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Stop! Read me first!
The tier lists on this page are subjective in nature, and are the products of their individual authors. You can only trust a tier list as much as you trust its author.
Tier lists reflect the understanding on relative character strength at the time that they are written. Metas can develop and characters can change after a tier list is made.
Tier lists usually do not account for character difficulty, but that can sometimes be a factor depending on the author.
Depending on your goals and how competitive you are, tier lists may or may not be entirely irrelevant.

These are Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code tier lists, organized by their authors' respective regions and alphabetical order to avoid bias.


PC Tier Lists


The Burning Moon's Tier List

The Burning Moon, also known as Web Booby Cop is a high-level formerly North American C-Nero main who uses H-Nero as a secondary that has also run a multitude of brackets and other events for various regions. Placements within tiers are mostly ordered.

Eika's Tier List

m's Tier List

m is a high-level European F-PCiel main with experience playing various other characters. Placements are ordered within tiers.

paddu's Tier List

North America

Alps's Tier List

Alps is a top-level C-Nanaya main from North America who uses C-Tohno and F-Nanaya as secondaries, as well as having experience playing a variety of other characters.

This tier list is from January 2024 and ordered within tiers. According to Alps, this tier list is based specifically on PC Melty at the very top level. Because 4+ frames of delay is such a game-changer, an opinion formed around Ringwide would end up becoming something vastly different (i.e. H-Nanaya and C-Sion would be lower, F-Wara and H-Kouma higher, C-Hime is notably stronger, etc.) The list prioritizes matchup spread over individual character strengths while still considering both. Player skill is also considered in how far it can realistically push every strategy and counter. At what point character strength renders player skill irrelevant is unclear. But everyone above "Not Functional" Tier shares the same, ever-evolving potential to outplay others. Everyone from A+ to C tier are perfectly capable of beating each other despite everything. It's only really with S+(+) the relevance of player skill is ambiguous.

His tiers are defined in more complexity here:

S++: Straight up best in the game. Broken with little to no relevant weaknesses.

S Tier: Overwhelming in total. Their weaknesses are mostly grounded in contrast to S++ however. Despite this, their strengths are more than enough to compete with anyone.

A+ Tier: Extremely strong while being very close to broken. Though their performance against S++ is hard-earned based on the matchup, it's not unthinkable they can perform consistently well.

A Tier: Very strong but generates reward less often compared to A+. This is due to lacking the means to force advantage as easily in most general situations.

A- Tier: Same as A but their win conditions force people open for good damage under more specific circumstances.

B+ Tier: No one here and below have stable matchups against S(++). So their strengths from here on out are based more in general terms.

B Tier: Weaknesses are more openly exploitable in this tier. But these characters still have plenty of commanding strengths.

B- Tier: Same as B, but the path to their win conditions have significantly more caveats.

C+ Tier: Cutoff point for characters who are no doubt great at rewarding fundamentals. There are very few, if any "cheap" aspects remaining that can propel you to victory.

C Tier: These characters' biggest weaknesses can hardly be circumvented. You can still outplay your opponent, but it will be a struggle.

C- Tier: The main reason these characters aren't straight up D Tier is because, believe it or not, they have some real potential against even the B Ranks. Their weaknesses still grossly outweigh their strengths even with their advantages. So winning with anyone in this tier means outskilling as much as possible with this game.

Not Functional: These characters can't do anything substantial even in theory.

Deus's Tier List

Deus is a high-level F-WLen main from North America with a pocket F-Neco.

Jbelanger's Tier List

Jbelanger, also known as Jbel, is a top-level North American F-Miyako main with a pocket F-Nero.

This tier list is from June 2020 and ordered within tiers. Some characters were left unranked due to lack of knowledge at the time, marked ??? on the list. Source: Twitter

Kurodyne's Tier List

Kurodyne is a top-level North American C-Roa main with a secondary/pocket H-Tohno.

This tier list is from August 2023, with some minor adjustments made later.

His tier list is less ordered the further down you go, with an explanation here:

The best are completely ordered. If you're trying to pick one of *the best* characters, chances are you care about the minute differences between character strength.

Top tiers are loosely ordered. If you're looking at characters in this tier, you probably care about picking a very strong character, but don't necessarily need the top cut.

High tiers are not ordered. If you're picking a high tier, you're probably either just trying to pick a good character or just trying to avoid the super-strong characters. If splitting hairs mattered, you'd be picking a top tier.

Mid tiers are not shown, since it wouldn't be ordered anyway and it'd just be a big bloated tier. If you can't spot your character on the list, they're here.

Avoid at first are characters who are weak enough to be noticeable. If you're just trying to pick a character that doesn't feel weak, avoid these characters (and the ones below them, obviously). They're functional with enough experience or motivation.

Cats. If you entertained the idea, you were already hopeless.

Source: Twitter

sanae's Tier List

sanae is a high-level North American C-Arcueid player.

ScrawtVermillion's Tier List

ScrawtVermillion is a top-level North American C-Sion and C-VSion player who has experience with a good portion of the cast.

His most recent tier list, posted below, is from September 2021. A video breakdown explaining his thought process is available here. All tiers are fully ordered.

See also: Scrawt's 2019 tier list and the accompanying video.

Sydoh's Tier List

Sydoh is a high-level F-Nanaya player from North America and the creator of the MBAACC frame data spreadsheet.

This tier list is from 2021 and unordered within tiers.

South America

Inso's Tier List

Inso is a top-level C-Miyako player from Brazil that used to main H-Hime and H-WArc.

Onemi's Tier List

Onemi is a strong and very, very knowledgeable South American player who mains F-Riesbyfe and has experience playing a wide array of other characters. This tier list is not ordered within tiers.

The tiers are described here:

S+ Tier: Characters that have oppressive tools, strong setplay, strong neutral, damage, don't have to worry about meter, can confirm anything into their BnB, and their pros notably outweight their cons

S Tier: Same as the above, but tools aren't as oppressive/more notable weaknesses

S- Tier: Characters that are generally agreed on that there is a superior moon, but are very strong on their own (this tier isn't necessarily weaker than the one above, or stronger than the one below)(can also be common counterpicks e-g- F-Satsuki instead of C-Satsuki against Nero/Wara)

A+ Tier: Mixed bag of characters with super strong tools but notable weaknesses, and characters that don't have many weaknesses but have a single/pair of tools that are noteworthy, so overall not as oppressive

A Tier: Characters that even with their notable weaknesses, they still get good results in tournaments since their tools are always effective, or characters that people agree that they're good but lack the representation in tournaments (most characters in this tier have swingy matchups against others that can exploit their weaknesses e.g. F-Wara getting his movement limited against F-VAkiha, H-Sion losing important part of her 214A setplay against Hime, etc.)

A- Tier: Either good neutral, good offense or good defense, but not more than one at the same time. Some "jacks of all trades, masters of none" included.

B+ Tier: Unique tools that are very hard to use effectively and characters that have bad matchup spreads, but can win if they get going (highly momentum based).

B- Tier: H-NecoMech is the worst non-joke character

Z- Tier: Joke characters, this is the only tier that's ordered

Ringwide Tier Lists


Alicecolor's Tier List

Alicecolor is a top-level F-Hime player from Japan that also plays C-Hime and some other characters.

Ragu's Tier List

Ragu is a high-level F-Ciel and F-Wara player.

Yuhi's Tier List

Yuhi is a top-level C-WLen player.


BuzzBob's Tier List

S+ to A+ tiers are not ordered in detail (all very strong) but the rest of the list is ordered within tiers.

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