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Name:   White Len (白レン)  —  Nicknames:    -

Voiced by:   Mizuhashi Kaori (水橋 かおり)  —  Type:   Succubus, TATARI  —  Gender:   Female

Birthday:   September 9  —  Sizes:   63 / 48 / 61  —  Height:   132cm  —  Weight:   33kg

Eye Color:   Red  —  Hair Color:   Light Gray


White Len was created from the remains of Zepia Eltnam Oberon by Aozaki Aoko and has taken in Len's suppressed personality. Her abilities are the combination of those of original Len (dream manipulation) and TATARI (creation of illusions from rumors).

Stage: Through the Looking-Glass

Through the Looking-Glass.PNG

BGM: Fairy Tale Transparently

Crescent Moon

C-White Len is a character with good defense, surprisingly good range on the ground, a reversal, and lots of tricks. The majority of C-W Len's game will involve zoning your opponent with her j.[C] basketball, as well as poking around with her 5B, 2B, and 5C. Once you actually get at your opponent, with a little bit of meter, she can set up very good okizeme. W Len's strength shines out in her effective blockstrings, and her deceiving okizeme mixups. If you want a character that can really blow your opponent's mind, C-W Len is it.

Normal Moves


A quick poke. Very small hitbox, combos into everything.


W Len bends slightly and pokes. A bit more range than 5A.


W Len swings her orb 180 degrees in front of her for 2 hits. Good range. Air unblockable. If you score a counterhit with this move you have to confirm quickly with a j.A or j.B since it hits twice unless you rebeated after the first hit. On block this move has significantly more pushback on the second hit in the first, which is important to know for blockstrings.


Charged 5B. Same hitbox, but causes wallslam. Has 3 hits when charged.


W Len does a 2 hit yo-yo like trick with her orb. Has great range. Has significant untechable time which is useful in W Len's BnBs.


W Len swings her orb upward. This is W Len's launcher. This can serve as a bootleg anti air since it's fairly quick and on trade you can normally get a combo still. This move also has some forward momentum which can be useful.


W Len swings her orb above her head in an arc. It hits twice, so like her 5B you'll need to keep an eye out for hit confirms. This move has good forward momentum, making it very useful in blockstrings. Also useful as a preemptive anti air, as it hits above and on both sides of W Len.


Same thing as 5C, only larger hitbox. Becomes air blockable, but it also becomes a launcher. This does pretty good guard bar damage, and also moves W Len forward more, making it great for blockstrings.


W Len reaches her foot out in front of her to trip her opponent. Always causes knockdown.


W Len does an overhead flip-kick after the first trip. Overhead, and knocks down. Can serve as a launcher if first hit connects. Incredibly useless.


W Len goes for the same kick as 2C, but she slides forward as she does so. Used in combos, an can be used sparingly in blockstrings.


W Len pauses, then does an animation similar to the second hit of 2CC. Causes untechable knockdown, and gives OTG opportunity. Overhead.


W Len pokes. A bit slow, but has good range.


W Len swings the orb around from her backside. important because it's faster than j.C and j.2C.


Has longer startup than j.B, but the active frames last until landing. Useful both for regular jump arcs and faking jumpins. Great air to ground hitbox if you are low to the ground (or higher up for that matter).


W Len swings the orb in front of herself. Not that fast, but it has a good upwards hitbox which is useful. Also has a good hitbox and has the right amount of hit/block stun to be used in your IADs.


W Len swings the orb, but throws it as a projectile. It arcs upward slightly, and then drops towards the ground. Disappears if W Len is hit before it touches the ground. Causes W Len to float for a second while being launched. This is a large part of W Len's zoning game.


W Len swings the orb down. Has a slightly better hitbox than j.C for some air to ground situations where you are a bit higher up.


W Len swings her orb down, but throws it as a projectile. It travels downward, and then forward. Keeps you from moving for lnoger than j.[C], but still has uses.

Special Moves


W Len summons an ice spike which points horizontally straight in front of her, and towards the ground.


Same thing as 236A, but instead of damaging right away, it damages as it disappears, causing 8 hits. Good oki tool in the corner.


W Len summons an ice spike which diagonally points upwards and forwards. Air unblockable, and has good range. Good for catching jumpers, or as an indirect anti air.


W Len summons an ice spike which points downwards at a steep angle.


W Len summons an ice spike which points upwards and slightly forwards. Recovers faster than the ground version which is very useful.


W Len spins into a sliding kick. Used in all combos. Dash cancelable on hit.


W Len's 623A spin, except the hit comes later, and it is special cancelable on block. VERY useful in blockstrings.


W Len spins into an overhead orb smash. Overhead hit, has lower body invincibility while spinning.


W Len spins as if she was about to do the overhead, and then stops. Retains lower body invincibility.


W Len turns into her cat form and teleports a bit ahead of her old position, and then reappears.


W Len fakes an ikimasuwa. (214A) Invincible while animation starts.


W Len fakes a 623B. Teleports W Len forward a bit.


W Len turns into cat form. Remains in cat form until you do something. 214A

Ikimasuwa. Invincible at startup. Can be made safe with j.236C. Can confirm into a combo with j.214C.


W Len jumps forward like 214A, but she goes much further. Special cancellable. You generally cancel this into j.214A ASAP to fastfall back to the ground and continue pressure.


Fast fall. W Len descends towards the ground at a 45 degree angle.


Aerial uppercut without invulnerability. It has 2 hitboxes, the uppercut hitbox which is generally used for combos and sometimes upwards movement after a j.[C]. As well as the small ice crown at the beginning of the trail that W Len leaves behind. The small trail causes untechable knockdown, you can crossup with it.


W Len throws a ball of ice from overhead, and it creates a small ice patch on the ground. Hold left or right to adjust trajectory, or remain at neutral for a medium distance.


Similar to 421A, only the startup is longer, and it creates 2 ice patches. But it's slower making it harder to set up.


W Len's command grab. Has more range than regular grab and sets up oki making it more useful than you might think.


W Len does a dash for a limited distance or until reaching the opponent, then does her command grab.


W Len's shield bunker. A uppercut that looks kind of like 4B.


Ex Ice. W Len creates a large ice flower above herself. Untechable launcher. Combo linker in her meter combos. Air unblockable. Has a long startup, but safe on block. This is what the majority of your meter should be spent on.


W Len summons multiple ice spikes in front of herself. Safe on block, more advantagous the lower you are to the ground. Use this to make her revesal (214A) safe.


W Len does a flashy looking 623B move, where the spins do damage, and the final smack wallslams. Not really useful for anything, not even adding damage.


W Len's new ice storm attack. She is invincible during the whole animation. Gives untechable knockdown. Great for punishing from a distance. (Works from about half screen) Note that this move will whiff if they are at point blank range. Completely safe and neutral on block. Air unblockable.


W Len launches her enemy into the air, and then does a spinning move that wallslams. Able to hit OTG, so it's a good option to use after 3C.


W Len performs her j.236B kick, but it is attack/throw cancelable afterwards. Should only be used when you absolutely need extra damage, or off of 214A.


Ex grab. Untechable launcher and jump cancelable. Has lots of range as well as invincibility.

41236C (Max/Heat)

Arc Drive. W Len throws a large orb across the screen. Moves very slowly, and hits several times on contact. Can be shield bunkered fairly easily.

41236C (Blood Heat)

W Len throws the same orb, but it moves quickly and stuns opponent on contact long enough to go into a cinematic attack. Fairly weak, but useful as a fullscreen punish/OTG ender/combo ender.

Combos and Strategies

note: * = pause (variable depending on combo)

note: You can either use 623[A] or just space your 2B 623A in her combos. 623[A] will cause some characters to drop, so learning the correct spacing is essential to W Len's gameplay.


(5B) 2B 623[A] 5c 4b ender - Works from a good distance, easy to confirm.

2A 5C 2C 623A * 2B 623[A] 5B 4B ender - Your best bnb, confirm into this whenever you can. Only works while fairly close. This combo will travel quite far across the stage, and you can basically put them in the corner from where ever you are.


623B 5C(1 hit) 2C 623A * 2B 623[A] 5B 4B ender



214C - This will give you a free 2K or so if you land a 3C overhead knockdown. Do not use your meter for this if you're ending a combo with OTG.


63214C 2147A 623A * 2B 623[A] 5B 4B 236C 2[C]C J.BC J.BC Throw - Best variation, can be a little tough. Note that you must use 236C, because you cannot jump cancel the 4B. If you don't have enough meter for it, do the combo below.

63214C 217A 623A * 2B 623[A] 236[A]/421A[4] - This combo will give you pure oki. 236[A] should only be done if you have them in the corner.

63214C 2147A 5A 5C ender (corner) - Easier version of first combo for corner. Note that you cannot jump cancel 5C, so you're probably going to go for the 236C ender.

63214C IAD j.C land 236C - Easy and free. You should really learn fast fall combos.

63214C j.BC j.BC AT - "Just give me some damage goddammit." Note: You need to very carefully space the air normals in order for them all to connect.

6AD 5A 5C ender (corner) - Combo off your regular throw, very useful.

214A (Ikimasuwa Combos):

214A 214C j.BC j.BC AT

214A 236C - Safe DP.


-EX Ice-

236C ([4]) * 2[C] 623A * 2B 623A Oki - Walk back while midscreen so you don't slide past them, or just time it right.

236C 66 * 2C 623A * 2B 623A Oki - Side switch combo, use it when it will get people closer to the corner. Or out of the corner if you choose to go for a midscreen only mixup.

At the end of an EX Ice combo, if it will kill them, you can do: 5C 4B j.BC j.BC AT

-Okizeme Options-

236[A]- Corner only. Meaty 236[A] is a very useful tool-- so long as you watch out for shield bunkers. This will give you a free opportunity to start pressure, but as stated, watch out for bunkers. Good follow up options are listed below.

236[A] 2A 623B - Corner only. This is your low-high mixup. You can input 623[B] here to fake the high as well. This is beaten by shield bunker, so use this sparingly, or when they don't have enough meter to bunker.

236[A] * 3C 214C - Corner only. The trick here is to wait long enough before using 3C, so that the ice hits don't mess up your untechable knockdown. 3C is generally hard to see coming unless you're really looking. Input 214C right after you recover from 3C's hit, and you'll get a free 2K. If you're midscreen, you can also do dash mixups.

421A[4] - This move is wonderful. After the 623A, you have just enough time to throw a chunk of ice on then, and then move. On their wakeup, they are forced to block the meaty 421A hit. If they try to jump/revesal/shield, they will get hit, and you can follow up with a free combo. Follow up with 5B 4B into air combo/EX Ice.

22C 66 - Midscreen only. Double crossup going on here. 22C will cause the first crossup, and then the teleporting properties of W Len's dash will act as the second. If you input 6[6], she will not crossup, making a very confusing 50/50 situation.

J.7 J.[C] land 623A/623B - This setup will create an illusion that you're going for meaty J.[C], but you sneak in a low or high move. (Which is your real meaty. 623A strikes before the J.[C] lands.) This may take a bit of practice to get the J.[C] to hit correctly, but if you successfully fool your opponent, you get a free combo/Ex Ice setup.

236[A] J.7 J.[C] air dash J.C J.2C - This is my personal favorite setup. Not only is it shield-bunker safe, but it allows for free pressure reset. The J.C J.2C creates two overheads, which will catch enemies not experienced in dealing with W Len. If that happens, you get a free Bnb. If not, you have plenty of time to land and chain 2A into a blockstring. This does decent guard bar damage on it's own, and using one of W Len's oppressive blockstrings only adds to the hurt.

236[A] quickly 214C - Midscreen only. Works best right near the corner, but not in it. This setup will cause W Len to crossup as the ice hits pressure your enemy. If you're near the corner, you're able to backdash teleport back to the otherside, making another 50/50 situation.

J.8 J.[C] J.214A 44 -Midscreen only. Fake orb setup, fastfall to their other side, then re-crossup with teleport backdash. Did you follow that?

Heat - Safe heat, why not?

-Air Combo-

j.BC dj.9 j.BC AT - Highly recommend throwing them into the nearest corner. Do a super double jump when needed.

j.BC sdj.9 j.BC2C AT - Works on highly prorated combos because of gravity.

At the end of an air combo, if you really need the damage, you can input J.214B J.214C AT.

Pressure and Mixups:


623[A] is useful in blockstrings because you can use it to stay in close and it resets your rebeats. Unlike the uncharged version, 623[A] is special cancellable on block.

623[A] 214B J.214A 236C/2B/63214C/5[C] - This special cancel will make W Len cancel into a move that is normally very punishable, 214B, and then quickly make it safe with fast fall. After landing from the J.214A, you have 4 options. The first is Ex Ice, 236C. If they push any button, the take the Ice and you get a free set up off of it. It is safe on block, so it's a decent option. The next option is to catch people who try to jump out/backdash; 2B. Meaty 2B will land you a free combo as well. If they successfully predict your 2B and end up blocking it, just use it as a pressure reset. Next option is for enemies who try to mash you out of the pressure; Ex grab. This will grab them with its great reach and give you a combo. The final option is for jump outs, 5[C]. If it tags them, proceed to air combo. If they block it, cancel into 5A and continue pressure.

623[A] 623[B]/623B - This low-poke safe setup will either be an overhead or a high/low mixup. Be wary of using 623B because it's very easy to see coming, and easy to mash out of or escape. If you used 623[B], follow up with 2A or 63214A.

623[A] 22C 63214A/C - This setup fakes the previous one, and then catches any mashing with either normal or Ex command grab.

623[A] 22B - W Len's tricks continue. This fakes the first mixup listed, so people that try to mash out of it will get caught when you meaty 2B or overhead them. This is great for making them respect you.

-Air Throw-

White Len's air throw recovers while she's still in the air, so you can continue pressure with an air dash. For proper height, you'll normally want to delay the air dash a bit, or delay your follow up a bit.

XX-> j.66 J.2CC/J.B2C - Allows you to continue pressuring on the ground without much too much opposition. This makes 2 overheads.

XX-> j.66 -> J.B J.214A land 63214A/6E - This allows for you to cancel your blocked J.B into fastfall, so you can land and immediately throw your enemy. This beats 2A mash. If in the corner, go for 6E instead of command throw.

XX-> j.66 J.C (whiff)land 63214A/C - Works best in corner. The only way to beat this mixup is to preemptively see it coming and jumping out before you land.

XX-> 2B / 5B (corner) - Just land and take the safer route when you need to. Puts you into a good position to continue pressure without much risk.

XX-> 623A 2B 623A - W Len has enough time to land and meaty 623A. However, you must do the air throw closer to the ground for this to be successful.

-Command Throw- (63214A/B)

63214A/B -> 421A / 421A[4] - Strong mixup in the corner because it's hard to tell whether it will hit meaty or wiff. On wiff you can go for a throw, if it's meaty you can do 5B 5C and if they eat it you can go into a combo. You can also block after the meaty and if they press a button they'll get counterhit and you can confirm into a combo. Mid screen you'll want to use 421A only, or do something else.


j.[C] -> j.236A/C - Stops dashes forward without much risk.

j.[C] -> j.C / j.2C - More risk, more reward.

j.[C] -> j.66 -> j.C/j.2C - Move forward to get in when you think you have them scared.

j.[C] -> dj j.[C] - Another basketball!

Note: White Len can dash cancel any of her normals on block. Use this and 5A/2A whiff canceling to create your own blockstrings on the go.

Half Moon

Half Moon White Len is quite a bit different than her other two grooves. Basically, she loses a lot of her zoning and Okizeme games in exchange for an incredibly fast dash and rushdown capabilities. In this style, White Len loses her teleportation properties on her dash. Her dash is now a very quick version of Len's dash. She also loses her J.[C] projectile that Crescent and Full have, so her zoning is much weaker. This character is completely do-or-die, and quite possibly requires the most execution out of any of the White Len grooves.

Normal Moves

5A [Mid]

She does her little orb poke. Shielded mid.

6A [Mid]

Followup after 5A, does an orb twirl. Moves her forward a bit and has to be shielded high.

6AA [Mid]

Followup after 5A6A, sends an orb down. Moves her foward some more, shielded high and air untechable on hit.

2A [Low]

She does her little orb poke while crouching. Has less range than 5a. Shielded mid.

5B [Mid]

Sends an orb in front of her, her best normal poke for range. Hits twice and has to be shielded high.

5[B] [Mid]

Charged version of 5B except moves her forward a bit more. Also shielded high and wallslams on hit.

2B [Mid]

Like her 2A but goes further but less range than her 5B, use to hit people that are shielding high because it must be shielded low.

4B [Mid]

Uppercut smack with the orb. Launches on hit and is shielded high.

5C [Mid]

Sends an orb over her head. Good for ground vs air situations. Hits twice and must be shielded high.

5[C] [Mid]

Charged version of 5C, moves her forward a bit more. Is +frames on block. Hits once instead but launches on hit. Again it's shielded high.

2C [Low]

She crouches then hops forward a bit. Untechable sweep, shielded low.

j.A [Mid]

A little orb poke in front of her. Decent air to air.

j.B [Overhead]

An orb poke pointing down a bit. Decent air to ground.

j.[B] [Overhead]

Like j.B, but has longer startup and has unlimited active frames until White Len touches the ground.

j.C [Overhead]

Orb swipe above her head, good for air to air against people above you.

j.2C [Overhead]

Hits same direction as j.B but is slower startup and bigger hitbox. Good for air to ground situations.

Special Moves

236 + button

   (A version) - Forms an ice pointing downward, pretty good range. Hits mid. 
                 When charged, it slowly forms an ice and causes a delayed attack. 
                 Frame advantage on block and does 8 hits instead.
   (B version) - Forms an ice pointing upward. Air unblockable. Can be use as anti-air.
   (C version) - EX ice, 8 hits. Makes ice spikes come out of WLen.
                 Air unblockable. Has a bit of startup time, but is safe on block. 

623 + button

   (A version) - Spin into a sweep. Hits low. Is used in combos frequently. 
                 Charged version is a delayed sweep that hits a tiny bit further.
   (B version) - Spin into overhead. Has lower body invincibility during spin. Charged version just spin cancels to nothing.
   (C version) - EX spin, 13 hits then a slow last hit. Has a bit of superarmor on startup. Last hit is a mid block. 
                 Very punishable on block. Pretty useless move. 

214 + button [Also in air] - WLen does flip kicks. Ground versions are all air unblockable. Air versions have an ice under her which also have a hitbox. Air versions are also all air blockable. Both versions do not have any cancel points.

   (A version) - Can be use as anti-air.
   (B version) - Goes a bit higher. Can be use as anti-air. Ground version has invinciblity at start. Wakeup option.
   (C version) - EX flips, does 3 flips kicks. Invincibility startup. 

421 + button

   (A version) - Spins then disappears for a brief moment then reappears in same spot. 
                 Input can be held to delay the reappearance.
   (B version) - Spins then teleports a certain distance forward. Input can be held to delay the reappearance.
   (C version) - Spins then teleports directly above. Can do an attack, jump, or airdash afterwards. 
                 Input can be held to delay the reappearance. 

22 + button

   (A version) - Image cat form, just teleports forward.
   (B version) - Image flip kick fakeout, does not move at all.
   (C version) - Image twirl fakeout, also teleports her a bit forward.
   (D version) - Cat form! Not much to say but everything else you do will cancel cat form otherwise
                 if you do nothing then you just stay in it. 

63214 + button

   (A version) - Command throw. Knockdown with no followup.
   (B version) - Dash before command throw. Knockdown with no followup.
   (C version) - EX throw, can jump cancel on hit. Throw range increased. 

j.236 + button

   (A version) - Looks like ground version, air blockable.
   (B version) - Looks like ground version, air blockable.
   (C version) - EX air ice, 8 hits. Forms a bunch of j.236A.
                 Fast to use against runners. Also air blockable. 

Arc Drive

41236 + C [In Heat]

Forms an orb and shoots it forward, goes across the screen until it goes off. Hits depends on opponent positioning. Can be blocked any way.

Combos and Strategies

Air Combo Variations:

j.BC dj.BC AT

j.BC dj.C2C AT

j.C2C djC2C AT

j.BC sdj.BC2C AT

Basic BnBs

(2A) (2A) 2B 2C 5A 5C air combo - The lazy combo.

(2A) (2A) (5C) 5A 6AA 2C 5B 4B air combo

(5A) (5A) (6A) (5C) 2B 623A 5B 4B air combo

More Advanced BnBs

(2A) (2A) (5C) 5A 6AA delay 623A delay 5B 2C 623A 4B air combo

(5A) (5A) (6A) (5C) (2B) 623A delay 5B 2C 623A 4B air combo

(2A) (2A) (5C) 5A 6AA 5[B] IAD j.C land air combo - Variation for near corner.

(2A) (2A) (5C) 5A 6AA 5[B] 2C 623A 5C 4B air combo - Corner combo variation.

Meter Extension

...4B 236C delay 623A (delay 5B 2C 623A) 5C 4B air combo

5B tag combos

5B 623A {2C 5A 5C}/4B air combo - Mid range 5B at max.(Farthest 5B tag possible combo)

5B 2C 5A (2B) 5C air combo - Variation if closer

5[B] 5B (5C/4B) air combo - Corner 5[B] combo.(Any range)

Overhead combos

623B 4B air combo

623B 5C 5A whiff 6AA 623A {2C 5B 4B}/{delay 5B 2C 623A 4B} air combo

63214C combos

63214C air combo

63214C IAD j.C land air combo

63214C 9 delay j.BC land air combo

63214C 92E land 5A 2C 623A 5B 5C air combo - Timing on this is very strict but can give an untechable knockdown if ended at 623A.

Corner Throw

ground throw delay 5A 2C (5A 2C)x2 623A 5B 5C air combo

Shield Combos

5D/j.D 5A 5C air combo

5D/j.D 2C 623A 5B 5C air combo

5D/j.D 623A delay 5B 2C 623A 4B air combo

5D/j.D delay 5A 2C (5A 2C)x2 623A 5B 5C air combo

2D 623A 5B 5C air combo

After any 623a you can go into okizeme instead of continuing for damage.

Full Moon

While the other versions of White Len focus upon okizeme and tricky setups, Full White Len's specialty lies in lockdown, corner pressure, and a fairly defensive and footsies-oriented style of play. She loses a lot of the combo ability from the other grooves and in turn gains a variety of projectiles which she utilizes for a stronger neutral to long-range game.

Normal Moves

Throw (Unblockable)

White Len tosses the opponent into the air. This cannot be teched until the opponent touches the ground, leaving them to be comboed in the corner. On certain characters it is possible to link a 2B outside of the corner, but aside from the Necos, this has only been observed on Kouma in arcade and has yet to be reproduced on console. Since Full White Len lacks a command throw but can get good damage and okizeme off a corner throw, it's an integral part of her game and learning various setups is essential to maximizing her somewhat lackluster damage.

Airthrow (Unblockable)

White Len throws the opponent forwards and onto the ground. Remember to always throw towards the corner. This throw cannot be teched at all, and in addition White Len gets to act afterwards, making this one of the stronger airthrows in the game. Her various okizeme options are covered in a later section.

5A (Mid)

A little poke with her finger. This is a typical Full Moon jab which means it is +F on block. It has better range than her 2A but since it hits mid, its applications are limited. This move is primarily used for relaunches after a throw in the corner and occasionally guard breaks and a combo starter.

5B (Mid)

White Len swipes outwards with her pink ball at an upwards angle. This is her best poke by far. It is also +F on block, is an integral part of her combos, keeps people out of her weak zone and acts as an anti-jump move as well. This move will lose against longer-ranged lows, so use sparingly when going against characters that can outrange her with a 2B or 2C.

5{B} (Mid)

Partial charge 5B. The slight delay introduces an element of ambiguity into your blockstrings. This can be important as White Len does not have very many viable normals to use for blockstrings to begin with, so making the exact end point of a blockstring less obvious is key to keep people from escaping or countering consistently.

5[B] (Mid)

Charged 5B will wallslam the opponent and move White Len forward quite a bit. This has a fair amount of startup and is a bit difficult to use regularly without being countered; however, it is also +F on block and the forward motion places her back in range to continue poking the opponent.

4B (Mid)

A launcher and her only command normal. This move has extremely limited applications due to its short range. You can use it as part of her standard BnB variant, but apart from that this is the move that usually comes out when you want a 5B and are blocking. Returning to neutral or offensive before pressing B is essential to playing White Len, so as to avoid getting this move. If somehow this move comes out, cancel into 2C and a special to avoid getting killed by the -F.

5C (Mid)

A two head upwards swipe with her ball. This move is not that great as anti-air despite how it might look, but in limited situations it can serve to hit people above you when their attacking hitbox is directly over or behind White Len's head. Its short range also makes it impractical to use in blockstrings since both 5B and 2B outrange it, so this move is primarily used to maximize damage in combos.

5{C} (Mid)

Partial charge 5C. Doesn't really move her forward, but the delay is required for one of her BnB variants to hit properly. No real use outside of that.

5[C] (Mid)

Charged 5C will launch the opponent. However, due to Full Moon's limited chain options, you can't really go into anything useful from it. Avoid using this move as it has no real practical function.

2A (Low)

White Len does a tiny little kick. The range on this is absolutely terrible, to the point where at certain airdash heights she will actually be pushed back too far off her own air normals that 2A will not connect afterwards. Try to avoid using too many to hit confirm as she will be pushed back too far at times. Aside from that it's a pretty standard 2A, used as a low and to start combos and blockstrings.

2B (Low)

A low swipe with her ball that only hits once, unlike other Moons. The hitbox on this actually goes surprisingly high up, allowing you to hit opponents at mid height. This is also a very good poke to use as it has the equivalent range of many 2C attacks with less recovery. This will be the second poke of choice in blockstrings next to 5B, and will be used in virtually every combo and blockstring she has. Being hit by 2B leads to an untechable knockdown, which allows her to set up her various ice traps.

2C (Low)

A sweep attack that cannot be charged, unlike other Moons. The range on this is lower than 2B, so it's used mostly in situations where you have already confirmed a hit and can tack on extra damage. Note that at max range of 2B, 2C will whiff, so it is essential to learn the ranges and avoid whiffing 2C in blockstrings. No real use to this move outside of that. This move is massively -F on block, so make sure to cancel it into something every time.

2CC (High)

A follow-up attack to the 2C sweep which hits as an overhead. It's extremely slow but will knockdown a grounded opponent, and if used after the first 2C, will launch and allow a superjump cancel for an air combo. This superjump cancel does not count as a real jump cancel, which lets White Len use a jump cancel earlier in a combo before ending with this for an air combo finisher.

j.A (High)

A forward poke with her fingerball. This is pretty decent air to air and can be used for okizeme as it will either whiff and keep the opponent blocking to get thrown, or it hits hit to lead into various Fastfall/BnB options. Note that whiffing j.A for air footsies is not a good idea as the move has a fair bit of recovery that makes it unsafe to simply throw out. Use judiciously when going against an opponent with good air options.

j.B (High)

A downwards swipe with her ball. The range on this move is terrible, but it can become a situation crossup if the opponent is crouching, which widens their hitbox. This is mostly a filler move for her air combos, but is an essential component to her fuzzy guard game.

j.[B] (High)

Charging the j.B will not actually produce a typical spark animation and will only delay the move. Delaying this move can be useful in certain situations where you need it to hit a bit later, but the utility of having to release B to get the move to come out versus simply pressing it later is debatable. Charging produces no extra damage or lower proration; it simply delays the move.

j.C (High)

An upwards swipe with the pink ball. While the animation looks as if the move primarily hits high, it's a decent air to ground option. However, some characters with low crouching hitboxes or crouching normals can avoid or anti-air j.C. For those situations use j.B instead. Remember that j.C is also the end of the cancel chain for Full Moon, leaving your only real option as Fastfall, so opponents will be expecting the next move to be a low. This can be capitalized on with fuzzy guard.

j.[C] (Mid)

Nicknamed "Basketball", White Len throws out a pink ball that flies upwards and drops downwards to the ground. This move deals quite a bit of guard damage but does not hit high like j.C. It is primarily used for zoning in addition to her air Ice options. The startup on Basketball is very high and because of her air positioning she can be tagged out by people who anticipate/react to it. Best used in situations where White Len has full initiative to avoid being punished. Remember to keep her air options open as a lot of characters can still run under her to punish landing if she isn't positioned right. If done low to the ground, White Len will drop faster than normal and the move will not come out, allowing you to use it as a pseudo-Fastfall.

j.2C (High)

A downwards-angled ball attack. This is probably the worst move in her normals arsenal. While it can work as an air to ground move, it has terrible proration and an awkward hitbox that doesn't hit where you need it to go. j.B can fulfill the functions of this move without the proration. Using this as a fuzzy is not only harder but reduces your damage quite a bit. She doesn't even have the j.2[C] option from Crescent Moon for an extra projectile. Avoid using.

Special Moves

"Ice Spike"/"EX Ice" 「スノウ・ピラー (スノウクイン・ハートピラー)」 - 236ABC:

(A version): White Len throws out an ice spike that fades away about one character space from full screen. The A version will not knock the opponent down, and can be EX canceled. This move is not safe at point blank range; however, after pushback from sufficient normals in a blockstring, it will become unpunishable due to range considerations. This is primarily a combo move, although it can be used as a poke at midrange and a blockstring ender.

(B version): B version Ice moves a bit faster and goes full screen. This version cannot be EX canceled but will knock the opponent down. In a situation where you are 100% sure you will not need to EX cancel, this is the preferred version due to the knockdown factor. It can be used in blockstrings but the lack of EX cancel ability leaves you without options to hit confirm into EX Ice if the opponent gets hit. This move is also risky to use at midrange for that same reason, since you cannot EX cancel into EX Flake to catch people jumping over the ice.

(C version): EX Ice hits 5 times on the ground and causes massive blockstun or hitstun. On hit, White Len has enough time to instant airdash and continue a combo in the corner, or run forward and 2B outside the corner. On block, she has enough time to run a single mixup or set up a Vine if she wants to keep to her neutral game. This move is only seamless off of an EX canceled A Ice (input as 236A~C to avoid getting 236A 623C); no other move she has will keep the opponent in blockstun long enough, so make sure to master the 236A~C cancel.

(A version, air): White Len throws an ice spike down at an angle towards the ground while maintaining her descent. This move is good for approach, but be very careful when using it as she has a blind spot directly under her and landing recovery. Spacing is crucial to avoid being hit on landing. Because this move counts as a projectile, it does not trigger Half Moon's auto shield counter, making it a viable choice to bait antiair shields.

(B version, air): White Len throws an ice spike down at an angle and pops upwards and back in the air a bit. She also maintains air mobility, so she can airdash forward or doublejump if available (note: she cannot air backdash after this move). This move is very important for approach in some matchups, as it allows White Len to attack the opponent from an angle they cannot reach most of the time. Due to the typical height acheived from doublejump, make sure to space yourself properly so the opponent doesn't run under her to punish on landing if you use her extra mobility options.

(C version, air): White Len throws an EX Ice down at an angle for 5 hits. The startup on this move is deceptive; by the time the superflash occurs, the actual hitbox of the ice is already out a lot further than it looks, making reversal shielding tricky. Doing this attack too close to the ground will make it whiff. This move is the essential link to her fuzzy guard, allowing her to capitalize with good damage off a successful one. It can also be used as okizeme after an air throw if done meaty.

"Spin" 「ワルツ・ワーズ (ワルツ・ワーズ・ワイト)」 - 623ABC:

(A version): The A version does 4 hits with a kick at the end that can be EX canceled, but doesn't lead seamlessly into any of her EX moves. This move can also be superjump canceled before the last hit, allowing White Len her full array of air moves. While the Spin can be used for a more aggressive playstyle, due to range considerations with the move itself and the pushback on her normals, the followup SJC cancels become difficult to execute and predictable after repeated usage. Spin also places White Len in a suboptimum range where she cannot get the best results from her normals and can be outpoked, so try to use this sparingly.

(A version, partial charge): The final kick of A Spin can be charged. A partial charge will not do much more than delay the kick slightly. You can use this to catch people who try to jump out of the move by holding up during blockstun, canceling into EX Flake for coverage. Partial charge doesn't accomplish too much otherwise.

(A version, charged): Fully charging the last kick makes it overhead and will launch the opponent into the air, where they cannot tech until they hit the ground. The fully charged kick is +F on block but can be jumped out of (use partial charge 623{A} to avoid this), and you can either use a meterless combo or confirm into EX Flake for further damage. Use sparingly as mashing backdash will get opponents out of this for free midscreen and the startup of the kick can let her get hit in the corner.

(B version): B Spin will wallslam the opponent with the final kick, allowing for a followup in the corner. This version cannot be superjump canceled or charged. Avoid using overall.

(C version:) EX Spin will deal 9 hits and wallslam. It has fast startup and has anti-A armor, but no invincibility whatsoever. It is relatively safe on block at -2, but White Len's meter is best served with other moves.

"Ice Vine"/"EX Snowflake" 「フルール・フリーズ・ムシュワーフ (フルール・フリーズ・エトワール)」 - 214ABC:

(A version): A version will go straight up and persist for about 5 seconds real time. The height makes it difficult to approach White Len from the air; however, White Len's primary blind spot is on the ground in front of her, where B Vine covers. A vine is also easier to dispel by using a random poke due to its higher hitbox. While A Vine has some applications in the corner by adding extra damage to her throw combos, the Vines are meant to impede opponent approach, and for that purpose B Vine is a bit better overall.

(B version): B version covers about a third of the ground and persists for about 5 seconds real time. Because White Len's jump is slow and floaty, she tends to have issues with characters who can run forward under her while she's in the air and punish her on landing. This move makes it extremely difficult to approach her and covers a major gap in her defense. Both Vines can be dispelled by a move with an active hitbox and don't have an active hitbox themselves for almost 2 seconds, so plan carefully when using one and make sure the opponent doesn't have any fast forward-moving attacks that can catch her during startup. Vines are primarily used during neutral/midrange game and for corner okizeme.

(C version): White Len throws a large snowflake which cannot be dispelled even if she's hit. The snowflake will launch and is also air unblockable. Remember that this move has enormous startup time, and she is vulnerable to being thrown if the opponent is too close. You can use this move as anti-air against very obvious jumpins or when the opponent has run out of air mobility options (expended second jump, whiffed a j.B/C trying to get to you). You can also use White Len's high defense to her advantage and let the move trade in her favor, since the followup combo will give you initiative.

"Teleport" 「ピルエット・ワーズ」 - 22ABCD:

(A version): She teleports about three character spaces forward. Fairly useless and slow, since her dashes are quite good and also invincible.

(B version): White Len does a fake 623A and stays in place. This has limited use in the corner if you're already using 623A in your blockstrings, but otherwise it's fairly pointless. Due to crossup protection, it is impossible to set up an ambiguous left/right mixup with Vines and 22B/C.

(C version): White Len does a fake 623A and teleports forward afterwards. This is a little slower than 22B due to the forward motion. No real point to this move either because of crossup protection and recovery on the move itself. Note that White Len still has a hittable sprite during the disappearing portion of the move and she will still take normal damage.

(D version): White Len turns into a cat with a small hitbox. The effect is canceled if she moves. This move doesn't actually do anything, making it a worthless move since you can use Ice or Vine to cancel unsafe normals on block.

"Fastfall" 「スノウバレット」 - j.214ABC:

(A version): White Len drops to the ground with about 9F of landing recovery. This landing recovery can be canceled into a dash or backdash. When canceled, White Len will remain facing the direction she was in when landing, but all commands executed will respond the way the opponent is facing (see Which Way for more details). If Fastfall is done extremely low to the ground, either TK'd or off an air blockstring, it can still be extremely difficult to react to. Fastfall is used in a number of situations during her blockstrings to lead into a mixup between 2A and throw. White Len gains quite a bit of initiative off landing a throw (either strong okizeme, damage, or a mixup), but it can be difficult to land due to her slow walk speed and throw protection. Make sure to mix it up between throw and 2A to punish the throw tech option select, or the throw will be teched every single time. Rejumping into further instant airdash pressure is also viable for people who like to use the option select.

(B version): White Len flies forward/upwards and hits the opponent up to 3 times. She also creates a small ice cloud behind her which also has an active hitbox. This move is fairly worthless with two exceptions. One, it can be used for a quick burst of forward motion to avoid being hit by someone waiting on the ground for her. Two, it can be used to tack on extra damage into EX Flip if you have meter to burn and the opponent is certain to die from it. Apart from that this move mostly gets her killed due to landing recovery.

(C version): White Len does a flip that hits 3 times and lets her keep attacking afterwards. Her air options are not reset, so do the move early in the air combo to avoid too much proration/height difficulties. Generally not used much as it doesn't really deal that much more damage and the meter can be used for other things.

"Dark Angel" 「ウタカタ」 - 41236C (In MAX or HEAT)

White Len throws out a purple ball which starts slow and gets progressively faster, hitting as it goes along. The extra blockstun from this move isn't really worth using the 300% though. Save meter for EX Ice and to Circuit Spark.

"Raging Demon" 「ウタカタ コチョウノユメ」 - 41236C (In BLOOD HEAT)

The BH version of White Len's Arc Drive is a single hit which is massively -F on block and lands into an auto combo if it hits. Deals decent damage. You're not going to see this move very often, as her meter is best spent on other things.


Essential Combos

(2A 2A) 5B 2B 2C 2C j.A j.B j.C dj.B dj.C airthrow

Her basic BnB. This can be hit confirmed off virtually any range and is dead simple to do. The 2C 2C is also a built-in super jump cancel, so even if you've previously used a jump cancel, you can still finish the air combo. This averages 3,000 damage on most characters. Make sure to adjust for range and use j.A j.C at max range, and omit the dj.B if you think they're going to end up too far. You can also stop the combo at the first 2C to go into okizeme options.

(2A 2A) 5B 2B 4B (very small pause) 5C j.A j.B j.C dj. B dj.C airthrow

A more advanced BnB which deals only a bit more damage. The hardest part of this BnB is the small pause required so 5C hits twice. For the effort involved the damage gain is minimal, and because this combo uses a real jump cancel you have less flexibility when given an opening to do other moves beforehand.

(off 623[A] or throw in corner) 2A 2B 2A 2B 2C 2C j.A j.B j.C dj.B dj.C airthrow

This is her standard ground to air BnB when the opponent is in a juggle state. You have enough time to do two reps of 2A 2B, then 2C into either okizeme with vine or j.[C], or the second 2C into an air combo. Because White Len gets to do a full BnB off her ground throw, her average damage even off throw is roughly the same as a 2A. You can actually get a third rep of 2A 2B on some characters, depending on character and situation:

   Nanaya, Tohno, Riesbyfe - Requires being pointblank 
   Kohaku - Requires dash throw 
   Kouma, Nero - Requires 214A dash throw 

(whatever) 5B 236A~C... or (fuzzy dj.B EX Ice (Air)...

The first combo is the opener of her EX Ice combos, while the second is a successful fuzzy dj.B comboed into Air EX Ice. Both openers have similar enders. When hit confirming into EX Ice, make sure to avoid using 2B as it will cause the EX Ice to whiff.

   (midscreen)...dash 2B 2C: After this you can opt for okizeme or go into her basic BnB. 
   (corner, opponent crouching)...walk forward, 5B 2B 2C: Go into basic BnB or okizeme. 
   (corner, opponent standing)...instant airdash j.B j.C: 
   Note: You will not get this option off the fuzzy guard since fuzzy guard requires the opponent to be crouching to work. 
   After the IAD, go into basic or advanced BnB, and use okizeme option if needed. 

Flashy Combos

j.B j.C 2A 2A 5B TK EX Ice (air) walk forward 5B 2B 2C 2C j.A j.B j.C dj.B dj.C airthrow

Remember to use the third airdash height (highest) or else the 2A's will whiff. This combo only deals marginally more than a normal EX Ice BnB.

j.B j.C 2A 2A 5B 2B 2C TK EX Ice (air) 2B (delay) 2C 2C j.A j.B j.C dj.B dj.C airthrow

Another flashy combo that only deals slightly more than a normal EX Ice BnB.

j.B j.C dj.B (fuzzy) dj.EX Ice (air) instant airdash j.B j.C 2A 2A 5B 2B 2C 2C j.A j.B j.C dj.B dj.C airthrow

The first j.B j.C must be done at second airdash height (mid), and the second must be done at third (highest), or else either the fuzzy dj.B or the 2A will whiff. This deals massive damage but will only work on a standing opponent. j.[C] j.C doublejump up airdash j.B j.C 2A 2A...

This is the opener for a massive combo starting with a Basketball into a descending j.C. From there on, you doublejump cancel the j.C, airdash, and let the Basketball hitstun cover the startup of that to go into j.B j.C before doing whatever combo you please. Meterless this will deal around 5,000 to most characters. Expending meter for ground EX Ice can add some damage, but a much more powerful variant is below.

j.[C] j.C land instant airdash j.B j.C dj.B (fuzzy) dj.EX Ice (Air) land instant airdash j.B j.C 2A 2A...

This combo is the highest damage White Len can reasonably do in a somewhat practical situation. It features an opener with a Basketball and a descending j.C, then a full fuzzy EX Air Ice combo on a standing opponent followed by her standard BnB or okizeme setup. Note that you will most likely never land this combo on a real opponent as it requires too many factors to come together, but there is a semi-practical variant below.

Situational Combos

j.[C] j.C 2A 2A..

Since most opponents are going to be crouching when they get hit by descending j.C, the only logical followup is to use her standard BnB and its myriad variations. Mix and match combos as needed.

623A 623C

This one doesn't get much use because 623A simply isn't too useful. It does have a tendency to hop over some low pokes so you can use it to hit confirm 623C for extra damage/space.

(antiair EX Flake) 5B 5C j.A j.B j.C dj.B dj.C airthrow

Typically comes after trading with EX Flake. Omit 5B if the opponent is too far back, omit 5C if they're too far up. Standard air combo followups.

Strategies and Esoterics

Midrange Game

Full Moon White Len's game is strong in neutral. She has the tools to provoke opponents into taking action and can be played very effectively as a poke/defensive style character. Understanding the range of her pokes, startup of her j.[C], angles of approach with j.236B, and covering blind spots with 214A/B are essential to keeping her safe from rushdown, as her defensive options against pressure are weak. While her okizeme and pressure options midscreen are also somewhat lackluster (they improve a bit with meter due to EX Ice), it is important for her to escape pressure whenever possible. This can be done by using her backdash, 22C, or even trading with EX Flake or using 623C to get away from the corner. Establishing neutral ground for her to make her way back in and set up traps and zoning is the most key component to not dying with her.


Full Moon White Len has both invincible front and backdashes. The front dash can be held for her to run. The backdash is extremely important for her, as it establishes her ideal range against an opponent. Because of its invincibility, it can be used to make opponents whiff their pokes to be punished with 2B. Using front dash to pass through an opponent can also be the occasional solution, although the slow recovery makes it difficult for this to be practical.

EX Ice Mixups

EX Ice causes a large amount of blockstun which can be used to re-establish neutral situations + Vine, or for her to begin a mixup. The prime opportunities to use them is during a blockstring (2A 5B 236A~C) or after a BnB ending in airthrow in the corner (airdash back, j.236C). Off of the blockstun you can superjump and go for a 50/50 high low or begin blockstrings with j.[C] to whittle at the opponent's guard bar.

Airthrow Okizeme

Since White Len has movement options after airthrow, you can use a number of tricks depending on positioning and what you want to accomplish.

   (midscreen) airthrow, j.236B:

Meaty Ice that tags right as the opponent wakes up. This forfeits pressure and keeps you neutral, so it's not too great. Doesn't work right on Riesbye and Kouma due to slower wakeup times.

   (midscreen) airthrow, airdash forward, j.236A:

Meaty Ice keeps the opponent blocking on wakeup. This loses to wakeup shield and invincible reversals/EX moves.

   (midscreen) airthrow, airdash forward, j.236B:

This baits wakeup shield and reversals but forfeits all pressure, returning you to neutral.

   (midscreen) airthrow, land:

Do nothing, land and lay down a Vine or walk forward for more pressure. This is a very conservative option, usually meant for sizing up opponent reaction.

   (corner) airthrow, airdash forward, j.A:

The j.A can whiff if done early, leading to a corner throw which results in further pressure and okizeme.

   (corner) airthrow, airdash forward, j.B/C:

This usually leads into either a Fastfall or a j.C. Remember that certain characters like Kouma and Riesbyfe wake up slower, so you need to delay the airdash a bit to get both hits if doing j.B j.C. You can also Fastfall off j.B j.C and then go into a 50/50 2A/throw mixup from that.

   (corner) airthrow, airdash forward, j.[C]:

Depending on timing, you will either fake a j.[C] and use it for 2A/throw mixup, or whiff a j.[C] point blank which can cause some confusion but is a fairly risky maneuver.

   (corner) airthrow, airdash back, j.236A:

Meaty Ice will bait wakeup reversals and jumps. White Len will be left in a decent position for j.[C] blockstrings or putting down a Vine, and walking forward will put her into 5B range.

   (corner) airthrow, airdash back, j.236C: 

Meaty EX Ice gives her a free mixup or time to set up a Vine. This also will beat wakeup jump as they will be hit or be forced to airblock and guard broken by 5B.

   (corner) airthrow, land:

On slower wakeup characters such as Kouma and Riesbyfe this is a viable option since you have more time to do an instant airdash after landing. On Kouma you can actually do a descending j.B after airthrow due to his hitbox.

   (corner) airthrow, whiff j.A, land, 2B:

Whiffing the j.A lowers landing recovery by allowing you to cancel the move into something upon touching the ground. The 2B will hit meaty, and since White Len does not have an active collision box for the entire length of the move, it is safe to many reversals.

Fuzzy Guard

White Len's fuzzy guard can be executed two main ways: using j.B j.C dj.B, or j.C dj.B. Both options lead into either dj.236C for a followup, or dj.236A for an extra hit if meterless. Substituting j.2C for j.B also works but will massively reduce the followup damage and is a bit more difficult to execute. The key component to remember is that she can use neutral dj.B even outside the corner; forward dj.B is not necessary, but will net more damage midscreen since she moves further forward, allowing for better followups. If using

Three Airdash Heights

White Len has three potential heights at which she can airdash, and each serves a distinct purpose.

At the minimal height, she is only capable of doing one air attack and can lead into 2A on landing. This is mostly used for pressuring.

At the medium height, she can do two air attacks but cannot lead into 2A on landing. However, this is the only height where fuzzy guard will work properly.

At the highest height, she can do two air attacks and can lead into 2A on landing. Keep in mind fuzzy guard will not work at this height, which is used primarily for combos.

Which Ways

A term originally coined by Xie, Which Ways are generally used to refer to the abundance of invisible 50/50 mixups in Melty Blood Actress Again. White Len only has a few true Which Ways due to crossup protection. Because of her slow speed, using these is not generally recommended, although they can come in handy on occasion.

   (2C, instant airdash) Fastfall, dash cancel away from opponent 

A rather gimmicky setup because it doesn't actually mix up at all; White Len ends up in the same place as the opponent. The way this mixup works is this: White Len IADs over the opponent, Fastfalls, then cancels the landing recovery by pressing away from the opponent (same direction as the IAD). By canceling the landing recovery she is facing away from the opponent; however the command interpreter tells her to backdash since the direction being pressed is also away from the opponent, and she ends up backdashing through them. This setup is confusing to look at the first few times but will not work if overused, and is prone to option select 2D and 22-input reversals such as Ciel's 22B.

   (Corner throw + BnB) Neutral jump cancel 2C, double jump, directional influence forward 

White Len's throw pulls the opponent out of the corner, introducing space between their sprite and the limit of the stage. Depending on when the double jump was done, White Len will end up in front or behind the opponent. The timing relies on doing the double jump and directional before the opponent falls on their face (she will end up behind) or afterwards (she will drift forward but end up in front still). Once again, as with all Which Ways, this is prone to option select 2D and 22-input reversals, so use sparingly.

   (Corner throw + BnB) 214B okizeme, superjump 

This only works on Nero and Arcueid. If done immediately, the superjump will cross the opponent's character up in the corner; if delayed, no crossup occurs. This allows for a somewhat confusing mixup that may come in handy once in a while.

Win Quotes



No. 1 Default

No. 23 Black Len

No. 27 Yin (Darker than Black)

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