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Name:   Sion TATARI (シオン タタリ)  —  Nicknames:    -

Voiced by:   Natsuki Rio (夏樹 リオ)  —  Type:   Vampire, Magus  —  Gender:   Female

Birthday:   June 1  —  Sizes:   86 / 55 / 83  —  Height:   161cm  —  Weight:   48kg

Eye Color:   Red  —  Hair Color:   Purple


Sion TATARI (V.Sion) is one of the numerous pressure-based characters in this game. Her unique trait is her large arsenal of moves that are nearly neutral, or even better than neutral on block. Also, her throw leads to large damage opportunities in the corner, which, combined with her neutral frames on block, can be extremely dangerous. No matter what style you play Sion TATARI in, she is still quite a powerful character, and in Japan, both Half Moon and Full Moon have seen great success in the tournament scene, with Half Moon often being considered the best character in the arcade version of the game, and certainly one of the easier to play.

Stage: Night of Walpurgis

Night of Walpurgis.PNG

BGM: Stillness Dark

Crescent Moon

In her Crescent Moon style, players fish for hits that can lead into a combo or OTG into 623C, which sets up a summon for decent damage, or j.2B crossups. Her main differences from MBAC are a new summon that summons far away, and a new 5C that is only two hits and cancellable with normals and jumps, giving her new combo options. Also, her 623C is the original version from vanilla MBAA, so she gets many frames off of it.

Normal Moves

5A: A mid-waist backhand fist smack. Still neutral on block. Can tick throw off of this, and it is good pressure string filler.

5B: A little knee to the waist. Actually nerfed from MBAC, it is now -1 on block. Make them respect it anyways.

4B: A reverse claw swipe, it's the Half Moon 5B. Strong in combos, moves forwards in pressure, and isn't bad on block.

5C: A new version of 5C, an awkward claw smash. It hits only twice, but is jump and normal cancellable.

2A: A low ground kick that hits low. Not good on block.

2B: A low fist smack. Actually +1 on block now, and moves her forwards a little. Good combo filler, pressure filler, this move is good.

2C: A swipe with her hands that knocks down. It's a type 2 attack so it doesn't hold people for long, but is sped up from MBAC. It's also chargable now, which makes it only -1 on block, and the charged version can be used in pressure to catch people flinching. Still not that good of a move though, unfortunately.

3C: A upwards launcher, sort of like a volleyball hit. Nothing more than combo filler. Used to be 3B.

j.A: A little kick under her body. Not bad, it's fast, but not as good as j.C

j.6A: A really weird uppercut in the air. Useful for whiffing and landing to throw.

j.B: Similar to her old j.B from MBAC, except it's one frame faster and lost its startup clash frames. While j.C is a better move in most situations, j.B shrinks her vertical hitbox, has a decent sized damage box in the front with no hittable box, and has one more active frame than j.C. These attributes can make it a better choice in certain situations.

j.2B: A dive kick with a minimum height. Very powerful in pressure, useful in tech punishes, and is plus frames at minimum height. Extremely useful and powerful move. Relaunches.

j.C: A flip kick with an absurdly good hitbox. One of the best air moves in the game, extremely fast, huge hitbox, just deadly. Will beat things like Kohaku j.B and make people furious about it. Relative prorate though on it, so it can actually hurt combo damage.

Special Moves

236A: A forwards claw attack that really isn't useful except for being ex cancelled into 236C in pressure which isn't even as useful as it used to be. Can catch people flinching as well. Overall not very useful, though.

236B: A slow, forwards claw attack that is +frames on block. If you are point blank, this is powerful, but it's slow, and if they're watching for this, you'll get hit. Be careful using it, use it rarely and unpredictably.

236[B]: An extremely slow, forwards claw attack that is significantly +frames on block. Useful as a meaty. Too slow to use in pressure.

236C: A fast three hit claw attack that launches. Used to be good for damage in combos, but it has been nerfed absurd amounts and is now much less useful. Use it rarely, it's not often worth 100% meter to get +5 frames with this character. It does add like 100-200 damage in a full bnb.

623A: An upwards claw attack. Useful as anti-air with upper body invincibility. It's not great, though, so try not to use it often. Air unblockable.

623B: An upwards energy claw that hits twice. Used to be used for her combos, but they are lower damage now, and is not something you'll see very much anymore. Air blockable.

623C: A quick EX anti-air reversal and powerful combo tool. Many many frames + on hit, punishable on block. Works sort of like a blockable throw, will grab OTG even. Air unblockable.

214A: Arcueid summon. She does a 22A/B style attack. Comes out kind of quick and is +frames on block, but can be hit out of at the start and the summon won't stay. Relaunches.

214B: Satsuki summon. She winds up and does her 214B, but it doesn't hit high. Useful in oki setups.

214C: Akiha summon. Walks up and does 6C. Solid in the sense it will push people around and you can't walk through it. Probably her most useful oki setup.

421A/B/C: Same summons as above, but she summons them further away, about halfway across the screen. They will face in whatever direction the enemy is from where they summon.

63214C: Ciel summon for 150% meter. She throws three sets of black keys, like her 214BBB series. It gets them off the ground or blocking, but it's not really worth the meter.

Arc Drive: In MAX/HEAT, this is a throw with not too much range that gives her a bit of life back. Kind of useful in setups, but not really a good choice. In BLOOD HEAT this used to be a very useful attack because it could hit airborne opponents, but it does not anymore, and is less useful for that. Don't use this often.

Last Arc: She summons a giant claw and smashes the opponent with it..

Combos and Strategies

There are a few ways you can combo with her. This is her highest damage bnb:

(2A x n) (5B) 2B 4B 2C 5C 3C j.BC dj.BC ad.BC air-throw

This is the bnb that gives the most meter, but can whiff if you use too many moves on the ground. It also moves very far forwards.

(2A x n) (5B) 2B 4B 2C 5C j.A delay j.B delay j.C land j.BC sdj.BC ad.C air-throw

When you have meter, go for this combo

(2A x n) (5B) 2B 4B 2C 5C 3C 623C 214C/421C

Off of her overhead, do the following combo

6C 2A 2B 4B 2C 5C 3C j.BC dj.BC ad.BC air-throw

If you have meter, off of the overhead, use

6C 2A 2B 4B 2C 5C 3C 623C

For her ground throw, to get corner oki, you can do

throw 2C 214C/421C
throw 2C 5C 3C 623C 214C/421C

You can also do

throw 2C 5C 3C j.BC ad.BC sdj.BC air-throw

In the corner, you can do this OTG combo if you want to push for just a little more meter:

(2A x n) (5B) 2B 4B 5C 2C dash 2A 5AAAA 4B 623C.

Summon Setups

For Satsuki summon: generally do 5a delay 6c, 5a delay 2c, 5a delay throw, 5a delay j2b (ch's throw break attempts). You can also omit 5a and just throw/high/low. Also throwing after the summon hits is really hard to react against. If Satsuki hits she gives an untechable launch. You can combo 6c 6c 2c 5c 623c for another summon setup.

For Akiha summon: Pretty much the same thing as Satsuki, but I think Akiha hits earlier or later than Satsuki so you have to time your mix up differently. For Akiha summons behind them you can run some cross up gimmicks. When she kicks you can dodge and your opponent will go through them and you get a cross up. You can also time your j2b so that'll hit the opponent and you'll end up behind them.

Also a cool thing with 421a arc summon. If you space it right, this move will give you frame advantage full screen. Arc pretty much has to be point blank and the full move has to hit though.

Half Moon

Half Moon Sion TATARI is an aggressive character with well rounded tools for several matchups. Her speed and consistent damage output are the main focus, with 6[B] and j.2B being focal points against zoning and defensive poking. She also has a summon subgame that allows her to run multiple mixups with backup.

Normal Moves

5A: Quick jab. Long hitbox makes it an excellent string starter as well as a method to tag jumpouts.

5A6AA: Generic H-moon 5A followup. Extremely useful due to the range on her 5A. Second hit can be canceled into anything, third cancels into anything on hit but only specials, EX moves, and arc drives on block. On hit, cancel the final attack into 6C to continue into her optimal combo options.

2A: Quick low kick, fast but short range.

5B: An upward swipe that moves V.Sion forward a bit. Excellent for pressure & comboing due to the forward movement. Very effective anti-air when spaced properly. Often clashes with poorly placed opponent normals.

2B: A crouching poke that hits mid, has mediocre range but it moves her forward very slightly. Notable for being +0 on block which makes it great for ending a blockstring or starting chain resets.

6B: V.Sion shoots a spiraling web from her hand that can be ducked but is air unblockable. Has a charged version which has significantly increased ranged & damage, making it an obscenely good anti-air when placed carefully. The charge version also cannot be ducked when used at close range.

5C: A 2-hit swipe that, unlike MBAC V.Sion, can be cancelled into anything. Integral to her BnB combo and has a sizable active window which making it useful for meaties and tech punishing.

2C: A low sweep with good range that gives an untechable knockdown on hit.

3C: A volleyball serve type of attack that launches the opponent in the air. Pressing 8 after it hits causes you to superjump straight up for an aerial followup. Air unblockable, but disadvantaged on ground block.

6C: A somersaulting kick that hits overhead. Can link into a combo off of it on standing/crouching hit. Causes an untechable ground bounce on air hit. At disadvantage but safe on block. Note that scaled damage proration was added to it in console so the double 6C combos seen in arcade matches are often not optimal in the console version. Also has a charged version which has significantly more range, does more damage, and is at advantage on block.

j.A: Kick that has a downward attack angle. Does not hit overhead.

j.6A: Upward punch. Not particularly useful.

j.B: Jumping kick that covers a wide area underneath her. Crosses up very nicely for a big combo on hit.

j.2B: Divekick, same as her old one. Causes her to quickly move at a downward angle. Does not hit overhead. It's very useful but can be unsafe when used improperly since it has noticeable landing recovery. When spaced so it hits your opponent as low as possible it is at advantage on block and can be linked into a 2A on hit. On CH it nets you a significantly longer stun which can easily be comboed off of. Can be charged, adding a larger amount of block or hitstun. Relaunches both charged and uncharged.

j.C: Flipping kick with a large attack arc that covers about 180 degrees in front of her. Comes out relatively quick and has solid priority with a decent amount of stun on both hit and block, making it a very solid air-to-air move.

Special Moves

236A: Forward claw swipe. Fast but disadvantaged on block, the primary use is for ending blockstrings when you do not have whiff cancel options. It floats the opponent on hit.

236B: Slower than 236A, hits 3 times, and is advantage on block.

236C: Similar to 236B but much faster startup and floats on hit, allowing for a followup combo.

623A: Upwards claw swipe. Hits once and has upper body invincibility, making it an anti-air in some matchups.

623B: Hits twice and allows a followup, making it relevant in some obscure combos.

623C: Closest thing V.Sion has to a shoryuken. Invincible on startup, breaks air guard, and has an attack throw animation on hit allowing for strong okizeme options afterwards. Very different from the arcade version, as its startup was noticably increased and the advantage on hit was considerably decreased. Not as useful of a wakeup shoryu but still very strong as a combo ender.

214A: Summons Arcueid, who performs her upward swipe. Advantaged on block if it hits fully. It can be used as antiair, but will dissipate if you are hit. Does not break air guard. Relaunches.

214B: Summons Satsuki, who winds up and does her rush punch. It is persistent and launches on hit. Note that Satsuki doesn't have any hitbox, only the attack itself, so it's possible to freely pass through her.

214C: Summons Akiha, who walks forward and does her 6C (forward kick with arms crossed). Wallslams on hit. Considered a 'character' for all purposes from the opponent, and will prevent the opponent from dashing through it. It will also destroy or dissipate anything that depends on a character stepping near it, such as Hisui bentos and Aoko proximity orbs.

j.236A: Air claw swipe, Has Limited use, but is notable for stopping your air momentum and beating some problem normals. Drops straight down afterwards.

j.236B: Air claw swipe, same as above except when falling during the recovery she moves backwards a bit. The positioning this leads to makes it a useful aerial combo ender in certain matchups.

j.236C: Has some invincibility and forces a ground-techable down. Useful as an aerial combo ender during HEAT as it does more damage than airthrow or j.236B and leads to an extremely advantageous position when near a corner.

Arc Drive: BITE! Command throw with invincibility. Good damage, refills some red life, and leads to a good wakeup situation.

Combos and Strategies

H-V.Sion is a rushdown character with a primary focus of speed and surprise factor. Against Zoning characters 6[B] forces them to move into bad position for you to attack. Jump C allows you to counter their aerial zoning tactics and force them back to the ground or land a counterhit combo. Crossup jump B defeats common panic button pokes and allows you to begin pressure.

Against opposing rushdown the goal is to use well timed shield bunkers to reverse their pressure, while cautiously enticing their own defensive tools so you can bait and punish.

Tech punish game: Ending corner combos with j.236C allows you to use a followup 5C upon landing to defeat their tech options. Do it immediately for neutral/back tech, delay very slightly for forward tech and confirm to a new combo. When the opponent chooses not to tech, you can allow the 5C to hit into a small OTG, setting up a second tech punish game using delay 5B to defeat all tech options.

'Which way' game: Ending combos with 623C allows you to create invisible gaps between the opponent and the corner. You can use superjump j.2B to end up behind or in front of the opponent based on timing. You can also 'drift' using superjump -> doublejump -> Air backdash j.C or go for an easier crossup using instant airdash j.B.

'Stagger' game: Delay canceling your normals allows you to create gaps where the opponent cannot safely jump or poke. These are strongest with delay 5C or delay 2C. Once the opponent fears this type of pressure you can go for throws or 236B.

'Anti-Backdash' game: Dash 2A2C or dash 2A5C both consistently defeat opponents who backdash out of pressure. If they backdash the 2A they will be unable to block the followup normal.

Summon game: At times you will be too far to confirm to 5A6AA combos. You can use this time to end with 2C into a Satsuki or Akiha summon for pressure. 2C3C can also at times complete combos where 5A6AA cannot. Flowchart examples: 2C xx Akiha Summon: [6C or 2AA or j.2B or 2C 2A whiff] xx Akiha Hits xx 6[C] into followup combo [6C or 2AA or j.2B blocked by the opponent] xx Blocked Akiha xx [6C or 2AA or j.2B or dash 5A tick throw]

2C xx Satsuki Summon xx meaty 5B or meaty 2B: [6C or 2AA or j.2B or 2A 2C] xx Satsuki Hits xx 6[C] into followup combo


j.236C can be substituted for airthrow to set up the tech punish game in most combos.

Midscreen and corner BnB. There's different variations, but this gives a good idea of what you want to be doing. Midscreen requires a dash for the 2C. Dash denotes an optional dash necessary when doing the combo midscreen.

2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 6C Dash 2C 5C 5A 5B 3C j.ABC sdj.ABC airthrow.
A more difficult version (but carries further and builds more meter):

2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 6C Dash 2C 5C j.A...B...C Land j.C sdj.BC throw

j.2B after airthrow beats neutral/back tech. Land while whiffing a jump C to defeat forward tech.

Higher damage but much more difficult variation (mainly the 6[C] in the middle):

2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 6C 6[C] Dash 2C 5C 3C j.BC ad.C sdj.BC airthrow

Typical 'which way' setup:

2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 6C 6[C] Dash 2C 5C 5AAA 5B 623C

Typical combos when too far for 5A6AA: 2A 5B 2C 5C j.ABC land j.C sdj.BC ad.C airthrow 2A 5B 5C 2C 3C j.BC ad.C dj.BC airthrow

Throw Combos:

Throw Dash 5AB j.BC dj.BC ad.C airthrow (far from corner)

Throw 2C 5C 3C j.BC ad.C dj.BC airthrow

Throw 2C j.2B 5A 5B 623C (which way setup off throw)

Throw 2C Akiha summon.

Shield Combos:

5D 2C 5C 3C j.bc ad.C dj.BC airthrow (Basic stand shield combo)

5D 2C 5C j.ABC land jC sdj.BC airthrow (Works the opponent to the corner from long range)

5D Dash 5AB j.bc dj.BC airthrow (When you are in the corner -- use to go behind the opponent and put them in the corner instead.)

2D xx Akiha summon (summon setup off low shield)

2D 623B j.CB dj.BC airthrow. (Typical low shield followup.)

OTG examples:

2C 2A whiff dash 2A 5A 5A 5B 623C (Which way setup off random sweep)

2C 2A whiff dash 623C (Extra damage off midscreen sweep)

2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 6C 2C 5C 3C j.BC dj.BC j.236C land 5C 5A 5A 5B 2B (simple OTG after j.236C setup)

Full Moon

Full Moon for Sion TATARI is a rather unique mode. Nearly all of her ground attacks give a massive frame advantage, up to +4, but her ground dash has over ten frames before you can cancel it. This produces a unique style of pressure involving careful use of her j.B crossup in instant air dashes and many tricks to prevent jump outs in the corner. She also loses the summons, which is some of this character's best oki.

Normal Moves

5A: Quick jab, +3 on block

5B: The same 5B from crescent moon, except this time it's +2 on block and is chargable. When charged, she extends her leg like F-Sion, but it becomes -3 on block. Charged version is useful in combos.

5C: A one hit claw smash that extends rather far. Slower than her old 5C, and also chargable. Neutral uncharged, +4 charged. Charging it over and over again actually works sometimes, though is extremely unsafe if your opponent is disrespectful and pokes, but it works as an anti-jump.

2A: A low kick. +3 on block.

2B: A two hit low swipe, neutral on block. Decent combo fodder if you're not going for a delay jump combo.

2C: A low slide kick. Less useful in this case due to the fact your only cancels are the overhead and specials, and none of her specials are a really good idea after this on block. Try to avoid using this.

j.A: A little hand swipe around shoulder level. Quick and useful for comboing.

j.B: An awkward little kick that hits as a crossup very well. This is your most powerful tool in a midscreen IAD. You can even do an instant j.214A after it if it crosses up as a double overhead 50/50 mixup.

j.C: One of the best air moves in the game, V.Sion's flip kick is fast, damaging, has a good hitbox, and is just plain scary for opponents.

6B: A weird little drill, works very well as an antiair when it is charged, which makes the drill larger.

6C: The overhead flip that V.Sion has now. If you are in a combo, this will do some relative proration, but if you just hit it, it will just prorate to 65%. Chargable for range.

j.2B: The same dive-kick as the other two styles. Useful in pressure, even more now that she doesn't have a good dash. Relaunches.

Special Moves

236A: Like H-V.Sion's j.236A. Except really slow, and overhead, and minus frames on block. Very little use.

236B: Same as above with a little bit more forwards movement. Little use.

236C: Used in EX combos to add a bit of damage.

214A: A dash punch with a tornado around her hand. Varies from slightly minus to slightly plus frames on block, jump cancel on hit, and doesn't launch. Can combo into 623B on airborne opponents, and 214B at a distance on grounded opponents. Special cancellable on hit.

214B: A dash punch that launches. Goes further than 214A, is less safe on block, and is used as her main launcher in combos.

214C: A quick dash punch that is invincible, wallslams, gives an odd little double ground bounce, and is useful as a reversal.

623A: A single hit dp with upper body invincibility. Not overly useful, but is air unblockable.

623B: Two hit upwards claw that is used as a launcher occasionally in combos.

623C: Multi hit grab-type DP which gives you many plus frames on hit, but this character's oki isn't strong enough to really use this, so it's used mostly as a reversal.

22A/B/C: Little launcher tornadoes off of the ground. A is close, B is mid distance, and C is far. Long distance low hits, but it's slow and 60% relative prorate, so combos with them look cool, but are functionally useless.

j.214A: Like Sion's j.214A, but sort of different in that it has no minimum height requirements and has longer recovery like the move did in MBAC, and is an overhead. This can be used as a tiger knee special as one of the fastest overheads in the game off of IADs for a 50/50 mixup. If it's blocked, you are in a world of hurt, though.

j.214B: Like Sion's j.214B, meaning a slow, slow throw. Unblockable, but slow and easy to avoid.

j.214C: Like Sion's j.214C, but it also has landing recovery on block/whiff. EX combo finisher for untechable knockdown.

43216C: EX Bite throw. Regens a bit of life on hit. Blood Heat version has large range but doesn't grab airborne opponents.

Last Arc: She summons a giant claw attacks with that.

Combos and Strategies

In general with full moon, the combo you will see most is

2A x 3 > 5[B] > 5C > 214B > j.A > delay > j.B > delay > j.C > land > j.C > sdj.ABC > airthrow.

Those 2A's at the start are important as they add gravity, so be aware of that. After a bit of practice, it's also possible to do

2A x 3 > 5[B] > 2B > 5C > 214B > delay > jump > j.A > delay > j.B > delay > j.C > land > jump > j.C > sdj.ABC > airthrow

There delay after 214B is short, but you need to wait just a little bit so you're close enough in order to hit with the first j.A.

2A x 3 > 5[B] > 2B > 5C > 214A > 214B > j.A > delay > j.B > delay > j.C > land > j.C > sdj.ABC > airthrow

Easier on bigger characters, adds a little bit of damage and meter and looks cool. You can cancel 214A's recovery on hit, which is what makes this possible.

CH j.C combos.

off CH j.c you can do 5B 5B j.BC j.BC airthrow
For a solid 3-4k damage. not hard to do with a little practice either.

CH j.C 6[C] 6[C] 5B 5B j.BC j.BC airthrow
Highly impractical combo that only works in the corner since you have to CH the opponent, at the peak of their jump, while you are descending. You can do one 6[C] after a CH j.C outside of the corner. If the first 6C is replaced with 6C, this is actually reasonably possible.

Win Quotes



No. 1 Default

No. 11 Freya (Valkyrie Profile)

MELTY BLOOD Actress Again

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