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Kohaku and Hisui team up to form one of Melty’s most powerful characters! Maids can be played with either Kohaku or Hisui on point, and they play very similarly to their solo incarnations, usually sacrificing a few specials or command normals in exchange for their partner’s assists. With more of a focus on dominating neutral and creating mixups with their assists while still retaining the setplay both characters are known for, Maids are Melty’s iconic “team” character. C-Maids are easily an “S” tier character, while F and H are significantly weaker but still interesting choices for people who may want to expand on the solo versions of Hisui and Kohaku.

Stage: Tohno mansion.Main gate

Tohno mansion.Main gate.PNG

BGM: Noble Mind

Moon Overview

Moon Style Description
Melty Blood Crescent Moon.png


  • A "team" that allows you to either use Hisui lead (which is default) or Kohaku lead by inputting 22D and each plays like their respective solo counterparts. Each lead has their own specialty depending on who is leading.
Kohaku Lead
  • Kohaku sacrifices her command grab, molotov specials, and 6C to gain access to a very powerful Hisui j.C assist which is an overhead, Hisui 5B assist and Hisui 5C assist, which adds huge opportunities for mixups and continuing pressure.
  • Retains C-Kohaku’s phenomenal combo game, and she still has her plants as well for okizeme mixups that get even better with the addition of overhead Hisui assist.
Hisui Lead
  • Hisui lead focuses significantly more on layered mixups in her okizeme, trading off j.6B and Pot toss for Kohaku's plant assist, her j.C assist and her molotov.
  • Hisui also retains all of her combo game, still has bento for oki with the addition of more damaging strike throw game and safety since Kohaku's assist are all persistent and don't go away if Hisui gets hit or has her throw teched.
Melty Blood Half Moon.png


Hisui Lead
  • Unknown character. The only real character here is Kohaku lead, as there is little reason to play this moon with Hisui lead.
  • Hisui loses all of her projectiles for very slow Kohaku assists.
  • 214A is a plant assist which takes ~3 seconds to come out, and 214B is Kohaku's molotovs, which are also slow. 214C is Kohaku's 6AAA series. Another important tool missing is Hisui's j.6B.
  • Since Hisui now has no way to harass opponent by throwing items at them, the result is that it is really easy to keep Hisui lead at bay, and without j.6B, even if Hisui gets in close, her pressure is beyond linear.
  • People usually play this lead to handicap themselves.

Kokaku Lead
  • With Kohaku lead however, this character is high mid tier, as she retains her 623C reversal, and gains fast Hisui assists instead of molotovs, which were of little use anyway.
  • She also loses her command throw, which is now Hisui's AD, a bit of a let down, but at least Hisui's AD is really good.
  • Hisui 214A and 214B are homing, where Hisui runs to the enemy at twice the usual run speed and does wall slamming 5B for (A), and her 5C for (B) versions.
  • 214C is Hisui's 6AAA series. It comes out really quickly, and has great hitbox due to Bucket.
  • Little is known about this character, however Kohaku lead has some interesting tools to work with, nonetheless this moon is very uncommon.
Melty Blood Full Moon.png


  • Full Moon is, deceptively, the oddball. While the Maids, by themselves, are still playable in the solo/assist style commonly seen by Crescent, the mechanics of F-Maids will easily coax you into playing them as a team.
  • This is, in short, caused by the sisters having a bond meter in this phase. While you can keep a sister out and recharge it, one of the common ways to recharge it is to just tag the other one.
  • Both Maids lose all of their command normals (except the standard-issue Full Moon launcher, 3C), and they lose all of their specials except 22x (there’s a technical exception for Kohaku, it’s weird), and they gain the ability to either tell their other half to move, jump, or do a specific move.
  • The point maid winds up being able to have their sister move and do one of 6 moves. With that, you’ll be able to create all sorts of nutty scenarios such as Hisui pinning people down with full charged chair FROM BEHIND, Kohaku doing corner pressure with a throne in front of her, Hisui pressure with a Cactus, and some more craziness.
  • This is the kind of pair that a person who loves making a bag of tactics (gimmicks) would really enjoy. Unlike Melty’s other puppet/team characters who generally don’t have to worry too much about their partner outside of some pressure resets and combos, F-Maids is for players that really love the idea of playing two characters at the same time.


Hisui Lead

Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.773 0.837 0.784 0.741 14,573
Stand 0.879 0.952 0.892 0.843 12,811
Crouch 0.949 1.028 0.963 0.910 11,866
Average 13,083

Kohaku Lead

Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.819 0.792 0.824 0.797 14,265
Stand 0.931 0.901 0.970 0.843 12,543
Crouch 1.005 0.973 1.047 0.910 11,618
Average 12,808



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