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MBAACC Len OverviewIcon.png F-Len is a neutral-oriented character with simple combos and access to flashy plays with her iconic "dorito" mirrors.
Pros Cons
  • Space-controlling neutral: She has big ground and air normals for stifling opponents' movement, and her mirrors and fireballs can deny space and create a threat from further range.
  • High damage: Even basic BnBs do relatively high consistent damage, and with mirrors in play her damage ceiling is very high.
  • Meter-independent: Rarely has any concrete need for meter except to regain life, and can dump meter pretty easily in combos, pressure, and setups.
  • Good mixup potential: Len's fuzzy overhead and mirror setups leading to tick throws can open up blocking opponents.
  • Catwalk (3): Len's low profile crouch-walk can cleanly beat some air approaches and ground strings.
  • Low HP and poor defense: Len has one of the worst defense modifiers in the game, and F-Len has weak defensive options on wakeup and in pressure.
  • Linear pressure: Like many F moons she can push herself out or find herself deep in her normal chain and be forced to use a special that gives up the turn or allows an escape.
  • Slow: Her ground movement is relatively slow, though she does at least have the stepdash for access to a bit of "burst" movement. Her jump trajectories are good but can be played around, putting her in a tough spot if she has to chase an agile opponent.
  • Damage-okizeme tradeoff: In many cases she would have to sacrifice a lot of damage to get a strong knockdown enabling, e.g., mirror setplay.

Move Descriptions

Frame Data Help
Header Tooltip
Move Box Colors

Light gray = Collision Box (A move lacking one means it can go through the opponent's own collision box).
Green: Hurt Boxes.
Red: Hit(/Grab) Boxes.
Yellow: Clash Boxes (When an active hitbox strikes a clash box, the active hitbox stops being active. Multi-hit attacks can beat clash since they will still progress to the next hitbox.)
Magenta: Projectile-reflecting boxes OR Non-hit attack trigger boxes (usually).
Blue: Reflectable Projectile Boxes.

Damage Base damage done by this attack.

(X) denotes combined and scaled damage tested against standing V. Sion.

Red Damage Damage done to the recoverable red health bar by this attack. The values are inherently scaled and tested against standing V. Sion.

(X) denotes combined damage.

Proration The correction value set by this attack and the way it modifies the scaling during a string. See this page for more details.

X% (O) means X% Overrides the previous correction value in a combo if X is of a lower percentage.
X% (M) means the current correction value in a combo will be Multiplied by X%. This can also be referred to as relative proration.

Circuit Meter gained by this attack on hit.

(X%) denotes combined meter gain.
-X% denotes a meter cost.

Cancel Actions this move can be cancelled into.

SE = Self cancelable.
N = Normal cancelable.
SP = Special cancelable.
CH = Cancelable into the next part of the same attack (Chain in case of specials).
EX = EX cancelable.
J = Jump cancelable.
(X) = Cancelable only on hit.
-X- = Cancelable on whiff.

Guard The way this move must be blocked.

L = Can block crouching
H = Can block standing.
A = Can block in the air.
U = Unblockable.

Startup Amount of frames that must pass prior to reaching the active frames. Also referred to as "True Startup".
Active The amount of frames that this move will have a hitbox.

(x) denotes frame gaps where there are no hitboxes is present. Due to varied blockstuns, (x) frames are difficult to use to determine punish windows. Generally the larger the numbers, the more time you have to punish.
X denotes active frames with a duration separate from its origin move's frame data, such as projectile attacks. In this case, the total length of the move is startup+recovery only.

Recovery Frames that this move has after the active frames if not canceled. The character goes into one frame where they can block but not act afterwards, which is not counted here.
Advantage The difference in frames where you can act before your opponent when this move is blocked (assuming the move isn't canceled and the first active frame is blocked).

If the opponent uses a move with startup that is at least 2 frames less than this move's negative advantage, it will result in the opponent hitting that move.
±x~±y denotes a range of possible advantages.

Invul Lists any defensive properties this move has.

X y~z denotes X property happening between the y to z frames of the animations. If no frames are noted, it means the invincibility lasts through the entire move.


Strike = Strike invincible.
Throw = Throw invincible.

Hurtbox-Based Properties:

Full = No hurtboxes are present.
High = Upper body lacks a hurtbox.
Low = Lower body lacks a hurtbox.

Miscellaneous Properties

Clash = Frames in which clash boxes are active.
Reflect = Frames in which projectile-reflecting boxes are active.
Super Armor = Frames in which the character can take hits without going into hit stun.

Normal Moves

Standing Normals

Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
350 202 75% (O) -SE-, -N-, -SP-, -EX-, (J) LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
5 4 5 3 3.6% -

Fastest standing normal. Useful for pokes, frame traps, and setting up tick throws.

Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
500*3 (1261) (764) 80% (O) N, SP, EX, (J) LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
9 8 8 -2, 1 4.05%*3 (12.15%) -

Further range compared to Len's H and C moons, but does not hit low. Good normal for controlling the neutral. Decent for ranged poking due to disjoint. Long active frames makes 5B great for tech traps and meaties

HLen 5C 1.png
1st cycle
1st cycle
HLen 5C 2.png
2nd cycle
2nd cycle
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
450, 400, 400*3 (1700) (1090) 85% (O) N, SP, EX, (J) LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
7 5 (11) 3 (1) 4 16 -25 ~ -5 4.5%, 2.7%*3, 4.5% (17.1%) -

Can be used to ground confirm air counter hits. Hitbox travels relatively high about Len, becoming a disjoint.
Coupled with the fact that 5C hits frame 7 allows the move to be used as a fast anti-air. Note that trades are likely to happen if 5C is used as such.
Also note that 5C anti-airs can be baited out and punished with another jump or air shield. The gap during the move can be used as a frametrap with 236X.

Crouching Normals

HLen 2A.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
300 121 76% (O) -SE-, -N-, -SP-, -EX-, (J) LH
(Whiffs vs Air.)
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
4 3 6 3 2.7% -

Fastest crouching normal. Since 2A's hitbox is really low it will lose to any lower body invulnerability moves that the opponent may have.

Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
650 404 65% (O) N, SP, EX, (J) L
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
8 3 14 -2 6.3% -

F-Len's only low. Good for poking due to disjoint. Forces knockdown on the opponent.

HLen 2C 1.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
750 454 100% - LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
14 7 17 -4 ~ 2 9.0% -

2C cannot be cancelled into any other move. Pretty much only useful for mixing up blockstring with 3C. 2C becomes less minus on block the further away it hits an opponent.

Aerials Normals

HLen j,A.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
300 161 75% (O) SE, N, SP, EX, J LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
6 4 8 - 2.7% -

Fastest and best air-to-air normal. Use this move to fish for counter hits.

HLen j.B.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
700 404 90% (O) N, SP, EX, J HA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
8 8 - - 7.2% -

Decent air-to-air normal due to disjoint, and active frames.

HLen j.C.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1050 707 90% (M) N, SP, EX, J HA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
11 3 - - 10.8% -

Excellent normal for jump ins.
Can cross up (keep in mind that there's cross up protection in MBAACC). Fast enough to use out of an IAD (Instant Air Dash). Can set up fuzzy block scenarios.
11 frame startup allows this normal to be used as a feint. 10 frame startup leaves Len open to counter hits.

Command Normals

HLen 4B.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
800 505 75% (O) N, SP, EX, (J) LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
10 4 20 -9 7.2% Clash 10-13

Situational anti-air with clash hitbox. Launches the opponent.

HLen 3C.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1000 606 78% (O) SP, EX, (J) LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
6 7 24 -13 9.0% -

Launches the opponent off the ground. Useful for ground confirming air counter hits if a (5A > 2B) loop cannot be performed.
Use in conjunction with 2C for blockstring pressure. Note that this move can only cancel into specials.

HLen j.2C.png
HLen j.2C2.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
300*4 (849) (426) 80% (M)*4 - HA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
10 4 (6) 4 - - 3.6%*4 (14.4%) -

If j.2C is pressed while falling, Len can press 8 just before landing; this will cause the move to hop up a tiny bit, extending the move. This in turn causes the move to be able to be guarded mid.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1200 505 30% - U
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
3 1 20 - 0.0% -

Len launches the opponent in the air. Comboable when close enough to the corner. Ground techable otherwise.

Air Throw
Air Throw
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1600 (1440, Raw)
454 30% - U
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
2 1 12 - 0.0% -

Launches the opponent upwards again. As a combo ender, this is ground techable and can actually be combo'd from in the corner if done low enough to the ground.

Shield Counter
Shield Counter
236D after a successful Shield (Air OK)
Standing Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
500 (345) 202 45% (SP), (EX), (J) LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
9 4 18 -4 4.5% -

Same animation as 4B.

Aerial Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
500 (345) 202 45% - HA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
9 4 - - 4.5% -

Same animation as j.B.

Shield Bunker
Shield Bunker
214D in neutral or blockstun
CLen Bunker.png
Bunker Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
500 202 100% - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
26 4 19 -5 0.0%
(-50.0% in blockstun)
Clash 1-10
(Clash) Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
500 202 100% - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
8 4 19 -5 0.0%/-50.0% Strike 1-7

Upward shield bunker.

Blood Heat
Blood Heat
A+B+C during MAX
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
100 0 100% - U
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
19 3 25 - uses all Full 1-21

Forward heat hitbox.

Circuit Spark
Circuit Spark
A+B+C during hitstun/blockstun at MAX
Ground Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
100 0 100% - U
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
11 10 20 - removes all Full 1-39
Air Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
100 0 100% - U
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
12 10 15 - removes all Strike 1-30

Universal burst mechanic. Unlike Crescent/Full Heat activation, the hitbox and frame data doesn't vary between characters. However, you can be thrown out of this move if you input it in the air.

Special Moves

Special Movement

Len Catwalk.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
- - - - -
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
- - - - - -

Len can walk foward while crouching with her unique catwalk. Turns into a cat with an extremely small hitbox, allowing her to duck alot of moves. If 3 is released to go back to holding 2, there is a 5f animation before returning to regular crouch animation. This recovery is entirely cancellable. If 3 is released to 6, there is no recovery.

Grounded Specials

Flame Snow
Identical hitboxes but reflect boxes differ vertically.
Identical hitboxes but reflect boxes differ vertically.

Len throws a fire(snow)ball that travels in a straight path close to and parallel to the ground. All versions are used for pressure of some form.

A Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1000 808 80% (O) -EX- LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
12 X (60) 31 -5 ~ 24 9.0% -

Slow moving, and reaches only half the screen's distance. Best used in pressure/resetting pressure, as it becomes advantageous on block from outside point blank range. In certain scenarios, it can be used as an anti air that will usually trade. (e.g. Stopping instant airdash attempts)

B Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1000 808 80% (O) -EX- LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
9 X (60) 36 -10 ~ 24 9.0% -

Fast moving, reaches almost the whole screen's distance. Used in mixing up with the A version, or if immediate distance pressure is required.

EX Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
400*4 (1298) (983) 80% (O) - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
3+7 X 30 3 ~ 31 -100.0% -

Travels until it hits or moves offscreen. Has 4 hits, 1298 damage total. Best used to keep pressure up or for safely placing a mirror in neutral. Also can be used in conjunction with a shield to escape pressure.

London Rondo

Len winds up and does a kick.

A Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1000 707 70% (O) -EX-, (J) LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
11 7 18 -7 9.0% Low 1

Launches the opponent upward. This move is a situational anti air due to the startup time. Mainly used in combos.

B Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
950 707 80% (M) -EX-, (J) LH
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
11 5 19 -6 8.55% Low 1

Launches the opponent horizontally, causing a wallbounce if they impact a wall. Used in pressure and in certain combos.

EX Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
300*8, 1000 (2884) (1987) 70% (M) (J) LHA (1-8), LH (9)
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
2+3 24 (11) 9 22 -13 -100.0% Full 1-4, Low 5-28

Len hops and spins, then does a high reaching kick. Has full invuln on startup which becomes lower body invuln for most of the spin. Goes into the standard air combo ender if it connects, so you can use this in combos to dump meter and avoid entering MAX. Weirdly for an EX move, the last hit can be canceled (on hit, not block or whiff) into Initiative Heat as well. Occasionally useful reversal, particularly to call out lows, as it leads to a lot of damage (for a reversal) but trades unfavorably with anything Len can't hop over.


Len deploys a mirror which is activated upon opponent contact in a combo'd state or activated manually. F-Len is allowed up to 1 grounded mirror, 1 air mirror and 1 EX mirror at a time. A and EX reflect most projectiles. Offers a unique style of pressure as they have a lot of blockstun and the A and B versions cannot be shielded.

A Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1000 808 70% (O) -EX- LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
35 X (1600) 3 - 9.0% Reflect dur. Active

Len places a mirror horizontally, standing tall. Reflects most projectiles. Wallslams on hit. Can OTG an opponent if deployed fast enough. Best used for pressure as it only becomes a combo extender in certain placements.

Unless activated, A mirror will always send the opponent to the direction Len was facing when placing the mirror.

B Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1500 1212 70% (O) -EX- LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
38 X (1600) 0 - 13.5% -

Len places a mirror vertically, lying down. Does not reflect projectiles. Launches on hit. Grounded 214B is best used as a combo extender after an AT as it is hard to combo an opponent if the mirror is used for pressure.

~214X Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
- - - - -
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
13 X (80) 23 5 - -

Mirror activation. Activates both ground and air mirrors, moving them and making them active for that time. A version goes forward towards the opponent and wallslams on hit, while B version will go upwards and launches on hit. Doing this grounded when only an aerial mirror has been set will not activate and will instead place a grounded mirror, and vice versa when only a grounded mirror has been set.

EX Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
300*6 (1496) (1256) 96% (M)*6 - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
6+44 X (160) 14 4 ~ 44 -100.0%, 1.8%*6 Reflect dur. Active

Len places a bigger mirror that hits 6 times and moves very slowly towards the opponent. Reflects most projectiles. Wallslams on hit. Best used as a meaty or for pressure.

Aerial Specials

St. Elmo (Air)
(EX: St. Elmo - Holy Bolt)


Data on aerial mirror series, functions the same as the grounded versions but the B mirror will slam the opponent to the ground, bouncing them upwards.

A/B versions recover midair right before mirrors become active.

A Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1000 808 70% (O) -EX- LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
39 X (1600) 35 - 9.0% Reflect dur. Active
B Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
1500 1212 70% (O) -EX- LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
42 X (1600) 35 - 13.5% -
~j.214X Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
- - - - -
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
7 X (80) 6 4 (TK) - -

A version functions the same as the grounded version. B version goes downward instead of upward when activated, bouncing the opponent off the ground into airtech state on hit. Best used in pressure as well as a combo extender.

Will not recover midair unlike aerial mirror sets and just like the grounded version, it will only activate if an aerial mirror is set beforehand.

EX Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
300*6 (1496) (1256) 96% (M)*6 - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
1+41 X (160) 6 - -100.0%, 1.8%*6 Reflect dur. Active

Functions the same as grounded version.

Arc Drive

Ephemeral Transience
41236C during MAX/Heat
HLen AD.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
440*N 363*N 50% (O) - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
8+11 X 41 -10 (min) removes all Full 1-16, Clash 19-X

Len casts a ball of energy that accelerates forwards. Travels infinitely. Multihit, and has clash hitbox. This move is very safe and is mainly used as a reversal, or in pressure.

Another Arc Drive

Ephemeral Dream
41236C during Blood heat
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
250, 850*14, 1000 (4765) (3416) 50% (O) - LHA
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
4+2 X 86 -35 (min) removes all Full 1-13

Len casts forth a ball of energy, which travels relatively fast forwards and infinitely. Len is very vulnerable after casting this move. Mainly used as a reversal or combo ender.
Len can change the outfit she wears if either A, B, C or D is held when the move hits. This has no effect on the move.

Last Arc

Cream Puff Dream REM
Aerial EX Shield during Blood Heat
Damage Red Damage Proration Cancel Guard
750*12, 500 (3772 ~ 7169) (3416 ~ 6451) 50% + 50% * remaining BH time - U
First Active Active Recovery Frame Adv Circuit Invuln
1+0 16* 36 - removes all Full 1-X, High (on Landing)

A large and delicious cake falls on top of the opponent followed by various cutlery stabbing the cake, dealing heavy damage and also causing a meter break.

General Gameplan

F-Len is a high damage character and the hardest-hitting of all the Lens. Many F-Len players go for her full-damage combos over her oki setups.

She is however a character who struggles against rushdown and strong oki characters (like C-Seifuku) due to her lack of fast and strong reversal options. F-Lens should be sure of every commitment they make as committing to a move at the wrong time will end up with her taking a combo. F-Len is a lower health character, so it is essential that she avoids getting hit.

As far as oki goes, F-Len can use her mirrors, meaty 236A/C (provided F-Len is at the correct distance), and a safe jump depending on the choice of knockdown.

If the standard AT combo ender is used, go for a tech trap (5B during an opponent's ground tech, if done properly it will catch them during their tech, therefore leading into another combo).
Practice this tech trap. It is very essential to not just F-Len's, but all Len's gameplay.

This tech trap covers the most tech options if F-Len can put her opponent into the corner. If her opponent does not tech the 5B tech trap, there is enough time for Len to set up a 214A/B mirror, giving her some more pressure options.

Note that the opponent can tech after the 5B tech trap so be ready to catch them if they make such a choice.

Many options for combos or oki are only available in corner, so try to force her opponents there.

Fortunately, F-Len has no trouble getting her opponents in corner thanks to her 214A mirrors, not to mention her standard BnB also carries the opponent little over halfway of the stage.

In neutral, F-Len can set up a mirror relatively safely if she cancels it into initiative heat or 236C. Mirrors CANNOT be shielded by an opponent (barring 214C), so take advantage of that property. Also note that mirrors cannot counter hit an opponent.

Meter management is relatively easy with F-Len as she does not get any major combo extensions off of meter.

The times that F-Len usually uses meter are for pressure (236C, meaty 214C) or for Initiative Heat (cancelling + healing) or Blood Heat (reversal + healing), or for burst. It's advisable to save meter for Initiative heat / Blood heat as healing is a solution to the problem of F-Len's low health.


Eating cake makes you full.


F-Len is a "control" character with many tools to space and control the neutral, however it is important to think before committing to a move as a lot of her useful moves leave her open to counterhit.

As with all fighting games, it is important to know your opponent's and your own effective ranges.
F-Len is effective within several different ranges (i.e. at the edge of 5B, or within 5A). Take advantages of the several disjoints she has, as well as the special moves she can use.

214A Mirrors can reflect many projectiles which can help when fighting against zoners.

Keep in mind the frame data on F-Len's moves as well because using a move at the wrong timing and spacing can result in F-Len eating a combo.


F-Len's pressure is rather linear in that she has only one low and no standing overhead.
Keep varying the moves that are used in a blockstring to avoid becoming predicable. Please note that the lack of reverse beating from a blockstring means that F-Len is limited in how she can reclose the gap to her opponent. Stay creative and unpredictable when you do this. Tick throws, stagger pressure, and fuzzy guard mixups are strong options F-Len has for mixups.

Midscreen, F-Len gets barely anything off of throws outside of character specific midscreen throw combos and poor tech trap situations since not all options are covered.

However, in corner F-Len gets way better options as she choose between high damage throw combos (3k+ damage!) that work on almost every character, or mirror oki setup combos.
These mirror oki setup combos allow F-Len to set up mirrors of her choice with ease. Mirrors are a good pressure tool since they have good amounts of blockstun, they cannot be shielded (punish shield heavy opponents!) and if an opponent blocks a mirror during their jump it leaves them open to an anti-air 5C provided they're low enough.


Being in disadvantage state is particularly bad for F-Len as she lacks any decent reversal option.

Other escape options that F-Len players should master are "catwalk", and shield counters.
Catwalk is performed by holding 3, and allows F-Len to crawl in cat form with a hurtbox size that almost matches her cat sprite size. Some jumping normals will whiff over this, so use this property to your advantage.

For reversal options, Len either has very weak options or very expensive options:

Her 623C is lower body invuln and propels her into the air, meaning it will beat out some 2A's but if it trades, then Len is in a very bad position and may end up eating a full combo.

Heats and Arc Drives can work as reversal options, but don't be too predicable.

F-Len's AD is significantly better than her AAD as an escape option because it is multihit, has clash, and is generally safe.
In contrast, F-Len's AAD is punishable on block.

Shield and shield followups are decent alternative to F-Len's stronger reversal options.

F-Len's shield counter is a bit slow, so an alternative method of escaping a ready opponent is shield > 236X/623B (236C works pretty well due to multihit properties).

In very specific cases (i.e. F-PCiel's high rock toss), 4B's clash hitbox can be used and will chain into 5C/3C.

When in a situation where mashing is appropriate, 3C can be a good normal to mash out of pressure provided the gap in the opponent's pressure is large enough.
3C will most likely trade, but since it knocks the opponent off the ground, F-Len is in a more advantageous position and may even get a combo off of the trade.

Okizeme (WIP)

Midscreen, you will mostly be ending combos with AT and resetting to neutral afterwards.
You can punish techs midscreen but you'll have to guess, and OTGs aren't as strong.
Another option is to use 214A to send opponents full screen. If you let them air tech it's probably not worth it since the loss of damage is pretty severe, but if you can turn it into a corner knockdown that might be good.

In the corner you have access to a few kinds of knockdowns with more serious okizeme options afterward, though you will always be sacrificing some damage if you choose not to go for air combo into AT.

  • Corner AT ender
    • Safest option, normal default is to tech trap/OTG with walk forward into 5B.
      • 5B has enough active frames that a single timing can punish all three tech directions. If they tech forward you can usually continue with 5C but if they stay in the corner you might have to go to 2B (reducing damage).
      • If they don't tech: 5B will hit OTG, and they will have a chance to ground tech again, but this is more of an RPS situation. You can punish that tech with another 5B. If they don't tech here, you have time to set up 214A and even 214A xx 236C to make them deal with EX fireball as they wake up. But if they expect you to set up 214A, they can tech forward and punish you.
      • You can squeeze more damage out of the OTG (usually to close out the round) with 5B 5C (3C) 623C.
      • Beware: 5B won't OTG if you've already used 2 bounces in your combo (e.g. (j.)214A, j.214B, 623B).
    • If you know they respect the tech trap, you can go for "proper" oki.
      • Safe-jump: corner AT > (delay, depends on opponent wakeup timing) > j.9 > fall with j.C. Go for anti-heat OS (buffer backdash behind j.C while airborne), fuzzy overhead from deep j.C, or chicken block a shield counter.
      • Run-up and meaty with whatever ground normal you want. Len has an easy anti-heat OS with 5A > 5C~[D] -- 5C has so many hits you can take your time assessing what happened/confirming a followup. You can OS against shield counter similarly by quickly buffering up back. And meaty B normals are another way to dissuade opponents from wakeup shield.
      • Maximum meter gain (if you're close to 300 and really want to hit MAX right now): run up and do a longer OTG string e.g. 2A 5AA 5B 2B or even 2A 5AA 5B 5C 3C 623B
  • Corner 2B ender, no jump cancel available
    • Hard knockdown. Typically, you'll get this if you go for (etc.) > 623A > instant AT, land 5A > 2B, but you might also take it after some dorito combos.
    • If you use your bounces (so it won't OTG) you can set 214A on top of them and then go for a fuzzy overhead -- the 214A will basically autoconfirm it for you if they fail to block it.
      • Typical setup: (etc.) > 5A > 2B > 214A (hits OTG, then wall-bounces), walk/dash forward (to get on top of them), 2B > 214A (won't hit OTG)
      • Another option would be (...) > 5A > 2B > 623B (wall-bounce), 2B > 214B, 2A (OTG) > 2B > 214A (won't OTG)
    • Some setups lead to this ender with corner space e.g. after 623B or 214A wall bounces. You can go for a left/right mixup by doing sj9 into either airdash back j.c (same side high) or dj airdash back into the corner j.c (sandoori, cross-up high).
  • Corner 2B ender with jump cancel
    • The jump cancel lets you safely set j.214B, your most threatening dorito, and then get either a safejump (into a very damaging combo if they get hit or try to DP) or a pretty nasty tick throw.
    • Typical safejump setup: (etc.) > 2B > jc j.214B > j.66 after setting > j.B meaty for safejump
      • Lot of variable timings for different wakeup speeds (delay on jump cancel, height you set j.214b, airdash timing)
    • Dorito tick throw: (...) > j.66 after setting > close to ground j.214B activate > land and throw
      • The j.214B should hit right after throwing them, boosting your damage (quite a bit) and shortening the throw tech window.
      • Taller characters get hit too early by the dorito and won't get thrown, though you can compensate by setting the dorito far enough away from them that it won't hit until Len actually starts picking them up.
      • If you do it right/low enough, Len will kind of "fast-fall" during the j.214B activation animation which can really mess with opponent's timings.
      • Even if they mash on the throw attempt they will still have to deal with the dorito falling on them (unless they can get out of its way in time or go into some invuln/hitgrab animation).
    • You might find it easier, at least on some characters, to do j8 or even j7 j.214B to consistently land meaty j.B or the tick throw timing, but beware you might put them at a spot where the subsequent dorito combo doesn't work as well as from j9.
    • You can also go for a cheeky/kind of weird left/right from this ender with space in the corner: 2B (you have to be kind of close to them) > tk j.214B, land sj9 j.214B activate. The dorito has to be blocked crossup! You can pick up with 5C afterwards (even dash under turn around 5C to keep them in corner, but it's a little more tricky).
      • Once they know this mixup exists you can treat it as a regular sandoori setup with crossup vs same-side j.C but now you have the dorito there to boost your damage if they get hit. And you can use it later in pressure/neutral too (just remember it's an air dorito so you'll have to either activate it airborne or also set a ground dorito).


  • Be aware of the trade-off that F-Len faces when going for oki or full damage combos.
  • Master the tech trap.
  • Mirrors create unique pressure and cannot be shielded.
  • Many options open up in corner for F-Len so try to force the opponent into corner.
  • Be aware before committing F-Len to a move, her low health makes mistakes extremely punishing.
  • Using meter to heal is a way to alleviate the severity of mistakes.
  • F-Len struggles to escape a disadvantaged state due to lack of strong options.
  • F-Len lacks strong mixups so master tick throws, staggers, and fuzzy guards.


Combo Notation Help
Disclaimer: Combos are written by various writers, so the actual notation used in pages can differ from the standard one.

For more information, see Glossary and Controls.

X > Y X input is cancelled into Y.
X > delay Y Must wait for a short period before cancelling X input into Y.
X, Y X input is linked into Y, meaning Y is done after X's recovery period.
X+Y Buttons X and Y must be input simultaneously.
X/Y Either the X or Y input can be used.
X~Y This notation has two meanings.
  1. Use attack X with Y follow-up input.
  2. Input X then within a few frames, input Y. Usually used for option selects.
X(w) X input must not hit the opponent (Whiff).
j.X X input is done in the air, implies a jump/jump cancel if the previous move was done from the ground.

Applies to all air chain sections:

  • Assume a forward jump cancel if no direction is given.
  • Air chains such as j.A > j.B > j.C can be shortened to j.ABC.
sj.X X input is done after a super jump. Notated as sj8.X and sj9.X for neutral and forward super jumps respectively.
dj.X X input is done after a double jump.
sdj.X X input is done after a double super jump.
tk.X Stands for Tiger Knee. X motion must be buffered before jumping, inputting the move as close to the ground as possible. (ex. tk.236A)
(X) X is optional. Typically the combo will be easier if omitted.
[X] Input X is held down. Also referred to as Blowback Edge (BE). Depending on the character, this can indicate that this button is held down and not released until indicated by the release notation.
]X[ Input X is released. Will only appear if a button is previously held down. This type of input is referred to as Negative Edge.
{X} Button X should only be held down briefly to get a partially charged version instead of the fully charged one.
X(N) Attack "X" should only hit N times.
(XYZ)xN XYZ string must be performed N times. Combos using this notation are usually referred to as loops.
(XYZ^) A pre-existing combo labelled XYZ is inserted here for shortening purposes.
CH The first attack must be a Counter Hit.
Air CH The first attack must be a Counter Hit on an airborne opponent.
66 Performs a ground forward dash.
j.66 Performs an aerial forward dash, used as a cancel for certain characters' air strings.
IAD/IABD Performs an Instant AirDash.
AT Performs an Air Throw. (j.6/4A+D)
IH Performs an Initiative Heat.
AD Performs an Arc Drive.
AAD Performs an Another Arc Drive.

F-Len has some pretty straightforward combos that do good damage, with opportunities to get somewhat technical near the corner or when "doritos" are involved. Arkhar's video is a great visual reference for a lot of these combos or variations thereof. A few notes:

  • The opportunity to tech trap after AT ender is very strong, but many combos can be adapted to lead to an untechable 2B knockdown instead for stronger oki.
  • You can dump meter in most grounded confirms by skipping 3C and instead going directly to 623C > j.BC > dj.BC > AT. If you happen to be in Blood Heat you can confirm any hit into 3C > AAD.
  • Generally we list 2B > 3C as the aerial pickup as it is stable and universal. But to optimize slightly one can
    • Add (5A > 2B), as in (launcher) > 2B > 5A > 2B > 3C > 623A > etc. This requires that the opponent be sufficiently high after the first 2B that they don't hit the ground before Len is able to fully recover and press 5A.
    • Add 5C(2) before 3C, as in (launcher) > 2B > 5C(2) > 3C > 623A > etc. The opponent must be low enough after the 2B that they are still close to the ground after 5C, where 3C can hit them. Usually this means delaying the 5C after 2B.
  • 214X mirrors/doritos, especially j.214B, can crank F-Len's combo damage. Taa's video goes over most of it. All of the "special" j.214B confirms below assume j.214B has been placed at approximately single jump height.

Normal Combos

Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
Normal starter, grounded opponent
  • (2A/5A) > 5B > 5C(4) > 3C > 623A > j.BC > dj.BC > AT

Meter Gained: 82.3% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
The go-to confirm. Pretty flexible with the ground string in that you can skip 5B or 5C, or do 5C(2) if you're worried the later hits might whiff, etc. Video Example
Far 5B starter, grounded opponent
  • 5B > 2B > 3C > 623A > j.BC > j.BC > AT

Meter Gained: 72.4% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Including 2B in the ground string like this reduces the damage a lot, but is the only way to convert from far 5B (where neither 5C nor 3C combo after 5B). Video Example
Counterhit starter, airborne opponent
  • (Air CH) > land 2B > (5A > 2B) > 3C > 623A > j.BC > dj.BC > AT
Meter Gained: ~70.2% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ??? (Video)
Standard air-counterhit confirm. Something like this works after CH launchers like 3C, 2C, 2B, and 4B. Video Example
Shield Counter starter
  • 236D > 2B > 3C > 623A > j.BC > dj.BC > AT

Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Simple combo after successful shield counter.
  • You can cancel 236D directly to 214B at the beginning as well and add a good chunk of damage, with the downside of making the combo harder and risking destabilizing it. Specifically, if the opponent is airborne or gets counterhit by the shield counter, they can end up too high to continue the combo with 2B afterwards, though you can usually salvage with 5C(3) and jump cancel.
  • Other optimizations are pretty typical ones prior to 3C and also add good damage and meter gain: (5B) > 2B > (5A > 2B) > (5C(2)) > 3C > etc.
Shield Counter starter (counterhit)
  • 236D > tk j.214B, land 214B, j.214B, land 214B, wait for hit j.BC > dj.BC > AT

Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
High damage CH shield counter combo if you have no mirrors set. Specifically, works pretty consistently from CH shield counter on grounded opponents, though perhaps the timing of the initial j.214B can be tweaked to stabilize it for airborne opponents. Hard to confirm but being able to is pretty threatening.
Raw airthrow starter
  • Raw AT, whiff j.C, (land) 3C > 623A > j.BC > dj.BC > AT

Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Combo after a raw/gold airthrow.
  • The whiff j.C is totally optional, it keeps you from accidentally pressing your ground button while you're still airborne and ruining the combo. Plus it looks cool.
  • You can squeeze more damage out by going for 2B > 5C > 3C, 5A > 2B loops, and so on.
Midscreen (close-ish to corner but not too close)
Works On: All except Kouma, Miyako, Satsuki, Len, WLen, Necos(?)
  • 5B > 2B > 214A (hits OTG), sj9 j.A > j.66 > AT, land 5A > 2B (> 214A or j.214B set)
Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ??? (Video)
Corner carry route sacrificing damage and using 214A wall slam to lead to a hard knockdown. Depending on exactly how far you are, the timing for j.A j.66 AT might change, or maybe you do j.B dl. AT, or you can bail on the hard knockdown and just go for an aircombo into corner AT ender (still pretty good outcome).
Airthrow onto j.214B extension
  • (any other combo) > AT onto j.214B, land (dash) j.BC > dj.BC > AT

Meter Gained:  ??? Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
If you're doing an aircombo and have the opportunity to airthrow them onto a mirror, do it and collect an extra ~1k damage. Note that the j.214B uses a bounce.
Grounded opponent under j.214B, no ground mirror set
Works On: All except Nero
  • 5A > 5B > 2B > 4B > 214B (while j.214B hits), jump j.214B, land tk j.214B, 2B > 3C > 623A > j.BC > dj.BC > AT
Meter Gained: 143.5% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ??? (Video)
The first really scary dorito combo.
  • You get a little more damage by skipping 2B, but it won't work from quite as far and may be harder to confirm.
  • The hardest part of this combo is probably the "jump j.214B". You want to do it right as you reach the peak of your jump: high enough that the opponent won't get to airtech above it but early enough that the mirror can activate when they fall through.
  • The first two j.214B hits use 2 bounces, so you need to juggle them immediately after the tk j.214B, not giving them time to hit the ground a third time. If that feels tricky you can omit it and just do land 5C(2) > 623A > etc.
  • The j.214B has to be placed lower against Necos, if you're brave enough to go for this combo on them. 4B won't send them high enough for "normal" height mirrors.
  • Beware that since this combo uses all your bounces, you won't get to OTG with the 5B tech-trap if they don't tech after air throw -- 5B will whiff instead and the situation is much less favorable for you.
Grounded opponent under j.214B, no ground mirror set
  • (5A) > 5C(2) > 3C > 623A > (just after mirror hits) tk j.214B, land 214B, (wait for them to hit) j.BC > dj.BC > AT

Meter Gained: 101.7% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Slightly less scary dorito combo if you happen to use 5C early on.
  • Uses your jump cancel early so you get much less damage compared to routing into 4B.
  • 5C(2) is listed but it really depends how far they are and if adding more hits would put them too far/no longer under the j.214B. Sometimes adding more hits can help push them into the sweetspot.

Corner Combos

Condition Notation Damage
vs V.Sion
Throw starter
  • Throw, 3C > 623A > j.BC > dj.BC > AT

Meter Gained: 54.0% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Basic combo off throw. Universal in the corner but actually works midscreen on Hime, Roa, Sion, Ryougi, and PCiel.
Normal starter, grounded opponent
Works On: All except Necos
  • (5A/2A) > 5B > 5C(4) > 3C > 623A > instant AT, 3C > 623B > j.ABC > dj.BC > AT
Meter Gained: 102.6% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ??? (Video)
Corner combo derived from the BnB.
  • Delaying both the 623A and the 623B helps with stabilizing this combo. The video shows a quick cancel into 623B but delaying the cancel and going for neutral jump j.ABC can also work.
  • Instead of an "instant" AT, you can also do airdash airthrow. You might find this easier depending on spacing and how you tend to jump.
Normal starter, grounded opponent
Works On: All except Kouma, Miyako, Satsuki, Len, WLen, Necos
  • (5A/2A) > 5B > 5C(4) > 3C > 623A > airdash AT, 5A > 2B > 214A, 5B > 2B (> set 214A)

Meter Gained: 68.5% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Hard knockdown with decent damage and can put up a safe 214A for oki or to use later during pressure.
  • Harder on some characters than others.
  • The ender here, 2B > 214A, 5B > 2B > 214X is pretty useful to keep in mind for squeezing a little more damage out of 2B knockdowns near the corner.
Normal starter, grounded opponent
  • (5A/2A) > 5B > 5C(4) > 623B, 2B > 214B, 2A (OTG, dorito hits) > 2B (> jump set j.214B)

Meter Gained: 54.8% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Universal hard knockdown with a jump cancel but the damage is really quite sad. This route is perhaps more useful from throw or other highly prorated starters.
  • That said, this is also F-Len's best way to get space in the corner (from the 623B wallslam) and go for sandoori or other mixups.
  • If you particularly don't want to make space in the corner you can do 623B, 2B, 5A > 2B to walk them back into the corner; another option is 623B, 2B > 214A, 2B but you have to make sure you hit them ASAP after the 214A hits, if they make it to the wall you're out of bounces.
  • For some reason the 214B hits Necos without the OTG 2A, so you can skip and just do 214B, 2B > jump j.214B.
Throw starter
Works On: All except Necos
  • Throw > (5A > 2B)x2 > 3C > 623A > instant AT, 3C > 623B > j.ABC > dj.BC > AT
Meter Gained: 94.0% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ??? (Video)
Advanced corner throw combo. 5A > 2B link after throw is character specific, especially if you try to judge it visually.
  • One rep of (5A > 2B) is fine.
  • Delay the 3C after 2B and the 623A after 3C.
Grounded opponent under j.214B
  • (5A) > 5C(4) > 3C > 623A > (just after mirror hits) tk j.214B, land 214B, j.BC > dj.BC > AT (onto 214B), sj9 j.BC > dj.BC > AT

Meter Gained: 146.7% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Corner version of the "slightly less scary" combo from before. Guaranteeing the extra air series makes it pretty scary.
  • In the corner we don't have to worry about pushing them too far!
  • sj9 j.C dj.BC might be easier depending on exactly how you timed your jump.
Grounded opponent under j.214B
Works On: Most? Still not Nero, probably not Necos.
  • 5A > 5B > 4B > 214B (while j.214B hits), tk j.214B, land j.B > dj.B > AT (onto j.214B), land tk j.214B, 2B > 3C > 623A > j.BC > dj.BC > AT

Meter Gained: 151.6% Meter Given (vs C-Moon): ???
Big money corner routing.
  • j.B > dj.B isn't quite universal, specifics will be documented later.
  • Not optimal routing but a fairly reasonable balance.

Additional Resources

F-Len Match Video Database
Melty Bits: F-Len
Stickerbrush Dreams: F-Len Combo Movie by Arkhar
Taa's F-Len Mirror BnB Combo Compilation

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