent off and deny them meter/max/heat/blood heat/metered reversals/h-moon bunkers or whatever you want that required meter. 236c circuit breaks and gives an untechable knockdown as well as enough time to meaty.

214b dash 5a5b2b5c3c jbc jbc {ender}

Off b whip this is a generic combo you can do. You can't do j.[c] combos off 214b or cutting sync combos. Also you can end with 2c 236c for circuit break or 2c 214a for better knockdown.

w/e into 3c 421c(2) ad dj last second j.[c] 5c3c 421c(1) j.214a j.[c] ad j.[c] dj j.[c] j.214a 3c j.[c] ad j.[c] dj j.[c] j241a jbc jbc at

200% empire combo Yuu(?) has been recently using.

Air CH 2b5b5c jbc jbc {ender}

general counter hit combo off an air attack.

Air CH 5[c] 214c (mid screen)/ 214b (corner) 5a5b2b5c2c jbc jbc {ender}

more damaging combo off CH in the air.

Air CH 5bc j.c j.[c] ad j.[c] j214a jbc jbc at

Mix up:

6b hits high and people like to block low. Off 6b you can go into any of her normal combos. The optimal combo in the corner off 6b is 6b 236b[5] 2ab3c j.[c] delayed air dash j.[c] jump delayed j.[c] j.214a jbc jbc at (corner only.) You can also confirm 6b into anything 5c midscreen for the Yuu j.[c] combo.

6(b)2a/b/c. charged 6b will hit high then you can cancel that into a low. You wont usually land a charged 6b but if you do, combo into delayed 214b etc. also charged 6b has alot of pushback so make sure you use the correct low according to your spacing.

214a: Off 214a you get a 50/50 cross up. Depending on the opponents character and their wake up time, air dash at them after 214a and whiff an attack. Depending on the timing you will either land in front or behind them. You also get a fuzzy guard off 214a. Meaty j.[c] into j.b. Then follow up with j.aa 2ab5c j.bc j.bc at. or you can just do j.[c] j.b j.214c

IAD mix up: Sion gets some basic mix up off IAD. You can do 2 air hits for high or 1 air hit then land and do a low. some examples are IAD j.ab/ for high or IAD j.a 2a/j.b 2a/j.[c] whiff 2a for low.

Air throw mix up: This is really weak as most people know about it but after her air throw in the corner. if the opponent doesn't tech, you can air dash and cross up. You can also not cross up to make it more of a mix up but most people will be teching your air throw.

Frame traps:

6c4c. after 4c depending on spacing you can either 5b/2b or dash up 5a/2a and be at frame advantage to CH any mashing. you can also jump up j.214a to set up another frame trap. Beware using this too much will cause people to become shield/reversal/dodge happy.

Gunshots: 236b(5) gives Sion enough time to run up and 5a just about anything your opponent is doing outside of a reversal. any gunshots into another gunshots is a frame trap in of itself (236a(1) 236a(1) or 236b(3) 236a(2) 236a(1) etc) as most characters don't have a move fast and long enough to punish this correctly spaced. DO NOT 236b into 236b as jumpers can punish this.

j214a/c: Use this move as a fast fall/dive kick. They're +1 on block (unless you hit the very top of a characters sprite) so upon landing a properly timed 2a will CH any mashers or jumpers.

General Strategy:

At neutral you'll generally spend your time in the air spacing out your amazing j.c and j.2c CH fishing and attempting to get in or on the ground spacing 5a, 2a, 2b, 2c to poke for a combo/block string or throwing out the occasional 214b to catch someone. be mindful of how 214b works because if your opponent air dashes at you is too high for 214b to hit you are going to heat a CH2 combo if you throw it out. Be sure to use J.214a to land early and position yourself and to make your movement less predictable.

On defense you have a really good reversal in 623b. Full start up invincibility, airunblockable, and hits behind you. It comes with the price tag of all other dragon punches that if it gets baited you will generally eat a combo. You can also try to use 421(b) to escape the corner as it has some full invincibility as well as being a very short hit box.

On offense: Stagger, Stagger, Stagger, Stagger. Staggering is the main force behind RTSD in MB. Beware using 5b in block strings as it has less reach than her 5a and 2a. make good use of the range on her 5a and 2a as they are a bit longer than most characters as well as her 2b as it has decent range and moves her forward. With a mix of frame traps, staggers, and the occasional 6b or IAD mix up as well as proper baiting of your opponents reversals, you can really shake your opponent. Sion's main Strength is her great pressure and her main weakness is her lack of range so she requires pretty precise play.

Half Moon

Sion in Half loves to Rushdown, she has very strong pressure once in and can be rather scary when you're blocking her due to lots of throw setups as well as two seperate overheads. She can also get away with trying to zone a little using her 236a/b gunshots, either of which on CH lead into fat damage combos.

Normal Moves

5A [Mid]

5A's placement is pretty high and a major part of her corner pressure. Use this move to fish for poke outs in the corner.

6A [Mid]

After 5A Sion attacks with her elbow. You have a slight advantage after its usage so this move is good for pressure.

Follow up 6A [Mid]

After the first 6a Sion then kicks forward and launches her opponent. This move can combo into Sigma(236)A or Ground(214)B or even an air combo. Doing all three of these in a row will be referred to as the "1 2 3."

5B [Mid]

A knee kick. Comes out rather quickly and moves you forward, but there isn't much use for it out side of blockstrings and combos.

5C [Mid]

The range of this move is short, and depending on your range, you might not be able to link this move into anything. You don't want to end a blockstring with this move because you will be at a slight disadvantage.

2A [Low]

Same as her old 2a from MBAC. Does a medium range, fast, low kick. Great poke and mashable.

2B [Low]

The range of this move is a bit short so its a bit hard to combo with. If you hit an air born opponent with this move, the get launched float a bit strangely, so it might make a decent anti-air because the hit box is a bit high and her profile is low. You can pick up air counter hits with ease, or even go for an anti-air trade and pick it up for a combo. This move puts you in a slight disadvantage if you don't reverse beat it.

2C [Low]

Sion slides towards the opponent to trip them. This move has quite a bit of movement, so you can use to aim at the opponents landing, backsteps, or even a subtle crossup against airborne opponents.

6B [Overhead]

An overhead kick, good for breaking guards and combos into just about anything on hit. Be careful as it is unsafe on block and you can't cancel it.

6[b] [Overhead]

Charged version of her 6b. Even if this is blocked, you can cancel it anyway you like. On hit, the opponent is bounced and cannot tech at all, making this move easy to combo after.

6C [Overhead]

Sion jumps out from where she is standing and crash hammers into the opponent. You cannot cancel this move on block or on hit. There doesn't seem to be much of a use for this combo besides subtle mixups and the combo: 1 2 3(delay) 6C 5A ~ (air). You have a slight disadvantage after using this move.

6[C] [Overhead]

Similar to 6C, but Sion jumps out further. Unlike 6C though, is that you can all cancel this move on hit or block (except airdash). You'll be in air but JB or JA will still be a reverse beat and you can only jump one more time. On hit, you should be able to cancel into 66 2A/5A and follow it up with a combo. This move gives you a large advantage.

3C [Mid]

Sion does a double fist volleyball uppercut which launches. This move can combo from 5C or 2C. This move is unsafe on block.

j.A [Mid]

Downward angled kick with a rather high hitbox. This is your go to move to keep people on the ground if you're above them. However, with the new armor system, it isn't reliable for air to air zoning.

j.B [Overhead]

An air, reverse sonic boom. The hitbox is concentrated but pretty strong below her. This move is best used forcfully when the opponent is below you.

j.C [Overhead]

Jumping somersault kick with a nice big hitbox. Your general air-to-anything move. If your opponent is above you this move is 80% going to beat anything they do, most moves that can beat it while your under them come out really slow. Unfortunately if you are ABOVE your opponent it loses to a lot of things if you're bad at timing. Counter hit fish with this.

j.[C] [Overhead]

Same as j.c but charged. Generally only used for Fuzzy Guard, Fakeout high, or combos.

Ground Throw

Sion grabs the enemy and kicks them away. You can go straight into oki after this, so it is one of the more useful, normal throws.

Air Throw

Sion grabs the opponent and throws them diagonally, but the opponent can tech after it.

Special Moves

Sigma Raiser 「シグマライザー」

236 + Button

A set of of ricocheting shots to help keep the opponent at bay of for using in block strings.



\/    \

A bouncing gun shot which shoots downwards first and looks much like the above chart. When it hits the opponent near you, you can start an air combo even if it is not a counter. The move comes out a bit slow, but if it is blocked, you have a nice frame advantage making it great for pressure in the corner. This move can stack damage on counter too (CH 5B 5C ~ air combo).


/\    /


Another bouncing gunshot which follows the same patter as 236a, but reversed (shoots up first).


EX blast a cap. Uses up all of Sion's remaining bullets to unleash a powerful, untechable shot that causes the opponent to fly to the other end of the stage and wall bounce. The less bullets you have left, the more damage it does ( 1~5: 1500, 6~10: 2000, 11~12: 2500, 13: 300). The move is great for demolishing careless midscreen heats, or for when you need to reload and you have meter to burn.

Etherlite Air 「エーテライト・エア」

623 + Button

Sion's Dragon punch, also known as etherair. While she springs our, she has the eitherlite coil out in front of her for an anti air.


This version has invincibility around her feet and anti-A armor, it is also air blockable. The first and second hit are super cancellable. It doesn't make that reliable of an anti air so use it for reversals instead. Oh hit, cancel it into EX etherground (214C) for a combo.


This version has invincibility when the move comes out and it is air unblockable. It looks like the hit box does not go too much to the back of her head now, so you usually only get on hit if the opponent jumps behind you. This is a reliable anti air move, even if you trade you can pick it up for the combo.


This is the EX version, it also has invincibility for the duration for the move but it is air blockable. It has more invincibility than the B version, so it can be used for when you need to break in somewhere.

Etherlite Ground 「エーテライト・グランド」

623 + Button

Also know as etherground, Sion whips her etherlite out in front of her to capture the opponent.


An interesting low, and the fastest version. This move cause a guaranteed knockdown on hit, and that down time is quite long. Air throw is techable, so when you want to set up okizeme combo into this. Can combo from 6aaa, 5c or 2c.


A slower, two hit version that reels the opponent into you. This can combo into almost anything. you can combo into it from 6aaa.


Good ole , four hit, EX whip. Brings the enemy right next to you for free comboing, use this move to raise your damage when you have meter to burn. You can combo into this from 3C.

Cutting Sync 「カッティング・シンク」

421 + Button

Commonly known as sync. An interesting slide and kick move.


Sion lowers her posture and slides towards the opponent, during the slide, she has a bit of invincibility on her lower half; this move will stack a reverse beat on. You can cancel a blocked 6aaa from to make it sorta safe if you're autopiloting.


Sion lowers her posture, slides towards the opponent, then does a rising kick on them, it has similar invincibility to the A version. On hit this move is air untechable for quite some time. It can combo into 214C and is air unblockable.


The EX version that has a bunch of invincibility on it. You can easily follow up on it. The prorate on this is a bit better then etherground, so when you are in the corner, you should use this.

Slide Air 「スライド・エア」

214 + Button [In air]

Sion freezes her momentum in the air and rushes down to grapple the opponent.


A fast air slide attack, Sion wraps her legs around the opponents neck then flips them over to drive their head into the ground. When you hit the opponent closer to the ground, you have a decent frame advantage. However, if you tap them high you will be at a small disadvantage. Also, this move cannot grab air opponents. You can do some cross ups with this move, and you can take okizeme after hitting with it.


Almost like a command grab, Sion stops in the air for a moment and then takes a dive for the opponent; the angle of approach is a bit more oblique than the A version. This version is unblockable, but it won't hit opponents blocking in air either. The only problem is that, unlike the A version you get no oki afterward.


EX slide air, this move is an overhead and you have a frame advantage when it is blocked. On hit, Sion does 5 roll frankensteiner and you can change the direction each time. If you're near the edge you can place the opponent, guaranteed into the corner, but Sion steps away from them after it so it is a bit hard to take oki afterwards.

Arc Drive

41236 + C [In HEAT]

Barrel Replica 「バレルレプリカ」

Sion flips a bullet up and then fires a blast into the air; the bullet flip is also an attack. The initial bullet flip is slow but air unblockable. If you mash the C button, you can add up to 4 more hits. This can combo from 3C.

Combos and Mixups

Midscreen Damage Combos

Note: For all Combos, the first chain is spacing dependant (as in you may have to sans 5c and/or 5b and can insert 2a/5a in front) and most combos that end with airthrow it's possible to end with j.214c if you can get the necessary height above them.

5B 2B 5C 2C 3C j.BC ad.C dj.BC Airthrow

Note: standard easy mode bnb, does decent damage worth knowing

2A 2B 2C 5C j.A~B~~C dj.[C]214A land j.BC sdj.BC Airthrow

Note: Hit confirm combo off of far range 2a's, can also be used as a hit confirm combo when using anti backdash 2a 2c oki. Done by delaying the hits as much as possible between j.A~B~~C so as to be low enough to the ground for the rejump to connect.

5B 2B 5C 3C j.[C] dj.[C]214A land j.BC sdj.BC Airthrow

Note: Your main bnb if you can't do the version with airdash consistently, nets high damage, the only really hard part is the 3c -> j.[c] link, make sure to delay the dj.[c] as much as possible so you're as low as possible.

5B 2B 2C 3C j.[C] dj.[C]214A land j.BC sdj.BC Airthrow

Note: For when you're too far for 5c to connect, it's a bit harder because you have to delay dj.[c] more because they're higher up.

5B 2B 5C 3C j.[C] ad.[C] dj.[C]214A land j.BC sdj.BC Airthrow

Note: Same as the previous combo, just a little bit trickier gotta delay the airdash.[c] so you dash into their hitbox, not under them.

5B 2B 5C 3C j.[C] dj.[C]214C land j.[C] dj.[C]214A j.BC sdj.BC Airthrow

Note: High damage metered version of the easier j.[c] combo, does almost as much as the highest damage corner combos, only trick is knowing all the j.[c] delays.

5B 2B 5C 3C j.[C] ad.[C] dj.[C]214C j.[C] ad.[C] dj.[C] land j.BC sdj.BC Airthrow

Note: Same as above, just harder with ad.[c] timing

214b Combos Note: Of all of H-Sion's combos 214b combos are the most finnicky, You need to know how many hits you have in order to determine if you can get 214a knockdown at the end, and if you have too many hits before the second 214b that can even whiff! Definitely need to play around with this to know what works.

5B 2B 5C 2C 214C 2B 5B 5A 6AA 214B 5A 6AA 214B Dash 2B 5B 5C 2C 214A

Note: 214A will not knockdown if you do any more than this in between 214b reps, if you decide to go for more meter gain your best bet is to end at 2c knockdown, there's a lot of variations of this combo, play with it and find what works for you.

5A 6AA 214B Dash 2B 5B 5C 2C 3C j.BC dj.BC Airthrow

Note: Max damage confirm off of random 5a6aa

5A 6AA 214B Dash 2B 5B 5A 6AA 214B Dash 2B 5B 5C 2C 214A

Note: Max damage knockdown confirm off of random 5a6aa, once again need to take out some hits if you land this off of say 2aa 5a6aa.

Corner Combos

5B 2B 5C 2C 3C 421C(3 hits) j.214A(whiff) 214B Dash 2B 5B 5A 6AA Dash 2B 5B 5C 2C 214A

Note: Standard knockdown combo for the corner, not the highest damage, but strong oki and still good damage.

5B 2B 5C 2C 3C 421C(3 hits) j.214A(whiff) 2C 5C 3C 421C j.214A(whiff) 214B 5A 6AA Dash 2B 5B 5C 2C 214A

Note: Similar to above combo, mainly used to use up your meter in heat for even more damage and strong oki, sort of hitbox dependant on how many hits the second 421c will hit them.

5B 2B 5C 2C 3C 421C(3 hits) j.214A(whiff) 2C 5C 3C j.[C] dj.[C]214A land j.BC sdj.BC Airthrow

Note: Best damage I've been able to find off of 421c, there's a bunch of other variations I've seen but this really seems to be the one to go to.

Situational Combos

j.C air to air counterhit 5B 5C or 5A 5B or 2B 5B or 5A 5C j.BC ad.C sdj.BC Airthrow

236A or 236B any counterhit 5B 5C or 5A 5B or 2B 5B or 5A 5C j.BC ad.C sdj.BC Airthrow

236A j.BC dj.BC Airthrow

5A 6AA 236A j.BC dj.BC Airthrow

Fuzzy Guard iad j.[C](blocked)B(hit) into either j.214A or j.214C or j.~AA 2A 2B -> combo of choice


H-Sion Airthrow is techable, thankfully all three tech options can be covered in the corner with two options. Back and Neutral Tech gets caught by j.214a/c, while forward tech gets caught by simply whiffing j.a/b on the way down into 2a (may not tech punish on all characters, but will at least beat tech -> mash 100%).

The Real fun is when you get 214A knockdown, this leads into a variety of mixups, including but not limited to 6[C] left//right//overhead, sj.214A left//right and IAD left//right and if you can time it well, meaty Fuzzy Guard.

214A: walk back slightly 6[C], depending on their wakeup timing and your delay it'll uncrossup//crossup, leads into w/e comb of your choice off of what you meaty with (I recommend 5B or 2B so as to protect you from shields).

214A: super jump j.214A If done right can look extremely ambiguous, takes some practice to get the spacing right to actually confuse your opponent, great as a setup for 6b.

214A: IAD land Left or Right, you do an IAD that lands right on their body making it hard to tell which side you'll be when they wake up.

Note with all of these mixups you can use 2A(whiff) 2C on the oki as an easy way to beat wakeup backdash, netting you a free punish combo off of 2C (2C 5C j.A~B~~C dj.[C]214A land j.BC dj.BC Airthrow, for example.)


H-Sion Blockstrings mainly revolve around getting the massive frame advantage 6[C] and 236A (+13 and +4 respectively) have to offer and keeping in their face with it, canceling into either from high blockstun moves (5c for instance) offers you strong frame traps that flat out beat most poke outs, mix this up with rebeat into Redash, IAD's, Throws, 6b's and you have plenty of options to open your opponent up.

Full Moon

Normal Moves

5A [Low]

Short range leg kick which hits low. Shorter range than 2A but more damage. +2 frames on block. Prorates 75. (350)

5B [Mid]

45 degree frontal kick. Good range. Moves Sion forward. Neutral on block. Prorates 80. (800)

6B [Overhead]

Old overhead kick from MBAC. Can cancel into 5C into air combo or 2C/3C. Unlike 6C, 6B can cancel into 5C into 214B air combo on standing. Prorates 72. (700)

6[B] [Overhead]

Old charged overhead kick from MBAC. Causes untechable bounce on hit. Prorates 75. (700)

5C [Mid]

Sion's old 6C (with followup 4C) from MBAC. Hits twice if close enough. Hits once or twice depending on distance. Combos into 214B for launcher into combo if close enough. Prorates 100/90. (600 + 600)

5C>C [Low]

Followup to 5C but seems slower than old 4C followup. Does not combo unless 5C hits only once, you are close enough, and that 5C was CH. Pulls enemies closer on block. +10 frames on block. Prorates 100. (700)

6C [Overhead]

Slow and very visible overhead double fist slam which can crossup on crouching characters. Combos into both 5A and 2A but link is somewhat tight. Need to be close and either a) CH or b) on a crouching opponent to combo. +3 frames on block. Prorates 70. (1000)

2A [Low]

Short range elbow jab which hits low. For those that play HnK, it looks exactly like Rei's 2A. Longer range than 5A but less damage. +3 frames on block. Prorates 75. (300)

2B [Low]

Old 2B from MBAC. Sion jabs downward with her left hand while moving slightly forward. +1 frame on block. Prorates 100. (500)

3B [Mid]

Uppercut launcher. Neutral on block. Prorates 65. (800)

2C [Low]

Old 2C from MBAC. Sion sweeps low with her etherlite. Does not seem to have superarmor any longer but is faster and can even combo from 5B/2B (irrelevant, I realize). Good range and combos into 214A (knockdown) or 214C into combo. Causes knockdown on hit. Prorates 80. (1200)

3C [Low]

Sion does a sliding sweep attack which hits low and, like 2C, can be comboed into 214A/C and comboed from 5B/2B. Causes knockdown on hit. Prorates 60. (1200)

j.A [Overhead]

Short forward knee attack. Does not hit anywhere close to her old j.A but has crossup potential and hits high. Combos if you are low enough to the ground. Prorates 75. (300)

j.B [Overhead]

Old j.B where Sion swings her fists down fast for an overhead attack. Prorates 90. (700)

j.C [Overhead]

Old j.C somersault kick. Prorates 90. (1000)

j.[C] [Overhead]

Old j.[C] somersault kick which causes a knockup which is untechable for about a second or two which allows for more combos after jump canceling. Prorates 98R. (1000)

Special Moves

Hollow Point

236A - Sion fires a bullet which hits about 70% of the screen's width away from her but will not hit point blank. +1 frame on block. Prorates 70. (500)

236B - Fires up to 7 bullets which hit full screen but not point blank. Prorates 97R. (250 Each)

236C - EX Move - Fires a single bullet which hits full screen and even point blank. Uses up the entire clip and does damage based on the amount of bullets remaining in the gun. Causes full-screen knockback on hit into knockdown. Prorates 100. (1-5 Bullets: 3000/6-10: 2500/11-12: 2000/13: 1500)

Etherlite Ground

214A - Sion's old 214A. She throws her whip out from below and brings it upward. Causes knockdown if it catches opponent. Can be used to OTG. Possibly useful as a punish to techs after air throws in the corner. Prorates 100. (1000)

214B - Same animation as 214A, slower, and knocks opponents up for a possible air combo. Combos from either hit of 5C. Does not catch airborne opponents. Can combo into 214A for knockdown. Does not OTG. Also counts as a throw hit so the opponent can not circuit spark out after this on hit. Prorates 92R. (100)

214C - Sion's old 214C. Same animation as 214A/B. If the whip catches her opponent, they get hit four times and are then comboable. Can OTG. Can also cancel into specials or IH on any of the hits. Prorates 100/100/100/70R. (350 Each)

Etherlite Air

623A - Sion's old 623A. Uppercut which, in MBAC, had foot invulnerability. Cancelable into 214C or j.214C depending on how late you cancel. Hits twice. Prorates 100/60. (1000 + 800)

623B - Sion's old 623B. Uppercut which, in MBAC, had full startup invulnerability. Not cancelable. Hits seven times. Prorates 100. (2800)

623C - Sion's old 623C. Uppercut which, in MBAC, had full startup invulnerability. Hits eight times. Prorates 100. (4100)

Slide Air

j.214A - Sion's old 214A aerial leg grab. Seems to be both faster and safer on block. Can be used to crossup. Causes knockdown on hit. Prorates 100. (100 + 1300)

j.214B - Sion's old unblockable 214B aerial leg grab. Slower startup than 214A. Causes knockdown on hit. Prorates 100. (100 + 900)

j.214C - Sion's old 214C EX-Edge. On grab, hits opponent six times in total. You can control the direction she moves in with the left/right inputs. Causes knockdown on hit. Prorates 100. (100 + 700*5)

Transfer Ride

22A - Flying knee attack which grapples onto standing opponent and throws them to the ground. Must be crouch blocked. Can crossup on crouching players. Causes knockdown on hit. Can OTG. Shieldable. Prorates 100. (2300)

22B - Running leg grapple attack. Has long startup. Unblockable but will miss certain characters if crouching (Miyako and maybe Len). Also can crossup on short crouching players. Does not hit jumping players. Causes knockdown on hit. Prorates 100. (2100)

22C - Flying knee attack which grapples onto the opponent and hits them six times in total. You can control the direction she moves in with the left/right inputs. Completely avoided by the opponent crouching. Causes knockdown on hit. Prorates 100. (100 + 700*5)


Barrel Replica (41236C during MAX or HEAT) - Same as old one. Sion throws a bullet in the air and, if it hits, she fires her Musashi Gundoh laser into the sky which does 10 hits. The bullet is air unblockable. Prorates 90. (4600)

Barrel Replica [AAD] (41236C during BLOOD HEAT) - Same as old one. Sion dashes forward and does her old 3B launcher and then fires the same laser into the air hitting 10 times. Prorates 50. (8900)

Last Arc

Barrel Replica Obelisk (hold standing Shield during BLOOD HEAT) - Upon shielding, she counters by pulling out her gun and firing a huge blast straight forward hitting 11 times. Prorates 72. (10450)

Combos and Strategies

Note: Any 2A can be substituted with 5A instead. Super double jump to make connecting j.214C ender easier.

2A 5B 2B 3B j.BC dj.BC Air Throw/j.214C

Simplest combo to use. Recommended to use learn and use the other combos though.

2A 2A 5B 2B 5C 214B j.BC dj.BC Air Throw/j.214C

More damage than the above and will be your BnB for most of your damage unless you learn the next two.

2A 2A 5B 2B 5C (1 or 2 hits) 214B j.[C]+[8] pause j.[C]214A land j.BC dj.BC Air Throw/j.214C

The [8] means hold up while doing j.[C] in order to jump cancel. The pause after this is something that's kind of tough to explain in words, but it's easy to get with a little practice.

There is a chance to crossup if you jump forward after 214B as opposed to jumping straight up. It's possible to insert a dj.A or two before the dj.B but that really depends on your opponent's relative height.

2A 2A 2A 5B 2B 5C (2 hits) 214B [9] j.[C]+[7] pause j.[C]214A land 3B [9] j.[C]+[8] 214A j.BC dj.BC Air Throw

In order for this combo to work, your opponent has to be very low after the 214B and after each j.[C] rep. To get your opponent at the desired height you need to have at least 7 hits before the 214B.

2A 2A 5B 2B 5C (1 hit) 3C 236A 5B j.BC dj.BC Air Throw/j.214C

Interesting gun shot combo that uses one bullet. Can be used to lower bullet count while getting as much damage in as the above two. Be aware that this version can be circuit sparked though, unlike the 214B ones.

2A 2A 5B 2B 2C 214C 5A 5B 5C 3C 214A

Basic meter combo into untechable knockdown with better okizeme setup.


Zone with j.b, 5b, and Gunshots. 5b has good range, a good hit box, and will beat or trade with quite a few jump ins. Spending bullets with 236b at smart times is a very good idea with fSion. 236c does more damage with less bullets, and is VERY fast and will punish alot of things.

Win Quotes


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MELTY BLOOD Actress Again

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