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Character Page Progress

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In Progress To-do
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Additional Resources

H-Kouma Match Video Database

Players to watch/ask


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Strengths / Weaknesses
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General Gameplan

Half Moon has less options than Crescent and Full, since he can't charge any normals, and loses his overhead. So what makes H-Kouma so special? In short, Half has slightly better aerial movement, and gains some tweaks to Crescent’s moveset, in exchange for lower damage output. So now, his normals have better priority; mix that up with some buffed aerial movement, the ability to Reverse Beat, some command grabs, and you have yourself a mixed bag char that can easily make anybody scared to block against him.


Probably the hardest part of Kouma's playstyle that you have to master. The fact that he has little to no zoning capabilities hurts his overall neutral game. However, his normals have gained several important buffs from Crescent Moon in order to make his horizontal approach much easier. He retains the spammy 5A in order to force people to block, and his 2B and 5C normals have improved reach and priority. 2B is your most reliable anti-air out of anything in your arsenal, so use it generously. He has the best air game potential due to his altered j.22B, which gives some additional vertical hang time. His airdash was somewhat nerfed in terms of speed, so 66 > AT will not be as subtle as C or F-Moon. When Kouma is under pressure, he has very little reliable options; 214C is a gamble more than anything. Either they eat 3k or you eat 3k, possibly more. 5A would be your best bet to do anything to poke out of pressure, otherwise you have 2E (dodge) for the slower side of your enemy's normals and shield for everything else.


Tick throws, tick throws everywhere. Kouma is definitely strong in the pressure department, and while H-Kouma can't charge anything for a stagger, he still has a variety of options in order to keep the enemy in place, particularly in the corner. You can Reverse Beat to make yourself safe and keep the blockstrings damn near endless, especially since you have a command grab. His main mindgame is to make the enemy have the opposite mindset of what they think you will do next. Afraid of getting grabbed? Mash 5A, etc etc.


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Combo Notation Help
Disclaimer: Combos are written by various writers, so the actual notation used in pages can differ from the standard one.

For more information, see Glossary and Controls.

X > Y X input is cancelled into Y.
X > delay Y Must wait for a short period before cancelling X input into Y.
X, Y X input is linked into Y, meaning Y is done after X's recovery period.
X+Y Buttons X and Y must be input simultaneously.
X/Y Either the X or Y input can be used.
X~Y This notation has two meanings.
  1. Use attack X with Y follow-up input.
  2. Input X then within a few frames, input Y. Usually used for option selects.
X(w) X input must not hit the opponent (Whiff).
j.X X input is done in the air, implies a jump/jump cancel if the previous move was done from the ground.

Applies to all air chain sections:

  • Assume a forward jump cancel if no direction is given.
  • Air chains such as j.A > j.B > j.C can be shortened to j.ABC.
sj.X X input is done after a super jump. Notated as sj8.X and sj9.X for neutral and forward super jumps respectively.
dj.X X input is done after a double jump.
sdj.X X input is done after a double super jump.
tk.X Stands for Tiger Knee. X motion must be buffered before jumping, inputting the move as close to the ground as possible. (ex. tk.236A)
(X) X is optional. Typically the combo will be easier if omitted.
[X] Input X is held down. Also referred to as Blowback Edge (BE). Depending on the character, this can indicate that this button is held down and not released until indicated by the release notation.
]X[ Input X is released. Will only appear if a button is previously held down. This type of input is referred to as Negative Edge.
{X} Button X should only be held down briefly to get a partially charged version instead of the fully charged one.
X(N) Attack "X" should only hit N times.
(XYZ)xN XYZ string must be performed N times. Combos using this notation are usually referred to as loops.
(XYZ^) A pre-existing combo labelled XYZ is inserted here for shortening purposes.
CH The first attack must be a Counter Hit.
Air CH The first attack must be a Counter Hit on an airborne opponent.
66 Performs a ground forward dash.
j.66 Performs an aerial forward dash, used as a cancel for certain characters' air strings.
IAD/IABD Performs an Instant AirDash.
AT Performs an Air Throw. (j.6/4A+D)
IH Performs an Initiative Heat.
AD Performs an Arc Drive.
AAD Performs an Another Arc Drive.

Read this before reading the combo section.

  • Numbers in braces ({12-34}) in the notes section represent the low to high range of where the damage output could fall in, with Akiha as the min, and V.Akiha as the max, respectively.
  • Obviously, the numbers will sometimes land outside the low or high range if you started the combo with 5A/2A or in a real match, where several hits would be reduced.

Normal Combos

Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
Normal starter, grounded opponent
  • 5B > 2B > 5C > 2C > 236A > j9.AT
Meter Gained: ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
{3157 - 3906} Day 1 BnB - Lazy combo for lazy people.
Normal starter, grounded opponent
  • 5B > 2B > 5C > 2C > 6C > j.C > j.22B > AT
Meter Gained: ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
{3326 - 4170} Basic BnB - Requires effort. Is actually somewhat difficult since many times you will whiff AT if you’re not fast enough. If you delay the j.C a bit, it makes buffering j.22B a bit easier. (Pro-tip: In order to make AT come out fast enough, be sure you’re not holding any other attack button while pressing E, since that will delay the AT by a couple of frames.)
Normal starter, grounded opponent
  • 5B > 2B > 5C > 2C > slight delay 236B, 5A > 5C > 2B > j.C > j.22B > AT
Meter Gained: ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
{4297 - 5487} Hype BnB - This is the combo you should try to perform all the time, since H-Kouma’s damage output sucks overall. You will have to switch out 5C > 2B for other normals on other characters. Also, this combo has a nice amount of carry movement. Doing 6AA/6C after 5A adds just a little bit more carry, but not too much. If you’re midscreen and you land this combo, get ready to bring on the corner pain. This combo will still work in the corner, but, character specifics is a thing. So if you’re not sure whether the full combo will hit on a certain char, use the modified combo below.
Counterhit j.A/B starter
  • CH j.A/B, land 2C > 2nd/3rd BnB
Meter Gained: ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
{2473 - 3090/3613 - 4530} Pretty simple confirm off of a typical air normal CH. The numbers listed here are for a CH j.B. With a CH j.A, shave off about 600 damage, and that’s what you get. Omit any normals you need to to make the combos complete/easier.
Raw Airthrow starter
  • Raw AT, land 5A/2A > 5C > 2B > j.C > j.22B > AT
Meter Gained: ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
{2447 - 3059} Both work no matter how high up you were when you threw the enemy, but 2A is more reliable for most people. Most damage of a raw AT. Omit/add stuff as you please for other characters.
214X starter
  • 214X, 66 2C > 4C > j.C > j.22B > AT
Meter Gained: ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
{3326 - 4190} Swaaaaaaag. The 2C will crossup, so you’ll have to input 6C backwards, WHICH WILL HIT BACKWARDS. Probably the most swag H-Kouma has. In the corner, you simply have to press 2C, no movement required. Although, on some characters like VAkiha, timing the 2C to actually hit is quite the challenge. Even then, 6C might not even hit while crossup (char specifics, hurr). Really, you don’t have to do this, you can pass up on the swag and do the hype BnB listed above. Of course, you will need to do 44 before doing so.

Corner Combos

Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
Normal starter, grounded opponent,
  • 5B > 2B > 5C > 2C > slight delay 236B, 5A > 6C > j.C > j.22B > AT
Meter Gained: ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
{3766 - 4768} Still Hype BnB - For when you’re in the corner and you want max damage, and want the best chance for the whole combo to land.

Move Descriptions

Frame Data Help
Header Tooltip
Move Box Colors

Light gray = Collision Box (A move lacking one means it can go through the opponent's own collision box).
Green: Hurt Boxes.
Red: Hit(/Grab) Boxes.
Yellow: Clash Boxes (When an active hitbox strikes a clash box, the active hitbox stops being active. Multi-hit attacks can beat clash since they will still progress to the next hitbox.)
Magenta: Projectile-reflecting boxes OR Non-hit attack trigger boxes (usually).
Blue: Reflectable Projectile Boxes.

Damage Base damage done by this attack.

(X) denotes combined and scaled damage tested against standing V. Sion.

Red Damage Damage done to the recoverable red health bar by this attack. The values are inherently scaled and tested against standing V. Sion.

(X) denotes combined damage.

Proration The correction value set by this attack and the way it modifies the scaling during a string. See this page for more details.

X% (O) means X% Overrides the previous correction value in a combo if X is of a lower percentage.
X% (M) means the current correction value in a combo will be Multiplied by X%. This can also be referred to as relative proration.

Circuit Meter gained by this attack on hit.

(X%) denotes combined meter gain.
-X% denotes a meter cost.

Cancel Actions this move can be cancelled into.

SE = Self cancelable.
N = Normal cancelable.
SP = Special cancelable.
CH = Cancelable into the next part of the same attack (Chain in case of specials).
EX = EX cancelable.
J = Jump cancelable.
(X) = Cancelable only on hit.
-X- = Cancelable on whiff.

Guard The way this move must be blocked.

L = Can block crouching
H = Can block standing.
A = Can block in the air.
U = Unblockable.

Startup Amount of frames that must pass prior to reaching the active frames. Also referred to as "True Startup".
Active The amount of frames that this move will have a hitbox.

(x) denotes frame gaps where there are no hitboxes is present. Due to varied blockstuns, (x) frames are difficult to use to determine punish windows. Generally the larger the numbers, the more time you have to punish.
X denotes active frames with a duration separate from its origin move's frame data, such as projectile attacks. In this case, the total length of the move is startup+recovery only.

Recovery Frames that this move has after the active frames if not canceled. The character goes into one frame where they can block but not act afterwards, which is not counted here.
Advantage The difference in frames where you can act before your opponent when this move is blocked (assuming the move isn't canceled and the first active frame is blocked).

If the opponent uses a move with startup that is at least 2 frames less than this move's negative advantage, it will result in the opponent hitting that move.
±x~±y denotes a range of possible advantages.

Invul Lists any defensive properties this move has.

X y~z denotes X property happening between the y to z frames of the animations. If no frames are noted, it means the invincibility lasts through the entire move.


Strike = Strike invincible.
Throw = Throw invincible.

Hurtbox-Based Properties:

Full = No hurtboxes are present.
High = Upper body lacks a hurtbox.
Low = Lower body lacks a hurtbox.

Miscellaneous Properties

Clash = Frames in which clash boxes are active.
Reflect = Frames in which projectile-reflecting boxes are active.
Super Armor = Frames in which the character can take hits without going into hit stun.

Normal Moves

Standing Normals

Version Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
5A 300 192 70% (O) 2.1% -SE-, -N-, -SP-, -CH-, -EX-, (J) LH 4 4 8 0 -

THE ONE AND ONLY. That one normal that won’t be used other than spamming it on your opponent’s wakeup and in combos. Comes out frame 4, your fastest normal, this will be your main tool to catch people jumping out of your frame traps.

5A~6A 600 384 80% (M) 4.2% N, SP, -CH-, EX, (J) LH 7 4 16 -5 -

Elbow poke. Short range, not really useful. Mostly reserved for combos.

5A~6A~6A 1000 768 60% (O) 7.0% (N), SP, EX, (J) LH 10 4 16 -2 -

Arm side-swipe. This knocks the opponent off their feet, so you can’t do much afterwards except 2C into his standard aerial finisher. Also reserved for combos.

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
700 432 70% (O) 4.9% N, SP, EX, (J) LH 9 8 12 -5 -

9 FRAME STARTUP. Never try to poke with this, because if you do… *facepalm*… you’re gonna eat a fat combo.

Anyways, this is another normal reserved for combos, but here’s a dirty little trick you can do with it:
On a techable knockdown, if and only if the opponent techs forward, you can dash UNDER their tech, and press 5B. If you time it right, 5B will auto-correct, and they won’t react fast enough to block the normal, and you get a free combo. I suppose you could also use 5C for this, but 5B reaches farther.

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
1000 672 90% (O) 7.0% N, SP, EX, (J) LH 7 4 19 -5 -

Palm thrust. Comes out on frame 7. Moves you a little bit forward, pretty fast for a C normal. Yet another move reserved for combos, not much else to say about it.

Crouching Normals

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
300 192 75% (O) 2.45% SE-, -N-, -SP-, -EX-, (J) L 5 4 8 0 -

Comes out on frame 6. Your main low poking tool for poorly timed gaps in blockstrings. Proration of 75%, but that may not be all too bad. Considering 5B and 2B have a 70% prorate, you can do two or three of these, and end up doing more damage than if you started with 5B. Doing 2A > 5B isn’t as easy as other characters with Kouma, so practice dem hitconfirms.

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
800 432 70% (O) 5.6% N, SP, EX, (J) LH 6 3 20 -8 -

THE GAWD. OF ALL ANTI-AIRS. Comes out on frame 7. Opponent likes to be a cute rabbit? THIS. Opponent is being an IAD hero? THIS. Just don’t give a fuck? THIS. On the ground, this induces little hitstun, so you have to be quick on pressing 5B/2C/whatever afterwards. If you hit your enemy in the air, chances are you got a CH, so just wait until they’re close to the ground and 2C into a finisher.

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
800 432 65% (O) 6.65% N, SP, EX, (J) L 9 3 14 1 -

Come out on frame 10, hits low. Don’t be stupid and try to punish something unsafe with this move since it’s soooo sloooow. Use 2A instead, please and thanks. Your main sweep, and also used for 2B anti-air CH confirms. Makes for a good stagger, too.

Aerial Normals

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
300 144 75% (O) 6.65% -SP-, -EX- LHA 4 3 - - -

Frame 5 hand poke. Probably used best when you’re rising up in a jump arc. Doesn’t really reach that far, although it is useful for a “I want to hit this guy NOW” button, so I guess there’s that.

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
800 576 90% (O) 5.6% SP, EX HA 5 3 - - -

FORCE PUSH. Frame 6, has a little bit more reach than j.A. Also best used while rising in a jump, so if you get a CH, you get an easy confirm on the way down.

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
900 576 90% (O) 6.3% SP, EX HA 10 5 - - -

Your only jump-in normal, coming in at 11 frames. That being said, do be careful when pressing this button, because if you whiff this, you are in great danger of being hit. Also your only good meaty for oki after a 214 grab.

Command Normals

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
700 480 50% (O) 5.6% SP, EX, (J) LH 14 4 19 -5 -

Your slowest normal coming out at frame 15. Never end your blockstrings in this; always cancel this into a safe special. Launches the opponent in the air, so this is your lead-in for an aerial finisher. You can also use this after a raw airthrow. The hitbox is perfect for an anti-air, but the startup really screws you over for it to be used that way.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
1300 768 70% 0.0% - U 2 1 20 - -

Grabs similarly to 214A/B, ground techable.

Air Throw
Air Throw
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
1600 576 30% 0.0% - U 1 1 12 - -

Standard ground slam air throw. Ground bounces the opponent when done raw, causes an untechable knockdown as a combo ender.

Shield Counter
Shield Counter
Auto after a succesful Shield (Air OK)
Version Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
Standing 500 (345) 300 (198) 40% 3.5% SP, EX, (J) LHA 8 4 18 -4 -

Same animation as 6C.

Crouching 1500 (1117) 1000 (714) 50% 11.5% SP, EX, (J) LA 8 4 18 -4 -

Same hitboxes as 2C.

Air 500 (303) 300 (174) 50% 3.5% - HA 8 4 - - -

Same animation as j.B.

Shield Bunker
Shield Bunker
214D in neutral or blockstun
Version Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
Neutral 500 192 50% 0.0% - LHA 25 4 19 -5 Clash 1-10
(Clash) 500 192 50% 0.0% - LHA 7 4 19 -5 Strike 1-7

A fairly standard shield bunker.

Blockstun 0 0 100% -100.0% - LHA 18 3 22 -7 -

H-Moon specific reversal bunker.

Circuit Spark
Circuit Spark
In Heat:
Auto during hitstun
A+B+C during blockstun
Version Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
Ground 100 0 100% removes all - U 10 10 20 - Full 1-39
Air 100 0 100% removes all - U 11 10 15 - Strike 1-30

Universal burst mechanic. Unlike Crescent/Full Heat activation, the hitbox and frame data doesn't vary between characters. However, you can be thrown out of this move if you input it in the air.

Special Moves

Grounded Specials

Version Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
A 550 384 100% 2.45% -EX-, (J) LH 10 2 14 -1 Super Armor 2-9
  • Combines F-Kouma’s rekkas with C-Kouma’s rekka mechanics. H-Kouma’s rekkas doesn’t have followups, but they do have super armor, so it’s not bad to try and stagger this in your blockstrings every now and then.

Forward advancing palm strike. Unless you cancel into an EX or go into airthrow, you’re not getting anything else out of this on hit, even on his sweep. This is one of the safer specials to cancel into after 6C, with only -1 frame advantage. You can set up a tick throw with this.

B 550x2 (1100) (756) 100% 2.45%, 3.15% (5.6%) -EX-, (J) LH 10 3 (7) 2 17 -4 Super Armor 2-9

Double palm strike. Goes farther than the A version.The second palm actually does a hard knockdown, so you can relax a bit if you land this. When you do land this, you can jump cancel the second hit, giving you plenty of time for oki. After a 2C, you can do 236B, 5A into an aerial finisher for a little bit extra damage. -4 frame advantage.

EX 850, 650, 950 (2563) (1764) 100%, 80% (M, last hit) -100.0% - LH 2+8 8 23 -12 Full 1-10

Super palm strike. Hits three times. Induces a wallbounce, allowing for an aerial combo afterwards. Has 10 frames of invincibility, so you can use it as a decent reversal. Don’t rely on this too often to get people off of you, the hitbox only extends to his hand, and not as far as the flames. Lots of untechable frames, giving you plenty of time to followup if you’re midscreen.

Version Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
A 1000, 400*2 (1502) (912) 75% (O) 7.0% , 1.4%*2 (9.8%) -EX- LH 22 8 13 1 -
  • Standard DPs, with the exception of A version. You won’t be using these moves too often (unless you often rely on DP on wakeup to escape pressure).

MANLINESS. Manly football punt. 3 hits, 1502 damage (vs V.Sion). This is pretty slow (comes out on frame 23), but it’s still decent as a stagger. Every once in a blue moon, you can do this on enemy wakeup since it’s actually +1 on block. Remember to poke with 5A and not 2A afterwards; it’s your fastest normal.

B 400*2, 800 (1400) (1008) 100% 2.1%*2, 5.6% (9.8%)
4.2% (14.0%)
-CH- L, LH 5 6 (6) 3 35 -29 High 1-5
~236X 600 (1877) (1417) 80% (M) 4.2% (14.0%) - LHA 13 2 - - -

Rocket punt. Generic DP, although it’s not nearly as reliable as other characters’ DPs. Does 3 hits. He is upper-body invulnerable for the first three frames, and the first hitbox comes out on the fourth frame, when he is fully invulnerable, and then he can be hit anywhere else in the animation. It’s pretty hard to punish at first, but of course the enemy will get wise and just 66 > block or something in order to bait you. This also can serve as an anti-air, albeit a slow one. Try not to rely on this too much, if at all. Just block and wait for a gap for you to shield or 5A.

~236X: Missile kick. Kouma wants you to get the fuck back down onto the ground, and so he does. The thing is, this is groundtechable, twice. Once when you immediately touch the ground, and again when you land after the ground bounce. This makes punishing Kouma when he falls down very easy when he’s in the corner. At midscreen, not so much, but they can still get the upper hand on you, real quick. If they tech forward after the ground bounce, though, you can do the traditional 2AC tech chase, and 2C will autocorrect (if you time it right).

EX 800*2, 400*6 (3270) (2767) 100% -100.0% - LH (2), LHA (4) 3+2 6 (2) 13 36 -24 Full 1-11

Missile punt. This is a true reversal, invulnerable all the way until the flames’ hitbox comes out (frames 1-11). As always, this is very unsafe when blocked/baited, but why use this when you can use 22C (which is also invul on startup, and is safe when blocked)?

Version Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
0.0% (CH) U 3 1 27 - -
  • Kouma’s universal grab special. This is essential for any Kouma player to master, and utilizing this to make the opponent scared to block is crucial for his pressure.

Kouma grabs the enemy and bows his head in pity of you being grabbed. He then explodes the enemy’s face off. Delicious. COMES OUT ON FRAME 4. Perfect for tick throws and the like. This leads into Kouma’s sandoori, which is also essential to his pressure. He has various options for sandoori, but he also has a followup to this where you can throw them into the corner, get more damage, and still get a hard knockdown.

~[2]: Well, really, you don’t need to hold the button, but the timing for simply pressing the button is kinda strict, and yeah. Just hold the button. Anyways, this followup makes Kouma throw the opponent behind him into the ground, adding a little bit more damage. This destroys all your oki options, and you’ll have to resort to 5A when they wakeup. Absolutely useless.

~[4]: This is what happens when you get caught by his grab too much. Kouma gets disgusted by your stupidity and throws you to the wall. This does more damage than the [2] followup, and if you’re in the corner, you can pull off some swag and get a hard knockdown (see combo section above). Otherwise, if you’re midscreen, please just resort to not holding anything down, his sandoori is good enough for oki.

0.0% (CH) U 28 1 14 - -

Delayed grab. It’s good to stagger with this every now and then, but just be careful, this certainly is not fast at all; active on frame 29. Although, the hitbox is deceptive since on this version he moves forward a good amount before grabbing the enemy. All the followups mentioned above are still possible after this version of the grab.

A/B~236C 3000 2119 100% -100.0% - - - - - - -

Kouma is tired of your shit, and punches your head straight off your body. Untechable knockdown, and sends the opponent fullscreen. This does even more damage than the [4] followup. Use this when you know this will kill, cause you certainly don’t want to be at neutral/zoned out if it doesn’t.

EX 3200 (2208) 100% -100.0% - U 5+6 1 36 - Full 1-12

EX grab. Kouma decides it’s time to slam and jam, and dunks you into the ground, telling you to SHOVE THAT BULLSHIT UP YOUR ASS. This does so much damage for an EX, it’s ridiculous. If you have 200% meter, you can do two 214Cs back to back, and your enemy will never be the wiser. This also grabs limbs, which can make your enemy think twice before trying to poke out of your blockstrings. The enemy can still jump on reaction after the superflash, but, this has the same bogus hitbox that C-Moon has. Combine this with your invul frames, and you get a very powerful offensive tool. This is how powerful Kouma can be, and how he can scare people so easily.

Plated God
Version Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
A 1000 720 75% (O) 5.6% N/A LH 9 4 32 -8 Reflect 9-13
Super Armor 6-22
  • Combines C-Moon’s 22A with F-Moon’s 421A. You won’t be using these too much, but it’s good to mix this into Kouma’s blockstrings every now and then.

Stomp. Creates a vertical wave of flame right in front of Kouma. Contains superarmor before the stomp, so if you suspect a DP, you can use this to blow through it. This also reflects certain projectiles such as Ciel’s knives.

B - - - - - - - - 58 - Full 6-25
Super Armor 26-37

Fake stomp; Kouma dashes forward instead. This also contains superarmor until he recovers from the dash. Also something you won’t be using very often. However, in the corner, you can make use of it with a gimmick. When you get a hard knockdown, the dust that’s kicked up from his stomp actually obscures you and the enemy for a short moment, so they can’t really see where your attack is coming from. You can use this to your advantage, and go for a grab when they think you will poke with 5A/2A. Also, at point blank range, Kouma will switch sides with the enemy, so if the enemy is just outside the corner, you can kick dust in their face, switch sides, and do 236A/grab.

EX 1000 576 100% -100.0% - LHA 7+11 2 26 -6 Full 1-8
Reflect 9-32
Super Armor 9-157

MANLY STOMP. Kouma exerts so much manliness, he blows up everything around him. Unfortunately, the hitbox isn’t as big as the explosion. However, it does have 8 frames of invul from frame 1, and activates superarmor for TWO WHOLE SECONDS. You can use this after a hard knockdown or on wakeup, but either way, it’ll most likely work out in your favor, but that’s if you manage to get the upper hand on the enemy. This is also safe on block, so don’t be afraid to poke with 5A after this. Higher-tier players will know what to do about this super, though, so they might try to shield you.

Aerial Specials

Version Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
A 800 576 100% 5.6% -CH- LHA 9 3 - -9 (TK) -
  • C-Moon’s air punts, just as you remember them. Damn near useless. Essentially, you can make tech punishes with this, or set up an air game, but both of those options are situational.

Football punt in the air. Gets rid of all your aerial momentum that you had before you did this move, and you’re left in a recovery animation until you reach terra firma again (which, really, is where Kouma rightfully belongs). You can set up an air game with this, but it’s better to just end your aerial combos with airthrow, since your combos won’t leave you high off the ground anyways. Use J.236B if you want a better airgame.

B 500, 700 (1096) (793) 100% 3.5%, 4.2% (7.7%) -CH- LHA 7 5 - -9 (TK) -

Another football punt. Does two hits this time, and gives you a small upwards boost while doing it. Retains all the properties that the A version has, including its followup. If you do decide to end your aerial combo with the punt, it’s better to use this version.

~236X 600 - 80% (M) 4.2% - LHA 13 2 - - -

Missile kick. Pretty much the same thing as the followup to grounded 623.

EX 300, 600, 350*5 (1883) (1498) 80% (O) -100.0% - LHA 2+1 2 (2) 13 - 18 (vs Stand)
10 (vs Crouch)
Full 1-10

Aerial missile punt. This retains the same invulnerability that 623C has, so you can TK this on wakeup, and because Kouma doesn’t actually move that far up, you can followup with a normal afterwards and go into aerial stuff. That being said, if you choose to take unnecessary risks (aka using DP instead of 22C on wakeup) and waste your meter, TK this instead of the regular 623.

Plated God (Air)
j.22A/B/C (No EX)
Version Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
A - - - - - - - - 33 - -
  • C/F-Moon’s command dashes. These are what gives Kouma his most mobility ANYWHERE on the screen, so please use these with care. Also, keep in mind that when you use this, you can’t airdash afterwards.

Kouma pauses for a split-second (causing an explosion, so fucking manly) as he readies himself to propel forward, and does so generously. Traverses about the same distance as an airdash. Not much use here, but you can use this to give that extra momentum you need to close the distance between you and your opponent. He’s still vulnerable when he falls down, though, so press J.B or air dodge (provided you’re close to the ground) to make yourself safer.

B - - - - -J- - - - 38 - -

Altered version of C/F-Moon’s J.22B. Instead of going forward even farther, he goes upward in a diagonal direction. I hope you realize how important this is to Kouma’s neutral game. This the best aerial movement option he has. The dash is actually not as long as it seems, and so can you do a normal or airthrow right after he dashes. That being said, this is what you’ll be using to help you end your aerial BnBs.

C - - - - - - - - 10 - -

Not actually an EX version. Kouma wants to go forward, but he quickly says “lol noep” and drops back down to the ground. That is to say, he does the explosion (still manly), but fakes the dash. There’s some funny stuff you can do with this to confuse your enemy. For example, after a 214 grab, you can dash up to them, TK this, and grab them again, if you time it right. Also serves as a momentum stopper if you see something you don't like on the enemy's side of offense.

Arc Drive

Unicorn - Jambu in Flames
41236C during Heat
Version Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
900*10, 1200 (4017)
removes all - U
4+0 1 (3) 8 43 -21 Full 1-10

“ENJOOOOU” Kouma grabs the enemy and barbecues them through a fiery pillar. Does 4.2k damage. In order to do this, you must be at point blank range. If not, he just smacks them with his palm, which causes a wallbounce. The hitbox doesn’t extend to the tip, only to the rim of the blast circle. You can’t really follow up after the wallbounce, so if you’re midscreen, you just fucked up, cause now you’re gonna waste even more effort to get on the offensive again. The good thing about the grab is, unlike 214C, you can’t jump out after the superflash (tick throw, anyone?). So if they get caught, prepare your oki in advance. This is completely invincible from frame 1, so if you have a little bit of HEAT left and don’t know what to do (spend it on 22C) or you just don’t care anymore, go ahead and stick this out there if they like being in your face all the time.

Powerd CielCrescentHalfFull
Red ArcueidCrescentHalfFull
White LenCrescentHalfFull