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Melty Blood/MBAACC/Hisui

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The calm and collected half of the Maids duo, Hisui’s personality fits her playstyle as a strong zone control character with great mobility and disjointed hitboxes on her dust and stuff-fu specials.

Like her sister Kohaku, Hisui has versatile normals and phenomenal setplay, with slightly less grounded range and no command grab but very strong tick throw mix-ups, an amazing Arc Drive, and great ability to punish techs. Dust specials are amazing all-purpose tools for pressure, okizeme, or extending combos. There are notable differences between some of the normals and specials in each version, but ultimately she’s the kind of character that functions very similarly in all 3 phases.

Main difference between the moons is how her aerial conversions flow and what kind of stuff she can put on the ground. In all moons, her pressure is terrifying in the corner if you can get them there. High mid tier.

Stage: Huge Library

Huge Library.PNG

BGM: Tenseness

Moon Overview

Moon Style Description
Melty Blood Crescent Moon.png


  • C-Hisui is a well-rounded character, with very good airdash speed, great normal moveset and decent zoning tools.
  • Her greatest strength is her ability to aggressively control space with her stuff-fu that can cover many angles and most importantly her dust, which can be used to control both the air and the ground, as well as quickly switching between defense and offense when she gets the enemy to block anything.
  • She lacks a real wake up reversal and can have a hard time escaping pressure without meter, though she gets pressure that can be quite strong due to EX dust and moves that move her forward while also covering against jumping out, as well as decent high/low/throw mixup due to her overhead which is part of her 6C rekka.
  • Her arc drive is also among the best in the game and unlike many other characters’ it can be used aggressively in neutral.
  • She typically goes for a lot of tech-trap-setup enders thanks to her j.BB book. This move also allows her to do her “yayaya” loops to build a bunch of meter. Brush up on your tech punish game as her hard knockdowns options outside the corner are quite situational and/or require meter.
  • Great okizeme game with her bentos as well. The one special to Crescent is the EX bento, which poisons the foe and is untechable until knockdown on hit.
Melty Blood Half Moon.png


  • Her fastest moon in movement speed.
  • Half Moon loses some of Crescent’s combo tools, namely she trades her j.BB book for j.B pail-and-water. The end result is that she generally leaves somebody in neutral whenever she’s finished with them, unless she wants to forgo some of her damage or meter.
  • Her item throw can’t be varied (thankfully the options are improved versions of the best C-moon ones and are some of the better options anyway) and instead of having EX bento, she has her ol’ reliable stool from Act Cadenza and beyond.
  • She can plant up to two stools on the ground that clash with enemy hitboxes.
  • Half’s 5a6aa string improves her pressure game somewhat, but overall H-Hisui can feel like a less versatile version of C that is only particularly useful in match-ups where her speed and Shield Bunker are necessary.
Melty Blood Full Moon.png


  • This moon retains Crescent’s variable item throw but forgoes the dust specials. Her j.B becomes chargeable, and she trades her j.C table for a huge lamp. The lamp’s heavy enough to give her meterless hard knockdowns from just about any conversion (as long as you charge it).
  • F-Hisui doesn’t have any bentos; she went to Office Max and got a bunch of chairs. 22A and 22C have active clashboxes like Half’s stool, but bigger. She has strong and unique okizeme game which revolves around these chair specials, and can keep opponents cornered and which will clash with enemy hitboxes, stuffing wakeup abare and setting up F’s strong poke and tick game.
  • Has to work a little more in neutral without dust, and loses some of the more abusive and “automatic” knockdown setups of the other Hisui, but overall a very strong character.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.748 0.809 0.758 0.717 15,067
Stand 0.850 0.920 0.862 0.815 13,253
Crouch 0.917 0.993 0.930 0.880 12,277
Average 13,532



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