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Character Page Progress

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In Progress To-do
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Additional resources

Be sure to check this article about C-Roa: Meltybits-C-roa

Players to watch

JP: Redmelon (赤いメロン), Ragu (らぐ), Hikonyan (ひこにゃん)
NA: Shana


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Suffocating pressure that is almost inescapable
  • Above average speed
  • One of the biggest and fastest heat activations in the game
  • Orbs which are incredibly versatile and getting even one out in a match could mean the end
  • Access to a nearly full screen whiff punish tool in 236c
  • Most of his normals are average to below average
  • Although he has many reversal options, none of them are particularly good
  • Character has some problems with aggressive characters if he doesn't have an orb present on the screen

C-Roa is considered one of the strongest characters in Current Code right below F-Hime. Sporting some of the most powerful special moves in the game, including his infamous orbs which have incredibly fast start up, air unblockable when blowback edged (similar to increasing a move in UNIST), can be confirmed at most ranges, and grant massive frame advantage on block. Outside of his orbs, he sports above average ground and air speed, a myriad of reversals, and solid albeit average normals. All of these traits create a character truly worthy of the community given nickname of “War Crime”. Although he is extremely strong, he does require a lot of practice to play well as his combos and are pretty difficult so be ready to spend a lot of time in training mode.

General Gameplan

Do what you need to do to extrapolate on the character. Here are example categories below.




Advanced Techniques




OTG Pickups

Normal Combos

2A 5B 2B 5C(2) 2C 5A 6C j.BC dj.BC ender

  • Airthrow (4123)
  • j.623B (4211)
  • j.623A j.623C (4517)

2A 5B 2B 5C(1) 6C 2C 214X

Metered Combos

2A 5B 2B 5C(2) 6C 236C (66) 2C 6C j.BC dj.BC ender (4622)


2A 5B 2B 5C(2) 6C 236C (66) 2C 6C 22C (4102)

leads to 3-way mixup (high/low + crossup)

Advanced Combos

Special notations:

  • 214X(!): Set off orb
  • 22C(x): x number of 22A charges in gauge
  • VS Ryougi you have to use A orbs instead of B orbs in lightning loops

2A 5B 2B 5C(1) 2C 236A 22A 5A j.BC dj.BC ender (3975)

2A 5B 2B 5C(1) 6C 2C 236A 214B 22C 214B(!) 214B 22C (236[A]) 214B(!) 214B 22C

  • 214C 22A 5B
  • 214[C] 22A 2A
  • TK214[X]

Move Descriptions

Frame Data Help
Header Tooltip
Move Box Colors

Light gray = Collision Box (A move lacking one means it can go through the opponent's own collision box).
Green: Hurt Boxes.
Red: Hit(/Grab) Boxes.
Yellow: Clash Boxes (When an active hitbox strikes a clash box, the active hitbox stops being active. Multi-hit attacks can beat clash since they will still progress to the next hitbox.)
Magenta: Projectile-reflecting boxes OR Non-hit attack trigger boxes (usually).
Blue: Reflectable Projectile Boxes.

Damage Base damage done by this attack.

(X) denotes combined and scaled damage tested against standing V. Sion.

Red Damage Damage done to the recoverable red health bar by this attack. The values are inherently scaled and tested against standing V. Sion.

(X) denotes combined damage.

Proration The correction value set by this attack and the way it modifies the scaling during a string. See this page for more details.

X% (O) means X% Overrides the previous correction value in a combo if X is of a lower percentage.
X% (M) means the current correction value in a combo will be Multiplied by X%. This can also be referred to as relative proration.

Circuit Meter gained by this attack on hit.

(X%) denotes combined meter gain.
-X% denotes a meter cost.

Cancel Actions this move can be cancelled into.

SE = Self cancelable.
N = Normal cancelable.
SP = Special cancelable.
CH = Cancelable into the next part of the same attack (Chain in case of specials).
EX = EX cancelable.
J = Jump cancelable.
(X) = Cancelable only on hit.
-X- = Cancelable on whiff.

Guard The way this move must be blocked.

L = Can block crouching
H = Can block standing.
A = Can block in the air.
U = Unblockable.

Startup Amount of frames that must pass prior to reaching the active frames. Also referred to as "True Startup".
Active The amount of frames that this move will have a hitbox.

(x) denotes frame gaps where there are no hitboxes is present. Due to varied blockstuns, (x) frames are difficult to use to determine punish windows. Generally the larger the numbers, the more time you have to punish.
X denotes active frames with a duration separate from its origin move's frame data, such as projectile attacks. In this case, the total length of the move is startup+recovery only.

Recovery Frames that this move has after the active frames if not canceled. The character goes into one frame where they can block but not act afterwards, which is not counted here.
Advantage The difference in frames where you can act before your opponent when this move is blocked (assuming the move isn't canceled and the first active frame is blocked).

If the opponent uses a move with startup that is at least 2 frames less than this move's negative advantage, it will result in the opponent hitting that move.
±x~±y denotes a range of possible advantages.

Invul Lists any defensive properties this move has.

X y~z denotes X property happening between the y to z frames of the animations. If no frames are noted, it means the invincibility lasts through the entire move.


Strike = Strike invincible.
Throw = Throw invincible.

Hurtbox-Based Properties:

Full = No hurtboxes are present.
High = Upper body lacks a hurtbox.
Low = Lower body lacks a hurtbox.

Miscellaneous Properties

Clash = Frames in which clash boxes are active.
Reflect = Frames in which projectile-reflecting boxes are active.
Super Armor = Frames in which the character can take hits without going into hit stun.

Normal Moves

MB C Roa 2A.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
300 - 75% 3.0% - HL 4 4 8 0 -

The normal of choice for Roa’s extended staggers and a good normal for tick throws. Like his 5A, it’s a bit stubby so it’s not that great for abare.

MB C Roa 5A.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
300 - 75% 3.0% - HL 4 4 8 0 -

Whiff cancelable. Kinda stubby, and the outer hitbox will whiff on most crouchers. The inner hitbox is great for staggers and tick throws, and when further out the move is solid for reverse beating into as well as catching jump outs. It doesn’t push Roa very far away so it’s useful for the anti-hmoon bunker OS and since it hits crouchers you can use the anti-heat OS when resetting your pressure.

MB C Roa 2B.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
550 - 80% 6.0% - L 7 6 14 -5 -

Another decent normal that can be used to follow up 22C(0) at distance, when spaced properly it will beat out most 5As, but it will lose to 2A mash.

MB C Roa 5B.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
550 - 80% 5.5% - HL 8 5 13 -3 -

Mid with an exceptionally long reverse beat window. It can be whiff canceled into for staggers and can be used after 22C(0) at distance to continue blockstrings as it will beat out most 2As.

MB C Roa 2C.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
900 - 55% 9.0% - L 8 11 13 -6 -

Hard knockdown. A solid 2C that slides Roa forward and has a small disjoint, it’s useful to call out jump outs due to causing hard knockdown and having a hitbox that extends rather high up. Helps Roa establish presence in pressure outside of 2B range. Can be used as abare to challenge characters able to pressure outside of the range of 2A as it is relatively quick and since it moves him forward so much covers a large amount of ground. The disjoint will cause it to beat out a number of normals, like Nero’s 2B before frame 13 and F Nanaya’s 5B, and its relatively low startup lets Roa contest more than he would otherwise be able to. Good places to look to use it as abare are after a Reverse Beat into 2A/5A when you think they are going to follow up by poking to try to catch a jump, pokes after moves that are neutral or minus, such as F-Sion using 236A 2B, or when your opponent is using repeated non-disjointed pokes. Keep in mind though, while it’s quick and moves him quite a ways, it will still get blown up by big disjointed normals such as Warachia 2C, C Nero 5C and the like.

MB C Roa 5C.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
400, 550 - 80%, 90% 4.0%, 5.5% - HL, HL 8 3 (10) 7 14 -3, -3 -

2 kicks that hit mid. Really you should always be canceling before the second hit on block, as the first hit getting ex blocked will usually result in the second hit whiffing and you dying. On top of that people can bunker out between the two hits. That’s not to say that the second hit is useless, 5C(2) is difficult to get over due to its height and covers a large area while active as it covers 2 sprite states over 7 active frames. Additionally it moves Roa forward quite a ways, so it can be used as a sort of way to get back in after getting pushed out by your pressure while throwing out a hitbox that will challenge attempts to escape. It’s situational for sure, but in conjunction with plus specials like 236[A]>22A and 236C, you can use 5C(1) whiff to some strong results.

MB C Roa 6C.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
1000 - 55% 10.0% - HL 11 5 16 -3 -

Reverse Beatable mid command normal. Solid for calling out jump outs from too far out to use 5A, and more reliable than 2C or 5C due to hitting higher up. Generally, when using it to poke like this, cancel into 22C when farther out to get a hard knockdown on hit and plus frames on block, and 5a when a bit closer to whiff cancel back into your blockstring or confirm into 22C on hit. One strong example of this kind of tool is distanced 5C(1) reverse beat 5A whiff cancel 6C>22C, which is a solid way to spending 1-3 22A charges to reset pressure.

MB C Roa jA.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
250 - 75% 2.5% - HL 5 4 - - -

Roa’s go to air to air, it’s quick and can be canceled into itself, letting you confirm or air tick throw. You can use it to cancel your forward airdashes while running away to get to the ground quicker.

MB C Roa jB.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
700 - 90% 7.0% - H 6 7 - - -

Roa’s usual jump outside of the corner as it won’t push the opponent out nearly as much as J.C on block. It’s active for 7 frames so you can use it somewhat early when you are jumping in so you don’t run the risk of being airthrown. Used as an air to air for opponents under you.

MB C Roa jC.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
950 - 90% 9.5% - H 7 4 - - -

Used heavily in IAD shenanigans as its long reach and ability to link into 2B lets Roa combo off airdash back J.C, which plays a large part in his mixups and okizeme. Another solid air to air for opponents under you, but since it’s less active than J.B its less useful for scrambles.

Special Moves

Name 「JP name」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Charges up a lightning bolt, or releases it. If the charge would go over 9, it's treated as 22C instead (i.e. doesn't add charges, just releases lightning).
  • (A version) - Charges up +1. Hold to continue charging.
  • (B version) - Charges up +3. Cannot be held.
  • (C version) - Releases the lightning in front of you, expending all charges.

There are actually two counters for charges: visible and hidden.

Visible: The number of charges, as displayed on the screen. If you'd end up at more than 9 charges, lightning is released.

  • Recovery is reduced with more charges. Compared to a 0-charge bolt, 1-3 charges reduces recovery by 6 frames, 4-6 by 8 frames, and 7-9 by 10 frames.
  • At 4+, it sets off your orbs.
  • At exactly 6, the lightning Circuit Breaks (400f) and deals less damage than normal, and the bolt comes out one frame later (+1 startup, -1 recovery). Knocks down if hidden charges <5 (at least one B-charge), else launches (6 A-charges).
  • At 7+, it strikes where the opponent is, rather than in front of you.

Hidden: The number of times charges have been added. All A-version charges count fully, but B-version charges count the number of times the move was used, so each use counts as 1 instead of 3.

  • Increases damage. See table below.
  • At 0-3, airborne opponents will be knocked down.
  • At 1+, launches grounded opponents. (At 0, it only knocks them back.).
  • At 3+, launches grounded opponents higher.
  • At 4+, the launch is untechable. Airborne opponents will bounce up instead of going down. (If visible=6, airborne opponents start bouncing at 5+.)
  • At 5+, the bolt comes out two frames earlier (-2 startup, +2 recovery). This even applies to the Circuit Break bolt's +17.
  • At 6+, it is air unblockable.
  • At 9, it has a larger (4/3x) hitbox. This even applies to the Circuit Break bolt.
Damage, frame advantage by charges
22B count Notes
0 1 2 3
0 1000, +2 - - -
1 1300, +14 - - -
2 1500, +14 - - -
3 1700, +14 1200, +14 - -
4 2000, +16 1500, +16 - -
5 2200, +14 1700, +16 - -
6 2000, +15 1500, +17 1200, +17 - Circuit Break
7 2800, +16 2200, +16 1700, +18 -
8 3100, +16 2600, +16 2000, +18 -
9 3500, +16 2800, +16 2200, +16 1700, +18
「Lightning Needle」 - 236X
  • (Description) - Roa shoots a horizontal needle a short distance in front of him.
  • (A version) - Horizontal lightning that can be blowback edged to make it +5 on block and increases the range. The blowback edged version of it can also be canceled into 236b. Can also be canceled into 22a to become +5 if canceled in the first 14 frames.
  • (B version) - Same properties as 236a but the blowback edged version is only +4 and canceling into 22a is only +4.
  • (EX version) - Triple pronged lightning that is +3 on block, air unblockable, wall bounces and covers almost the entire screen. Just as powerful as it sounds, you will be spending most of your meter on this move as it is extremely versatile. It can be used to anti air at a distance, done out of ex shield to beat certain safe jumps, used to continue pressure, corner carry, and a combo tool.

「Rising Lightning」 - 623X (Air OK)
  • (Description) - Typical DP that's on the weak side but still useful as a reversal.
  • (A version)- Air unblockable, but no invulnerability. Air version is fully air blockable but can still be used as an anti air after setting orbs to catch an air dashing opponent off guard.
  • (B version)- A true DP with invulnerability. Not as good as an anti air since it’s only 2 frames air unblockable but can be effective in certain situations.
  • (EX version)- Fully air unblockable and each hit must be shielded individually and wall slams on hit. Air verison is air blockable but still has invulnerability. Mostly situational as most of the time it’s not worth the meter.
「Secret Coat of Arms: Snake Nest」 - 214X (Air OK)
  • (Description) - The reason you play C-Roa. If his orbs were their own characters they would be better than most of the cast. Effectively a swiss army knife of a move as it can allow you to switch between zoning and pressuring freely as well as serving as an effective anti-air due to the fact it is extremely active and will trade with almost any jump in and allows you to confirm afterwards. The ability to cancel a blowback edge orb set into shield, jump and DP means you can almost always stay safe after a successful orb set. They almost go fullscreen and become air unblockable when blowback edged meaning once you get an orb out the opponent is taking a huge risk when approaching you in any way as getting hit by an orb means eating a combo into more orbs being set up. With a normal orb being +19 on block and the blowback version being a whopping +27 means that blocking one can result in almost inescapable pressure when combined with rebeat pressure and his ability to cancel his specials into other specials. Although this move is extremely powerful it does have few although hard to exploit weaknesses that should be noted. The start up is rather slow on the blow back version so if an opponent has a fullscreen attack such as a fast projectile or can position themselves to bait Roa into setting an orb they can punish accordingly. Some notable ways to do this are C-Ciel and H-Roa 236C, Nero and Wara airdash JC, and H-Ryougi's knife throw.

Arc Drive

  • (Description) - AD description

Another Arc Drive

  • (Description) - AAD description

Last Arc

  • (Description) - LA description. Mention where it is activated (air or ground shield) first.

Powerd CielCrescentHalfFull
Red ArcueidCrescentHalfFull
White LenCrescentHalfFull