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Melty Blood/MBTL/Mash Kyrielight/Combos

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Notation Help
Disclaimer: Combos are written by various writers, so notation may differ slightly from this notation.

For more information, see Glossary and Controls

X+Y Buttons "X" and "Y" must be input simultaneously.
X/Y Input "X" or "Y" can be used.
dl.X There should be delay before inputting "X".
w.X Attack "X" should whiff and not hit the opponent.
j.X Button "X" is input while jumping or in the air.
dj.X Button "X" is input after a double jump.
jc Jump cancel the previous action. Usually will be omitted due to being obvious.
md.X Perform a micro-dash before performing "X".
TK.X Indicates the motion "X" is input immediately after leaving the ground. Stands for tiger knee.
(X) Input "X" is optional. Typically the combo will be easier if omitted.
[X] Input "X" is held down. Also can be known as "Increase" or "IC" for short. Depending on the character, this can indicate that this button is held down and not released until indicated by the release notation.
]X[ Input "X" is released. Will only appear if a button is previously held down.
{X} Button "X" should only be held down briefly to partially charge the attack, instead of the full increased version.
X(#) Attack "X" should only hit # of times.
X~Y This notation has two meanings.
  1. Use attack "X" with "Y" follow-up input.
  2. Input "X" then within a few frames, input "Y". Usually used for option selects.
5?5X5X Where ? is A, B or C, this indicates Rapid Beat auto combo.
CH The first attack must be Counter Hit.
FC The first attack must be Fatal Counter.
MD Perform a Moon Drive, which is inputted by pressing 5B+C.
Heat Perform Heat, which is performed by inputting A+B+C.
AD Perform an Arc Drive, which is performed by inputting 236B+C. Characters with more than one Arc Drive will have theirs notated by input.
LA Perform a Last Arc, which is performed by inputting A+B+C+D or successfully Shielding in Blood Heat.

Combos are ordered from least to most difficult within their individual sections. These are not all guaranteed to be optimal and are subject to change as more labbing gets done.

Mash Combo Doc

Starter Combos

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

Basic 236B midscreen confirm. Retains an air jump after the air throw for oki options.

Slightly more advanced midscreen confirm using 236A > 623A to set up for a jump cancel j.[C] and a grounded combo continuation after the j.[C]. To do this correctly, you'll want to input the j.[C] out of 623A as 8[C] or 9[C] right as the second hit of 623A lands; the delay on the j.B is not very long either, as you're more or less timing it to hit the opponent as they're falling but before they hit the ground from the j.[C] bounce. If you're not feeling super confident in your ability to land 5B > 5C, you can replace that section of the combo with 5B into Rapid Beat, then transition into j.ABC > AT for 3056 dmg & 81% meter gain.

Corner combo that uses the same 623A jump cancel as the previous midscreen combo. Getting used to this is essential to Mash's combos.

Advanced Combos

A Starters

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

Meterless 2A BNB. Works from two 2As and three 3As as well, but with reduced damage. Can omit the 5C after 5B if the opponent is too high. Keeps an air option for okizeme.

Same as the above but with an extra step and more damage as a result. Not too much harder than the above combo but the jump cancelled j.[C] after 623A must now be done as soon as possible due to hitstun decay. Delaying the j.[C] at all will drop the combo.

Mash's metered BNB.

A harder, but slightly more damaging version of Mash's 2A metered BNB.

The harder version of the harder version of Mash's 2A metered BNB.

B Starters

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

Meterless 214B route. Don't delay the 236B followup much, just a little bit. Don't delay the j.[C] after 623A either or the combo will drop.

Don't delay the 214B followup too much.

C Starters

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

Big and sexy 2C starter combo with huge corner carry and damage for just 1 bar. If you want to spend the meter you can instead go into Arc Drive after 236B for 4991 damage and tell 'em Chaldea sent you.

IAD Starter

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

Can substitute 236B with 236A for an easier link and slightly less damage.

Same as Mash's standard metered BNB, only with 236A in place of 236B. The reasoning is that due to scaling, the combo will drop if 236B is used because of its higher startup compared to 236A. The timing of the 3C after IAD j.B > j.C is a bit stricter too, but with practice can be nailed consistently.

Moonskill Starter

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

Meterless combo off of 6BC. Best used in Moon Drive, as that's what gives 6BC its clash frames.

Metered 6BC combo. Pop Moon Drive and make whoever dares toss out a poke in neutral against you pay.

Meterless 3BC DP combo. An important thing to note is depending on which direction you jump after 3BC, you will have to delay the j.236B less or even not at all after hitting j.[C]. If you jump towards your opponent, you'll have to delay j.236B a little bit. If you neutral jump, you'll have to delay it not as much. If you jump away from your opponent, you won't have to delay it to get it to connect. Therefore you should always jump away from your opponent if you don't want to delay anything. If you're in Moon Drive you can use the extra air action to jump in front of or behind your opponent, trick them with an empty low, jump and go into j.214A/B for an overhead. If you're not in Moon Drive, you used up your second air option on the 623A jump cancel.

Probably the better option to go into without having to spend meter, as you don't need Moon Drive to get your double jump okizeme. Slightly less damage, but the better oki is more worth it.

Do go into the 623A route if you wanna spend some meter. If midscreen, delay the j.C after the 623A by just a little bit, otherwise j.236A will whiff.

If you can land 4BC in neutral, capitalize hard on it. It does the most damage out of all of Mash's ground Moon Skills, making it the best combo starter provided you hit someone with it.

Specials Starter

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

236A is used before 214C instead of 236B due to SMP. The combo works fine if 236B is used again, but more damage will come from using 236A.

Combo Theory

Mash's combos are pretty straightforward both on the ground and in the air, but will require meter for certain air-to-ground conversions.

Using 236A/B

For less complicated methods of getting started on the ground, using 236A or 236B after a 2C or a 5C is your best bet. The ground bounce from 236B's second hit is fairly easy to pick up with a 5A or 5B into Rapid Beat or 3C, and the launch will give you options for either enforcing oki via airthrow or using special moves to bring the opponent back to ground. 236A, on the other hand, is a little trickier to use if you have too much hitstun decay, but off of short confirms you get enough time to launch into more complex combos since you'll still have a groundbounce to utilize later in the combo: from 236A in particular, this allows you to go for 623A > jc j.[C] > dl.j.B if you're feeling especially confident in your inputs, and the dl.j.B, if done correctly, will give you time to hit another normal on landing and continue the combo.

Air-to-Ground Conversions

On the air-to-ground conversion side, you more or less have two distinct options during an air combo. Provided you control your height correctly & have magic circuit to burn, j.236A is pretty much your best bet for dragging the opponent back down to ground with you, at which point you can go for any EX Edge of your choice or even Arc Drive if you have the meter for it. You also have j.214C to convert a properly timed and successful 623B into a combo.

Video Examples

optimal 236[B] https://twitter.com/Real_Deikou/status/1575846325345652736?s=20&t=BguCr_nfqg1G_kYVDSBq3w https://twitter.com/Real_Deikou/status/1575843005042675713?s=20&t=BguCr_nfqg1G_kYVDSBq3w

236[B] > 214C > IAD j.B > land 623A > dj.[C] > falling j.A > land 2C > 5[C] > 2B > 5BBB > j.ABC > AT

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